Holosun HM3X Problems You Must Know (2024)

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Welcome to my Holosun HM3X Problems blog in 2024.

My journey with the Holosun HM3X has been quite enlightening, to say the least, and it has opened my eyes to some aspects that are worth discussing.

During my time with the Holosun HM3X, I encountered a few notable hitches. The aim of this article is simple: to give you a clear picture of what to expect with the Holosun HM3X and how to tackle any issues you might come across. 

Poor Scope ShadowingAdjust eye relief and scope positioning, consider using risers or different mounts for a clearer view.
Issues with Quick Detach MountReplace with a more stable, traditional screw-on mount for enhanced stability and accuracy.
Internal Glass DefectsContact Holosun for a replacement under warranty or adjust brightness settings for minor defects.

Top 3 Problems & Their Solutions

1. Poor Scope Shadowing

Let’s talk about the poor scope shadowing issue with the Holosun HM3X. When I first used this Optic, the shadowing was more noticeable than I’d expected. 

This is a problem where the scope’s design creates shadows in your field of view, which can really hinder your aiming precision. It’s especially tricky in dynamic lighting conditions or when you need to swiftly acquire a target. 

The shadowing seems to stem from the physical structure of the scope, possibly related to the way the lens and housing are aligned. It’s not just a minor inconvenience; it can impact your accuracy and overall experience.


After some tinkering, I found a workaround for the shadowing issue. The key is in adjusting the eye relief and the positioning of the scope on your firearm. 

By experimenting with different mounting positions, you can minimize the shadow effect. Also, paying attention to the angle at which you view through the scope can make a significant difference. 

I discovered that a slight tilt or shift in my viewing angle reduced the shadowing considerably. Another solution is to ensure that the scope is mounted securely and at the correct height, which can alleviate some of the shadowing problems. This might require additional accessories like risers or different mounts, but it’s worth the effort for a clearer view.

2. Issues with the Quick Detach Mount

When I first got my hands on the Holosun HM3X, the quick detach mount seemed like a neat feature. However, it didn’t take long to notice some issues. 

The main problem is its lack of stability. While out in the field, I found that the mount didn’t hold the scope as securely as needed. This resulted in the Optic losing its zero after a few rounds, which is frustrating, especially if you’re in a situation where reliability is key.

It seemed to stem from a slight play in the mount’s mechanism, which shouldn’t be the case. The mount is supposed to offer convenience and quick operation, but instead, it compromises performance and accuracy, making it a significant drawback.


To address this, I experimented with a few fixes. Firstly, regularly checking and tightening the mount can somewhat mitigate the issue. But for a more reliable solution, I opted to replace the quick detach mount with a more stable, traditional screw-on mount. 

This required a bit of an investment, but it was worth it. The new mount provided a much more secure attachment, eliminating the play and maintaining zero much more effectively.

While it takes away the convenience of quick detachment, the trade-off for improved stability and accuracy is a no-brainer. This fix might not be ideal for everyone, but for those who prioritize consistency and precision, it’s a viable solution.

3. Internal Glass Defects

One of the more challenging issues I faced with the Holosun HM3X was internal glass defects. These manifested as small imperfections within the Optic glass lens, which I noticed during usage. 

These defects, such as tiny bubbles or specks, may seem minor but can significantly impact the sight picture. They caused distractions and, in some lighting conditions, even created misleading reflections. 

This is a serious concern because it affects the Optic’s primary function, providing a clear, unobstructed view for accurate aiming. I realized that these glass defects could stem from the manufacturing process, indicating a quality control issue.


Addressing the internal glass defects required a two-pronged approach. Firstly, I reached out to Holosun’s customer service to report the issue. 

Their response was helpful, and they offered a replacement under warranty, which speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. The replacement unit had significantly fewer imperfections, showcasing better quality control. 

Alternatives to Holosun HM3X

1. Eotech G33

The Eotech G33 is a highly regarded alternative to the HM3X known for its compatibility with various holographic sights. 

This magnifier provides users with an enhanced target view, making it easier to engage at longer distances with precision. 

2. HM3XT

The HM3XT offers an excellent alternative to the HM3X particularly for those seeking a budget-friendly magnifier. Its 3x magnification enhances target clarity and accuracy, providing an affordable solution for shooters looking to extend their effective range. 

3. Vortex VMX-3T

The Vortex VMX-3T is a popular pick among firearm enthusiasts as an alternative to the HM3X. This magnifier delivers 3x magnification, allowing shooters to engage targets at greater distances with ease. Its rugged construction and flip-to-side mount make it a versatile addition to red dot sights, ensuring quick transitions between magnified and unmagnified views, enhancing shooting capabilities.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing and addressing the issues with the Holosun HM3X, my conclusion is cautiously optimistic. While it’s true that this Optic sight has its share of problems: poor scope shadowing, unreliable quick detach mount, and internal glass defects, these are not deal-breakers. 

With some adjustments and replacements, the Holosun HM3X can transform into a reliable optic for your firearm. The effort to correct these issues is well worth it, as the sight performs exceptionally well once these hiccups are ironed out. It’s a solid choice for those willing to put in a bit of extra work to ensure optimal performance.


What is the field of view of the Holosun 3X magnifier?

The field of view of the Holosun 3X magnifier is 33.3′ at 100 yards.

Is the Holosun 3X magnifier ambidextrous? 

Yes, the Holosun 3X magnifier is ambidextrous, featuring a flip-to-side Picatinny rail mount.

What is the exit pupil of the Holosun HM3X?

The exit pupil of the Holosun HM3X is 7.6mm/0.29in.

What is the height of the Holosun HM3X? 

The height of the Holosun HM3X is 2.44 inches.

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