Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 vs Gen 2

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Red dot sights have transformed how shooters engage their targets quickly and precisely in the field of firearm optics. The Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 are leading the way in this technical development.

These light yet powerful red dot sights are created to improve shooting performance across a range of platforms, meeting the demands of both experienced shooters and eager newbies.

In this article, I will be comparing these two sights on the basis of:

  • Glass Clarity and Reticle
  • Durability
  • Battery Life and Brightness
  • Parallax and Magnification
  • Size & Weight
  • Price

Let’s get started!


Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1Vortex Sparc AR Gen 2
Housing MaterialAluminumAluminum
Item Dimension‎ 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches‎ ‎5.6 x 4.65 x 2.7 inches ‎
Weight‎ ‎5.9 Ounces‎ 0.8 pounds
Parallax FreeYesYes
Unlimited Eye ReliefYesYes
Reticle ColorRedRed
Reticle Options2 MOA2 MOA
Battery TypeCR2032CR2032
Battery Life50,000 hours50,000 hours
Night VisionYesYes
Power SourceBatteryBattery

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Features Comparison of Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2

1. Glass Clarity and Reticle

Clarity and reticle design are two essential components of red dot sights that stand out when it comes to enhancing target acquisition and accuracy.

Both the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 exhibit brilliance in these critical areas, providing shooters with a clear field of view and a crisp reticle.

Fully multi-coated lenses of the Gen 1 model give superb light transmission, ensuring a clear and bright sight picture. Rapid target changes and constant accuracy at the point of aim are made possible by the parallax-free design and unlimited eye relief.

Ideal for close- to medium-range shooting situations, the 2 MOA dot is clearly visible and speeds up target acquisition.

The Gen 2 model, on the other hand, increases glass clarity due to better light transmission and many anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.

This produces increased brightness and less glare, resulting in a sight image that is clear and sharp even in difficult lighting situations. The 2 MOA dot maintains to be quick to acquire at close ranges while retaining the accuracy needed for long-range shots.


The Vortex Sparc AR Gen 2 leads in reticle performance and glass clarity, providing better light transmission and anti-reflective coatings for an improved sight image.

2. Durability

Durability is key when it comes to firearms optics. The Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 are designed to stand up to the rigors of harsh shooting settings, assuring long-lasting performance.

The Gen 1 model has an aircraft-grade aluminum one-piece body that is durable and lightweight. Due to the excellent shockproof performance of this construction, the sight can survive recoil and collision without losing zero.

The optic is made more durable by O-ring seals and nitrogen purging, which also make it water- and fog-proof for trustworthy performance in all conditions.

The Gen 2 model, in a comparable way, possesses a durable design as well. The high-quality aluminum chassis is made entirely of one piece, and it has a hard-coat anodization for extra durability.

This helps conceal the shooter’s position in addition to providing a matte surface with low reflection. The sight is shielded from moisture, dust, and debris by the O-ring seals, which also guarantee reliable waterproof activity.


The Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 are both incredibly durable, making them solid choices for shooters. So, this category is a tie.

3. Battery Life and Brightness

For any red dot sight, battery life and brightness settings are just as important as anything else. After all, you need an optic that can handle your shooting sessions and adjust to different lighting situations.

With a battery life of up to 700 hours while operating at maximum brightness, the Gen 1 model is amazing. It can operate for up to 50,000 hours on the lowest settings, making it suitable for prolonged shooting sessions.

The sight has 10 adjustable illumination levels, two of which are compatible with night vision, ensuring the best brightness in every situation.

In terms of battery life, the Gen 2 model sets an even higher bar. You can rely on the Gen 2 to keep your sight powered for a long time due to its remarkable 50,000 hours of battery life on the lowest level and up to 700 hours on the highest setting.

With its 12 illumination options, you can adjust the brightness even more precisely to your shooting environment.


Due to its slightly longer battery life and extra brightness options, the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 2 wins this category.

4. Parallax and Magnification

No matter what your viewing angle is, the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1’s unlimited eye relief ensures that the reticle stays parallel to the bore of your weapon.

As a result, accuracy is consistently provided since the point of aim coincides with the point of impact. The Gen 1 is a 1x sight, offering a good view of the target. It does not, however, have the ability to magnify.

While keeping the same level of accuracy as Gen 1, the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 2 also provides unlimited eye relief. A 1x magnification, which enables a closer view of the target, it adds a minor improvement. Even though there isn’t much magnification, it might be useful for shooters who like a little larger image of their target.

The Gen 1 and Gen 2 models have both been designed with parallax’s impact minimized in mind. It’s crucial to remember that parallax is less of an issue while shooting at close ranges than it is when shooting at a distance, where both models excel.

In light of your own shooting tastes and needs, you can choose between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 in terms of parallax and magnification.



5. Size & Weight

Shooters tend to put an emphasis on compactness and lightweight design when it comes to red dot sights’ size and weight. Both the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 meet these criteria, making them appropriate for a range of shooting and firearm applications.

With dimensions of 3.1 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and a weight of 5.9 ounces, the Sparc AR Gen 1 has a small and light design. For shooters who value maneuverability and ease of use, its sleek shape assures that it won’t add unneeded bulk or weight to your weapon.

The Sparc AR Gen 2, on the other hand, has the same small and light form factor, measuring 5.6 x 4.65 x 2.7 inches and weighing 0.8 pounds. Despite being a little heavier and bigger than the Gen 1, it is still quite portable and unobtrusive, making it simple to mount on many rifles.


Both models strike a balance between usefulness and compactness to make sure they won’t impede your shooting abilities. Hence, this category is a tie.

6. Price

A red dot sight’s price often becomes a significant issue because it affects how easily and inexpensively the optic may be used. Both the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 are reasonably priced and provide shooters with a selection of features at various pricing points.

Due to its typical lower price range, the Sparc AR Gen 1 is a desirable alternative for shooters on a budget or those who are unfamiliar with red dot sights.

Despite being reasonably priced, it still offers dependable performance, sharp optics, and durable construction, making it an excellent deal.

On the other hand, given its improved features and updated features, the Sparc AR Gen 2 is considerably more costly. Its higher price is a result of its improved battery life, increased light transmission, and integrated base with multi-height mount system.

The Gen 2 delivers a great balance of performance and value for shooters who value these cutting-edge capabilities and are ready to pay a little bit more.


By being a budget friendly option, Sparc AR Gen 1 wins this category.


Want to quickly review the above comparison? I’ve got you all covered!

With its crystal-clear sight image and simple 2-MOA dot, the Gen 1 model excels in glass clarity and reticle design. While the Gen 2 model offers a sturdy structure and prolonged battery performance, it excels in durability and battery life.

All in all, the decision between the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 ultimately comes down to your individual shooting needs and preferences.

The Gen 1 model is a great choice if glass clarity and reticle performance are your top priorities. On the other hand, the Gen 2 model could be your top pick if durability and increased battery life are your main preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 on different gun platforms?

Yes, the Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 can both be mounted on a wide range of firearms, such as rifles, shotguns, and pistols. They are equipped with a flexible multi-height mount mechanism that works with most weapons and is simple to place on standard Weaver or Picatinny bases.

How long do the Vortex Sparc AR Gen 1 and Gen 2 batteries last?

Using a CR 2032 battery, the Sparc AR Gen 1 offers dependable performance and decent battery life. Contrarily, the Gen 2 boasts a longer battery life, offering up to 700 hours of continuous usage at the highest brightness setting and up to 50,000 hours at the lowest setting.

Do the Vortex Sparc ARs Gen 1 and Gen 2 include any accessories?

Yes, a variety of accessories are included with both models to improve user experience. A multi-height mount system, installation tools, a battery, lens covers, and rubber covers with flip-up lens caps are included. It is advised to check the product description or contact the manufacturer as the specific accessories supplied may differ.

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