Eotech XPS2 VS XPS3 [Comparison 2024]

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Welcome to my Comparison of the Eotech XPS2 vs XPS3 holographic sights.

These sights are widely recognized for their innovative design elements and technology, which make them trustworthy tools for a variety of hitting tasks. In this review, I’ll contrast the design, functionality, and usability of both sights while pointing out any noteworthy benefits or drawbacks. 

The Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 are both outstanding choices to take into consideration whether you’re a seasoned shooter, a passionate hunter, or looking to increase your shooting precision at the range. 

Let’s get going then and learn how the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 can improve your shooting skills!

Core Specifications

Eotech XPS2Eotech XPS3
Dimensions (L x W x H)3.8” x 2.1” x 2.5”3.8” x 2.1” x 2.5”
Weight9.0 oz (255g)9.0 oz (255g)
Dot3 Reticle Options2 Reticle Options
BatteryCR123 LithiumCR123 Lithium
Illumination Settings20 Settings30 Settings (10 for NV)
Eye ReliefUnlimitedUnlimited
Water Resistance10ft (3m) depth33 ft (10m) depth
MountWeaver or MIL-STD 1913 railWeaver or MIL-STD 1913 rail
Warranty10 Years Limited Warranty10 Years Limited Warranty

Compare Deals:

EOTech XPS2 Transverse Holographic Red Dot Sight

Compare Deals:

EOTech XPS3 Transverse Red Dot Sight

What’s The Main Difference?

Although both the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 are top-notch holographic sights made for use with guns, there are some distinctions between the two models. Some of the most significant variations are as follows:

  • The Eotech XPS2 has three reticle options while Eotech XPS3 has two reticle options.
  • The Eotech XPS3 has a higher waterproof rating than the Eotech XPS2. The Eotech XPS3 has a 33-foot water resistance rating, whereas the XPS2 has a 10-foot rating.
  • The Eotech XPS3 is compatible with night vision devices, whereas the Eotech XPS2 is not.
  • The Eotech XPS3 is more costly than the Eotech XPS2.

Among all these differences, the main differences between the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 sight are the reticle options and brightness settings. Your particular requirements and personal tastes will ultimately determine whether you choose the Eotech XPS2 or XPS3. The characteristics that are most significant to you should be taken into consideration when selecting between these superior sights because they both perform magnificently.

Features Comparison

1. Durability

Given its water-resistant rating, housing made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and quick-detach mount, the Eotech XPS3 is a more robust choice than the Eotech XPS2. It is an excellent pick for those who regularly work in damp or humid surroundings due to its completely water-resistant housing. 

The quick-detach mount makes it simple to remove it from your gun and reattach it without disturbing the windage and elevation adjustment. Both sights are made to withstand demanding environments and significant recoil, but the Eotech XPS3 is slightly more durable.

Winner: Eotech XPS3

2. Reticle Options

There are several different reticle choices for the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3, respectively. The main variations between the two models are as follows:

Eotech XPS2:

  • 1 MOA Ring Reticle
  • Standard Reticle (1 MOA dot with 68 MOA circle)
  • 2-Dot Reticle (Two 1 MOA dots with 68 MOA circle)

Eotech XPS3:

  • Standard Reticle (1 MOA dot with 68 MOA circle)
  • 2-Dot Reticle (two 1 MOA dots with 68 MOA circle)

The Eotech XPS2’s one extra reticle option elevates it above the competition.

Winner: Eotech XPS2

3. Size And Weight

The XPS2 and XPS3 are identical in terms of their dimensions and weight. Both are renowned for their tiny dimensions and lightweight, resulting in an ideal selection for those seeking a low-profile sight that won’t add weight to their weapon.

Winner: Draw

4. Lens And Glass Clarity

In terms of the lens and glass clarity in particular, both the XPS2 and XPS3 use premium optical glass that has been coated with anti-reflective coatings to decrease gaze while enhancing image clarity. Additionally, these coatings aid in shielding the glass from scuffs and other usage-related harm.

The Eotech XPS3 does have a somewhat bigger objective lens than the XPS2, but because the differences in lens size are so tiny, many shooters might not notice a noticeable efficiency distinction between the two models. Some shooters might prefer the XPS2’s smaller size and less weight because they make it easier to use for extended intervals of time.

Winner: Draw

5. Illumination Settings

The two models differ slightly in terms of how they set their illumination settings. Twenty brightness levels are available on the Eotech XPS2, but it is incompatible with night vision devices. One CR123 battery powers the reticle, which can operate continuously for up to 1000 hours at brightness level 12.

While the Eotech XPS3 has 30 brightness settings, 20 of them are for use in the daytime and 10 are for night vision equipment. Furthermore, the Eotech XPS3 can also run continuously for up to 1k hours on just one CR123 battery.

Winner: Eotech XPS3

6. Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 are virtually identical. Both sights run on a single CR123 or AA battery, which, depending on the battery type along with other variables, can last between 600 and 1,000 hours at the nominal setting of 12. 

Winner: Draw

7. Mounting Option

Since both the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 are intended to be mounted on common Picatinny rails, their mounting options are comparable. In addition, a quick-detach (QD) mount is available for the XPS2 and XPS3.

It is perfect for situations where you might need to get rid of the optic quickly for repairs or servicing or if you must change to iron sights in a crisis because the QD mount enables quick attachment and separation of the optic. 

Both the XPS2 and the XPS3 have a single screw that is clenched with a coin or flathead screwdriver for their respective mounts. This makes it possible to adjust the mounting position and for simple installation and removal.

Winner: Draw

Bottom Line

Both the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 are amazing holographic sights with a large field of view and ideal reticle options. They are ideal for use on firearms such as shotguns and rifles due to their compact size and lightweight design. In contrast to one another, both have a few advantages.

The Illumination settings are one of the most noticeable differences between the two sites. In comparison to the XPS2, the XPS3 offers 10 more brightness settings. The Eotech XPS3 is also compatible with night vision equipment, unlike the Eotech XPS2, which is not. The choice of reticles is another difference. Versatility-wise, the XPS2’s reticle pattern is superior to that of the XPS3.

Therefore, your preference will ultimately determine which of the two red dot sights you choose to purchase. Whether you desire more reticle choices or illumination settings in addition to the night vision options.


Which batteries are used by the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3?

A single CR123A battery powers both the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3.

Can you use the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3 in dim lighting?

Yes, both sights are intended to be used in low light.

How long-lasting are the Eotech XPS2 and XPS3?

Both sights are extremely strong and designed to stand up to challenging shooting limitations.

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