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Hey Gunners! Welcome to Best Sig p320 X5 Legion Red Dot Blog In 2023.

I’ve put a range of red dot sights to the test on this model to see which ones truly enhance their performance. It’s all about finding that perfect match that feels like an extension of yourself, and that’s what we’re going to explore.

So, what red dot fits sig p320 x5 legion?

Here are six red dot sights that fit the Sig p320 x5 Legion perfectly.

Sig p320 x5 Legion Red DotCategoryPrice
Trijicon RMR Type 2Best Overall$499.99
Trijicon SROBest Large FOV$510.94
Crimson Trace CTS-1550Best Budget Friendly Option$159.99
Sig Sauer Romeo 1 PROBest User Friendly Controls$349.99
Leupold DeltaPoint ProBest Solid Option for Professionals$449.99
Sig Sauer Romeo 3XLBest Compatibility$643.33

Top 6 Best Red Dot For p320 x5 legion

1. Trijicon RMR – Best Overall

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight, 3.25 MOA Red Dot Reticle, Black
  • 3.25 MOA ADJUSTABLE LED RMR: Features an automatic...
  • UNIQUE PATENTED HOUSING SHAPE: Military-grade aluminum...
  • BATTERY CONSERVATION MODE: Automatically adjusts aiming...
  • BUTTON LOCKOUT: Sets RMR into automatic mode to prevent...

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 is the embodiment of robustness and precision, tailored for shooters who demand the best.

Military-Grade Construction: Let’s talk about what makes the Trijicon RMR Type 2 a real powerhouse. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill sight; it’s got a housing shaped from military-grade aluminum. 

Why does that matter? Because it means this sight can take a hit and keep on performing. Whether it’s the jarring recoil of repeated rounds or an accidental bump against a barricade, this sight holds zero. 

The patented design disperses stress and shock evenly, which is critical for maintaining accuracy, especially in competitive shooting or high-stakes situations. 

This rugged construction also means it’s a perfect companion for the tough-as-nails SIG P320 X5 Legion.

Advanced Optics and Brightness: Illumination is key in a good red dot sight, and the RMR Type 2 shines bright, literally. With eight brightness settings, including super dim for night vision gear and extra bright for sunny days, it adapts instantly.

It uses a smart electronics design that auto-adjusts the reticle brightness to ambient light conditions. You can also lock in your preferred brightness setting, ensuring consistency shot after shot. 

This isn’t just about seeing your dot; it’s about having the right amount of light to ensure your eye picks it up instantly without any strain, allowing you to stay focused on the target.

Reticle Size Flexibility: Precision is non-negotiable. The RMR Type 2 offers a 3.25 MOA dot, the sweet spot for rapid target acquisition without sacrificing the fine point needed for distance shooting. 

The smaller dot allows for precision, but it’s large enough to quickly catch your eye. This flexibility is crucial whether you’re hitting steel at a competition or training at the range.

Unrivaled Battery Life: Imagine not worrying about your sight power for years; that’s the reality with the RMR Type 2. 

With a single CR2032 battery, you’re set for up to four years of use. It also has a battery conservation mode, which automatically adjusts the aiming dot to ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours, which means you’re not wasting power when you don’t need it.

Lockout Feature: The button lockout sets the RMR Type 2 apart, putting it in automatic mode to prevent accidental adjustments during use. 

This feature is a game-changer when you’re in the heat of the moment. You’ve got your grip, your stance, and your focus; the last thing you want is an unintended push of a button to throw off your sight settings. 

Why I Love It: The RMR Type 2 just gets it right. It’s the kind of sight that once you use it, everything else feels like a compromise. It’s that peace of mind, knowing that whatever the situation, your gear won’t let you down. That’s a big deal to me.

My Experience 

When firing, the sight keeps its cool, staying firmly in place shot after shot. I’m particularly rough on my gear, and the RMR Type 2 has endured bumps and bangs without a hitch. 

I’ve shot in the rain, blistering heat, and even during the dimming light at dusk, and the optic clarity never faltered.


  • Incredibly durable design withstands rough handling
  • Versatile brightness settings for all lighting conditions
  • Precise reticle size for accuracy
  • Long battery life for continuous use
  • Quick and secure mounting
  • Automatic brightness and button lockout for ease of use


  • It may be a pricey investment for some budgets

2. Trijicon SRO – Best Large FOV

Trijicon SRO Sight Adjustable LED 2.5 MOA Red Dot, Black
  • LARGE, UNOBSTRUCTIVE FIELD OF VIEW: Parallax-free and...
  • CLEAR, CRISP DOT: Fine-tuned, illuminated reticle,...
  • RED DOT PISTOL READY: Designed to fit on many of the...
  • SAME FOOTPRINT AS RMR: Mounts easily using the same...

The Trijicon SRO Adjustable LED Red Dot is the shooter’s dream for speed and precision in competitive shooting.

Brand Reputation and Quality: When it comes to the Trijicon SRO, you’re not just paying for a name; you’re investing in a legacy. 

Renowned for robust build and precision, Trijicon’s gear is crafted for shooters who don’t just understand the value of quality but demand it in every aspect of their gear. 

The SRO stands as a testament to Trijicon’s commitment to quality, providing competitive shooters with an edge in the field. 

Durability and Housing Design: While the SRO takes a different path in design compared to the RMR, it stands tall in the arena of durability. 

The aluminum-forged housing is tough as nails, ready to face the rigors of competitive shooting. Its generous sight window is not just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage, broadening your view without sacrificing toughness. 

Brightness Levels and Options: The SRO’s eight brightness settings, including super-bright and two for night vision, provide an exceptional range of visibility options. 

Each setting is a click away, giving you the flexibility to adapt swiftly, a crucial factor in the fast-paced world of competitive shooting. 

Whether you’re staring down the sun or tracking targets in the twilight, the SRO won’t let you down.

Battery Longevity and Accessibility: With a top-loading CR2032 battery compartment, the SRO eliminates the hassle of mount removal when it’s time for a battery swap. 

It’s all about keeping you in the game without unnecessary pit stops. This feature, combined with a battery life that lasts up to three years, means you can trust the SRO to power through match after match, letting you stay locked in on your target and not on your battery indicator.

Field of View and Acquisition Speed: The expansive field of view offered by the SRO’s wide, unobstructed window sets a new standard for target acquisition speed. 

It’s about seeing more and hitting more. The generous sight picture allows for faster tracking and improved situational awareness. 

Why I Love It: The SRO is the ace up my sleeve in competitive shooting. It’s the blend of a wide field of view, speedy target acquisition, and the trusted Trijicon build quality that makes it indispensable. 

Every feature, from its bright, crisp dot to its intuitive adjustments adds up to a sight that’s not just performing;  it’s performing with flair. It’s a game-changer that transforms not only how I shoot but also how I win.

My Experience  

Slapping the SRO onto my X5 Legion was like giving it superpowers. The dot was sharp, the view wide, and adjustments were child’s play. It made nailing targets not just effective but downright enjoyable.

Compare RMR Vs SRO


  • Stellar brand reputation ensures top-tier quality
  • Robust aluminum housing withstands competitive stress
  • A wide array of brightness settings for any environment
  • Prolonged battery life with easy access for changes
  • Seamless integration with the SIG P320 X5 Legion


  • The price point may be a stretch for budget-conscious shooters

3. Crimson Trace CTS – Best Budget-Friendly Option

Crimson Trace CTS-1550 Ultra Compact Open Reflex Pistol Sight with LED 3.0 MOA Red Dot and Integrated Co-Witness for Handguns
  • DIMENSIONS: 1.7" L x 1" W x 1" D with a weight of .65...
  • RELIABLE: Have added confidence in your shot with the...
  • RUNTIME: 20,000 hours (2 years) of battery life that...
  • ACCURACY: Sight features a bright 3.0 MOA red dot...
  • FITS: Industry standard J-Point mounting interface

The CT Radiant CTS-1550 Electronic Sight offers pinpoint accuracy and unmatched efficiency for quick target acquisition.

Ambient Light Sensor – CT Radiant: This little gem, the CT Radiant CTS-1550, comes with an ambient light sensor that’s nothing short of smart. 

The sensor ensures the reticle’s visibility is always optimal, never too dim or blindingly bright. It’s the kind of intuitive tech that makes you wonder how you ever got by without it, especially when it also means you’re not fiddling with brightness controls when you should be shooting.

Extended Battery Life: Okay, let’s talk about staying power. The CTS-1550’s battery life is a marathon runner, going strong for a whopping 20,000 hours. 

That’s over two years of use before you even have to think about changing the CR2032 battery. And when you do need to switch it out, it’s no sweat. 

The battery’s location underneath the unit is a clever design choice, letting you keep your sights and zero intact.

Efficient LED & Power Conservation: Efficiency is key with the CTS-1550, thanks to its high-efficiency LED. What this means for you is a bright, clear dot that doesn’t guzzle power. 

Combined with the automatic power-off when you slip on the protective cover, this sight is all about conservation. 

Ultra-Compact Open Reflex Design: This sight is a real space-saver. Its ultra-compact open-reflex design means it takes up minimal real estate on your SIG P320 X5 Legion. Despite its small footprint, it packs a hefty punch in performance.

Polymer Construction and Weight: When you’re on the move, every ounce counts. The CTS-1550’s lightweight polymer build ensures that adding this sight to your firearm won’t throw you off balance. 

It’s all about maintaining the natural handling characteristics of your SIG, so it still feels like an extension of your hand, even with the added tech on top.

Why I Love It: The CTS-1550 is a perfect match for the SIG P320 X5 Legion, adding precision without the bulk. I love that it’s always on point, with the ambient light sensor adjusting the dot to perfection. 

It’s light, unobtrusive, and with the extended battery life, it’s always ready when I am. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a reliable partner that’s got my back with every shot I take.

My Experience 

Once I paired the CTS-1550 with my X5 Legion, it was clear; this sight was made for shooters who value speed and simplicity. The dot was always visible, no matter the lighting, and the sight never weighed me down.


  • The ambient light sensor adjusts dot brightness automatically
  • Impressive battery life of up to 20,000 hours
  • Power-saving feature with automatic shutoff when covered
  • Lightweight polymer build maintains firearm balance


  • Underneath battery, placement can be less convenient for some users
  • Provided screws may not secure the optic tightly enough, requiring attention for a firm fit

4. SIG Romeo 1 Pro – Best User-Friendly Controls

Sig Sauer SOR1P101 Romeo1Pro, 6 Moa 1.0 Moa Adjust, Steel Shroud, Black
  • Molded glass aspheric lens with high-performance...
  • TruHold Lockless Zeroing System that utilizes twin...
  • MOA red dot with multiple brightness settings for rapid...
  • Point-source emitter provides exceptional brightness...
  • Motac (Motion Activated Illumination System)...

The SIG SAUER ROMEO 1 PRO is a rugged beast of a red dot sight, built to handle whatever your SIG P320 X5 Legion can dish out.

Aspheric Lens with Superior Coatings: Let’s dive right into the heart of the ROMEO 1PRO – its aspheric lens. This isn’t just any piece of glass; it’s a precision-molded wonder with high-performance coatings that make the view through it crisp and clear, without any distortion. 

This means what you see is what you get: a clear shot every time. 

TruHold Lockless Zeroing System: Staying zeroed is critical, and the TruHold system in the ROMEO 1PRO makes it a walk in the park. The twin adjustment springs are like shock absorbers for your sight, taking the kick from your Legion and laughing it off. 

High Visibility Red Dot and Brightness Settings: This sight is a little powerhouse when it comes to visibility. The 6 MOA red dot is the main event, with a size that’s just right for rapid target acquisition without covering up what you’re aiming at. 

Plus, with multiple brightness settings at your fingertips, you can dial in the intensity of the dot to match the lighting around you, ensuring the dot is always visible but never a distraction. 

Point-Source Emitter for Peak Brightness: The ROMEO1PRO’s upgraded point-source emitter is the engine behind the dot’s luminosity. 

With 12 settings, including two that are night-vision compatible, you’ve got the versatility for any scenario. And the emitter’s efficiency is off the charts, giving you more than 20,000 hours of run time.

Motion Activated Illumination System (Motac): This sight knows when to spring into action, thanks to the Motac system. It powers up the dot when you bring your SIG into play and shuts down when you’re at rest.

This kind of intelligence in your sight is invaluable, especially in situations where every second counts.

Rugged Aluminum Housing and Protective Shroud: Durability is the name of the game with the ROMEO1PRO’s aluminum housing. It’s tough as nails, ready to take on the rigors of any environment without flinching. 

Corrosion resistance means it’ll look good and function flawlessly even after years of exposure to the elements. And the protective shroud that comes with it isn’t just a nice add-on; it’s peace of mind, safeguarding your sight from the bumps and bangs of real-world use.

Why I Love It: There’s a lot to love about the ROMEO 1PRO, but what gets me is its reliability. The lens clarity, solid zeroing, and the smart Motac system make it a sight you can always count on. 

And honestly, its tough build gives me confidence that it can handle my lifestyle, which is not always gentle. It’s a piece of gear that doesn’t just keep up; it leads the way.

My Experience  

Mounting the ROMEO 1PRO on my Legion felt great: sharper, brighter, and unfailingly accurate. The red dot was a beacon in any light, and the adjustments were spot-on, maintaining zero like a champ.


  • Exceptional lens clarity with zero distortion
  • A robust TruHold system ensures reticle stability
  • Versatile brightness settings for any lighting condition
  • Long-lasting battery life enhanced by efficient emitter
  • Smart power management with Motac feature
  • Durable aluminum housing with added protective shroud


  • The protective shroud can make button adjustments tricky

5. Leupold Deltapoint Pro – Best Solid Option for Professionals

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2.5 MOA Dot - Matte finish
  • Model #119688 - DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2.5 MOA...
  • Leupold’s Professional-Grade Red Dot Optical System...
  • This scopes comes with an illuminated reticle, which...
  • Motion Sensor Technology (MST) extends battery life by...
  • Design, Machined and Assembled in the USA. 100%...

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is a game-changing optic that marries durability and precision, a perfect match for the SIG P320 X5 Legion.

Strong Aluminum Sight Housing: Right from the get-go, the DeltaPoint Pro impresses with its solid aluminum housing. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill housing; we’re talking about a fortress for your lens. 

The structure is meticulously designed to absorb shock and protect the internals, ensuring that a drop or bump won’t leave you with a malfunctioning sight. 

Coupled with a spring steel shroud, this sight can face the unexpected knocks and tumbles of active shooting without batting an eye.

Waterproof and Fog Proof: Now, let’s talk about resilience. The DeltaPoint Pro doesn’t just shrug off a splash; it can take a dive up to 33 feet underwater and come back up without a single droplet in sight. Fog is often an uninvited guest on many lenses, but not here. Thanks to its fog-proof construction, your view remains crystal clear, whether you’re waiting for the fog to lift at dawn or caught in a sudden downpour.

Versatile Reticle Options: Flexibility is a significant edge here. The DeltaPoint Pro gives you a choice between a 2.5 MOA dot for precision shots and a 6 MOA for quicker target acquisition. 

This flexibility is like having two sights in one. 

Huge Sight Window: This feature is a real eye-opener, literally. The expansive sight window of the DeltaPoint Pro means you get a full, unobstructed view of your target and what’s around it. 

This wide window lets you acquire targets as fast as you can aim, making every shot count. It’s a standout feature that not only improves accuracy but also makes shooting more intuitive and, frankly, more enjoyable.

Smart Battery Life: We all know battery life is vital, and while 300 hours is good, it’s how the DeltaPoint Pro manages that battery life that’s smart. 

The Motion Sensor Technology is like your sight going into stealth mode, powering down to save energy when you’re not using it. 

And when you do need to switch the battery, there’s no need to remove the whole sight;  just pop the top and you’re ready to roll.

Why I Love It: The DeltaPoint Pro understands that shooting is both an art and a science. Its large window, precise reticle, and thoughtful design make shooting not just about hitting a target but about feeling in control every step of the way. 

The way it becomes part of the SIG P320 X5 Legion is something special. It’s a robust, reliable, and precise tool that makes each shot a testament to its design.

My Experience  

Out on the range, the sight’s large window and clear reticle took my shooting experience up a notch. Even when pushed, it stayed true, making every shot feel dialed in.


  • Robust aluminum housing with protective shroud
  • Waterproof up to 33 feet and completely fog-proof
  • Offers both 2.5 MOA and 6 MOA dot sizes
  • Large sight window for easy target acquisition
  • Motion Sensor Technology for smart battery conservation


  • Battery life may be shorter compared to some other models
  • The screws provided may not fit as expected, complicating the installation

6. SIG Romeo 3XL – Best Compatibility

SIG SAUER ROMEO3XL 1X35mm Tactical Hunting Shooting Durable Waterproof Fogproof Illuminated Red Dot Reticle Open Reflex Gun Sight
  • ROMEO3XL GUN SIGHT - The ROMEO3XL open reflex sight is...
  • GREAT CONSTRUCTION - Durable and lightweight...
  • 3 MOA RED-DOT - For those avid shooters who admire...
  • MOTAC TECH - The versatile ROMEO3XL red dot sight...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - The dependable IPX-7 waterproof and...

The SIG SAUER ROMEO3XL offers unmatched clarity and field of view for the competitive shooter.

Wide Field of View: The ROMEO3XL doesn’t just boast a wide field of view; it revolutionizes how you engage targets. Imagine a lens so generous in size that your visual field is expanded, allowing for not just quicker target acquisition but a profound clarity that keeps you aware of the periphery. 

This 1X35mm open reflex sight creates an almost seamless link between your eyes and the target, ensuring no detail is missed. 

The spacious view afforded by the ROMEO3XL ensures that shooters can maintain situational awareness while focusing on their mark. 

MOTAC Activation: The MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) technology embedded within the ROMEO3XL is not just a passive feature; it’s a vigilant assistant waiting to spring into action. 

This intelligent system conserves battery life by powering down the sight when not in use and instantly activating it the moment it senses motion. This translates to unwavering reliability and readiness. 

IPX7 Waterproof Rating: The IPX7 waterproof rating on the ROMEO3XL isn’t just a spec; it’s a guarantee of resilience.

Submersible up to 1 meter, the ROMEO3XL is hermetically sealed to prevent moisture ingress, ensuring that internal components stay bone-dry. 

Side Battery Loading Tray: The inclusion of a side battery loading tray on the ROMEO3XL is a stroke of convenience. This feature eliminates the need for sight removal when it’s time for a battery swap. 

This translates to uninterrupted operation and a preserved zero, meaning you can replace the battery swiftly and get back to shooting without recalibration. The ease of access to the battery compartment cannot be understated;  it’s a small design choice with big operational implications.

Enhanced Durability: Durability in an optic like the ROMEO3XL is not just about withstanding bumps and bruises; it’s about trust in the equipment under any circumstance. 

The robust aluminum housing is built to survive the unavoidable jostling and impacts that come with rigorous use. 

This solidity means that when you travel to competitions or traverse through rugged environments, you can rest assured that the sight will perform as expected. 

Why I Love It: I love the ROMEO3XL for its uncompromising vision and user-centered design. The massive field of view, crystal-clear optics, and smart battery conservation come together in a package that feels intuitive from the first use.

My Experience  

The optic complemented the pistol’s performance, enhancing my confidence with every shot. Its expansive window kept me locked on targets, and the MOTAC feature ensured it was always ready when I was.


  • Expansive 1X35mm field of view for superior situational awareness
  • MOTAC system for intelligent battery conservation
  • IPX7 waterproofing for all-weather reliability
  • Convenient side battery loading for uninterrupted operation
  • Durable aluminum housing to withstand rigorous use
  • User-friendly mounting compatible with the P320 X5 Legion


  • Premium pricing may be a consideration for some budgets

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, after rigorous testing and detailed examination, it’s clear that each red dot sight brings something unique to the table. 

From budget-friendly options to those that scream high-end, we’ve covered sights that promise to boost your shooting experience with the SIG P320 X5 Legion. Yet, even amidst such strong contenders, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 emerges as the clear winner in my book. 

Its blend of ruggedness, reliability, and operational excellence makes it a cut above the rest. It’s about finding the right tool for the job, and for a professional shooter looking for an all-rounder that aligns with various shooting demands, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 stands out. 

So there you have it, folks. Whether you’re new to the range or a seasoned pro, there’s a sight out there that’s just right for you and your SIG.


Is the P320 X5 Legion optic ready? 

Yes, the Sig P320 XFive Legion is designed as an optics-ready pistol for quick and easy sight attachments.

What red dot goes on a Sig P320? 

The Trijicon RMR is the preferred red dot for the Sig P320, offering unmatched durability and a range of reticle options.

Will Trijicon RMR fit on Sig P320 X5 Legion? 

Yes, the Trijicon RMR fits perfectly on the Sig P320 X5 Legion, ensuring a secure mount with the use of a sealing plate.

What color is the Sig P320 X5 Legion? 

The Sig P320 X5 Legion sports a distinctive Legion Gray finish, adding to its sleek and professional appearance.

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