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Welcome to the In-depth review of the Aimpoint H2.

In the world of shooting enthusiasts and professionals, the Aimpoint Micro H2 has made quite a stir, turning heads and bringing jaws to the floor. 

So, buckle up as I am about to reveal the secrets of this compact optic in this jaw-dropping review, proving to you why it dominates a crowded market.

Overall Score 8.4

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Optical Quality
Durability and Build Quality
Weight and Size
Battery Life
Ease of Use

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⭐️ Verdict: For Professional Use (8.4)

As someone who’s spent a fair bit of time at the range, I’ve had the chance to put the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight through its paces. 

It’s got an advanced objective lens system that truly amps up light transmission and clarity. The 2 MOA dot is crisp, complemented by 12 brightness settings for different lighting conditions. It’s lightweight, submersible, and boasts an impressive battery life, which is a big deal for any shooter.

Testing this sight was quite an experience. In daylight, the dot remained sharp and easy to spot, even at the brightest setting. Under low light, those 12 settings really shined, offering versatility. The sight’s lightweight design didn’t throw off my rifle’s balance, and its rugged build handled every bump and jolt without a hitch.


Advanced lens system

2 MOA dot with 12 brightness settings

Long battery life

Lightweight and rugged

Fully submersible

Compatible with Aimpoint Magnifiers 


High price point

Lacks an automatic shut-off feature

Price Comparison

Available at 2 shops 
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Performance Review of Aimpoint Micro H-2

1. Optical Quality

Optical quality is a critical aspect of any sight, and the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight delivers impressively in this arena. 

The advanced objective lens system offers unmatched clarity and excellent light transmission. 

During my field tests, the sight provided a crisp, bright 2 MOA dot, which was easily adjustable for different lighting conditions.

This feature is particularly useful in rapidly changing environments, from bright daylight to dim indoor ranges.

In terms of performance, the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight excels in optical quality. 

The benefits of its superior lens system are evident in every use, enhancing target acquisition speed and accuracy. 

As a shooter who has tested various sights, I appreciate its optical prowess but remain critical of its cost-effectiveness.

Score: 9/10

2. Durability and Build Quality

When it comes to durability and build quality, the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight sets a high standard. 

The sight’s anodized aluminum housing and reinforced turret protection give it a robust feel. 

During testing, it handled various conditions with ease; from dusty ranges to wet conditions, thanks to its submersibility up to 15 feet. 

In my experience, this oversight requires extra attention to conserve battery life, which can be inconvenient during extended shooting sessions.

In summary, the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight scores highly in durability and build quality, justifying its position in the market among top-tier sights.

Its tough build and weather resistance are significant benefits for any shooter, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environments. 

Score: 9/10

3. Weight and Size

The Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight excels in its compact and lightweight design. 

Weighing just 3.3 oz (93g) for the sight alone and 4.7 oz (136g) with the mount and flip-up lens covers, it’s one of the lightest sights I’ve tested. 

This minimal weight addition to a firearm is crucial for maintaining balance and handling, particularly in dynamic shooting scenarios. 

The sight’s small footprint doesn’t clutter the firearm’s profile, making it an ideal choice for shooters who value a streamlined setup.

In comparison to other sights on the market, Aimpoint’s offering strikes a perfect balance between size, weight, and functionality. 

The lightweight design does not compromise on the sight’s durability or performance, which is a testament to Aimpoint’s engineering.

Overall, the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight impresses in terms of weight and size, offering a high-quality, unobtrusive option for shooters. 

Its performance in this aspect aligns well with what is promised, providing an optimal shooting experience.

Sight Weight3.3 oz 
Weight with Mount4.7 oz 
SubmersibilityUp to 15 Feet 

Score: 8.5/10

4. Battery Life

The Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight boasts an impressive battery life, claiming up to 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of operation on a single CR2032 battery. 

In my time using the sight, this long battery life has been a game-changer.

It’s incredibly convenient not having to worry about frequent battery changes, especially during long shooting sessions or multi-day hunting trips. 

This reliability is a significant advantage over many other sights in the market, where frequent battery replacements can be a nuisance.

In summary, the battery life of the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight delivers on its promise, providing a level of convenience and reliability that is hard to match.

Score: 8/10

5. Reticle

The 2 MOA red dot reticle of the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight is designed for both precision and fast target acquisition. 

During my tests, I found the reticle to be exceptionally clear and sharp, making it easy to focus on targets at various distances.

The 12 intensity settings for the dot, including an extra bright setting for sunny conditions, add to its versatility, allowing for clear visibility in both low and bright light scenarios.

Overall, the reticle of the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight performs admirably, living up to its promise of clarity and ease of target acquisition.

It stands up well compared to other sights in the market, offering a balanced combination of precision and speed.

Score: 8.5/10

6. Ease of Use

The Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight is a testament to user-friendliness in the realm of high-end optics. Its installation is straightforward, thanks to the integral Picatinny-style base that attaches easily to any rail. 

Adjusting the 12 intensity settings is easy, catering to various lighting conditions without any hassle. 

However, the lack of an automatic shut-off feature is a significant oversight in terms of ease of use. 

While the long battery life is a huge plus, having to remember to turn off the sight manually can be a bit of a nuisance, especially for shooters used to more automated systems. 

This factor, coupled with the high price, might make some potential users think twice.

In comparison with other products in the market, the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight holds its ground well in terms of user-friendliness but falls short in offering that extra convenience of automated power management. 

Despite this, its overall ease of use is commendable, providing a straightforward experience without compromising on functionality.

Score: 7.5/10

7. Price

Addressing the elephant in the room, the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight comes with a hefty price tag. 

In the world of shooting optics, you often get what you pay for, and this sight is no exception.

Its superior optical clarity, rugged build, and impressive battery life justify the investment for serious shooters who demand the best. 

Comparing it to other sights in the market, it’s clear that the Aimpoint is positioned as a premium product.

Its performance and build quality are top-notch, but the high cost can be a barrier for many. 

As a professional shooter, I understand the importance of investing in quality gear, but I also recognize that the price must be weighed against individual needs and the value derived from the product.

Score: 7/10

Pros Of Aimpoint Micro H2

Here are some pros of Aimpoint Micro H2.

  • Exceptional performance
  • Rugged construction
  • Extended battery life
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Precise 2 MOA red dot
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-quality lens coatings

Cons Of Aimpoint Micro H2

Here are some cons of Aimpoint Micro H2.

  • Expensive
  • Fading Dot Problem
  • Requires a separate mounting system
  • Adjustment knobs are less user-friendly.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight, I can confidently say that it’s a high-performance optic designed for serious shooters. 

Its optical quality is outstanding, providing unmatched clarity and light transmission. The durability and build quality are top-notch, ensuring the sight withstands tough conditions. 

However, the sight’s high price tag is a significant consideration. While it delivers premium quality, the cost may be prohibitive for some. It’s a substantial investment, best suited for those who need the specific advanced features it offers. 

Overall, I rate the Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight highly for its performance, but with reservations about its value for money, especially for casual shooters or those on a budget.


What is the difference between Aimpoint h1 and H2?

The Aimpoint H2 is an upgrade of the H1, offering better lens clarity, flip-up lens covers, enhanced durability, and improved turret protection. Both are compatible with the same mounts.

What Aimpoint does the US Army use?

The U.S. Army uses the Aimpoint Comp M4, known as the M68 Close Combat Optic (CCO), as its standard close-quarters combat optic​.

Is Holosun as good as Aimpoint?

For many shooters, Holosun is considered just as good as Aimpoint in terms of quality, reliability, and performance, offering affordable red dot sights that can compete with the more established brand

What is the difference between Aimpoint H2 Vs T2?

The Aimpoint T2 is night vision compatible and submersible up to 80 feet, designed for tactical use, while the H2 lacks night vision support and is intended for hunting, with fewer durability features.

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