10 Shield RMSc Problems You Must Be Aware off

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The Shield RMS (Reflex Mini Sight) has recently gained popularity among gun enthusiasts who want to improve their shooting precision and speed. The Shield RMS has many benefits, including a small and light design, simple installation, and quick target acquisition, but it also has its share of drawbacks.

In this review, we’ll look at a few frequent complaints users have had about the Shield RMS, such as optics fogging, battery life, sturdiness, and compatibility with various firearms. Additionally, we’ll look more closely at how these issues might impact your shooting abilities and discuss solutions.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of your equipment is crucial whether you’re an expert shooter or a novice who wants to increase their accuracy. Bearing that in mind, let’s begin our evaluation of the Shield RMS and look at some of the general problems you might encounter when using this well-liked reflex sight.

Shield RMSc Problems To Be Aware Of

1. Mounting Issues

Due to compatibility issues, a few customers have reported having difficulty mounting the Shield RMSc footprint to their guns. Before making a purchase, it’s important to confirm that the optic is interoperable with your weapon. 


Users should make sure their concealed weapon is compatible with the Shield RMSc before making a purchase. Users may need to think about choosing another gun or optic if compatibility is a problem.

2. Short Battery life

In comparison to many other red dot optics, the Shield RMSc’s battery capacity is reportedly quite short. Users might find themselves replacing the power supply more commonly, which could be both costly and cumbersome.


Users can buy extra batteries and bring them along while shooting to be ready in case the battery is dead. Users can also save battery capacity by switching off the optic while not in use.

3. Less Durable

Although the Shield RMSc is made to last and endure challenging environments, some users have mentioned problems with the optic breaking down and becoming dented after continuous use.


Users can take precautions to safeguard the optic from harm, such as using a cover or securing the weapon in a case. Users can get a repair or replacement from the vendor if the optic is destroyed or keeps failing.

4. Zeroing Issue

The Shield RMSc’s tiny size and the inability to adjust make it difficult to zero. Customers might have to devote more time to zeroing the optic when compared to bigger red dot sights.


Customers may spend their time carefully zeroing the optic, using a sighting instrument if needed. A qualified trigger puller or gunsmith’s advice may be helpful for some users.

5. Limited field of view

In contrast to other red dot optics, the Shield RMSc’s diminutive size might restrict the field of view. Accuracy and spatial awareness might be impacted by this.


The Shield RMSc allows users to practice procuring a sight picture and learn how to account for the constrained field of view. The optic can be used in combination with iron sights or a zoom lens for some users, who may gain advantages from doing so.

6. Reticle washout

Some customers have reported that when firing bullets in direct sunlight and whenever shooting against a bright screen, the Shield RMSc’s reticle can wash out or become daunting to see. It may be difficult to establish and keep a sight picture as a result.


The user can change the reticle’s illumination or use a hood to reduce washout and glare. Some users might also find it helpful to use a reticle with a distinct color or pattern that is extremely easy to see in direct sunlight.

7. High Price

Particularly in comparison to other red dot sights in the business, the Shield RMSc is a pricey optic. Some users might find the price prohibitive, particularly if they have a limited budget.


Customers can think about buying a less expensive optic or looking for deals or promotional offers to cut the price of the Shield RMSc.

8. Limited magnification

Shield RMSc lacks a magnified optic, which could be a disadvantage for some customers who prefer one for longer-range shooting.


If customers need to shoot at farther distances, they might think about investing in a magnifier or another optic with magnification.

9. Limited adjustment

It might be challenging to adjust for windage and elevation with the Shield RMSc due to its few adjustment options.


When adjusting the Shield RMSc optic for windage and elevation, users can take their time and, if needed, use a sighting tool.

10. Compatibility With Holsters

According to some customers, the Shield RMSc needs to be modified to work with some holsters or is incompatible with them. This might be a problem for shooters who want to carry their guns with the connected optic.


Customers may look for holsters that are designed to work with the Shield RMSc or think about having a holster made specifically to fit their gun and optic.

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Alternative Of Shield RMSc

There are a few alternative solutions to the Shield RMSc that pistol shooters should consider. Here are a few well-liked choices:

Trijicon RMR

The Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) is a well-known red dot sight that can be mounted on a wide range of weapons, including rifles and shotguns. It has a significantly bigger reticle than the RMSc, which makes it more suitable for use on bigger handguns or rifles. It is renowned for both its sturdiness and lengthy battery life.

Holosun 507c

The Holosun HS507C is a multi-purpose red dot sight that can be used on rifles as well as handguns. It has a big reticle and multiple reticle choices, making it simple to acquire targets quickly. Additionally, its lengthy battery life and robust design are well known.

Leupold Deltapoint Pro

The Leupold Delta Pro has a big reticle and sturdy construction, making it a credible option for challenging shooters and law enforcement workers. Additionally, it has an auto-brightness detector that changes the dot’s intensity according to the lighting.

My Experience

My experience with the Shield RMSc was generally positive because I have always valued the red dot reticle’s high level of clarity and brightness, even in low light. I also widely praised the sight’s toughness, pointing out that it can withstand rigorous use without losing zero. But concentrating on battery life and general dependability issues, I’ve discovered that the power supply drains fast, whereas others have reported that the sight can break down or lose zero after prolonged use. For those who are unfamiliar with using red dot sights, the sight may also be challenging to mount or adjust.

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Final Verdict

The Shield RMSc is a small, lightweight reflex sight intended for concealed weapons and subcompact weapons. It appeals to those who appreciate discretion and simplicity because of its reduced size and stylish design.

Even so, there have been a few challenges with the Shield RMSc that have been reported, such as inconsistent zeroing and issues with sturdiness. It has been mentioned by some users that the sight may lose its zero after prolonged use, making it annoying and possibly hazardous in a self-defense set of circumstances. Furthermore, batteries can have a limited lifespan and may need to be replaced frequently.

Regarding substitutes, there are a variety of reflex sights available that provide comparable features and functionality, including the Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507C, and Leupold Deltapoint Pro. Your particular wants and requirements will determine which option is best for you because each of these sights has distinct advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, despite the Shield RMSc’s drawbacks, it is still a well-respected reflex sight for subcompact weapons.


What is the Shield RMSc’s reticle size?

The Shield RMSc has a 4-MOA dot reticle.

Is the Shield RMSc water-resistant?

Yes, the Shield RMSc is water resistant and can be immersed up to 20 meters under the surface of the water.

Which pistols work with the Shield RMSc?

The Shield RMSc is interchangeable with several compact and subcompact pistols, including the 

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