Glock 17 Gen5 Review

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Hey folks, welcome to my thorough rundown of the Glock 17 Gen5 Review. 

As an avid shooter, I’ve been behind the trigger of this impressive glock 17, and I’m eager to share what I’ve discovered. I’ll walk you through everything, from the feel of the gun in your hand to the details of its specs and features, like the slide, magazine, and trigger. 

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or new to the game, I aim to give you all the info you’ll need to make a sound decision about this weapon. 

First Impression of the Glock 17 Gen5

When I picked up this Glock 17 Gen5, I immediately noticed its solid feel. Not every day, a gun fits so naturally in the hand. The polymer frame, the grip, and the overall build just scream durability and reliability. 

But what really caught my eye was the design. It’s like the makers have listened to user feedback over the years and actually incorporated it. 

There’s a sense of evolution that you can feel right away, making it a fantastic choice for both newbies and long-time Glock fans.

Specifications of the Glock 17 Gen5

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Width: 1.26″
  • Length: 7.95″
  • Barrel Length: 4.49″
  • Height: 5.47″
  • Weight: 22.05 oz
  • Capacity: 17

Features of the Glock 17 Gen5

1. Slide

So, let’s get right into it. The slide on this bad boy is a game-changer. Can you believe Glock only started incorporating front slide serrations in the Gen5? It was about time, and I can confirm they’re worth the wait. 

These serrations aren’t just for looks; they give you a better grip, making racking the slide a whole lot easier. And let’s not forget the precision machining from the factory. 

The slide comes ready for mounting optics, and they even throw in several base plates. 

If you’re into optics like I am, this slide upgrade takes the Glock 17 from solid to downright exceptional.

2. Magazine

Now, moving on to the magazine. I’ve heard folks say that polymer mags can’t stand up to metal ones, but let me tell you, these Glock mags are as sturdy as they come. 

Plus, they’ve got metal feed lips, ensuring top-tier reliability. What I really dig is the bright orange follower. You can differentiate your loaded mags from the empty ones in a heartbeat. 

And don’t even get me started on the “useless” magazine loader. If you’re putting a lot of rounds downrange, trust me, your fingers will thank you for using it.

3. Sights

Alright, onto the sights. To be frank, the OEM Glock sights are a mixed bag. They’re not universally loved, but they’re functional and get the job done. 

That said, if you’ve got the time and a few extra bucks, there’s no shortage of aftermarket options to level up your sighting game. 

I’ve tested this Glock 17 Gen5 MOS with both the stock sights and a set of aftermarket night sights. Trust me, a good set of sights can make a world of difference in your accuracy and confidence.

4. Grip

Let’s talk grip, my friends. This Gen5 is my personal favorite when it comes to gripping a Glock. Coming from a Gen 4 Glock 19 with those annoying finger grooves, the Gen5’s smooth grip is a breath of fresh air. 

And don’t even get me started on the texturing; it’s more aggressive, giving you that much-needed control during rapid fire. 

Also, did you notice that flared magwell? Makes for super-quick reloads. If you value comfort and ease of use in your shooting, the Gen5 grip will not disappoint.

5. Trigger

Last but not least, the trigger. We all know Glock triggers have a history of being meh. But the Gen5 is where things start to turn around. 

It’s smoother and has a way more defined yet still short and crisp reset. I went to the range and put it through the wringer, and I can say it’s my favorite Glock trigger to date. 

Do I see myself swapping it out? Nah, not this time. If you’ve been on the fence about Glock triggers, give the Gen5 a shot. You might just find it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Functionality: My Experience

So, you’ve heard me rave about the individual features, but what’s the overall vibe when you put all those pieces together and actually fire this thing? Let me lay it down for you: the Glock 17 Gen5 is a functional powerhouse.

From the first pull of the trigger, I knew this was a gun that meant business. It cycles rounds effortlessly.

With those new front slide serrations, racking is a cinch, and the mag changes are swift thanks to the flared magwell.

But let’s not overlook the trigger, okay? I’ve got to say, the Gen5’s trigger feels like a breath of fresh air, in stark contrast to the sort of clunky experience in older models.

I spent an afternoon at the range, and not once did I find myself fumbling with controls or feeling that something was off. This gun is a functional marvel, plain and simple. 

Pros & Cons of Glock 17


Here are Some pros of glock 17

  • Ready for Mini-Red Dots: Mount your favorite optics with ease.
  • Modular Grip: Customize the grip for your comfort.
  • Reliability: It’s a Glock, so you can bet on its consistent performance.
  • Aftermarket Support: No shortage of upgrades or parts.
  • Recoil Management: Not too much kick, offering better shot control.


here are some cons & issues of glock 17

  • Slide Bite: Be cautious, as the slide can catch your hand.
  • Small Slide Lock: It’s functional but a bit on the smaller side.

Red Dot Sights Compatible with Glock 17 Gen5

Since we’re on the topic of making this already solid piece even better, why not delve into red dot sights? Trust me, you’ll want one if you’re all about that accuracy and speed. 

Here are some red dot sights that are compatible with the Glock 17 Gen5:

1. Trijicon SRO 

  • Trijicon sro has a Super crisp 2.5 MOA Red Dot.
  • Highly durable and reliable.


  • Features shake-awake technology.
  • Holosun 507c has a Dual power with solar fail-safe.
  • Red and green dot options.

3. Trijicon RMR Type 2 

  • Compact design without sacrificing performance.
  • Trijicon RMR Offers a 6.5 MOA LED red dot.

4. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro 

5. Vortex Venom 

  • Vortex Venom offers a User-friendly interface with a 6 MOA dot.
  • Quick target acquisition, especially for close-range.

Final Verdict

So here we are, folks, at the end of our deep dive into the Glock 17 Gen5. What’s the verdict? Well, if you ask me, it’s pretty clear. 

This is a firearm that brings a lot to the table: durability, modularity, and oh-so-much more. The Gen5 slide is a notable improvement, offering front serrations that make racking smooth. 

As a firearm enthusiast, I can say this pistol does more than just tick the boxes; it excels. Whether you’re a Glock veteran or new to the scene, the Glock 17 Gen5 deserves a spot in your arsenal. Highly recommended!


Is A Glock 17 a good gun?

Yes, the Glock 17 is an excellent full-size 9mm handgun, ideal for home defense due to its high-capacity magazine and compatibility with lights and optics.

Is A Glock 17 a good gun for beginners?

Absolutely, the Glock 17 is highly recommended for beginners due to its manageable recoil and straightforward operation.

Which generation of Glock 17 is best?

The Gen 5 version is generally considered better, offering improved barrels, a superior trigger, and the option for modular optic systems (MOS).

Is Glock 17 bad for concealed carry?

The Glock 17 is bulkier compared to other models like the Glock 19, making it less ideal for concealed carry for most people.

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