Holosun AEMS Problems You Should Know

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I’m here to talk about my hands-on experience with the Holosun AEMS Holosun AEMS Problems. As someone who’s tested it out in the field, I’ve seen firsthand how this gear operates under real conditions. 

Trust me, it’s been quite a journey figuring out its ins and outs. During my time with the Holosun AEMS, I stumbled upon a few common hitches that might catch you off guard.

I’m diving into three main issues that popped up: the dimming reticle, projection problems, and some tricky issues with the screws. 

Dimming ReticleChange the batteries; if persists, seek professional check-up or contact Holosun support.
Projection IssueIf troubleshooting doesn’t work, get it replaced through Holosun.
Issues with ScrewsTighten using a Torx driver; apply thread locker if needed and regularly check after use.

Top 3 Holosun AEMS Issues & Solutions

1. Dimming Reticle

The dimming reticle in the Holosun AEMS is a bit tricky. I noticed that the reticle starts to lose its brightness around the upper corners and slightly in the upper middle area of the viewing window. It’s a gradual thing. 

About an eighth of an inch from the edge, the reticle begins to fade. The closer it gets to the corner, the more noticeable the dimming becomes. It’s not the entire reticle that dims, just the part within this eighth-inch zone. 

Thankfully, the dimming doesn’t go to the point of complete disappearance unless the brightness is set really low, which frankly, I rarely use.


So, what’s the fix? The first step is pretty simple: change the batteries. It might sound basic, but fresh batteries can sometimes resolve these dimming issues. In devices like the Holosun AEMS, battery power is directly linked to the performance of the reticle’s illumination. 

If changing the batteries doesn’t do the trick, then it could be an alignment issue or a fault in the optic itself. In such cases, a professional check-up or reaching out to Holosun’s customer support for guidance is your best bet.

2. Projection Issue

The projection issue with the Holosun AEMS is a real head-scratcher. What I experienced was the sight’s electronics projecting onto the window. It’s like seeing the inner workings displayed in a way they shouldn’t be, which can be pretty distracting. 

This isn’t about the reticle’s clarity or brightness; it’s more about unintended images showing up where you’re supposed to see only your target. It was quite a surprise to see parts of the electronic interface ghosting over my view. 

This kind of issue can really throw off your aiming, making the sight less reliable than you’d expect.


Now, fixing this isn’t as straightforward as you’d hope. After trying the usual troubleshooting; checking for alignment issues, ensuring everything was clean and correctly assembled; it was clear this was beyond a simple fix. 

The solution? I ended up getting it replaced by Holosun. Sometimes, a defect like this indicates a deeper problem that can’t be resolved with at-home fixes. 

If you face this, the best move is to contact Holosun directly. They’re pretty good with their warranty and support, so you should be able to get a replacement or repair.

3. Issues with the Screws

During my time with the Holosun AEMS, I ran into a small yet significant issue with the screws, specifically the Torx cross bolt mounting screw. It seemed sturdy at first, but after a few sessions of range shooting, I noticed it started to loosen up. 

This isn’t just a minor inconvenience; a loose mounting screw can affect the sight’s stability and accuracy. It’s especially tricky because you don’t always notice it right away.


The solution here is fairly straightforward but requires attention to detail. First, make sure you have the right tools – a proper Torx driver is essential. 

Tighten the screw carefully, ensuring it’s snug but not overtightened, as that can strip the threads. If the screw continues to loosen after repeated use, applying a small amount of thread locker can be a game-changer. 

This helps to keep the screw in place without making it permanent. Just a drop will do, and then tighten the screw again. Regular checks and maintenance after each shooting session can prevent this issue from recurring.

Top 3 Alternatives of Holosun AEMS

1. Vortex UH-1

The Vortex UH-1 is a rugged holographic sight known for its durability and clear sight picture. It’s a great choice for shooters who demand reliability.

2. Trijicon MRO

The Trijicon MRO offers a compact design and exceptional battery life. Its precise aiming point makes it a top pick for both tactical and sport shooting.

3. Sig Romeo 8T

Sig Romeo 8T is a versatile red dot sight with multiple reticle options. Its robust construction and long battery life make it suitable for various shooting applications.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing the Holosun AEMS Red Dot Sight, it’s clear that while it does have its quirks, they aren’t deal-breakers. The dimming reticle, projection issues, and screw problems can be addressed with straightforward solutions. 

With these fixes, the Holosun AEMS proves to be a reliable sight. Its performance, once these issues are resolved, is commendable.

So, if you’re considering it or already own one, know that a bit of maintenance and understanding of its quirks can go a long way in ensuring its reliability in the field.


Can you reset a Holosun red dot?

Yes, hold down the + button for 5 seconds to reset the Holosun red dot. If this doesn’t work, try reinserting or replacing the battery.

Is Holosun a duty grade?

Yes, Holosun is considered duty grade, with many law enforcement officers using various Holosun optics on their duty guns.

Does Holosun have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Holosun offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner, covering defects in materials and workmanship.

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