About Us

I’m Micheal, an avid shooter and hunting enthusiast from Texas. I’m a recreational shooter who loves to spend time at the range.

I always looked forward to hunting with my father and grandfather as a kid. I loved being out in the woods, and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to take game animals with a rifle. As I got older, I became more interested in target shooting.

I developed a keen interest in long-range shooting and began experimenting with different firearms and calibers. I’ve found that I enjoy the challenge of shooting at long range, and I love the satisfaction of hitting a target with a well-placed shot.

I’m always looking for new gear, and I love learning about new firearms and shooting techniques. I hope to share my knowledge and passion for shooting with others through this site.

I’ve started this site as a platform to share my love for guns and hunting with the world. I hope to provide interesting and informative content that will appeal to shooters and hunters of all experience levels.

So if you bought a new gun, or you’re just curious about something related to guns and don’t know how to upgrade or maintain it. Then this site is for you. I’ll do my best to provide answers to your questions and help you learn more about the wonderful world of firearms.