Holosun EPS Carry Problems

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Hello and welcome to this enlightening blog about the Holosun EPS Carry problems. 

Although Holosun is known for its high-quality optics, it’s important to address persistent issues. I’ll explore individual experiences, community feedback, and possible causes in this blog. 

I want to encourage discussion and cooperation while bringing clarity to both current and potential Holosun EPS Carry owners. 

Together, let’s achieve a sharper shooting experience. Follow along as I dissect user experiences and talk about potential fixes in upcoming sections.

6 Holosun EPS Problems To Be Aware Of

1. The Blurry Dot Dilemma: Bringing Clarity to Your Aim

Ah, the infamous “blurry dot” problem! This perplexing issue has plagued many EPS Carry owners, rendering them unsure of their aim and squinting. Do not be alarmed, fellow shooters; I have some effective quick fixes ready.


  • Sometimes a smudge or some dust can make the dot appear blurry. To restore perfect vision, gently wipe the lens with a microfiber towel.
  • Try out various brightness settings to find the sweet spot that produces a point that is precise and sharp. Keep in mind that your decision may be influenced by the lighting.
  • The dot may appear blurry if the battery is low. Make sure your sight is on and change the battery if necessary.

2. Fickle Shake-Awake Feature: Taming the Wandering Sights

Although it’s a useful addition, the EPS Carry’s Shake-Awake feature occasionally comes across as being a little too eager. 


Here are some tips to help you maintain good vision:

  • The sensitivity of the Shake-Awake feature can typically be adjusted in Holosun optics. To avoid pointless activations, find the ideal balance for your shooting style.
  • If the Shake-Awake feature becomes too much of a bother, consider using a sight shield or mount with a locking feature to keep your EPS Carry dormant until it’s time to engage.

3. Battery Life Woes: Prolonging Power for Endless Adventures

Long shooting sessions require a battery with consistent life. Fortunately, there are a few fixes that can help you prolong the life of your EPS Carry’s power supply.


  • A solar panel is included in the EPS Carry to supplement battery use. Use the light that’s available to you to keep your sight sharp and your adventures going unhindered.
  • By carrying extra batteries, you can avoid being caught off guard. To maintain peak performance, don’t forget to regularly verify their expiration dates.

4. Parallax Predicaments: Mastering the Art of Zeroing

Sometimes parallax sneaks up on us, degrading the shot quality and frustrating our efforts. Do not be alarmed as we provide you with workable solutions to overcome this obstacle.


  • To reduce parallax errors, make sure your eye is lined up with the sight’s ocular lens. Maintaining a clear sight picture requires consistent head positioning.
  • To precisely dial in your zero, use Holosun EPS Carry’s windage and elevation adjustments. Spend some time carefully calibrating your sight for the best results.

5. Mounting Madness: Keeping Your Sight on Lockdown

To maintain zero and stop unintended movement, it’s crucial to mount your Holosun EPS Carry firmly. 


Here are some tips for ensuring a sturdy mounting solution:

  • The manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed when tightening the mounting screws using a torque wrench. This guarantees proper tension without endangering the sight or mounting surface.
  • If you want to stop the mounting screws from losing from recoil or vibrations, you might want to use a thread locker on them. This additional measure of protection keeps your vision firmly in place.

6. Flickering Reticle Woes: Taming the Blinking Beast

Imagine yourself about to take the ideal shot when your reticle decides to flicker, causing you to lose focus. Do not be alarmed; we have some tactics up our sleeves to solve this problem.


  • Reticle flickering may occasionally occur due to a loose battery connection. To ensure a steady power supply, check that the battery is properly seated and that the contacts are free from debris.
  • Find the brightness level that maintains the reticle’s consistency and stability by experimenting with various brightness levels. The ambient lighting situation might call for adjustments.

Alternatives To Holosun EPS Carry

Here are the top three alternatives to Holosun EPS Carry.

1. Holosun 507k

A small red dot sight made for handguns is called the Holosun 507K. This cutting-edge optic has a 2 MOA dot reticle and Shake Awake technology, which turns the sight on instinctively when it detects motion. 

It has a solar panel and a large-capacity CR1632 battery for longer runtime. Aside from having an IP67 water resistance rating, the 507K has a sturdy design with aluminum housing. 

Along with numerous brightness settings, a handy manual brightness adjustment button, and unlimited eye relief, it performs without parallax. 

The sight’s lightweight construction, multi-coated lens for improved clarity, and ability to carry covertly make it the best option for quick target acquisition.

2. Holosun 407k

For handguns and other small weapons, the Holosun 407k is a small reflex sight. It has a lightweight, robust design and a 2 MOA dot reticle for quick and accurate target acquisition. 

A multi-coated lens and a parallax-free design are two features of the sight. To ensure quick target engagement, it provides unlimited eye relief and a large field of view. 

Both a battery backup choice and solar power technology are included in the 407k, which regulates brightness based on surrounding lighting conditions. 

Aside from offering shake awake technology for longer battery life, it possesses an IP67 weatherproof rating.

3. Holosun EPS

The Holosun EPS sight is a portable and adaptable optic created for quick target acquisition. It provides quick and precise aiming with a clear 1x magnification and a broad field. 

The sight’s 2 MOA dot reticle, which is clear and bright, enables accurate shot placement. 

Due to its unlimited eye relief, it can be used in an array of shooting positions. The solar panel and high-capacity battery on the EPS sight provide continuous power and increase battery life. 

Additionally, it has several brightness options and a shake-to-wake function for quick activation. The Holosun EPS sight is appropriate for demanding environments due to its robust design and impermeable construction.

My Experience

My overall impression of using the Holosun EPS Carry sight has been positive, despite the occasional problem with a blurry dot. 

The Holosun EPS Carry sight is perfect for concealed carry and rapid target acquisition due to its small size construction. I have discovered that the dot reticle occasionally appears blurry, which can compromise the accuracy of my shots. 

The problem comes and goes despite adjusting the brightness settings and ensuring a clear line of sight. This issue has been aggravating because it makes it difficult for me to consistently aim precisely. 

To address this issue and improve the general functionality of the EPS Carry sight, I would appreciate a firmware update or advice from Holosun.

Final Verdict

That’s it, my fellow shooters! With the right information and quick fixes, you can now overcome any issues and make the most of your Holosun EPS Carry sight. 

Take in a beneficial journey, savor the accuracy of your aim, and keep improving your shooting skills with this little gem. Keep in mind that every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve your craft. 

Cheers to the gun!


How long does the EPS carry battery last?

50,000 hours.

What kind of footprint does the Holosun EPS have?

The Holosun EPS Carry uses Holosun’s “K” compact mounting footprint. 

What distinguishes Holosun 507K from EPS carry?

The EPS is an encased emitter sight, whereas the 507K is an uncovered emitter optic, and this is the main distinction. 

What exactly does EPS carry mean?

Enclosed Pistol Sight

Can a poor battery bring on EPS issues?

There is a serious battery issue if the power source has become puffy and is currently powerless. There has been an internal problem.

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