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Hey shooter! Welcome back to Red Dot Heaven’s review of Holosun 507c vs 507k in 2024.

You have a good gun, but you’re looking for a good red dot sight. You’ve found the right site. 

In the world of shooters and hunters, holosun has grown significantly in popularity. In this review, I will share interesting aspects of Holosun 507k and 507c. These two products’ brand names are what give them additional value.

I can speak from personal experience since I have a decent collection of Holosun products, along with the 507c and 507k.

So let’s start with the differences, then move toward the benefits, and so forth.

Note: To better understand these products, you must first analyze the specifications.

Main Difference Between Holosun 507k vs 507c

There are many resemblances and few discrepancies between the Holosun 507c and 507k, two of the company’s well-known products.

Their names and advantages are hardly distinguishable from one another. 

The first distinction is that the Holosun 507c has a red and a green reticle, whereas the 507k has just a red reticle.

The holosun 507k is compact and lightweight, specially made to fit on small firearms, which is the second distinction.

Holosun 507k vs 507c: The specification chart

Read this specification chart thoroughly for a better understanding of holosun 507c and 507k.

Holosun 507cHolosun 507k
Housing MaterialAluminumAluminum
Item Dimensions (LxWxH)1.78 x 1.15 x 1.15 1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95
Item Weight1.5 oz1 oz
Parallax-freeYes Yes
Unlimited eye reliefYes Yes
Reticle ColorRed and GreenRed
Reticle optionsMultiple Reticle OptionsMultiple Reticle Options
Battery typeCR-1632CR-1632
Battery life10,000 hours (when using dot and circle)to 50,000 (when using circle)10,000 hours (when using dot and circle) to 50,000 (when using circle)
Night visionYesYes
Mounting typePicatinny MountPicatinny Mount
Compatible DeviceHandgun/pistol/rifleHandgun/pistol/rifle
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty

Features and Benefits: Holosun 507k vs 507c

Before selecting the best red dot sight for your firearm, features and benefits must be considered. These benefits will demonstrate which red dot sight can fulfill your requirements.

1. Durability and Reliability

The type of sight you should buy is one that can stand the test of time and be reliable. Since Holosun products are known for their long-term durability and resistance, let’s find out if the 507c and 507k models are similarly reliable and long-lasting.

Housing material

To help shield the optic from any impairment, the housing material must be durable; this is important for all shooters. Both the holosun 507c and 507k use aluminum for their housing. Holosun 507c and 507k are made of “7075 T6 Aluminum,” a relatively stronger type of aluminum than the “6061 T6 Aluminum” used in a few of Holosun’s products.

Holosun 507c and 507k’s housing, which is made of ionized aluminum for a matte finish, defends against rusting.

Holosun 507c vs 507k housing material

Water and fog Resistance

The Holosun 507c and 507k are resistant to all types of climatic changes, including splatters of rain and fog. The holosun 507c and 507k can be dipped in one meter of liquid for thirty minutes. To test the statement made by Holosun, I submerged the Holosun 507c and 507k in water for thirty minutes. Predictably, they survived.

Drainage holes

Holosun 507c has small holes on both ends of the optic, allowing extra water to drain out. When it rains a lot, these drainage holes come in beneficial. But sadly, holosun 507k lacks such small holes.

Square Top Design

The holosun 507k is crafted in a square shape, while the holosun 507c is crafted in a rounded shape. In this particular instance, the square shape is more beneficial and long-lasting than the rounded one.

Holosun 507c vs 507k design


Holosun 507c and 507k are shockproof, which means they can resist high harm from shoulder-height dropping and sharp tools. Good housing material is crucial as it can shield your optic from many potentially harmful items. Holosun 507c and 507k are durable due to their resistance to damage.

Lifetime warranty

Holosun’s limited lifetime warranty makes the 507c and 507k models reliable. In cases of infrequent use and minor damage, Holosun will fix your product; if it develops a fault, it will be replaced. In the aforementioned circumstances, holosun will not exchange or fix your product. In addition, there will be no shipment, replacement, or restoration charges from holosun.


I decided to drop the holosun 507c and 507k from shoulder height to check their durability, and because the housing is made of sturdy “aluminum,” both products survived the wrongdoing. Additionally, despite my 1500 shots, it has survived.


In conclusion, holosun 507c and 507k are top performers because they are extremely sturdy and passed the survivability test.

2. Optic clarity and Reticle

Optic clarity and Reticle should be emphasized after durability. Because if your Reticle and optic clarity are poor, you won’t be able to hit your target accurately, so purchasing this optic is pointless. Let’s examine the reticle options and optic clarity offered by the Holosun 507c and 507k.

Holosun 507c Holosun 507k
Dot colorRed and GreenRed
Multiple reticle optionsYes  Yes 
Window size0.63 x 0.91 inches0.58 x 0.77 inches

Large field of view

Since holosun 507c has a larger viewing window than holosun 507k, it is feasible to see more of the surrounding area when using 507c. You can hit with twice the precision and keep an eye on the surroundings of your target when using this device.

Multi-coated lens

Holosun 507c and 507k have a multiple-layer reflective coating that defends the optics lens. Holosun 507c and 507k’s multi-coated lens protection enables maximum optical transmittance and dimming reduction.

Reticle color

Here comes the difference between holosun 507c and 507k, the availability of reticle color. In the market, holosun 507c comes in two reticle colors which are red and green. At the same time, holosun 507k comes in only one color, which is red. It should be noted that the holosun 507c does not include both colors in a single optic.

Multiple reticle system

One of the best features of a few of Holosun’s products is the wide selection of reticles. Fortunately, holosun 507c and 507k provide a wide range of reticle systems, including the 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, and both dot and circle concurrently.

You can change between reticles based on the circumstance or your personal preference. The 2 MOA is an extremely precise dot that covers the target judiciously. Rapid target acquisition is greatly aided by the 32 MOA circle’s coverage of such a sizable area. The final option is to use both reticles simultaneously, which will provide accuracy and precision synchronously.


Finally, I claim that holosun 507c, which has a choice between a red and green reticle, is the winner. Astigmatic people can purchase the holosun 507c with the green Reticle. In terms of optic clarity and reticle options, all other advantages are essentially the same.

Buying Options:

Holosun HS507C-X2
Holosun HS507C-X2 Reflex Red Dot Sight
Holosun HS507C-X2 Pistol Red Dot Sight
Holosun HS507C-X2 Pistol Red Dot Sight – ACSS Vulcan Reticle
Holosun HS507C X2 Multi-Reticle Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight
Holosun 507C X2 Open Reflex Sight, Green – HE507C-GR-X2

3. Dimensions and weight

Holosun 507c vs 507k dimensions and weight

Check out the holosun 507c and 507k specs below.

Holosun 507cHolosun 507k
Length1.78 inches1.60 inches
Width1.15 inches0.98 inches
Height1.15 inches0.95 inches
Weight1.5 oz1 oz

Holosun 507k: Compact

The dimensions of holosun 507c are bigger than those of holosun 507k, as you can see from reading the table. This suggests that the holosun 507k is more compact and will be easier for a shooter to carry. Every shooter actually likes an optic that is lightweight and compact.

Holosun 507k: lightweight

Additionally, the Holosun 507k is incredibly light , it weighs just 1 ounce. Shooters can easily hold and mount this because it is small and light.


Finally, I feel compelled to state that holosun 507k is unquestionably the best option because it is both compact and lightweight. It meets the shooter’s requirement for a convenient, ultra-light optic.

Buying Options:

Holosun 507K X2
Holosun Sub-compact HS507K-X2 Red Dot Sights
Holosun HS507K X2 Reflex Sight
Holosun HS507K X2 Compact Multi-Reticle Circle Dot Open Red Dot Sight
HS507K-X2 Reflex Sight
Holosun HS507K-X2 Compact Pistol Red Dot Sight
Holosun 1X Micro Red Dot Sight – HS507K-X2

4. Source of power and related features

See all the battery-related details, as well as some of the features that holosun 507c and 507k offer, below.

Holosun 507cHolosun 507k
Battery typeCR-1632 batteryCR-1632  battery
Battery life50,000-10,000 hours50,000-10,000 hours
Shake-awake techYesYes 
Solar panelYes Yes 

Battery type and life

Holosun 507c and 507k use the “CR-1632” lithium battery. It has a long life of between 10,000 and 50,000 hours and is powerful. The illuminance level is one of two factors that has an impact on battery life. The battery will run for a longer time period if the illuminance configuration is set to a moderate or lower level. Second is reticle selection; if you only select the dot option, battery life is 50,000 hours; if you select both reticles simultaneously, battery life is 10,000 hours.

Battery compartment

The holosun 507c’s power supply compartment is under the optic, which makes modifying the power pack difficult. Because in order to take out or change the battery, you must first unmount the optic and then re-zero it.

The power supply compartment in the Holosun 507k is on edge, making battery adjustments simple and preventing the need to remove the optic from your weapon.

Shake-awake tech

An optic’s shake-awake feature, which makes it easier for you to turn the sight on and off automatically, is essential functionality. When this feature is activated, the optic’s LED illuminates in response to motion detection and is inactive in the absence of motion.

Solar failsafe: Silicon Solar cell

We are aware of how the battery functions, but what should we do if a life is in danger and the battery is dead? Holosun has offered a wonderful substitute, or you could say swapping to a second source of power. On holosun 507c, the Reticle is powered by a “silicon solar cell” located at the top. To illuminate the dot and carry out the shooting, it uses sunlight. However, this feature is not available in the Holosun 507k, making the 507c superior to the 507k.


Since the holosun 507c has a solar cell, which the holosun 507k does not, it wins if you ignore the battery compartment issue. Other characteristics in the holosun 507c and 507k are equivalent, aside from the solar cell and battery compartment.

5. Brightness Setting

The brightness setting makes the reticle dot up to twelve levels brighter. For daylight illumination, there are 10 levels, and for night configuration, there are only 2. It does have night vision and a few different operating modes.

Night vision

You should have a brightness setting that is suitable for the time of day and for situations where there is little or no brightness. The Holosun 507c and 507k have two light levels for night vision, allowing you to shoot at night.

Operational Modes

Three operational modes are offered in Holosun 507c and 507k to support safe and simple shooting. Here are some of them:

  •  Automatic mode
  • Manual mode
  • Lockout mode

When you first turn on the optic, automatic mode is turned on by default, and this causes the optic to adjust the Reticle’s illumination depending on the surrounding light. This automatic mode relies on two distinct power sources: a battery as well as a solar cell. Battery power is used to power the Reticle when the solar cell is incapable of doing so on its own, which normally occurs when the light is flimsy.

To switch to manual mode, press the “+” button until the Reticle flickers once. Using the “+” and “-” buttons, you can manually change the illumination when in manual mode.

Press the button again for three more secs to start causing the Reticle to flash once, ending manual mode and starting lockout mode. Even if it drops or inadvertently touches the function keys, the illumination will remain the way it was set whenever the lockout mode is activated.

Sleep time

The optic will enter sleep mode just after 10 minutes of idle time or when nothing moves. The sight will turn on when it notices movement, and its standard auto-sleep configuration is 10 minutes. The sleep time can be altered; there are four possible scenarios. These are as follows:

  • 10 minutes of sleep time
  • 1 hour sleep time
  • 12 hours of sleep time
  • Disabled sleep time


The Holosun 507c, as well as 507k, have three operational modes, a sleep time configuration, and an illuminance setting option. Both are winners, as there is no noticeable difference between the characteristics and benefits linked to illumination.

6. Eye Relief

Both the Holosun 507c and 507k models offer a clear view and unlimited eye relief that improves the shooting. Holosun 507c and 507k are parallax-free, so you’ll have no aiming issues.

7. Footprint

The Holosun 507c has a Trijicon RMR footprint that fits comfortably on full-sized firearms and pistols. Holosun 507k, on the other hand, has a different footprint and is built solely to fit small guns.

Price Comparison

For a person with a limited budget, it is the main determinant. Most buyers want their purchases to be worthwhile investments. 

Budget-conscious people seek options that are both high-quality and relatively inexpensive. 

Holosun has introduced reasonably priced red dots without reducing the quality for all shooters on a tight budget. The Holosun 507k is less expensive than the 507c as it lacks a multiple reticle system. For almost every person, cost takes precedence over all other factors. 

The drawback of Holosun 507c and 507k

There are a few drawbacks of holosun 507c and 507k that you should know before purchasing any of these.

Holosun 507c

The placement of the power supply chamber might be viewed as worrisome. The power supply compartment is located beneath the optic, making it challenging to replace the battery without taking the optic out of your weapon. As a consequence of this action, you must now again modify the windage and elevation. Every shooter wants upper or edges power supply access; none of them prefer this.

Holosun 507k

RMSc footprint, which necessitates the alteration of slides and the purchase of connector plates

Additional accessories are included with Holosun 507c and 507k.

The following are a few accessories that come with Holosun 507c and 507k:

  • T10 Torx tool for screws
  •  A lens cloth 
  • A CR-1632 coin-shaped battery cell
  • Trijicon RMR footprint: only in 507c box
  • User manual

Final Thoughts

Holosun 507c is an excellent choice as it offers the choice of reticle colors, which is not present in holosun 507k. Those people who have an astigmatism problem can benefit from the green reticle color of holosun 507c. Holosun 507c has an extra power source that will save your life when your battery runs out, while holosun 507k has only one source of power, which is the battery. It means that holosun 507c has a dual power source and 507k does not. Furthermore, holosun 507c comes with a Trijicon RMR footprint that is commonly available, while holosun 507k uses a unique footprint. These are a few characteristics that make holosun 507c superior to holosun 507k. 

Holosun 507k is also superior to 507c in terms of size and weight. Most shooters like to buy an optic that is compact and weighs less than 2 oz. For this case, holosun 507k weighs only 1 oz which is easy to carry for a shooter.

In terms of price, holosun 507k is less expensive than holosun 507c. But holosun 507c offers more functionalities than holosun 507k. To conclude, if you prefer a compact and lightweight optic over an extra battery source, reticle choice, and a good footprint, you can buy holosun 507k for less price. In case you prefer other functionalities, you can buy 

holosun 507c.

Both are good products to buy with some similar and some different functionality.

Overall Winner

The winner in the comparison between holosun 507c and 507k is the 507c as most people and I prefer an extra power source and easily available footprint. This selection is also preferable to people who have astigmatism issues. They can buy the green dot holosun 507c.


What distinguishes the Holosun 507k from the 407k?

The holosun 507k offers three different reticle options: 2 MOA, 32 MOA, and the use of both 2 and 32 MOA concurrently. These options will simplify shooting by simultaneously delivering accuracy and precision. The holosun 407k, however, only offers 6-MOA Reticle.

Is green or red preferable for astigmatism?

People with astigmatism tend to prefer green color dots because it is easier to see and also assist with night vision.

Does the Holosun 507K fit the p365x?

It is correct that the holosun 507k fits on the p365x.

What makes Holosun 507C and 508t different?

The housing material used by holosun 507c and 508t deviates, with 507c using aluminum and 508t using titanium, which is a tough material.

Why does the green-red dot cost more?

The green red dot costs more because you get a longer battery life with green dot sights, and it appears brighter than the red dot.

What makes Holosun 407C and 507C distinctive from one another?

As their names indicate, there isn’t much of a distinction between these products produced by the same manufacturer. The reticle options are where you’ll notice the difference, with holosun 507c having multiple reticle choices like 2 and 32 MOA and 407c having only one option, a single 2 MOA dot. The price of the 507c is higher than the 407c because it offers more reticle choices.

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