How I Test & Score Red Dot Sights

Hey there, fellow shooting enthusiasts! I am super excited to share with you exactly how I dive deep into reviewing red dot sights. As a passionate shooters, I know how crucial a reliable red dot sight is, whether you’re at the range or in the field. So, let’s break it down.

Scoring Factors

My overall score is based on a weighted average of 7 scoring factors.

Scoring Factors

Understanding My Scores

I use a 1-10 point grading scale. The more points a red dot sight scores in any given criteria, the better its performance is going to be.

  • 10 – this is an exceptional score, it just doesn’t get much better than this
  • 9.5-9.9 – this is an excellent score, most shooters will be thrilled with the performance level
  • 9.0-9.4 – this is a very good score, while there is room for improvement, it’s still a very good performer
  • 8.5-8.9 – this is a good score, while it’s not perfect, it’s still likely to be good enough for many shooters
  • 8.0-8.4 – this is a fair score, depending on the factor and your desires this could be a red flag on a red dot sight to avoid
  • 7.5-7.9 – this is a poor score, there are significant issues
  • 7.0-7.4 – this is a very poor score, there are significant issues
  • <7.0 – this is a failing score, there are significant issues

My Review Process: What Matters The Most

When i look at a red dot sight, I’am not just glancing over the specs – I put it through its paces. Here’s how i weigh each aspect:

Optical Quality (20%)

First up, optical clarity is king. I meticulously check for crispness, color fidelity, and how well it performs in different light conditions. A clear view means a clean shot, right?

Here’s the scale I use to determine optical quality:

  • 10 – Exceptional Optical Quality Performance
  • 9.5 – Excellent Optical Quality Performance
  • 9.0 – Very good Optical Quality Performance
  • 8.5 – Good Optical Quality Performance
  • 8.0 – Fair Optical Quality Performance
  • 7.5 – Poor Optical Quality Performance
  • 7.0 – Very poor Optical Quality Performance

Durability and Build Quality (20%)

I am not handling these sights with kid gloves! I test their toughness under various conditions because, let’s face it, durability is a deal-breaker. I check for water resistance, shockproof abilities – the works.

Here’s the scale i use to Durability and Build Quality scores:

  • 10 – Exceptional Durability Performance
  • 9.5 – Excellent Durability Performance
  • 9.0 – Very good Durability Performance
  • 8.5 – Good Durability Performance
  • 8.0 – Fair Durability Performance
  • 7.5 – Poor Durability Performance
  • 7.0 – Very poor Durability Performance

Weight and Size (15%)

A bulky sight? No, thank you! I look for something that’s light yet doesn’t compromise on quality. I’ll share how it feels on different firearms, because size and weight can really affect handling.

Here’s the scale I use to Weight and Size scores:

  • 10 – Exceptional Weight and Size Handling
  • 9.5 – Excellent Weight and Size Handling
  • 9.0 – Very good Weight and Size Handling
  • 8.5 – Good Weight and Size Handling
  • 8.0 – Fair Weight and Size Handling
  • 7.5 – Poor Weight and Size Handling
  • 7.0 – Very poor Weight and Size Handling

Battery Life (15%)

There’s nothing worse than a dead sight at a crucial moment. I put battery life to the test, and let you know how it holds up with regular use. No more surprises!

Here’s the scale I use for Battery Life scores:

  • 10 – Exceptional Battery Life Performance
  • 9.5 – Excellent Battery Life Performance
  • 9.0 – Very good Battery Life Performance
  • 8.5 – Good Battery Life Performance
  • 8.0 – Fair Battery Life Performance
  • 7.5 – Poor Battery Life Performance
  • 7.0 – Very poor Battery Life Performance

Reticle (10%)

Ah, the heart of the sight. I evaluate the reticle’s design, visibility, and how it performs in various scenarios. Whether you prefer a simple dot or something more complex, We’ve got you covered.

Here’s the scale I use to Reticle scores:

  • 10 – Exceptional Reticle performance
  • 9.5 – Excellent Reticle performance
  • 9.0 – Very good Reticle performance
  • 8.5 – Good Reticle performance
  • 8.0 – Fair Reticle performance
  • 7.5 – Poor Reticle Performance
  • 7.0 – Very poor Reticle performance

Ease of Use (10%)

I love user-friendly gear, don’t you? I dive into how easy it is to install, adjust, and operate. You’ll get the lowdown on everything from adjusting brightness to switching reticle patterns.

  • 10 – Exceptional Ease of Use
  • 9.5 – Excellent Ease of Use
  • 9.0 – Very good Ease of Use
  • 8.5 – Good Reticle Ease of Use 
  • 8.0 – Fair Reticle Ease of Use 
  • 7.5 – Poor Reticle Ease of Use 
  • 7.0 – Very poor Ease of Use

Price (10%)

Last but not least, I talk about value for money. I balance cost with the features and performance to help you decide if it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Here’s the scale I use to Ease of Use scores:

  • 10 – Exceptional Value to Price
  • 9.5 – Excellent Value to Price 
  • 9.0 – Very good Value to Price
  • 8.5 – Good Value to Price
  • 8.0 – Fair Value to Price 
  • 7.5 – Poor Value to Price 
  • 7.0 – Very poor Value to Price

Why These Categories?

You might be curious why I choose these particular categories for scoring. Well, it’s simple – these are the factors that matter most to us shooters. I need clarity, durability, and convenience, all without breaking the bank. I’ve been in situations where the right sight made all the difference, and I want to make sure you’re equipped with the best.

Real-World Scenarios

When I test these sights, I am not just sitting in a controlled environment. I am out there, in the same conditions you might find yourself in. Rain or shine, dusk till dawn, I put these sights through the wringer. Why? Because that’s how you’ll be using them.

Your Feedback Matters

Here’s something cool – your input shapes My reviews. Got a particular aspect you want me to focus on? Let me know. I believe in a community-driven approach. After all, we’re all in this together, aiming to make the best choice when it comes to our gear..

Keeping it Transparent

Transparency is key. I’ll always let you know if something didn’t quite hit the mark or if it exceeded expectations. You deserve the full story, no sugar-coating.

Keeping it Real

I am all about honest, down-to-earth reviews. No fluff, no bias – just the real deal. I test these sights in real-world conditions, just like you would, because that’s what matters.

So, there you have it! That’s how I dissect and analyze red dot sights to give you the full picture. Stay tuned for detailed reviews, and here’s to hitting your mark every time!”