Holosun 507c Problems You Must Know

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A red dot sight is a practical and adaptable choice for shooters and hunters seeking a basic, user-friendly sight that enables quick target acquisition. Both inexperienced and skilled shooters should consider it.

The Holosun 507c x2 red dot sight has a few issues that many users have encountered. Overall, holosun optics are the best product you can currently buy, but you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of every product you are thinking about buying.

So, what issue does the Holosun 507c x2 have, and how bad is it?

Quick Holosun 507c Issues & Fixes

Low Runtime BatteryAlways carry a backup CR-1632 battery for long shooting sessions.
Battery CompartmentBe prepared to reset windage and elevation settings after changing the battery.
Blurry DotCheck for reticle’s bluish tint; may require time to get used to or consider alternatives if problematic.

Top 3 Problems Of Holosun 507c x2?

1. Low Runtime battery

In the box of holosun 507c x2, one CR-1632 has already been included in the package. The battery used in Holosun 507c x2 has low runtime, it is not too low but for the shooters who spent hours in doing shooting, it is not a satisfactory battery.  The majority of holosun 507c x2 customers complained about the battery, saying that they shoot a lot and their batteries would frequently die in the middle of a shoot.

So, they had to change the battery again and again. It is a very good topic to talk about as you need to have a good battery because you do not know when the danger will strike. Try to always carry a backup battery with you if you already own a holosun 507c x2.

I tested the battery’s runtime, and it appears to be adequate for me, as I have not used it for as long as most consumers. The number of days the battery will last, in other words, depends on the shooter and how long he or she shoots. The battery has a set run time, but the number of days it will run depends on the shooter; it may only run for one day.

2. Battery compartment

The battery compartment of the holosun 507c x2 will cause you to experience two types of issues. The first issue that might arise is when changing the battery. In contrast to some other optics that have side battery compartments, the holosun 507c x2’s under-the-optic battery compartment makes replacement time-consuming.

The second issue that you may encounter is after you replace the battery. When the battery is replaced, the initial settings (windage and elevation adjustment) will be disrupted. So, every time you replace the battery, you must reset the windage and elevation to zero for the sight to aim properly. I have personally gone through it.

3. Blurry Dot

The dot in the red dot sight is the reason for our purchase. It must be effective to prevent any shooters from getting into trouble as a result. Only a few customers have voiced their complaints about the hazy dot vision. That might be a result of the reticle’s bluish tint. When I first began using the holosun 507c x2, I became aware of the bluish tint, but now I’m used to it. Therefore, the tint doesn’t bother me now, but a few may have issues with it.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, the best red dot sight you can have in your weapons is the Holosun 507c x2. The issues that I’ve mentioned are simple to fix. If you experience a bluish tint, it will go away after a few days of using the red dot sight, and for a good sight, you can compromise with the battery compartment issue. This is similar to the solution I gave for carrying an extra battery in case the one you have runs out. I’m confident that if you learn about the holosun 507c x2’s numerous advantages, you’ll buy it right away. I’m going to rate this red dot sight a 4 out of 5.

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What causes the Holosun 507c x2 to blink?

There is nothing to be worried about; it is simply an alert to notify you that your optic requires charging; in short, a low battery alarm causes the reticle to blink.

What took the place of the Holosun 507c?

Holosun 507c X2.

Does Holosun 507c x2 have a shake-awake feature?

The Holosun 507c x2 has a shake-awake feature that causes the optic to remain on if it detects mobility; otherwise, it won’t turn on. In essence, it’s a mechanism where the reticle reacts to movement.

What makes Holosun 507c and 507K distinguishable?

The primary distinction between the holosun 507c and 507k is the color of the reticle. The holosun 507c comes in two versions, one with a green reticle and one with a red reticle. These are not present in the same optic, but rather in two distinct optics. The holosun 507k, however, only comes in one variation with a red reticle.

Is Holosun used by the military?

The Holosun brand manufactures low-cost red dot sights that are used by military officers.

Vortex or Holosun, which is preferable?

The holosun products are preferred by most people as they are made of strong material but vortex products are also good in terms of durability.

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