Eotech EXPS Vs XPS [Which Is a Better Holographic Sight]

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Welcome to my comparison of two of the most popular holographic weapon series on the market: the Eotech EXPS Vs XPS.

As a Regular reviewer, I have thoroughly examined both of these series sights and gathered comprehensive data that will enable you to choose between them confidently.

The EXPS and XPS models adhere to the Eotech brand’s reputation for dependability and quality. However, some significant distinctions between the two may make one better suited to your requirements. 

The EOTech EXPS and XPS’s features, advantages, and drawbacks will be thoroughly examined in this comparison Review, along with how well they perform across different scenarios.

You will know which of these sights is most appropriate for your needs after this review and why. Find out which Eotech holographic sight is best for you by reading on.

What’s Eotech EXPS?

The Eotech EXPS (Enhanced Xtreme Precision Sight) is a holographic gun sight manufactured by EOTech. Armed forces members, law enforcement officers, and recreational shooters use it because it can be used on ammunition, handguns, and assault weapons.

Due to their portability and lightweight, the EXPS series of sights are perfect for close-range combat. They have a 1x magnification and an enormous, open-sight picture that facilitates quick acquiring targets and precise shooting.

The EXPS sights employ a holographic reticle on a clear screen inside the sight housing. One CR123A battery powers the reticle with brightness controls to adapt to different kinds of lights. A few models of Eotech EXPS sights are Eotech EXPS2, EXPS3, EXPS2-0, etc.

What’s Eotech XPS?

The EOTech XPS is a holographic weapon sight created and produced by EOTech, a pioneer in the electro-optics industry. It is made to be used with firearms and offers quick targeting and accurate aiming capabilities. The XPS model is one of EOTech’s smaller and more portable models, which makes it well-liked by shooters in law enforcement, the army, and the general public who need a tough and dependable optic for their firearms. 

It has a red or green reticle with flexible brightness levels and is made of tough, premium components to withstand challenging conditions and heavy use. A few popular models of EOTech XPS are XPS2, XPS3, XPS3-0, XPS3-2, etc.

What’s The Main Difference?

Eotech, a well-known producer of high-quality sights and optics for firearms, makes both the Eotech EXPS and XPS holographic weapon sights. The main difference between the two sights is their size and weight. The Eotech XPS is a better option for those looking for a compact and lightweight sight because it is both smaller and lighter than the EXPS.

Other Aspects Comparison Of Eotech EXPS Vs XPS

1. Durability

Although the Eotech EXPS and XPS are both renowned for their toughness and durability, there are a few distinctions between them. In general, the Eotech EXPS series is regarded as being more robust than the XPS series. The battery compartment on the EXPS models is also more sophisticated, with improved water and impact resistance. 

The EXPS models also feature a quick-detach lever which allows it simply to detach and reattach the sight to the gun without losing zero. However, the EXPS and XPS models are both made to withstand abrasive environments and the recoil of firearms. They both incorporate Eotech’s unique holographic technology, which offers a clear and accurate reticle even in poor illumination.

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2. Reticle

The reticle patterns employed by the Eotech EXPS and XPS series are the same and are based on holographic technology unique to Eotech. This innovation creates a clear and accurate reticle that seems to float before the goal, making it simple to acquire and follow.

A 1 MOA dot surrounded by a 68 MOA circle makes up the conventional reticle for both the EXPS and XPS series. The large circle facilitates rapid target acquisition, while the small dot ensures accuracy for longer-range shots in this reticle, which is made to enable rapid target acquisition and engagement.

The EXPS and XPS series, however, also provide a variety of additional reticle patterns that suit the needs of various shooters and applications. You can anticipate a high-quality reticle regardless of selecting an EXPS or XPS series sight.

Winner: Draw

3. Size and Weight

In terms of size and weight, the Eotech EXPS and XPS series are both known for their small but powerful designs. The EXPS series has a slightly larger and heavier form factor than the XPS series, partly because of its more durable housing and battery space. 

Both models are reasonably light and small, but the XPS is one of the smallest and lightest holographic sights available, making it a popular option for people who value versatility and maneuverability.

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4. Power Source

A single CR123 battery powers the EOTech EXPS and XPS series. This kind of battery is widely accessible and provides a good compromise between power and size.

The EXPS and XPS models are built to maximize battery life; at the nominal setting, the batteries are predicted to last up to 1000 hours of continuous use. Auto-shutoff is also included in both models, and it automatically turns off the sight after a predetermined amount of inactivity to help preserve battery life.

It’s important to remember that using the sight at much greater brightness settings or in colder environments can shorten the battery life. If you intend to use the sight for prolonged periods, carrying extra batteries is beneficial.

Winner: Draw

5. Price

The EXPS series typically costs a little more than the XPS series, partly because of its more sophisticated features and more durable construction. The EXPS series had a typical price range of USD 600 to USD 900, though some models had higher prices based on their particular features. 

In contrast, the XPS series was typically priced between USD 400 and USD 700. It’s important to remember that prices can change over time.

Winner: Eotech XPS

Pros And Cons Of Eotech EXPS


  • The EXPS has a wider field of view than the XPS.
  • The EXPS is compatible with night vision devices.
  • The EXPS is designed to be more rugged than the XPS.


  • The EXPS is slightly heavier than the XPS.
  • The EXPS is generally more expensive than the XPS.

Pros And Cons Of Eotech XPS


  • The XPS is slightly lighter than the EXPS.
  • The XPS sits lower on the rifle than the EXPS.
  • The XPS is generally less expensive than the EXPS.


  • The XPS is not compatible with night vision devices.
  • The XPS is not designed to be as rugged as the EXPS.
  • The XPS has a narrower field of view than the EXPS.

Final Thoughts

The Eotech EXPS or XPS series holographic sights are rugged, dependable, and appropriate for a wide range of aiming applications. A popular option is the EXPS series, which has some cutting-edge features like a smaller profile, support for night vision, and a quick-release lever. However, the cost of these extra features is higher.

While maintaining many of the same features and advantages as the EXPS series, such as a broad range of brightness settings, resilience, and compatibility with different mounting systems, the XPS series, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced.

In the end, it depends on what you require from sight and what your financial situation will allow. The EXPS series might be a better choice for you if you need capabilities and are okay with spending more money. The XPS series might be a better option if you’re looking for a less expensive option that still provides reliable performance.


What are the Eotech XPS and EXPS?

The holographic weapon sights (HWS) Eotech EXPS and XPS are produced by the same firm and have comparable features and capabilities.

Eotech EXPS vs XPS: Which is superior?

Both the EXPS and XPS offer excellent optics, trustworthy performance, and a tough design. The choice between the two is ultimately determined by aspects like mounting preferences, reticle choices, and battery lifespan.

What type of battery is used by the Eotech EXPS and XPS?

The EOTech EXPS and XPS both run on a single CR123 lithium battery.

How much does Eotech EXPS cost as opposed to XPS?

EXPS models typically cost more than XPS models because of their more sophisticated features and higher profile.

Are the Eotech EXPS and XPS waterproof?

Yes, both the Eotech EXPS and XPS are waterproof.

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