Aimpoint Acro P1 Vs P2

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Aimpoint Acro P1

Aimpoint Acro P1

Overall Score 7.6

Aimpoint Acro P2

Aimpoint ACRO P2

Overall Score 7.1

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Aimpoint Acro P1Aimpoint Acro P2
Optical Quality86
Durability and Build Quality88
Weight and Size86
Battery Life79
Ease of Use88

Aimpoint Acro P1

Dimensions: 4.8cm in length (1.9”), 3cm in width (1.2”), and 3cm in height (1.2”).

Reticle: 3.5 MOA red dot reticle

Best For

Fully enclosed design

Easy battery access

night vision compatibility

Aimpoint Acro P2

Dimensions: 1.9 in × 1.3 in × 1.2 in

Reticle: 3.5 MOA red dot reticle

Best For

Lens clarity

Battery Life

Fully enclosed design

Our Verdict

I’ve had my hands on both the Aimpoint Acro P-1 and P-2, and after putting them through the wringer, I’ve got to say the P-2 takes the win

Why, you ask? Simply put, it’s the ease and reliability it brings into the equation. The P-2 emerged as the winner in several crucial categories, and while the P-1 puts up a darn good fight, the P-2 just offers a little bit more of what I personally look for in a red dot sight.

Hey shooters! Welcome to the comparison of Aimpoint Acro P1 and P2.

Today, I’ve got an exciting showdown lined up: it’s the Aimpoint Acro P-1 going head-to-head with the Aimpoint Acro P-2. If you’re in the market for a red dot sight, this comparison is going to be a goldmine.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

It was a thorough, in-the-field test of performance, durability, and ease of use. And let me tell you, it was an experience to remember. So, if you’re as curious as I was about which Aimpoint Acro model deserves the crown, stay tuned

Specifications: Aimpoint Acro P1 and P2

Before we dive into the comparison, let’s take a quick look at the specifications of the Aimpoint Acro P1 and Acro P2.

FeatureAimpoint Acro P-1Aimpoint Acro P-2
Battery TypeCR1225CR2032
Battery Life1.5 years50,000 hours
being submersibleUp to 82 feetUp to 115 feet
Night VisionYes No
Mounting SystemPicatinnyWeaver
DurabilityHigh-strength aluminumHigh-strength aluminum
Red Dot Size3.5 MOA3.5 MOA

The Acro P-1 is the trailblazer in enclosed compact red sight optimized for handguns.

The Acro P2 takes it up a notch with insanely long battery life and an improved LED emitter, perfect for those who need that extra edge.

7 Features Comparison Of Aimpoint Acro P1 and P2

1. Durability

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The Acro P-1 is designed to endure, fashioned out of high-strength aluminum. It’s undergone rigorous testing to guarantee its resilience against water, shock, and fog. 

What’s even more impressive is that Aimpoint subjected it to the recoil from ARs and shotguns during testing, making sure that the sight would not falter under intense conditions. 

To top it all off, an exterior anodized finish not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also adds an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

Taking a page from the P-1’s book, the P-2 also features a robust construction out of high-strength aluminum. 

Adding to its durability, the sight comes with a semi-matte anodized finish. Though it may not be entirely scratch-resistant, this finish is designed to protect against minor damages from accidental drops or scratches. And yes, like the P-1, it’s waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.


When it comes to durability, it’s neck and neck. Both sights are well-equipped to handle the challenges you’ll throw at them.

2. Lens Clarity

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The optical lens of the Acro P-1 is something to marvel at. Crafted from high-grade glass, the lens is multi-coated for optimized light transmission. 

Additional anti-glare coatings are also applied, reducing glare and reflections to a minimum. This allows for superior visibility even when you find yourself under the blazing sun or in other intensely lit scenarios.

Low-light performance is nothing less than spectacular, making target acquisition a more straightforward task.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

The Acro P-2 takes lens clarity to the next level. Employing similar high-quality glass, this model features a 15x15mm clear aperture, slightly enhancing its ability to gather light and offer better clarity. 

Whether you’re shooting at dawn or dusk, the P-2 ensures you don’t miss your mark due to poor visibility. Bright daylight conditions are also handled impressively, giving you a clear, sharp image at all times.


For the discerning shooter for whom every little detail matters, the Acro P-2 pulls ahead with its marginally better lens clarity.

3. Reticle

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The Acro P-1 uses a 3.5 MOA red dot reticle, a size that many find easier for quick target acquisition. This size is generally not so large that it obscures the target, giving you a balanced field of view. 

Moreover, the red dot is brightly illuminated and etched into the glass, ensuring consistent targeting in a range of lighting conditions.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

Much like the P-1, the Acro P-2 also boasts a 3.5 MOA red dot. The illumination levels are finely tuned, offering crisp visibility in both low-light and bright outdoor conditions. 

This makes it as versatile as its counterpart when it comes to reticle performance.


It’s a tie in this category. Both the Acro P-1 and Acro P-2 offer identical red dot sizes and illumination features, making either one a reliable choice for accurate shooting.

4. Mounting Options

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The P-1 comes with a Picatinny mounting system, which is a universal mounting option compatible with a wide range of firearms. Whether you own handguns, rifles, carbines, or shotguns, the Picatinny mount ensures that you can switch the sight between multiple firearms with ease. 

The flexibility it offers can’t be overstated; it’s like the Swiss Army knife of mounting systems.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

The P-2, on the other hand, uses a Weaver mounting system. While not as universally adaptable as the Picatinny, the Weaver system has its own merits. It’s generally considered to be more stable, especially under heavy recoil, making it a solid choice for high-caliber firearms.


This is a tricky one because it boils down to personal preference and specific use cases. If versatility is what you seek, go with P-1. If stability under intense conditions is your priority, the P-2 is your friend.

5. Battery Life and Type

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The Acro P-1 operates on a CR1225 battery. Now, this battery type might not make headlines, but it does offer a decent lifespan of approximately 1.5 years when used at the sight’s sixth setting. 

For someone who only engages in shooting activities occasionally or during weekends, this is quite reasonable. 

It’s also crucial to remember that the 1.5-year estimate assumes that you’re judicious about turning off the sight when not in use. Forget that, and you’ll be reaching for a new battery sooner than you’d like.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

When it comes to battery performance, the Acro P-2 is nothing short of exceptional. It uses a CR2032 battery, a type known for its long life and reliability. 

The P-2 offers an outstanding 50,000 hours of continuous use. Do the math, and that translates to a little over five years. Yes, you read that right: five years! This is particularly advantageous for those who’d rather not spend time worrying about frequent battery replacements.


When it comes to battery life, the P-2 is the clear winner, hands down. It’s a workhorse in this regard, making it incredibly convenient for anyone who wants long-lasting performance without the hassle of frequent maintenance.

6. Night Vision Compatibility

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The Acro P-1 is equipped with four-night vision settings. Now, why is this important? Well, let’s consider a few scenarios. Perhaps you’re out hunting, and the sun starts to set. 

Maybe you’re in a tactical situation in a dark building. In either case, being able to adapt to low-light conditions is absolutely critical. 

These four-night vision settings offer you the flexibility to adjust the sight according to varying degrees of darkness, allowing for accurate shooting even when you’re practically in the dark.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

Interestingly, the Acro P-2 does not offer night vision compatibility. It’s a feature that many have found surprising, given the sight’s other advanced features. 

This lack of night vision settings may limit the P-2’s versatility, especially for those who require optimal performance across a wide range of lighting conditions.


The P-1 takes the trophy when it comes to night vision compatibility. If you foresee needing to operate your sight in low-light conditions, the P-1 gives you the options you need to adapt and succeed.

7. Being submersible

Aimpoint Acro P-1

The Acro P-1 comes equipped with waterproofing that can withstand depths of up to 82 feet. Now, that’s no shallow feature! Imagine you’re outdoors hunting, and a sudden, torrential rainstorm hits. 

Or perhaps you’re fishing, and your sight takes an unplanned dip into the river. In these and similar situations, the P-1 offers the kind of robust waterproofing that gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured that the sight will continue to function reliably, no matter how wet it gets.

Aimpoint Acro P-2

The Acro P-2 goes above and beyond when it comes to being submersible. It’s capable of performing at a depth of up to 115 feet, providing an extra layer of assurance compared to its predecessor. 

This is particularly beneficial for those who frequently engage in water-based activities such as boating or deep-sea fishing. It also adds an extra layer of durability for anyone who wants to ensure their sight will work in even the most extreme water-related conditions.


In the category of being submersible, the Aimpoint P-2 easily steals the spotlight. Its heightened waterproofing capability adds a level of durability and versatility that’s hard to beat. 

If you’re looking for unparalleled reliability when it comes to underwater performance, the AIMPOINT ACRO P-2 is your go-to option.

Pros & Cons of Acro P1 and P2

Aimpoint Acro P-1


  • Versatile, works well with a range of firearms
  • Submersible up to 82 feet
  • Durable, high-strength aluminum construction
  • 1.5-year battery life on CR1225
  • Four Night Vision settings
  • 3.5 MOA red dot for quick target acquisition
  • Parallax-free


  • Lower battery life compared to P-2
  • Expensive

Aimpoint Acro P-2


  • Long 50,000-hour battery life on CR2032
  • Submersible up to 115 feet
  • Enhanced lens clarity
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Weaver mounting system for stability
  • 3.5 MOA red dot
  • Parallax-free


  • Expensive

Similarities Between Aimpoint Acro P-1 and Aimpoint Acro P-2

  • Both have 3.5 MOA red dot reticles.
  • Both are constructed from high-strength aluminum.
  • Both are parallax-free.
  • Both have a fully enclosed housing design.
  • Both are waterproof and shockproof.

Differences Between Aimpoint Acro P1 and Acro P2

  • P-1 has Night Vision, and P-2 doesn’t.
  • P-1 uses CR1225 battery, P-2 uses CR2032.
  • P-1 is submersible to 82 feet, and P-2 to 115 feet.
  • P-1 has a 1.5-year battery life, and P-2 has a 50,000-hour battery life.
  • P-1 uses Picatinny mount, and P-2 uses Weaver.
  • P-2 has slightly better lens clarity.


How long does the Aimpoint Acro P2 run? 

The Aimpoint Acro P2 has a battery life of 50,000 hours using a CR2032 battery.

What is the battery life of the Acro P2? 

The Acro P2 will last for 5 years of continuous use on setting 6/10 with a CR2032 battery.

What is the difference between Aimpoint Acro P1 and C1?

The P1 has four night vision settings while the C1 has two. P1 is also more durable than C1.

What is the battery life of the Acro P1? 

The Acro P1 has more than 1.5 years of battery life on setting 6 and more than 6 months on setting 7.

Where is the Aimpoint Acro P2 made? 

The Aimpoint Acro P2 is manufactured in Sweden.

What does Aimpoint Acro stand for?

Aimpoint Acro stands for Advanced Compact Reflex Optic.

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  1. I purchased an Aimpoint Acro P1 because I was led to believe in your comparison review it would mount directly on a picitiny rail, in addition to a number of other very favorable comments. Unfortunately, there is some disconnect between your review and my reality. There is no way this sight will mount on my XS Sights rail – without an adapter.
    So moving forward – as you are the subject matter experts, is there a red dot or two out there comparable to the ruggedness of the Aimpoints that is short (emphasis) and mounts directly to a Picitiny rail? Thanks – Chuck


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