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Ever found yourself puzzled between choices like 2 MOA Vs 6 MOA in red dot sights? Well, you’re not alone in this head-scratching situation.

As a professional shooter, I’ve had the chance to test various MOA sizes on different red dot sights, and I’ve gathered some practical insights that might help you understand how MOA sizes affect shooting.

2 MOA Red Dot

The 2 MOA dot size, which covers 2 inches at 100 yards, is well-suited for both close-up and distance shooting. It’s large enough to be easily seen yet small enough to offer precise aiming without obscuring the target. 

This makes it a common choice for rifle carbine applications. 

6 MOA Red Dot

In contrast, the larger 6 MOA dots, covering about 6 inches at 100 yards, are ideal for quick target acquisition, particularly in close-range scenarios. They are preferred for speed competition and close-quarter battles where rapid aiming is crucial. However, the larger dot size can cover more of the target at longer distances, which might affect precision shooting.

Personal Experiences with Both MOA Sizes

Through my experiences, I’ve found that the choice between 2 MOA and 6 MOA largely depends on the specific shooting requirements. 

For precision shooting at varied distances, I lean towards the 2 MOA red dots. Their smaller dot size allows for a more accurate aim without covering too much of the target, even at longer ranges. 

In scenarios where speed is paramount, such as in close-quarters combat or fast-paced shooting competitions, the 6 MOA dots provide quicker target acquisition, though at the expense of some precision at longer ranges.

Best 2 MOA Red Dot Sights

1. Holosun 407c X2

The Holosun 407c X2 is a compact red dot sight known for its durability and versatility. It features a 2 MOA dot, providing a balance between speed and precision. 

The 407c X2 is also equipped with a multi-reticle system, allowing you to switch between different reticle settings for various applications. 

2. Sig Romeo5

The Sig Romeo 5 is a robust and compact red dot sight, offering a 2 MOA dot. It’s well-regarded for its beginner-friendly price tag, yet without compromising on quality. 

A unique feature of the Romeo5 is the MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) which powers up the optic when it senses motion and shuts it down when idle, significantly extending battery life. 

3. Vortex Sparc II

The Vortex Sparc II is a versatile and user-friendly red dot sight, featuring a 2 MOA dot. It’s known for its rugged construction and exceptional optical quality. 

The Sparc II includes multiple brightness settings, which makes it adaptable to various lighting conditions.

Best 6 MOA Red Dot Sights

1. Leupold Deltapoint Pro

The Leupold Deltapoint Pro is a high-performance red dot sight that offers a 6 MOA dot, ideal for situations requiring rapid target acquisition. 

Its larger dot size makes it particularly suitable for close-range shooting scenarios. The Deltapoint Pro is known for its crystal-clear optics and rugged design, making it a top choice for both competitive shooters and tactical users. 

2. Trijicon RMR Type 2

The Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) Type 2 is renowned for its durability and reliability. With a 6.5 MOA dot, it is exceptionally suited for fast target acquisition in close-quarters combat. 

It’s a popular choice for law enforcement and military use due to its rugged design and the ability to withstand heavy recoil and harsh environments.

3. Vortex Viper

The Vortex Viper red dot sight, with its 6 MOA dot, is designed for simplicity and speed. It’s a great option for handguns, particularly for rapid target engagement at close distances. 

The Viper’s low-profile design makes it easy to co-witness with iron sights, and its fully multi-coated optics offer a clear, bright sight picture. 

Final Verdict

In wrapping up, it’s clear that both 2 MOA and 6 MOA red dot sights have their distinct advantages, and the choice between them largely depends on your shooting needs. 

Understanding these differences and aligning them with your specific shooting requirements will help in selecting the most suitable red dot sight. 

Regardless of your choice, both 2 MOA and 6 MOA red dot sights offer significant improvements in speed and accuracy over traditional iron sights.


Is 6 MOA too big?

The 6 MOA red dot is ideal for close-range shooting. If you predominantly engage targets within 50 yards, especially with pistols, the 6 MOA dot provides excellent performance.

Which MOA is better for rifles?

For rifles, especially in high-precision applications, a 3 MOA red dot sight is generally a better option due to its balance between size and precision.

Is 2 MOA better than 4 MOA?

A 2 MOA dot is preferable for longer ranges due to its smaller size offering greater precision, while a 4 MOA dot is more suited to close ranges where quick target acquisition is key.

What is better, 1 MOA or 2 MOA?

Choosing between 1 MOA and 2 MOA depends on your primary use. For close-in combat or defense, a larger dot like 2 MOA is beneficial for rapid target acquisition, while 1 MOA offers more precision at longer distances.

Is 2 MOA a good red dot?

Yes, a 2 MOA red dot is a good choice, especially for those prioritizing precision and accuracy in target shooting. It serves as a versatile option for both fast shooting and precise aiming.

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