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Welcome to an exclusive head-to-head Comparison of Holosun EPS and EPS Carry, where I delve into the remarkable Holosun EPS and the Holosun EPS Carry sights. 

These two offerings from Holosun present distinct variations that cater to diverse shooting styles and requirements. 

In this in-depth analysis, I will dissect their features, performance capabilities, and optimal use cases. 

By the end of this review, you’ll be equipped with valuable insights, empowering you to choose between the cutting-edge Holosun EPS and the compact Holosun EPS Carry sight. 

Core Specifications

Holosun EPSHolosun EPS Carry
Dimensions (L x W x H)1.62 in x 1.19 in x 0.99 in1.62 in x 1.07 in x 0.95 in
Weight 1.4 oz1 oz
Reticle 2 MOA Dot and 32 MOA Circle2 MOA Dot and 32 MOA Circle
Window Size0.63 x 0.91Yes
SubmersionIPX8Solar and Battery
Parallax FreeYesCR1620
Brightness Setting8 DL and 4 NV50k hours
Power SourceBattery8 DL and 4 NV
Battery TypeCR16200.58 x 0.77
Battery Life50k hoursIPX8
Adjustment Per Click1.5 MOA1.5 MOA
W&E Travel Range+/- 30 MOA+/- 30 MOA

Compare Deals:

Holosun EPS
Holosun EPS Enclosed Pistol Sight

Compare Deals:

Holosun EPS Carry
Holosun Carry Enclosed Pistol Sight

What’s The Main Difference?

The main differences between the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry Sight are:

1. Emitter Design

The EPS sight boasts an exposed emitter, while the EPS Carry sight takes a different approach with its encased emitter. This variation ensures enhanced durability and resilience, making the EPS Carry sight better suited for concealed carry and demanding environments.

2. Compactness and Weight

Designed explicitly with compact firearms and concealed carry in mind, the EPS Carry sight prioritizes a smaller and lighter form factor compared to the standard EPS sight. This reduction in size and weight ensures optimal concealability without compromising maneuverability.

3. Sight Picture Precision

While both sights offer a crisp and vivid sight picture, the EPS Carry sight’s smaller viewing window may necessitate more precise alignment for rapid target acquisition, compared to the EPS sight’s larger window, which provides a broader field of view.

4. Adjustability Option

The EPS sight provides a wider range of adjustment capabilities, including windage and elevation adjustments, enabling fine-tuning and customization to achieve the perfect zero. Meanwhile, the EPS Carry sight, while still offering some adjustment capabilities, may have more limited options due to its compact size.

5. Intended Applications

The Holosun EPS sight caters to various shooting disciplines, such as competition shooting and recreational use, where performance and versatility are paramount. Conversely, the EPS Carry sight excels in concealed carry and self-defense scenarios, prioritizing compactness, durability, and ease of use in high-pressure situations.

Feature Comparison Of Eps Vs Eps Carry

1. Durability

When it comes to durability, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights demonstrate exceptional ruggedness in their respective designs.

Holosun EPS Sight

The Holosun EPS sight is constructed with robust materials, is built to withstand harsh conditions, and handles recoil effectively. Its durability ensures reliable performance over extended periods, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

In comparison, the Holosun EPS Carry sight takes durability to the next level. With its encased emitter design, it provides added protection to sensitive components, making it highly resilient against impacts and environmental factors. 

This extra level of durability is particularly advantageous for those who prioritize concealed carry or frequently find themselves in rugged environments.


Both sights are engineered to endure the demands of regular use, but the Holosun EPS Carry sight’s emphasis on enhanced protection sets it apart. 

Winner: Holosun EPS Carry Sight

2. Reticle

The Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights come equipped with distinct reticle options tailored to different shooting scenarios.

Holosun EPS Sight

The Holosun EPS sight offers versatile reticle choices, such as a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA circle, or a combination of both. This flexibility allows shooters to adapt their aiming style to specific needs, whether it’s precision shots or rapid target acquisition.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

The Holosun EPS Carry sight also features a multiple reticle system similar to Holosun EPS. This reticle strikes a balance between precision and speed, making it ideal for self-defense and close-quarters engagements.


With their respective reticle offerings, both sights ensure clear and sharp aiming points, empowering shooters with confidence and accuracy. Choosing the right reticle depends on individual shooting preferences and the intended application of the sight, whether it be for versatile shooting or compact carry scenarios.

Winner: Both

3. Size and Weight

Holosun EPS Sight

The Holosun EPS sight boasts a compact design, measuring around 1.62 inches in length and weighing approximately 1.4 ounces.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

In contrast, the Holosun EPS Carry sight takes it a step further with its lightweight and streamlined construction. It measures about 1.6 inches in length and weighs merely 1 ounce.


The EPS Carry sight’s remarkable reduction in size and weight makes it an exceptional option for those seeking optimal concealability and enhanced firearm handling.

Winner: Holosun EPS Carry Sight

4. Lens and Glass Clarity

When it comes to the lens and glass clarity, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights deliver exceptional performance tailored to different shooting needs.

Holosun EPS Sight

The Holosun EPS sight, with its larger viewing window, offers an expansive sight picture that enhances peripheral awareness and allows for quick target tracking. The clarity of the lens ensures a clear and crisp view, minimizing distortion and maximizing visual precision.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

In contrast, the Holosun EPS Carry sight, despite its more compact design, maintains impressive clarity within its smaller viewing window. While it may require slightly more precise alignment, the sight picture remains focused and precise, providing reliable target acquisition.


Holosun’s commitment to optical excellence is evident in both sights, as they utilize high-quality glass to ensure minimal distortion and optimal clarity. In summary, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights excel in lens and glass clarity, each catering to specific shooting preferences. 

Winner: Holosun Both

5. Power Source

In a departure from traditional power sources, the Holosun EPS sight operates on a single CR1620 battery, while the EPS Carry sight is also powered by a CR1620 battery. This specialized battery choice offers optimal performance and endurance for their respective sights. The CR1620 battery in the EPS ensures convenient accessibility and widespread availability. Also, it delivers long-lasting power in a compact form factor. With this unique power source, Holosun ensures that both sights are equipped to provide reliable and sustained operation in any shooting situation.

Winner: Both

6. Brightness Setting

When it comes to brightness settings, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights offer tailored solutions for different shooting contexts.

Holosun EPS Sight

The EPS sight boasts a versatile range of brightness settings, providing precise adjustments to match a wide spectrum of lighting conditions. From intense daylight to dimly lit environments, you can fine-tune the reticle brightness to ensure optimal visibility and target acquisition.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

On the other hand, the EPS Carry sight, designed specifically for concealed carry, streamlines the brightness control while still providing ample adjustment options. This focus on simplicity allows for quick and instinctive brightness adjustments in self-defense scenarios, where every second counts.


Whether you prioritize a comprehensive range of brightness settings or a simplified yet effective control scheme, both the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific shooting needs.

Winner: Both

7. Windage and Elevations

When it comes to windage and elevation adjustments, both the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights offer fine-tuning capabilities to achieve precise zeroing and optimal shooting performance. While the exact adjustment ranges may vary between the models, rest assured that both sights provide the necessary adjustments for accurate target engagement. For specific details on the windage and elevation adjustment ranges of the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights, I recommend consulting the official product documentation or contacting Holosun directly. They will be able to provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information tailored to each sight’s specifications.

Winner: Both

8. Mounting Options

The Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights offer a range of unique mounting options tailored to different shooting preferences:

Holosun EPS Sight

Picatinny Rail Mount: The EPS sight comes equipped with a reliable Picatinny rail mount, ensuring compatibility with firearms featuring a Picatinny rail system. This standard mounting option provides a secure and versatile attachment to a wide range of firearms.

Adapter Versatility: The EPS sight may include adapters or plates that expand its compatibility beyond the Picatinny rail. These adapters allow the sight to be mounted on specific firearm platforms such as Glock MOS or Sig Sauer Romeo1Pro, providing a customized fit for different pistols.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

Streamlined Direct Mount: The EPS Carry sight is purpose-built for concealed carry and compact firearms. It typically offers a direct mount option, seamlessly integrating onto the slide of compatible pistol models. This direct-mount ensures a low-profile configuration, enhancing concealability and reducing snag hazards.


By offering distinct mounting options, Holosun caters to a variety of shooting preferences, from standard firearms with Picatinny rails to specialized platforms. Whether you seek versatility or streamlined concealment, the EPS and EPS Carry sights provide reliable mounting solutions to meet your specific needs.

Winner: Both

9. Warranty Offer

Holosun prioritizes customer satisfaction and stands behind the quality of its products by offering comprehensive warranty options for both the EPS and EPS Carry sights. These warranty options provide added assurance and support:

The Holosun sights come with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. This warranty guarantees that the Holosun sights are free from defects in materials and workmanship for their entire lifespan. It exemplifies Holosun’s commitment to reliability and ensures that your Holosun sights will deliver exceptional performance for years to come.


These warranties reflect Holosun’s dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Winner: Both

10. Price

When it comes to pricing, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights offer competitive value for their respective features and performance.

Holosun EPS Sight

The Holosun EPS sight, with its exposed emitter design and versatile capabilities, is widely regarded as a compelling option for shooters seeking an affordable yet reliable optic.

Holosun EPS Carry Sight

On the other hand, the Holosun EPS Carry sight, tailored specifically for concealed carry, tends to have a slightly higher price range.


Keep in mind that prices can vary based on factors such as retailer, location, and any ongoing promotions.

Winner: Draw

Pros of Holosun EPS 

Here are the pros of Holosun EPS:

  • Advanced solar panel technology for efficient power management
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design, ideal for concealed carry
  • Crystal-clear optics with multiple reticle options
  • Shake Awake technology ensures instant activation with motion detection
  • Rugged construction with shock-resistant features
  • User-friendly controls and easy zeroing-in
  • Offers a wide field of view for enhanced situational awareness
  • Affordable price

Cons of Holosun EPS 

Here are the cons of Holosun EPS:

  • Limited battery life, necessitating frequent charging or battery replacements
  • May not provide as wide of a field of view as larger sights, potentially limiting peripheral awareness
  • Extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, may affect the sight’s performance
  • Mounting options may be limited for certain firearms, requiring additional adapters or modifications
  • Fine-tuning adjustments on the sight may require specialized tools for precise calibration
  • Occasional reports of parallax issues, which may impact accuracy in certain shooting scenarios. However, these reports are infrequent.

Pros of Holosun EPS Carry

Here are the pros of Holosun EPS Carry:

  • Unobtrusive and discreet design for covert operations or concealed carry
  • Featherlight construction for minimal impact on weapon maneuverability
  • Crystal-clear optics with exceptional brightness and contrast
  • Wide range of reticle options for various shooting scenarios
  • Extended battery life with intelligent power-saving features
  • Instant activation with Shake Awake technology for swift target acquisition
  • Reliable performance in low-light or adverse lighting conditions

Cons of Holosun EPS Carry

Here are the problems of Holosun EPS Carry:

  • Limited adjustment options to fine-tune zeroing and windage/elevation settings
  • Compact sight window may require a precise alignment for optimal sight picture
  • Unique compact size may take some adjustment for users accustomed to larger sights
  • Premium price point reflecting advanced features and quality construction
  • This may necessitate additional tools or professional assistance for installation or adjustments.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry sights offer distinct advantages for different shooting scenarios. 

The EPS sight excels in versatility and customization with its exposed emitter design and a wider field of view.

Meanwhile, the EPS Carry sight shines in concealed carry, prioritizing durability and compactness. Both sights provide clear sight pictures, reliable performance, and innovative features.

Choose the EPS for versatility, or the EPS Carry for concealed carry needs. Holosun delivers exceptional quality and innovation in pistol optics with these sights.


What distinguishes the Holosun 507K from the EPS carry?

The Holosun EPS Carry Sight stands out as an encased emitter pistol red dot sight, distinguishing itself from the exposed emitter design of the 507K optic.

Does the 507K’s footprint match that of the Holosun EPS Carry?

The footprint of the Holosun 507K and the EPS are identical.

What exactly does EPS carry mean?

Enclosed Pistol Sight

Which armed forces employ Holosun?

US Army soldiers

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