Canik METE MC9 Problems

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Hey Gunners, I’m here today to talk about the Canik METE MC9 Problems.

I’ve spent some time with this piece, putting it through its paces out in the field. And In my time using it, I’ve come across a few Issues that some of you might have experienced as well.

So, what are these issues, you ask? Well, I’ve noted four main ones: firing issues, feeding failures, the gun not returning to battery, and recoil issues. 

Problems I’ve Encountered & their Quick Solutions

Failure to FireClean and lubricate the firing pin.
Feeding FailureClean, lubricate, and possibly polish the feed ramp.
Not Returning To BatteryInspect and replace the recoil spring; lubricate slide rails.
Recoil IssueAdjust grip and stance; inspect recoil spring and guide rod.

Top 4 Canik METE MC9 Problems & Solutions

1. Firing Issue

So, let’s dive into the first issue: failure to fire. Now, you can imagine the moment; there I am, out in the field, lining up my sights, squeezing the trigger, and nothing.

Talk about a letdown. You know what I mean? Upon inspection, I suspected the firing pin might be the culprit here. 

A weak or malfunctioning firing pin can cause this issue, and believe me, it’s the last thing you want when you depend on a reliable firearm.


Here’s what I did to tackle this problem. First things first, safety checks. Made sure the gun was pointed in a safe direction and unloaded it. 

Then, I disassembled the firearm, focusing specifically on the firing pin. I cleaned the pin and the chamber around it, lubricating it well. I know cleaning seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many issues it can solve. Next, reassembly and back to the field for some test firing. 

And guess what? It worked like a charm. The key is not to overlook the basics. Simple cleaning and lubrication can often get you back in action. So there you have it, my tested and proven solution.

2. Feeding Failure

Ah, the good old feeding failure. That’s right, this one’s a doozy. While I was using the gun, I noticed that the rounds kept getting stuck and halted right at the feed ramp and chamber. 

Pretty frustrating, huh? At first, I thought it was a one-time thing. But when it kept happening, I knew I had to dig deeper. So, I inspected the feed ramp and chamber closely. It looked like some roughness, or maybe some grit was messing with the smooth operation of the firearm.


Alright, so how did I fix this? First off, I safely unloaded the gun and started a thorough cleaning process. I paid extra attention to the feed ramp and chamber, making sure to get any debris or grit out of there. But I didn’t stop at cleaning. 

I took it a step further and lubricated these areas well. To put a cherry on top, I polished the feed ramp using a gentle polishing compound. But hey, before you go all DIY on your gun, consult the manufacturer. 

I did, and it saved me from causing further issues. After doing all this, I took the gun out for a test, and voilà! The feeding issue was gone. Simple yet effective, that’s how I like my solutions.

3. Not Returning To Battery

So, here’s another issue that I ran into: the gun not returning to battery. You pull the trigger, and the gun fires, but then it doesn’t go back to its original position. 

Now, that’s something that can mess with your timing and focus, right? I observed this during multiple sessions out in the field, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

Essentially, the slide was failing to return to its forward position after firing, which is crucial for the next round to be chambered properly.


Okay, so what’s the game plan for fixing this? Well, first off, I made sure the gun was unloaded and took it apart to give it a thorough inspection. 

My eyes were on the recoil spring and the slide rails. After cleaning those parts, I lubricated them. I even replaced the recoil spring, thinking it could be a wear-and-tear issue. 

You’d be amazed at what a new spring can do for a firearm’s performance. After the quick swap and lubrication, back to the field, I went for some testing.

4. Recoil Issue

Ah, recoil issues. Can’t talk about firearm performance without touching on this, right? So, while I was out testing this gun, I noticed something was a bit off. 

The recoil felt uneven and unpredictable, and that’s a problem, folks. Consistency is key when you’re shooting, and any issue with recoil can seriously mess with your accuracy. I suspected it could be related to the recoil spring or possibly even the grip.


So here’s how I tackled it. First, I examined the recoil spring and the guide rod. Looked for any signs of damage or wear that could contribute to inconsistent recoil. Everything seemed fine, so I moved on to the grip. 

Turned out a grip change improved things significantly. I also took some time to readjust my stance and shooting technique. Just some minor adjustments, nothing fancy. 

Alternatives of Canik METE MC9

1. Glock 43X

A compact, slim-frame pistol that offers the reliability Glock is known for. It’s a great choice for concealed carry, balancing size and capacity.

2. Springfield Hellcat

This micro-compact 9mm pistol boasts a high capacity in a small package. Its adaptive grip texture and night sights make it a strong competitor.

3. Taurus GX4

This is a budget-friendly option without skimping on quality. The GX4 offers an ergonomic design and good capacity, ideal for everyday carry.

4. FN Reflex

Known for its durable design and high-quality construction, the FN Reflex is a striker-fired 9mm pistol that’s a favorite among law enforcement and military personnel.

5. M&P Shield Plus

An upgrade from the regular M&P Shield, the Plus version offers a higher capacity and improved grip texture, making it a reliable and comfortable option for concealed carry.

Final Verdict 

After thoroughly testing and spending quality time with the Canik METE MC9, it’s clear to me that it’s a robust firearm with a lot to offer.

 However, no gun is without its issues, and the METE MC9 is no exception. From firing issues to recoil inconsistencies, I’ve faced a few bumps along the way. But here’s the silver lining: each issue was solvable with some basic troubleshooting and attention to detail. 

Through regular cleaning, proper lubrication, and occasional parts replacement, the METE MC9 turned into a reliable firearm that I’d feel confident taking into any situation. 


What Red Dot Fits Canik MC9?

The Canik MC9 fits the various micro red dot sights, particularly those that use the standard RMSc footprint, such as the Holosun HS507K-X2Holosun HS407K X2Swampfox Sentinel, and Canik’s own MECANIK MO1.

How wide is the Canik MC9? 

The Canik MC9 measures 1.12 inches in width.

Are Canik guns reliable? 

Yes, Canik firearms, including the METE MC9, are generally reliable when properly maintained.

Who owns Canik? 

The SYS Group, owned by the Aral family, owns the Canik brand.

Are Caniks better than Glocks? 

The Canik TP9SA has been noted for better accuracy in some tests, making it a strong competitor to Glocks, though it lacks Glock’s long service record.

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