Best Glock 17 Upgrades In 2024

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Hey shooter, Welcome to Best Glock 17 Upgrades For 2024.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to rigorously test various upgrades on the Glock 17. Glock 17 can be transformed into a tailor-made tool that meets specific needs, whether for defense, competition, or personal preference. 

I’ll walk you through the best Glock 17 upgrades that I’ve personally tested, explaining how each one enhances the firearm’s performance. 

Performance Enhancements for Everyday Carry and Defense

1. Extended Slide Stop Lever: Enhanced Reload Efficiency

The Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever is a vital upgrade for the Glock 17, particularly for those who prioritize speed and efficiency in reloading. 

Unlike the standard version, which can be somewhat tricky to manipulate, the extended lever is significantly more user-friendly. Its larger surface area allows for quicker and easier thumb engagement, streamlining the reloading process, especially under time constraints or stressful conditions.

2. Extended Magazine Release: Improved Ergonomics and Speed

Upgrading to the Glock Extended Magazine Release offers a noticeable improvement in the gun’s ergonomics. The original magazine release often requires an inconvenient grip adjustment to access, but the extended version eliminates this issue. 

It’s designed to be within easy reach, enabling rapid magazine ejection without the need to alter your hand position. This modification is essential for those seeking a blend of comfort and speed in their Glock’s operation.

3. Pistol Light: Enhanced Visibility for Defensive Situations

The addition of a high-quality pistol light, like the Streamlight TLR-1, elevates the Glock 17’s utility in defensive scenarios, especially in low-light conditions. 

In my use, the TLR-1 has proven to be a robust and reliable lighting solution, casting a bright, focused beam that significantly improves target identification and accuracy in dim environments. This upgrade is essential for home defense, as it ensures clear visibility of potential threats, thereby reducing the risk of misidentification in critical situations.

4. Enhanced Recoil Spring: Improved Shot Recovery

Installing a heavier recoil spring in my Glock has notably improved the management of recoil, a critical aspect for precision shooting. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for those who use high-velocity ammunition or engage in competitive shooting.

The enhanced spring strength stabilizes the pistol more effectively after each shot, leading to faster and more accurate follow-up shots. The reduced muzzle flip and smoother cycling have made a significant difference in my shooting experience, particularly in maintaining shot accuracy during rapid sequences.

5. Titanium Firing Pin: Enhanced Performance and Longevity

Replacing the standard firing pin with a titanium model has contributed positively to the reliability and durability of my Glock’s firing mechanism. 

Titanium, known for its strength and lightweight properties, reduces the lock time, thereby increasing the speed at which the firearm can fire. This upgrade, while subtle, is significant in scenarios involving extensive shooting, as it ensures consistent performance and extends the lifespan of the firing mechanism. 

The enhanced durability and reduced wear are particularly advantageous in rigorous training or competitive environments.

Glock 17 Upgrades for Competitive Edge

1. Ghost 3.5 lb Trigger Connector: Precision and Smoothness

The standard Glock trigger, often criticized for its lack of refinement, is greatly improved by installing the Ghost 3.5-pound trigger connector. This upgrade transforms the trigger experience from average to exceptional. 

The modified trigger offers a smoother pull and a more responsive feel, enhancing the shooter’s control without significantly reducing the pull weight. This balance between precision and reliability is particularly beneficial for both defensive scenarios and competitive shooting.

2. Fiber Optic Sights for Competition: Rapid Target Alignment

In competitive shooting, the speed of acquiring a sight picture is as important as accuracy. Fiber optic sights excel in this aspect by offering a bright, clear sight picture in various lighting conditions, particularly in well-lit environments. 

The Ameriglo sights have been instrumental in improving my shooting performance in competitions, where every second counts. The brightly colored dots are quick to catch the eye, enabling faster target acquisition and transition, which can significantly reduce overall shooting times.

3. Upgraded Drop-In Trigger: Precision and Speed

Replacing the factory trigger with an upgraded drop-in option like the Apex Glock Trigger greatly enhances the shooting experience. 

The Apex trigger provides a smoother pull and a cleaner break, which are crucial for precision shooting. In my testing, this trigger not only improved the feel and responsiveness but also maintained the essential safety features of the Glock. 

This balance of performance and safety is particularly advantageous in competitive settings, where the consistency and speed of the trigger pull can give a shooter the competitive edge.

4. Compensator: Improved Recoil Management

The installation of the Tyrant Designs Glock T-Comp on my Glock 17 significantly reduced muzzle rise, a key factor in rapid-fire scenarios. 

This compensator effectively diminishes the upward movement of the barrel during shooting, enabling quicker and more controlled follow-up shots. Its impact on recoil management is particularly beneficial for maintaining consistent accuracy, especially when under the pressure of timed or rapid shooting conditions.

5. Magwell: Streamlined Magazine Insertion

Adding a magwell extension to the Glock 17 has proven to be a valuable modification for enhancing reloading efficiency. This upgrade enlarges the magazine well opening, facilitating faster and more reliable magazine changes. 

This enhancement is especially advantageous in competitive shooting environments, where every fraction of a second counts. The magwell guides the magazine smoothly into place, reducing the likelihood of fumbling or misalignment during high-speed reloads.

Glock 17 Customization and Aesthetics

1. Talon Grips: Enhanced Handling and Stability

Talon Grips significantly improve the handling of the Glock, especially for those who find the standard grip too slick for consistent handling. 

My experience with the rubber variant of Talon Grips has been overwhelmingly positive. These grips offer a substantial increase in traction, ensuring a firm and steady hold, which is crucial in high-pressure situations. 

The rubber texture is particularly advantageous for concealed carry, as it doesn’t catch on clothing. This grip enhancement is non-permanent, making it an excellent option for those who want to improve control without permanently altering their firearm.

2. Extended Basepads: Increased Capacity and Comfort

Extended basepads are a noteworthy upgrade for smaller Glock models. These basepads extend the magazine’s capacity while also providing additional space for a more secure and comfortable grip. 

This dual benefit of increased ammunition capacity and improved ergonomics makes extended basepads an essential upgrade for both everyday carry and competitive shooting. The added grip space ensures a full handhold, enhancing control and accuracy, which is particularly beneficial for those with larger hands using compact models.

3. Custom Glock Slides: Accuracy and Customization

Replacing the standard slide with a custom option from Grey Ghost Precision has markedly improved the performance of my Glock 17. These custom slides are engineered with tighter tolerances, contributing to improved accuracy. 

They also feature aesthetic enhancements such as serrations and lightening cuts, which not only enhance the firearm’s appearance but also aid in more effective slide manipulation under stress or when wearing gloves.

4. Match Grade Barrel: Precision Shooting

Upgrading to a match grade barrel, like the Lone Wolf Glock Barrel, has been transformative in terms of shooting precision. This barrel upgrade provides a noticeable improvement in accuracy and consistency, especially noticeable at extended ranges. 

The tighter tolerances and refined craftsmanship of these barrels contribute to more consistent bullet trajectories and tighter shot groupings, making them an essential upgrade for precision-focused shooters.

5. Red Dot Sight: Enhanced Targeting

The addition of a red dot sight, such as the Trijicon RMR, to my Glock 17 has elevated my targeting capabilities significantly. The red dot sight offers a clear, unobstructed view of the target, allowing for rapid and accurate sight alignment. 

This upgrade is invaluable in dynamic shooting scenarios, providing quick and precise aiming that is advantageous in both competitive shooting and self-defense situations.

6. Grip Enhancements: Increased Control

Applying grip enhancements, such as stippling or grip tape, has greatly improved my handling of the Glock 17. Grip tape offers a non-permanent solution to enhance the grip, providing additional traction and control, particularly in wet or sweaty conditions. 

For a more enduring solution, professional stippling can be employed to customize the grip texture and contour, catering to individual preferences and hand sizes for optimal control and comfort.

7. Trigger Guard: Improved Hand Positioning

Modifying the trigger guard of the Glock 17, particularly with an undercut, has substantially improved the ergonomics of the firearm. 

This modification allows for a higher grip on the pistol, leading to better control and reduced felt recoil. The enhanced grip position facilitates more effective and controlled rapid firing, contributing to overall better shooting performance.

8. Custom Slide Cover Plate

Incorporating a custom slide cover plate is a straightforward yet effective way to personalize my Glock. While it doesn’t impact the firearm’s performance, the aesthetic enhancement it offers is significant. 

The variety of designs available, from patriotic flags to unique symbols, allows for a high level of customization, making the pistol distinctively mine. This personalization is more than just cosmetic; it adds a sense of individuality and ownership to the firearm, which is particularly appealing to gun enthusiasts who value both functionality and style.

Final Verdict

To sum up, upgrading a Glock 17 can dramatically enhance its performance, ergonomics, and aesthetic appeal. 

Each upgrade mentioned in this article has been tested and proven to add significant value, whether you’re using your Glock for home defense, competitive shooting, or simply for the joy of a personalized firearm. 

By incorporating these modifications, your Glock 17 can become a more efficient, reliable, and enjoyable tool, tailored to your specific shooting needs and preferences. 


How often should you clean your Glock 17?

You should clean your Glock 17 at least once a month, more frequently if it’s been used or exposed to harsh conditions like rain, snow, or dirt.

Can you upgrade a Glock?

Yes, you can upgrade a Glock. Basic upgrades can be done DIY, while more complex modifications like slide milling and stippling should be done by a professional gunsmith.

How many rounds can you put through a Glock 17?

The Glock 17 is designed for professional use with unsurpassed reliability, accommodating a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds.

What is the maximum effective range of a Glock 17?

The maximum effective range of a Glock 17 is 50 meters, with a muzzle velocity of 375 m/s.

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