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Well, now, hello folks! So, you’re looking to equip Best Red Dot for Zev Z365, huh? Been there, done that. As an old-hand shooter who’s tested the gamut of optics on the block, I’ve gotta let you in on a secret. 

The HOLOSUN HS507K X2. Yup, that’s my top choice, hands down! Trust me, it’s a solid piece. Like I said, been around the block, and this sight? It’s the real deal.

I’ve already done the legwork, the field tests, and the drills. I’ve been in the trenches, so you don’t have to. 

By the end of this piece, you’ll know your options and why that HOLOSUN HS507K X2 stands tall among them.

How to Fit Red Dot Sights on Zev Z365.

Thankfully, your Zev Z365 is a friendly beast, sporting a modified RMSc footprint. It lets you bolt 

any Holosun K Series footprint optic directly onto the slide. 

Top 4 Best Zev Z365 Red Dot Sights

1. HOLOSUN HS507K X2 – Top Choice

The Holosun HS507K X2 brings rugged reliability and top-notch performance to the Zev Z365.

Unrivaled Reticle: The HS507K X2’s multiple reticle system lets you switch between a 2 MOA dot, a 32 MOA circle, and a combination of both. This flexibility ensures you’ve got the right reticle for any situation.

Built Tough: Constructed from 7075 aluminum, the housing of the HS507K X2 is solid as a rock. Its design, with straight cuts and rounded corners, can withstand a ton of physical impact. This sight is truly a survivor.

A Perfect Fit: With its shield RMSc footprint, the HS507K X2 fits perfectly. Its petite size doesn’t compromise functionality but adds to the sleek look of your firearm, promising to be the envy of the shooting range.

Why I love it: The HS507K X2 hits the sweet spot between performance and portability. Its small form factor, coupled with excellent features, makes it a joy to use. Plus, its ruggedness guarantees it’s there for the long haul.

My Experience

Having this sight on my Zev Z365 felt like the perfect partnership. Target acquisition was lightning-fast, and the overall experience was as smooth as butter.


  • Versatile reticle system
  • Compact, with a sizable window
  • Long battery life with convenient side access
  • Robust construction


  • It takes some getting used to shooting with both eyes open

2. HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan – Best Reticle

The Holosun ACSS Vulcan is a cutting-edge red dot sight tailor-made for quick target acquisition and precision shooting.

Reticle: Sporting a green reticle, the Vulcan brings a dash of color to your shooting experience. Its Super LED technology ensures the reticle remains clear and crisp, making target acquisition a walk in the park, no matter the lighting condition.

Lock Mode: The lock mode on the Vulcan is a little touch of genius. It prevents accidental setting changes and button presses, ensuring that once you’ve set your preferences, they stay that way until you decide to change them.

Multi-Reticle System: The ACSS Vulcan’s Multi-Reticle system lets you switch between a circle dot reticle, a 2 MOA dot-only reticle, and a 32 MOA circle-only reticle, offering adaptability and versatility for any shooting scenario.

Light Control: With 12 brightness settings, the Vulcan is like a chameleon. Whether you’re shooting in broad daylight or under the cover of darkness, it adjusts its brightness to give you the perfect viewing experience, even supporting night vision devices.

Why I love it: The Holosun ACSS Vulcan is not just a sight; it’s an experience. Its green reticle, lock mode, and power-saving Shake Awake technology make it a pleasure to use. Plus, the multi-reticle system gives you a reticle for every occasion.

My Experience

The ACSS Vulcan on my Zev Z365 was a dream. The green reticle made target acquisition incredibly fast, and the lock mode gave me peace of mind knowing my settings were safe. The Vulcan made shooting with my Zev Z365 a whole new experience.


  • Lock mode prevents accidental changes
  • Shake Awake technology saves battery
  • Multi-reticle system for various scenarios


  • Green reticle may not suit all preferences

3. HOLOSUN EPS Carry – Enclosed Emitter Design

The Holosun EPS Carry-GR-MRS is an enclosed reflex sight that perfectly blends robust design and advanced features for peak performance with subcompact handguns.

Enclosed Elegance: The EPS Carry’s enclosed design is a game-changer. It pairs an aspheric lens with an ultra-low dot height, resulting in a clear sight picture that’s compatible with most factory iron sights.

Super LED: Its 540nm Green Super LED is a powerhouse. The green light provides excellent visibility and improves target acquisition. Paired with Holosun’s Multi-Reticle System (MRS), it takes shooting accuracy to a whole new level.

Massive Battery Life: The EPS Carry uses a 1620 battery, giving you an incredible 50k hour battery life. This long-lasting performance ensures you can focus on your shooting and not on when you’ll need to change batteries.

Multi-Reticle System: The EPS Carry’s MRS lets you switch between a 32 MOA circle with a 2 MOA dot, ideal for short distances. It’s like having multiple sights in one! You can even deactivate either the ring or dot for added versatility.

Tough as Nails: Made of 7075 aluminum, the EPS Carry is built to withstand tough conditions. This material choice ensures durability and longevity, providing reliable service for years to come. The built-in rear notch sight adds to its solid construction.

Why I love it: The EPS Carry’s enclosed design, exceptional LED, and Multi-Reticle System combine to make it a top-notch sight. It’s remarkable battery life and rugged build are the icing on the cake.

My Experience

Using the EPS Carry on my Zev Z365 was a joy. Its green LED enhanced my target acquisition, and the option to switch reticles was invaluable. The sight held up well under various conditions, underscoring its excellent build quality.


  • Enclosed design for clear sight picture
  • Green Super LED enhances target acquisition
  • Multi-Reticle System for versatile use
  • Built with durable 7075 aluminum


  • Occasionally, there can be a problem with blurry dots

4. HOLOSUN HS407K X2 – Budget Friendly

The Holosun HS407K X2 is a budget-friendly, high-performance red dot sight designed with an emphasis on battery life, user-friendliness, and accuracy.

Reliable Red Dot: Sporting a Red Super LED, the HS407K X2 provides a sharp 6 MOA dot, allowing for quick target acquisition. Paired with a long-lasting battery, you can trust the sight to perform exceptionally over extended use.

Multilayer Reflective Glass: The HS407K X2 features high-quality glass lenses with multilayer coatings. This design maximizes light transmission and wear resistance while reducing glare. 

Versatile Settings: Offering 12 reticle intensity settings, the HS407K X2 caters to a variety of lighting conditions. Whether shooting in broad daylight or the dark of night, you can tailor the brightness to match your needs perfectly.

Button Lock Mode: With its Lock Mode, inadvertent setting changes are a thing of the past. This feature locks the buttons, preventing accidental adjustments and ensuring the sight is always ready for action when you are.

Durable and Convenient: Built from robust 7075 aluminum, the HS407K X2 is made to endure. The battery is conveniently housed in a side-mounted tray, making replacement hassle-free when required.

Why I love it: The HS407K X2 hits the sweet spot between performance and value. It offers excellent features, like the Red Super LED and button lock mode.

My Experience

Mounting the HS407K X2 on my Zev Z365 was straightforward, and its performance exceeded expectations. The crisp red dot proved a boon for rapid target acquisition. Despite its smaller window size, it handled beautifully, a true testament to its value.


  • Sharp, 6 MOA Red Super LED
  • Excellent battery life
  • Multilayer reflective glass for clear reticle view
  • Convenient button lock mode


  • The window size on the HS407K X2 is smaller

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it, folks! We’ve trotted through the wild terrain of red dot sights for your Zev Z365. Each of these sights brings something unique to the table. 

There’s a sight for every shooter, whether you’re a fan of the green reticle, crave the flexibility of 

multiple reticles, need an enclosed design, or simply want a reliable, budget-friendly option. All things considered, the HOLOSUN HS507K X2 wins.

But remember, like with any gear, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. So take your time, weigh your options, and happy shooting!


What is the difference between Holosun 407k and 507k?

The primary difference is that the 507k offers a Multiple Reticle System for precision shooting, while the 407k is a more affordable option with just a red dot, ideal for closer ranges.

Which is better: 2 MOA or 4 MOA?

A 2 MOA dot is better for longer ranges, while a 4 MOA dot is perfect for closer ranges, speed competitions, and those with astigmatism.

What is the best MOA size?

The best MOA size depends on the range and the shooter’s vision. A 6 MOA dot is best for shorter ranges, while a 3 MOA dot serves better for longer ranges.

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