Eotech 512 Vs 552 – 7 Benefits & Drawbacks

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Personally, the Eotech 512 and 552 are my favorite products on which I can rely in any situation. These two models are the most effective for me and didn’t give me the slightest chance of giving a low rating. Although these models are large and occupy a lot of space on the rail, nobody can deny their incredible features.

However, to choose the best one among them, read this review thoroughly until the end to get the best Eotech model for your firearm.

What’s inside the box of Eotech 512 vs 552?

Along with the sights, the Eotech 512 vs 522 model box includes the following:

  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 7/64 Allen Key
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Product Registration/Warranty Card
  • Hex Cross Bolt

Compare Deals:

EOTech 512
EOTech 512-A65 Holographic Weapon Sight

Compare Deals:

EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight

Specification Chart

Eotech 512Eotech 552
Optical SurfacesAnti-reflection coating on external surfacesAnti-reflection coating on external surfaces
Product Dimensions5.6″ × 2″ × 2.5″ 142.2 × 50.8 × 63.5mm)5.6″ × 2″ × 2.5″ (142.2 × 50.8 × 63.5mm)
Weight11.5 oz (326g)11.5 oz (326g)
OpticsTransmission holographyTransmission holography
SealingFog-resistant internal opticsFog-resistant internal optics
Window Dimensions1.20″ × 0.85″ (30 × 23mm)1.20″ × 0.85″ (30 × 23mm)
Front Window MaterialGlass 3.17mm thickGlass 3.17mm thick
Auto Battery Check IndicatorFlashing reticle upon start-upFlashing reticle upon start-up
Brightness Settings20 daylight settings20 daylight settings, 10 additional settings for Gen I through III + night vision devices
Power Source2 × 1.5 V AA batteries2 × 1.5 V AA batteries
Adjustment (Per Click)Approx. 0.5 MOAApprox. 0.5 MOA
Adjustment RangeRange: +/- 40 MOA travelRange: +/- 40 MOA travel
Mount1″ Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rai1″ Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rail
FOV 100 Yds (91m)30 yds. (28m) at a 3″ eye relief30 yds. (28m) at a 3″ eye relief

 Eotech 512 vs Eotech 552 – What’s The Difference?

The Eotech 512 and 552 models have the only prominent difference which is the night vision. Here the Eotech 552 model has night vision compatibility that will surely benefit the shooter in shooting in a dark environment. There is a round button between the brightness adjustment buttons to turn on the night vision mode and do the settings. With the night vision difference, the prices of these models are also different. Making the Eotech 512 model less expensive than the 552 models. 

Benefits Of Eotech 512 Vs 552 –  Comparison

The potential benefits of Eotech 512 vs. 552 are as follows, and you’ll ultimately decide which is best for you.

1. Reticle 

Holographic technology from EOTECH has an obvious benefit compared to conventional red dots. Rather than being restricted to a fixed dot, EOTech can provide any form of reticle structure. EOTECH aiming reticule designs have been developed to accommodate multiple movement patterns.

Reticle patterns made by EOTECH have a serious influence on precision and target identification time. EOTECH’s aiming reticule patterns include a 68 MOA ring encircling a 1 MOA focus dot, enabling the gunman to easily determine an objective; HWS (HOLOGRAPHIC WEAPON SIGHT) makes it possible for further complicated reticle design features with very few random errors.

The 68 MOA circle with a 1 MOA bullseye of Eotech 512 and 552 is perfect for quickly acquiring targets. The 68 MOA circle can be used to reflect stroke styles when using guns, but the pattern will change depending on the choice of strangle and shell.

Winner: Draw

2. Holographic Window

The Eotech 512 and 552 encompass the reticle’s implanted holographic structure, that when revealed to a laser beam generates an artificial depiction of the aiming reticule.

Winner: Draw

3. On/Off & Brightness Buttons

The button of Eotech 512 and 552 on the rear side allows the shooter to change the brightness setting from available levels. The setting of the brightness should be appropriate based on the surrounding light patterns. 

Here’s the difference between Eotech 512 and 552, there is a night vision setting in Eotech 552. Between the brightness adjustment button, there is a round button that does the night vision setting. This is the only thing that makes the Eotech 552 superior to the Eotech 512.

Winner: Eotech 552

4. Protective Aluminum Hood

The Eotech 512 and 552 models have a protected aluminum hood that comes preassembled. The aluminum hood increases the durability of these models along with these models being water resistant.

Winner: Draw

5. Removable Battery Compartment

The Eotech 512 and 552 models have a removable battery compartment where you can easily swap out the old battery for the new battery. The battery cap keeps the battery pack secure and keeps dust particles and water out of the battery.

Winner: Draw

6. Locking Cam Lever

A cam lever that wonderfully helps secure the battery pack from dust, moisture, and gunk is also included in the Eotech 512 and 552 models. If any of this debris gets into your battery compartment, it makes your battery vulnerable to damage.

Winner: Draw

7. Universal Mount

You can easily mount the Eotech 512 and 552 models with the universal mount i.e. MIL-STD 1913. You won’t have any issues mounting your sight on the weapon with this.

Winner: Draw

Drawbacks Of Eotech 512 Vs 552

There are a few disadvantages to the Eotech 512 and 552 models and they do dearth a few features.

Eotech 512

  • The Eotech 512 size is the major issue that a shooter faces. It takes up a lot of space on the rail. Like if you compare it with the other red dots like Holosun and vortex, it will look huge in front of them.
  • The weight of the Eotech 512 sight is another drawback. The weight of this sight along with the weight of the firearm puts a lot of strain on the shooter’s hand. This will end up in a bad shooting experience.
  • Furthermore, the Eotech 512 sight does not have a night vision feature.

Eotech 552

  • Like the Eotech 512, the Eotech 552 model also has a major size issue. It takes up the same on the rail as the Eotech 512.
  • It weighs the same as the Eotech 512 model, making it difficult to carry for most shooters.
  • It is more expensive than the Eotech 512 model.

Final Verdict

The final verdict would be in the favour of Eotech 552 model since it has the night vision compatibility that Eotec 512 model lack. All other features of the Eotech 512 and 552 models are the same that includes a cam lever, universal mount, removable battery compartment, protective aluminum hood, holographic window, etc. 

The size and weight of both the Eotech 512 and 552 are a lot but otherwise, these two models are mind-blowing.

If you want a cheap product that lacks the night vision setting, buy the Eotech 512 model. However, I would suggest doing a one-time investment in the Eotech 552 model.


What distinguishes EOTech 510 from EOTech 512?

The Eotech 510 and 512 are both winners in their own right when contrasting the various features of each model and the potential benefits these sights can provide a shooter. For instance, when taking into account the battery life and brightness setting of this sight, both the Eotech 510 and 512 perform admirably. In addition, the Eotech 510 weighs less when comparing its dimensions to the Eotech 512 model, giving it the edge.

Is the EOTech 512 equipped with an auto shut-off feature?

The Eotech 512 model does indeed have an automatic shut-off feature. If you turn on the sight, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it will turn off instantaneously after four hours.

Is EOTech 512 equipped with night vision?

The most widely used holographic weapon sight made by Eotech is the 512 model, which includes night vision. It’s regarded as one of the best sights because of how quick and versatile it is.

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