Trijicon MRO Review [Hands On Tested 2024]

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Trijicon MRO

Overall Score 8.2

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Optical Quality
Durability and Build Quality
Weight and Size
Battery Life
Ease of Use

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⭐️ Verdict: Highly Durable (8.2)

As a shooter who’s had hands-on experience with the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO), I can vouch for its standout features. 

Plus, the adjustable brightness settings and easy-to-set adjusters make for a user-friendly experience. The superior quality glass lenses offer crisp, clear visuals, and the rugged aircraft-grade aluminum housing ensures durability.

Testing the Trijicon MRO has been an eye-opener. The large aperture significantly expanded my viewing area, crucial for quick target engagement. 


Large viewing area

Eight brightness settings 

Positive-click reticle movements

Superior clarity

Multi-coated lenses


Waterproof aircraft-grade aluminum housing

Ambidextrous brightness control dial

Long battery life


Slight parallax issue

Minor magnification noted

No scope cover is included

Slight bluish tint in certain conditions

Price Comparison

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The MRO promises a large viewing area for faster target acquisition, adjustable brightness settings, and a durable, waterproof design. 

Marketed as a high-performance sight at a competitive price, it aims to provide a superior shooting experience. 

However, during my testing, while it largely lived up to expectations in terms of optical quality and durability, there were aspects like slight parallax and a minor bluish tint under certain conditions that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Performance Review of Trijicon MRO

1. Optical Quality

When it comes to optical quality, the Trijicon MRO mostly delivers on its promises. 

The large viewing area significantly improves target acquisition, and the sight’s multi-coated lenses offer excellent clarity and light gathering. 

This results in a crisp, clear dot reticle, essential for precision shooting. 

However, the sight does have its drawbacks. The slight parallax issue, while improved from earlier models, is still present, potentially affecting aiming accuracy at different angles. 

Additionally, the slight magnification, though minor, might be a concern for shooters looking for a completely flat sight picture.

Comparing the MRO to its competitors, it holds its own, especially considering its price point. 

The larger objective lens and reduced “tube effect” are definite advantages over similar sights in its class. 

The durability and long battery life add to its appeal. But, the absence of a scope cover and the slight bluish tint under specific conditions might be seen as minor letdowns.

From a professional shooter’s perspective, the MRO excels in providing a reliable, high-quality sighting experience, but these small issues might be sticking points for some users.

Score: 8/10

2. Durability and Build Quality

The Trijicon MRO scores high in durability and build quality. Forged from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum and fully sealed, it’s built to withstand harsh conditions. 

The quality of construction is evident and aligns well with what’s promised in the sales material.

In comparison to other sights in the market, the MRO stands out for its tough build. 

This ruggedness is a significant benefit for users like me who demand reliability in diverse shooting scenarios. 

The hard-anodized housing not only contributes to its sturdiness but also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the sight.

However, the MRO does fall slightly short in protecting certain components. 

For instance, the lack of a scope cover, as provided with Trijicon’s ACOGs, is a noticeable omission. 

From a professional shooter’s perspective, while these shortcomings don’t drastically diminish the overall quality, they do factor into the assessment of the product’s build quality and durability.

Score: 8/10

3. Weight and Size

When assessing the weight and size of the Trijicon MRO, it impresses with its compact and lightweight design. 

Weighing in at just 4.1 ounces and with dimensions of 2.6 x 1.69 x 2.01 inches, it’s an incredibly portable and unobtrusive addition to any firearm. 

This compactness is a huge advantage, especially for those who prioritize mobility and ease of handling.

The small profile is particularly beneficial in situations where quick movement and rapid target acquisition are essential.

In my personal experience, the lightweight nature of the MRO made it easy to maneuver and quick to align without sacrificing stability or durability. 

However, the small size doesn’t compromise the sight’s functionality or the field of view, which remains impressively large. 

This balance between weight, size, and functionality is a testament to Trijicon’s engineering and design prowess.

Weight4.1 ounces
Length2.6 inches
Width1.69 inches
Height2.01 inches

Score: 8/10

4. Battery Life

The battery life of the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) is a standout feature, especially for a shooter who values reliability over extended periods. 

Promising a long battery life of up to 5 years on setting 3, the MRO impressively delivers on this promise. 

This longevity is a significant advantage, particularly in comparison to other sights in the market, which often require more frequent battery changes.

In practical terms, the extended battery life means less worry about the sight dying at critical moments, which is a huge relief during extended shooting sessions or when in the field for prolonged periods. 

This reliability is a major benefit, ensuring the sight is always ready when needed. 

My experience with the MRO’s battery life has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Keeping the sight constantly on at setting 4 for prolonged periods, I found that the battery life holds up well, showing no signs of early depletion. 

While the long battery life is a huge plus, it’s important to note that performance may vary slightly based on usage patterns. 

However, in my usage, the MRO has consistently lived up to its promise, making it a dependable choice for shooters who can’t afford any power interruptions.

Score: 9/10

5. Reticle

The reticle of the Trijicon MRO, a crisp 2 MOA dot, is a critical aspect of its performance. 

The clarity and sharpness of the dot are exceptional, providing a precise aiming point without any distortion. 

This level of clarity is crucial for accurate shooting, and the MRO delivers in this regard. 

The multi-coated lenses play a significant role in this, ensuring superior light-gathering capabilities and zero distortion.

The dot remains crisp and clear even under rapid shooting conditions, a testament to the quality of the optics. 

This clarity not only aids in accuracy but also in fast target acquisition, a crucial factor in various shooting scenarios.

My personal experience with the MRO’s reticle has been very positive. 

The dot is bright enough for use in broad daylight and also compatible with night vision settings, making it versatile for different lighting conditions. 

The slight greenish tint of the glass is barely noticeable in use and does not affect the clarity of the reticle.

However, it’s worth mentioning the slight fishbowling effect, which is minimal but may be noticeable to some users. 

Overall, the performance of the reticle meets the high standards set by Trijicon, contributing to the MRO’s effectiveness as a top-tier red dot sight.

Score: 7.5/10

6. Ease of Use

The Trijicon MRO scores well on ease of use, a crucial factor for any shooter, professional or otherwise. 

The sight’s adjusters are straightforward and require no special tools, a plus for on-the-field adjustments.

The ambidextrous brightness control dial is a thoughtful addition, catering to a wide range of users. 

However, the slightly mushy feel of the adjustments, while not a major issue, is a minor setback when considering the overall user experience.

In my hands-on experience, the MRO’s user-friendly features facilitated a smooth shooting experience. 

Its functionality did not overcomplicate the process, allowing for focus on the task at hand and accurate shooting. 

While the MRO excels in ease of use, the slight room for improvement in the tactile feel of its adjustments keeps it from being perfect in this category.

Score: 9/10

7. Price

Regarding price, the Trijicon MRO stands as a competitively priced option in the market of serious use red dot sights. 

It positions itself as a more affordable alternative to higher-end models like the Aimpoint without compromising on key features. 

This price point makes it accessible to a wider range of shooters, from professionals to enthusiasts.

In comparison to its competitors, the MRO offers excellent value for money.

Its combination of a large viewing area, adjustable brightness settings, and robust construction at this price is quite impressive. 

The sight’s durability and performance justify the investment, especially considering the longevity and reliability it offers.

Score: 8/10

Final Verdict

After thorough testing, the Trijicon Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) stands out as a highly competent and reliable red dot sight. 

Its large viewing area significantly enhances target acquisition, while the adjustable brightness settings and easy-to-set adjusters add to its user-friendliness. 

Overall, the MRO scores an 8.5/10, making it a solid choice for both professional and recreational shooters who seek quality without a hefty price tag.


Is the Trijicon MRO reliable?

The Trijicon MRO is highly reliable, built robustly, and maintains zero effectively through extensive use. However, there have been isolated reports of zero shift issues.

Does the MRO have night vision compatibility?

Yes, the MRO features 8 brightness settings, including 2 that are compatible with night vision. The MRO HD models offer even more night vision settings.

What does MRO stand for in Trijicon?

MRO stands for Miniature Rifle Optic in the Trijicon lineup.

What is the difference between Trijicon MRO and MRO HD?

The main difference lies in their intended use; the standard MRO is designed as a standalone optic, while the MRO HD is optimized for use with a Trijicon MRO HD Magnifier

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