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Hey Shooters! Welcome to my Crimson Trace RAD Pro Review in 2023.

As a professional shooter with my hands on a wide range of optics, I’ve been particularly excited to spend quality time with the Crimson Trace RAD Pro. 

This little gadget is more than just another red dot sight; it’s a blend of innovation and reliability that’s becoming a game-changer in the shooting world. 

Stick around, as I’m about to dive into what makes the RAD Pro a must-have in your optics arsenal.

Overview of the Crimson Trace RAD Pro

The RAD Pro is built with a certain intuitive usability that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it. It elevates your shooting experience, making those moments of aim and fire far more than just pulling a trigger.

Core Specifications of the Crimson Trace RAD Pro

Dot Size3 MOA and 5 MOA
MountDocter, Picatinny rail 
BatteryCR2016 and CR1632
Battery Life20,000 Hrs
Power SavingAuto shutoff, shake-to-wake
Material7075 Aluminum Housing
Brightness Settings8 daylight, 2 night with ambient sensor
Weight1.6 oz.
LensMulti-coated glass

What’s in the Box?

  • Crimson Trace 01-01940: Open Reflex & Electronic Sight.

First Look & Impression

Upon first laying eyes on the Crimson Trace RAD Pro, you’re struck by its sleek design, almost begging you to mount it and take aim. 

But beyond the aesthetics, there’s a sense of durability. It promises to be a passive observer of your shooting exploits and an active participant. 

It’s as if the RAD Pro is daring you to test its limits, which, are hard to find.

Who Should Get Crimson Trace RAD Pro

If you demand the best from their gear and don’t compromise on quality, then the RAD Pro is for you. The RAD Pro is compatible with the following firearms;

Top 7 Features of Crimson Trace RAD Pro

1. Shake-To-Wake Sensor

The Shake-To-Wake Sensor is an ingenious piece of technology that eliminates the need for manual activation of the sight. Designed with an integrated motion sensor, this feature ensures that your sight is always ready to go the moment you are. 

The sensor instantly brings the reticle to life upon detecting any movement, effectively preserving battery life when the weapon is not in use. 

The inclusion of this sensor adds a layer of convenience, enhancing your experience by removing the extra step of manually powering up your sight every time you need it.

My Testing

During my extensive hands-on experience, the Shake-To-Wake Sensor worked seamlessly. I found it remarkably responsive. 

The reticle was there, crisp and bright when I grabbed my weapon. The sensor eliminated any delays, making the sight operationally efficient. 

It adds a fantastic layer of intuitiveness to the entire shooting experience.

2. Textured Sides

The textured sides on the Crimson Trace RAD Pro sight aren’t merely an aesthetic choice; they’re a design decision that serves a very functional purpose. 

This texture provides a robust grip, which is incredibly important when you’re in a situation that demands quick racking of slides. 

The tactile surface improves your control over the weapon, even if your hands are sweaty or you’re wearing gloves. Plus, it makes manual adjustments using the sight’s large function buttons a lot easier.

My Testing

Upon handling the sight, I immediately noticed the advantages of the textured sides. The grip was solid, and my hands did not slip while performing quick racking movements. 

The texture facilitated easy manipulation of the function buttons, proving its worth in practical, high-stress scenarios.

3. Ambient Light Sensor

The Crimson Trace RAD Pro features a state-of-the-art ambient light sensor, CT Radiant. This sensor automates the process of adjusting the reticle’s brightness based on the existing light conditions in your environment. 

Whether you’re in a sun-soaked field or entering a dark indoor shooting range, the sight automatically adjusts the brightness levels of the reticle to offer optimal visibility. 

This automated feature negates the need to fiddle with manual settings whenever lighting conditions change, letting you focus more on your target.

My Testing

The ambient light sensor was put to the test when I moved from outdoor shooting in bright daylight to a much dimmer indoor range. 

The sight adapted superbly, altering the brightness levels of the reticle to match the environment. The transition was smooth, and I did not feel the need to manually adjust the brightness.

4. Aerospace Aluminum Construction

The Crimson Trace RAD Pro sight is crafted from 7075 Series Aerospace Aluminum, offering superior durability and robustness. 

The construction isn’t just tough; it’s meticulously engineered to withstand high levels of stress and impact. 

The patent-pending top strap design further strengthens the sight’s structure, ensuring that the lens is less prone to stress or damage even when dropped or subjected to intense vibrations.

My Testing

Upon inspection and during my rough handling tests, which included a series of drop tests, the sight’s resilience was evident. 

No cracking, no distortion, no problems whatsoever. The aerospace aluminum body seemed virtually indestructible, retaining its form and functionality even under stress.

5. Top Accessible Battery Compartment

Crimson Trace RAD Pro takes the hassle out of battery replacement with its top-accessible battery compartment. 

Located conveniently on the top, the compartment is easy to open, allowing for quick battery changes. You won’t have to remove the sight from the mount, saving you a lot of time and effort and ensuring that your sight settings remain intact.

My Testing

Replacing the battery was impressively straightforward. The top-access design means I didn’t have to demount the sight, keeping my zero settings intact. 

The entire process was quick and efficient and proved to be a significant advantage over designs that require removal for battery replacement.

6. IPX7 Waterproof

The IPX7 Waterproof certification is not something to overlook. The sight can withstand water immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

Whether you’re caught in a downpour, or you accidentally drop your weapon in a puddle, this sight is designed to continue functioning impeccably.

My Testing

During my test, I poured water over the sight and even submerged it briefly. It continued to operate flawlessly, showing zero signs of water damage or internal moisture. 

This waterproofing feature adds an extra layer of reliability, ensuring that weather conditions won’t hamper your shooting experience.

7. Auto Shutoff

The auto-shutoff feature is designed to conserve your sight’s battery when not in use. If the sight detects no movement for a specified duration, it automatically powers down. 

This smart feature prolongs battery life, which is especially beneficial for those who may forget to manually turn off their sight.

My Testing

I conducted a specific test where I left the sight untouched for an extended period. As expected, the sight turned off automatically. 

When I moved it, the Shake-To-Wake sensor quickly brought it back to life. The feature works in harmony with other functionalities to deliver an efficient, user-friendly experience.

Overview of the Footprint and Mounting Considerations

The CT RAD Pro uses a CT RAD footprint that’s also compatible with the Docter footprint. This makes it versatile and easy to install on various firearms with pre-cut slides. 

For added flexibility, it comes with a Low Profile Pic Rail mount, letting you attach it to most MILSPEC Picatinny rails. 

The textured sides offer a secure grip for easy slide-racking. Overall, the CT RAD Pro provides multiple mounting options for different firearms, making it both adaptable and user-friendly.

Pros and Cons


  • Shake-To-Wake Sensor: Quick reticle activation upon movement.
  • Textured Sides: Secure grip for slide racking and easy button manipulation.
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Automatic reticle brightness adjustment.
  • Manual ON/OFF: Allows for user control over sight power.
  • Recessed Optic Lens: Reduces glare and protects the lens.
  • Auto Shutoff: Conserves battery when not in use.
  • Aerospace Aluminum Construction: Durable and robust build.
  • Top Accessible Battery Compartment: Easy battery replacement without sight removal.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Resistant to water exposure.


  • Low Light Performance: The auto-dim feature can make sight unusable in very low light.
  • Auto Brightness Issues: Inconsistent performance in varying lighting conditions.

Final Verdict

As someone who’s tested a plethora of optics over the years, the Crimson Trace RAD Pro really caught my attention.

It seamlessly blends top-notch features with stellar performance. Frankly, this sight has become a staple in my setup, enhancing every moment on the range or in real-world applications. 

It’s a well-engineered piece of equipment that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to fellow shooters who demand excellence from their gear.


What footprint is the Crimson Trace RAD Pro?

The Crimson Trace RAD Pro uses a CT RAD™ footprint, which is also compatible with the Docter® footprint. It offers additional flexibility with a Low Profile Pic Rail mount for MILSPEC Picatinny rails.

How good is Crimson Trace optics?

Based on my experience and additional research, Crimson Trace optics offer solid performance and good value. While you could pay more for other scopes, the Crimson Trace delivers a reliable experience without breaking the bank.

Where are Crimson Trace optics made?

Crimson Trace scopes are produced in the Philippines, which is one of the major optics manufacturing centers in Asia.

Will Crimson Trace Rad Micro fit on Hellcat?

Yes, mounting the Crimson Trace RAD Micro Pro on a Springfield Hellcat OSP is a straightforward process. The Hellcat OSP and Hellcat Pro are both compatible with this sight.

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