Burris FastFire IV Review

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Welcome to my BURRIS FastFire IV Review in 2024.

I’ve had the opportunity to test a myriad of sights, but the BURRIS FastFire IV stands out as a game-changer. 

I’ll delve into my personal experience with the FastFire IV, offering insights into its performance, design, and suitability for various shooting scenarios.

Overview of BURRIS FastFire IV

The BURRIS FastFire IV is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to innovation in the world of shooting optics. 

Its design speaks volumes about the thoughtful engineering behind it, aiming to enhance precision and comfort for shooters. 

This sight isn’t just about what it has; it’s about the experience it offers, a seamless integration into your shooting routine that ensures reliability and efficiency.

Core Specifications of the Sight

Reticle Options4 Multi-Reticles
HousingImpact Resistant
Weather ShieldRemovable & Securable, Watertight Enclosure
Sight WindowBigger for Faster Target Acquisition
Aiming PointBrighter with Long Battery Life
Weight2 Ounces
Magnification1x Parallax-Free
Mounting TypePicatinny Mount
Dimensions (LxWxH)1.9 x 1.23 x 1 inches
Package Dimensions (LxWxH)5.98 x 4.8 x 1.73 inches
Mounting StandardDocter/Noblex
Battery TypeCR1632

What’s in the Box?

  • BURRIS FastFire IV Sight
  • Weather Shield
  • Mounting Tools
  • User Manual

First Look & Impression

Upon unboxing the BURRIS FastFire IV, its compact and lightweight design immediately caught my attention. The sleek, black matte finish exudes a professional look. 

The bigger sight window promises faster target acquisition, a critical feature in high-stakes shooting. The build quality feels robust, suggesting it can withstand the rigors of various shooting environments.

Who Should Get BURRIS FastFire IV

The BURRIS FastFire IV is ideal for shooters seeking precision, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, hunter, or enthusiast, this sight enhances your shooting experience without complicating it.

Types of Guns Suitable for This Sight

Top 6 Features of BURRIS FastFire IV

1. Toggle Between 4 Different Reticles

The ability to toggle between four different reticles is a standout feature of the BURRIS FastFire IV. Each reticle option caters to varied shooting scenarios, offering unparalleled adaptability. 

This feature is not just about having options; it’s about precision and suitability for different environments and targets.

The easily accessible side toggle buttons make switching between reticles smooth and intuitive, ensuring that shooters can adapt quickly without losing focus on their target.

My Testing

During my testing, I found this feature incredibly useful. In a dynamic shooting environment, the ability to switch reticles on the fly enhanced my targeting efficiency. 

2. Impact Resistant Housing

The impact-resistant housing of the FastFire IV is a testament to its durability. Designed to withstand harsh environments, this feature ensures that the sight remains protected and functional under challenging conditions. 

It’s not just about resisting physical impacts; it’s about maintaining performance when it matters most. This robust construction instills confidence in shooters, knowing their equipment can endure the rigors of the field.

My Testing

When testing in rough terrains and during inclement weather, the impact-resistant housing proved its mettle. It absorbed shocks and bumps with ease, showing no signs of wear or performance degradation. 

This durability factor is especially crucial for hunters or tactical shooters who often find themselves in unpredictable environments.

3. Removable Weather Shield

The removable weather shield on the FastFire IV is a brilliant addition, ensuring a clear sight picture in any lighting condition. This feature is crucial for maintaining visibility and accuracy in various weather conditions. 

The shield’s design not only protects the lens but also enhances the sight’s overall effectiveness by preventing elements like rain or fog from obstructing the view.

My Testing

In my field tests, the weather shield was a game-changer. During a rainy day, it provided an unobstructed view, allowing for precise targeting despite the challenging conditions. 

4. Bigger Sight Window

The bigger sight window on the FastFire IV significantly enhances target acquisition speed. This larger window offers a wider field of view, making it easier to spot and track targets.

It’s not just about size; it’s about the efficiency and ease it brings to the shooting experience. A bigger window means less time spent aligning the sight and more focus on the actual shooting.

My Testing

My experience with the bigger sight window was exceptionally positive. It allowed for quicker target acquisition and a better overview of the surroundings. In scenarios where time is of the essence, this feature made a noticeable difference in my response time. 

5. Brighter Aiming Point with Longer Battery Life

The BURRIS FastFire IV’s brighter aiming point is a standout feature, ensuring enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions. This is crucial for accuracy, especially in dynamic or low-light environments. The enhanced brightness level makes the red dot highly visible, aiding in quick and precise target acquisition. 

Moreover, the longer battery life is a significant advantage, offering reliability and reducing the need for frequent battery changes. This feature represents a blend of technological advancement and practical application, making the sight a dependable tool for shooters.

My Testing

During my testing, the brighter aiming point proved invaluable, especially in conditions with fluctuating light. The red dot was consistently visible and sharp, aiding in my targeting precision. 

6. Docter/Noblex Mounting Standard Compatibility

The BURRIS FastFire IV features compatibility with the Docter/Noblex mounting standard, a significant aspect for shooters looking for versatility in mounting options. 

This standard is widely recognized and respected in the shooting community for its reliability and ease of use. The compatibility ensures that users can easily mount the FastFire IV on a wide range of firearms, offering a level of flexibility that is highly valued in various shooting disciplines, from hunting to tactical applications.

My Testing

My experience with the Docter/Noblex mounting standard was seamless. The sight mounted effortlessly on different firearms, showcasing its adaptability. This feature expanded the FastFire IV’s usability across various platforms, making it a versatile choice for my shooting needs. The secure mounting also meant that once fixed, the sight remained stable, ensuring consistent accuracy.

Footprint and Mounting Considerations

The footprint of the BURRIS FastFire IV is designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. Its compatibility with the Docter/Noblex mounting standard enhances its appeal, allowing it to fit a wide range of firearms with minimal fuss. 

This universal approach to mounting caters to the needs of diverse shooters, whether they are using handguns, shotguns, or spotting scopes. 

The straightforward mounting process ensures that the sight can be quickly and securely attached, making it an excellent choice for both seasoned shooters and those new to using red dot sights.


  • Four reticle options for versatility
  • Impact-resistant housing for durability
  • Removable weather shield for clear visibility
  • Larger sight window for faster target acquisition
  • Brighter aiming point for improved visibility
  • Long battery life for reliability
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Universal mounting compatibility (Docter/Noblex standard)


  • Lack of shake-awake feature

Final Verdict

As a professional shooter who has extensively tested the BURRIS FastFire IV, I wholeheartedly endorse this red dot sight.

Its innovative design, combined with versatile features, elevates the shooting experience to new heights. This sight is a remarkable blend of technology and practicality, making it an essential tool for any serious shooter looking to enhance their accuracy and efficiency.


How long is the Burris Fastfire 4?

The Burris FastFire 4 is 1.9 inches in length.

Is Burris Fastfire waterproof?

Yes, the Burris Fastfire is waterproof and comes with an optional weatherproof hood.

Is the Burris Fastfire 4 better than the 3?

The Burris FastFire 4 improves upon the FastFire 3 with a larger sight window and longer battery life.

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