Bushnell TRS 25 Review – Still The Best Affordable Red Dot In 2024

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Overall Score 7.1

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Optical Quality
Durability and Build Quality
Weight and Size
Battery Life
Ease of Use

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⭐️ Verdict: AR Red Dot Sight (7.1)

The Bushnell TRS-25 is a compact, budget-friendly option that packs a punch with its features. It sports a 3 MOA Dot reticle, adjustable across 11 brightness settings, and is a champ in various environments, thanks to its waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof construction.

During my testing, the TRS-25 impressed me with its durability and performance. Mounted on my rifle, it handled recoil well, maintained zero after hundreds of rounds, and the brightness settings were spot-on for different lighting conditions. The red dot was crisp, aiding in rapid target acquisition.


Compact and lightweight

Adjustable brightness with 11 settings

Waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof

Maintains zero reliably

Affordable price point


Orange tint in the upper left corner of the lens

Front glass element on some units not sitting flush

Battery life could be better

Price Comparison

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The TRS-25 stands out with its promise of a rugged, versatile optic at a budget-friendly price. It is Designed to mount on various firearms, from pistols to rifles, and caters to a wide market segment, competing head-to-head with other entry-level optics. 

The TRS-25 pledges durability and clarity, featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings and a robust build that’s waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.

Upon unboxing and handling the TRS-25, its solid build was immediately noticeable. But did it live up to the hype? Yes and no. 

Performance Review of Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

1. Optical Quality

The Bushnell TRS-25’s optical quality is a mixed bag. On one hand, the clarity and sharpness of the 3 MOA red dot reticle are commendable, especially considering the sight’s price point.

In bright sunlight, setting the brightness to level 6 offered a clear and visible dot, aiding in quick target acquisition. 

The amber-bright high-contrast lens coating is useful, particularly for differentiation in wooded environments.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The sight picture is smaller than ideal, crowded by the design of the optic itself. 

This aspect can be a bit of a letdown, especially for shooters used to wider fields of view. 

Furthermore, there’s a noticeable orange tint in the upper left corner of the lens and a protruding bump at the bottom right. 

These elements, while not deal-breakers, can be distracting. This becomes more evident in low-light conditions, where the tint and bump could potentially obscure parts of the view.

In comparison to its market peers, the TRS-25 holds its own in terms of optical clarity and brightness adjustability. 

However, it falls behind in terms of the field of view and minor design quirks that affect the sight picture. 

For a shooter looking for an affordable, no-frills red dot sight, the TRS-25 is a viable option, but it’s crucial to be aware of its limitations.

Score: 7/10

2. Durability and Build Quality

As a professional shooter who has rigorously tested the Bushnell TRS-25, I can confidently discuss its durability and build quality. 

The sight’s robust construction is designed to withstand harsh field conditions, evidenced by its shockproof and waterproof capabilities. 

The nitrogen-purged design prevents fogging, which is a significant advantage in varying weather conditions.

However, while the TRS-25 claims to be nearly indestructible, my field experience suggests some limitations. 

The front glass element in some units, including mine, was slightly skewed and didn’t sit flush with the housing.

 This raises concerns about long-term durability, especially if subjected to intense recoil or accidental drops. 

Additionally, I noticed variations in the tightness of the LED intensity adjuster knob and windage & elevation adjusters across different units, hinting at inconsistent quality control.

I find the TRS-25 to be reliable for regular-range use but would exercise caution in more demanding tactical situations.

Score: 6/10

3. Weight and Size

The Bushnell TRS-25 excels in its compactness and lightweight design, an aspect I value greatly as a shooter who often engages in dynamic shooting scenarios. 

Weighing in at just 3.7 ounces, it’s light enough not to noticeably affect the balance of a firearm, making it an ideal choice for a variety of platforms, including pistols and rifles.

In terms of size, the TRS-25 is impressively compact, which is advantageous for shooters looking for a low-profile sight that doesn’t take up excessive rail space. 

This compactness, however, comes with a slight compromise in the size of the viewport, which I found to be smaller than ideal. 

This reduced sight picture can be a drawback for shooters who prefer a wider field of view for situational awareness.

When compared to other red dot sights in the market, the TRS-25 stands out for its size and weight, particularly in the budget category.

The advantage here is clear: a lightweight, non-intrusive sight that maintains functionality without burdening the shooter. 

Weight3.7 ounces
Length2.4 inches
Width1.4 inches
Height1.6 inches

Score: 8/10

4. Battery Life

The Bushnell TRS-25 boasts an impressive battery life, a crucial feature for any shooter relying on a red dot sight for extended use. 

The sight uses a CR2032 battery, which is both affordable and widely available, a significant plus for practical field use. 

According to Bushnell, the TRS-25 offers around 5,000 hours of battery life on a medium brightness setting. However, my experience suggests this might be a bit optimistic.

In real-world usage, especially at higher brightness levels, the battery drains more quickly than expected. 

While the battery life is sufficient for regular range visits or hunting trips, it may not be ideal for a duty weapon that requires constant readiness. 

The absence of an auto-shutoff feature further compounds this issue, as leaving the sight accidentally switched on can deplete the battery.

The trade-off is understandable, given its budget-friendly price, but it’s something to keep in mind for users who prioritize battery life. 

From a practical standpoint, I found myself needing to replace the battery more frequently than I initially anticipated.

Score: 6/10

5. Reticle

The reticle of the Bushnell TRS-25 is a standout feature in its class. Offering a 3 MOA dot strikes a good balance between precision and quick target acquisition. 

This size makes it versatile for a range of shooting activities, from close-quarter tactical scenarios to mid-range hunting.

The 11 brightness settings further enhance this versatility, allowing adjustments to suit various lighting conditions.

In bright conditions, like a sunny day in an open field, the higher brightness settings keep the dot visible and distinct. 

However, I noticed a slight drawback in extremely bright conditions or when looking towards direct sunlight, where the dot can fragment or halo, potentially impacting precision.

Indoors or in lower light, the lower settings provide a clear, sharp dot without overwhelming the sight picture. 

Score: 8/10

6. Ease of Use

The Bushnell TRS-25 is quite user-friendly, particularly for those new to red dot sights. 

Mounting it on various firearms, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles, is straightforward thanks to its compatibility with most picatinny rails. 

The sight’s design is intuitive, allowing for quick installation without the need for specialized tools.

One of the standout features is the simplicity of the brightness adjustment, which is a big plus in varying light conditions. 

The large wheel for brightness control is easy to manipulate, although initially, it can be a bit stiff. 

This stiffness does ease up with use, making it more manageable during rapid adjustments in the field.

In comparison to other red dot sights in the market, the TRS-25 holds up well in terms of ease of use, especially considering its price range. 

It’s a solid choice for those who want a no-fuss, reliable red dot sight for regular use.

Score: 7/10

7. Price

When it comes to price, the Bushnell TRS-25 stands out as an excellent value for money. It’s positioned as an affordable option for shooters who are looking for a reliable red dot sight without breaking the bank. 

It offers features typically found in more expensive models, such as adjustable brightness, waterproof and shockproof construction, and nitrogen-purged fog proofing.

The cost-effectiveness of the TRS-25 becomes even more apparent when compared to other sights in its category. 

It provides a commendable balance of durability, functionality, and affordability. This makes it a go-to option for budget-conscious buyers who still desire quality and reliability.

The affordability does come with some trade-offs. The variability in quality control and the smaller viewport are points where cost considerations become evident. 

Nonetheless, for its price, the TRS-25 delivers more than what one might expect. 

Score: 8.5/10

Final Verdict

After thorough testing and evaluation, the Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight proves to be a reliable and cost-effective option for shooters seeking a straightforward, budget-friendly optic. 

Its compact, lightweight design and user-friendly interface make it suitable for various firearms, enhancing its versatility. 

The 3 MOA dot reticle with adjustable brightness settings performs well in different lighting conditions, aiding in quick target acquisition.

However, the sight is not without its drawbacks. The smaller viewport and minor design Issues, like the orange tint and protruding bump, can be distracting. 

In terms of price-to-performance ratio, the TRS-25 scores high, offering a practical solution for casual shooters or those on a tight budget. While it may not compete with high-end models in terms of features or build quality, it stands as a solid entry-level red dot sight.


Is the Bushnell TRS-25 waterproof?

Yes, the Bushnell TRS-25 is waterproof. Its optics are O-ring sealed, ensuring they stay dry even when fully immersed in water.

Where is the Bushnell TRS-25 made?

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is manufactured in China.

Does Bushnell make good red dots?

Yes, Bushnell is known for making good red dots, offering quality optics at an affordable price point, as evidenced by the TRS-25.

What footprint does the Bushnell red dot have?

The Bushnell RXS-100 Reflex Sight, compatible with the TRS-25, uses a weaver type low profile mount and is also compatible with mounts configured for the DeltaPoint® footprint.

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