Holosun 510C Vs Holosun 512C

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As a passionate shooter and a keen observer of optical technology, I’ve spent countless hours on the range, experiencing firsthand the evolution of red dot sights.

In this blog, I’m taking you on a journey to dissect two popular models: the Holosun 510C Vs Holosun 512C. 

My goal is to put these sights through their paces, examining their features, durability, and performance in the field. I’ll dive deep into the specifics of each model, scrutinizing their strengths and weaknesses. 

FeatureHolosun 510CHolosun 512C
ReticleRed 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle65 MOA Circle with 2 MOA dot
Battery LifeUp to 50,000 hoursUp to 5 years (CR2032)
DesignOpen Reflex OpticEnclosed Design
Weight8.3 Ounces0.88 Pounds
Solar FailsafeYesYes
Shake AwakeYesYes
Housing MaterialAluminum & Titanium HoodAluminum
Brightness Settings10 DL & 2 NV10 DL & 2 NV

Overview: Holosun 510C

The Holosun 510C is a versatile, open reflex optic, ideal for carbines, PCCs, and shotguns, known for its robust construction and innovative technology.


  • Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle
  • Light Wavelength: 650nm
  • Magnification: 1x
  • Power Source: Battery (CR2032)
  • Battery Life: 50,000 hours
  • Brightness Settings: 10 DL & 2 NV
  • Window Size: 0.91×1.26 inches
  • Housing Material: Aluminum & Titanium Hood
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces
  • Parallax Free & Unlimited Eye Relief
  • Adjustment per Click: 0.5 MOA
  • W&E Travel Range: ±50 MOA
  • Special Features: Shake Awake, Solar Failsafe, MRS

Overview: Holosun 512C

The Holosun 512C stands out with its enclosed design and long-lasting battery, tailored for shooters who value reliability and precision.


  • Multi-Reticle System: 65 MOA Circle with 2 MOA dot
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 years (CR2032)
  • Enclosed Design
  • Item Weight: 0.88 pounds
  • Shake Awake with last setting recall
  • Solar Panel functionality
  • Auto brightness adjustment
  • Manual On/Off options
  • Superior to some competitors in solar panel efficiency
  • Adjustment Requirements: Special tools needed for QD mount

Features Comparison: Holosun 510C VS Holosun 512C

1. Battery Life and Efficiency

Holosun 510C

The Holosun 510C’s battery life is a standout feature. In my testing, I found that its promise of up to 50,000 hours of battery life holds up well, especially on moderate settings.

The Shake Awake technology, which I’ve tested extensively, is remarkably efficient. When the sight is not in use, it powers down, conserving battery life. The moment I picked up my rifle, the sight activated instantly, ensuring readiness at all times. 

The Solar Failsafe feature also impressed me; it provides an extra layer of reliability, especially in outdoor scenarios. When I tested this feature, even in varying light conditions, the sight maintained optimal functionality, relying on solar power when needed.

Holosun 512C

Testing the Holosun 512C’s battery life, I observed similar efficiency and longevity. The 512C also boasts up to 50,000 hours of battery life, which is consistent with the 510C. 

The Shake Awake feature works just as effectively here, providing that quick activation when the sight is moved. However, during my tests, I noticed that the Solar Failsafe on the 512C, while functional, doesn’t seem as robust compared to the 510C. In scenarios with limited light, the 512C relied more on its battery, lacking that extra efficiency edge.


Both sights perform admirably in terms of battery life and power efficiency. However, due to its slightly more reliable Solar Failsafe under various lighting conditions, the Holosun 510C edges out as the winner in this category.

2. Overall Handling and User Experience

Holosun 510C

In terms of handling and user experience, the Holosun 510C is a delight. Its open reflex design offers a wide field of view, which I found enhances situational awareness during target acquisition. The sight feels intuitive and user-friendly. 

Adjusting settings and switching between reticles is straightforward, which I appreciated during fast-paced shooting drills. The overall weight and balance of the 510C on various firearms felt optimal, contributing to a more natural shooting experience.

Holosun 512C

The 512C, with its enclosed design, offers a different user experience. The enclosed design provides an added layer of protection against environmental elements, which was noticeable during my tests in adverse weather conditions. 

However, this design slightly reduces the field of view compared to the 510C. The handling is still excellent, but the slightly heavier weight was noticeable, especially during extended shooting sessions.


The Holosun 510C wins in this category. Its open reflex design, lightweight, and ease of use provide a slightly better handling and user experience compared to the more enclosed and slightly heavier 512C.

3. Durability and Toughness

Holosun 510C

In my hands-on experience, the Holosun 510C showcases its durability impressively. The aluminum housing and titanium hood give it a sturdy feel without adding excessive weight.

The waterproof and shockproof features mean that it’s not just tough, it’s reliable in different shooting environments. The open design does raise concerns about the emitter’s exposure, but in my tests, it never became an issue, even in muddy conditions.

Holosun 512C

Similarly, the Holosun 512C demonstrates excellent durability. The robust aluminum construction and anodized finish protect against the elements just as effectively. Its enclosed design gives it an edge, as it naturally protects the emitter from environmental hazards. 

During my field tests, this added protection proved useful, especially in dense brush and sandy areas.


Both sights are commendably durable, but the 512C’s enclosed design offers additional protection that makes it the winner in this category.

4. Lens Clarity and Reticle

Holosun 510C

The 510C’s lens clarity is exceptional. The minimal blue tint and the large window offer a clean, expansive view of the target area. 

The MRS (Multi-Reticle System) is a standout, providing versatility in aiming. I particularly enjoyed the Circle Dot Reticle for its balance of speed and precision. Switching between reticles is a breeze, catering to different shooting scenarios efficiently.

Holosun 512C

The 512C matches the 510C in lens clarity, offering a crisp and clear view. Its enclosed design, however, slightly limits the field of view compared to the 510C. 

The MRS system is equally effective here, with the Circle Dot Reticle being my go-to for most situations. The gold reticle option is unique, though I personally prefer the traditional red for quicker target acquisition.


It’s a close call, but the 510C’s larger field of view gives it a slight advantage, making it the winner in this category.

5. Size and Weight

Holosun 510C

The 510C’s open style makes it larger than typical micro red dots. However, this design contributes to its broader field of view, which is a significant advantage. 

The weight, at around 4.94 ounces, is perfectly balanced for my AR-15, not causing any noticeable heft. In the field, this translated to easier handling and maneuverability, particularly during long shooting sessions.

Holosun 512C

The 512C, while similar in size to the 510C, is notably heavier at around 8.1 ounces. This added weight is something I felt during extended use, particularly on lighter firearms. 

The size, much like the 510C, is not cumbersome, but the weight could be a deciding factor for shooters prioritizing agility and ease of carry.


Considering the balance between size and weight, the Holosun 510C emerges as the winner, offering a more comfortable shooting experience without the added weight.

Pros & Cons: Holosun 510C


  • Open reflex optic, great for various long guns.
  • Durable aluminum housing with titanium hood.
  • Multi-Reticle System (MRS) provides versatility.
  • Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technology.
  • Impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours.
  • Lightweight at 8.3 ounces, enhancing portability.
  • Parallax free with unlimited eye relief.


  • Auto mode brightness can be inconsistent.
  • Slightly heavier compared to some competitors.
  • Open design might expose the emitter to environmental elements.

Pros & Cons: Holosun 512C


  • Up to 5 years of battery life on one CR2032 battery.
  • Enclosed design offers added protection.
  • Shake Awake sensor with last setting recall.
  • Solar panel functionality for battery efficiency.
  • Versatile Multi-Reticle system.


  • Mount requires a hex tool, less convenient than QD.
  • Slightly heavier at 0.88 pounds.
  • Solar panels less effective without a battery.

Similarities Between Holosun 510C & Holosun 512C

  • Both have a Multi-Reticle System.
  • Equipped with Solar Failsafe technology.
  • Feature Shake Awake technology.
  • Waterproof and shockproof designs.
  • Offer 10 daylight and 2 night vision brightness settings.

Differences Between Holosun 510C & Holosun 512C

  • 510C has an open reflex design; 512C has an enclosed design.
  • 510C is slightly lighter (8.3 ounces) than 512C (0.88 pounds).
  • 510C’s battery life is up to 50,000 hours; 512C’s is up to 5 years.
  • 510C provides a larger field of view due to its open design.

Final Verdict & My Choice

After extensively testing both the Holosun 510C and 512C, I’ve come to a conclusion. Each sight has its unique strengths, with the 510C excelling in terms of a broader field of view and a more user-friendly mounting system.

The 512C, on the other hand, offers an enclosed design, adding to its durability. However, considering the overall performance, ease of use, and versatility, the Holosun 510C stands out as the more suitable option for most shooters. 

Its balance between advanced features and practicality makes it my top choice. This decision is based on a combination of factors including the field of view, mounting convenience, and overall handling, making the 510C the winner in this head-to-head comparison.


What is the battery life of the Holosun 510C?

The Holosun 510C has an impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours, incorporating features like Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake.

How tall is the Holosun 512?

The Holosun 512C has dimensions of 3.35 x 1.63 x 1.7 inches.

Is the Holosun 510C waterproof?

Yes, the Holosun 510C is waterproof, featuring robust construction suitable for various environmental conditions.

What mount does the Holosun 510C use?

The Holosun 510C uses a Quick Detach (QD) mount, providing ease of installation and removal.

Is Holosun 510c parallax free?moa

Yes, the Holosun 510C is parallax-free with unlimited eye relief, offering a user-friendly shooting experience.

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