EOTech EXPS2 Review In 2024

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Hey Shooters, Welcome to EOTech EXPS2 Review in 2024.

The firearms industry has long been aware of EOTech holographic sights. Many shooters choose them due to their wider sight picture, clearer reticle, and reduced parallax shift compared to most other close-quarters-battle (CQB) sights on the market.

Today I’ll be reviewing the EOTech EXPS2, An optic that has become extremely well-known in a short time. You will have a thorough understanding of this sight by the end of this review, helping you decide whether you want to purchase it.

I’ve included a section at the end where I talk about my own experience with this sight. Continue reading if you’re curious to learn more!

What’s In The Box?

Here is a list of the items that are included in the box:

  • The Optic Itself
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • CR123 Battery
  • Protective Case

Compare Deals:

EOTech OPMOD EXPS2 Holographic Reflex Red Dot Sight


Housing MaterialAluminum
Item Dimension7.52 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches
Weight9 oz
Parallax FreeYes
Unlimited Eye ReliefYes
Reticle ColorBlack
Reticle Options1 MOA center dot,
65 MOA ring dot
Battery TypeCR123
Battery Life1,000 continuous hours.
Night VisionNo
Power SourceBattery

Features of EoTech EXPS2

Let’s have a look at EXPS2’s features:

1. Reticle

If you have played Call of Duty or even owned an EOTech, you probably have noticed that classic circle with the little dot in the middle. That is exactly what this sight features. EXPS2 is a holographic sight and has two reticle choices.

You can choose between the 68 MOA circle with 1 MOA red dot and the 68 MOA circle with 2 MOA red dot. Both reticle options provide a 68 MOA circle with vertical and horizontal stadia. You can choose between a 1 or 2 MOA targeting dot for more precision. 

2. Construction and Durability

The EXPS2’s construction and endurance are quite good due to its aluminum housing. It is designed and built to withstand the rigorous requirements of dedicated precision shooters. It can withstand jolts, bumps, and extremely powerful recoil.

Additionally, it is water resistant and can withstand being submerged up to 10 feet.

The actual optic on this sight is shielded from harm by the outer housing. The optic still functions even if the lens does shatter. One of the special aspects of holographic optics is that even if it breaks, it can still be used for yielding accurate hits. 

In terms of operating, this EOTech sight is not the kind of sight that you turn on with the push of a button, and it stays on forever. It has a down button and an up button, but it doesn’t matter which one you push—it will turn on.

The down button, however, indicates that it will set up a four-hour auto timer, so after that time, it will turn off. Using the up button will start an eight-hour timer.

Therefore, if you are a member of the military and you are going on a patrol, you would simply click the up button at the beginning of your patrol to be ready for eight hours. That being said, if you press the buttons while it is on, it will reset that time and start over.

Simply hold down the up and down buttons to turn the sight off. The buttons serve a dual purpose since after the sight is on, you can use the up button to enhance intensity and brightness and the down button to decrease brightness. It has a total of 20 brightness settings.

3. Battery

This sight differs from earlier EOTech models in a significant manner: the battery is positioned perpendicular to the bore.

In contrast, the EOTech 500 series included two double-a batteries that faced forward. The constant issue with those sights was that they would flicker during recoil, and eventually, they would experience issues with the springs malfunctioning.

So the manufacturers perpendicular the battery to solve that problem. EXPS2 has a CR123 battery and is O-ring sealed. The battery life of this sight, as stated in the manual, is 1000 hours.

4. Sight Picture

This sight has a really good sight picture. The field of view is unlimited if you shoot with both eyes open. This sight has a larger actual window than many other red dots, which results in a larger field of view and makes shooting with one eye closed simpler and easier.

Speaking of the objective window, what I like about this sight is that no matter where you are looking at it, whether you are slight to the right or left, that holographic sight is always going to remain incredibly bright and clear no matter what.

I have heard a few people mention that the EOTech optics occasionally appear a little hazy. That issue arises because you are looking directly at the sight. You must be looking past it via the objective window in the direction of your target in order to use the EOTech optics as intended. Aligning it in that manner is what will prevent it from seeming blurry and hazy.

If you are looking into the glass and not at the sight, that indicates that you are not using the sight as it was designed to be used.

5. Eye Relief

This sight has unlimited eye relief, and it is also parallax-free. If you are using a red dot and your eyesight is not perfectly aligned behind it, and you are not shooting directly at your target, the red dot won’t land where you are aiming.

Since this holographic sight has no parallax, if you are in an uncomfortable situation, like underneath a car or when turning a corner, and are not exactly aligned with the sight, you will hit the target there even if you can’t see wherever that dot is.

That’s why this sight is perfect for those in the military or law enforcement, which is why you see them using EOTechs frequently.

Due to the difficult positions and situations that arise during gunfights, it is important to have a sight that has no parallax because it is not always possible to aim, hold still, and shoot; I’d say that this is one of the best features of this sight.

When operating it, you cannot see any glare when looking into it. However, when using other red dots, you can see some glare on the glass.

My Experience with EOTech EXPS2

Overall, I’ve had a good experience with the EOTech EXPS2. I’ve encountered no problems at all. I have fired thousands of rounds with this optic and have not noticed any flickering or delamination.

Although it has a fairly high price tag, the fact that it is a top-of-the-line holographic sight justifies the price.

However, it goes without saying that if your budget is tight, this sight probably isn’t for you because it’s pretty expensive. Instead, I’d recommend you look for a more reasonably priced option.

Now let’s get to the crux of the matter: why should you choose a holographic optic over a red dot? As I previously stated, there is no point of impact shift when it comes to EXPS2, and in my opinion, and also based on my experience and observations of others who have trained, holographic optics are the fastest, especially when things become dynamic.

So, if you are shooting at a target while standing on a flat range with a timer, your red dot will likely perform at the same speed as any other sight.

I believe that holographic optics are a little faster if you move, and the target you are shooting at does too. My experience so far indicates that they track better with a larger window.

Drawbacks of EOTech EXPS2

Now that the pros are all done. Next, I want to get the drawbacks out of the way. Since it is a really great sight overall, there aren’t really many cons to this sight.

The weight and the size are one of the drawbacks that I noticed. I know this might not be too big of a deal for most people, but with the weight and size of EXPS2 being pretty much double of any other red dot sight on the market, you shall know that this is going to be a lot heavier and wider, you will notice that depending on the model you have.

In contrast to an aimpoint, which is much smaller and much more precise on your rails, this sight can occasionally dangle off the side of your rail system.

The battery life of this sight is yet another drawback, in my opinion. The battery life is quite acceptable, tho; it ranks at around 1,000 hours per battery, so after about 1,000 hours of use, you will need to swap that battery out.

However, when compared to an Aimpoint, one single battery is going to last you about 50,000 hours, so it’s not really comparable in that sense because you would need to change an Aimpoint about every three to five years, whereas if you were using this sight, you might need to do so once a year.

Consequently, if you regularly visit the range for shooting and use your red dot at all times, you will need to change the battery pretty frequently.


That’s about it for this review. Overall, given its current market popularity, I’d say this sight is a decent selection. Keep in mind, though, that this sight does not support night vision. EXPS3 is the right choice if you’re searching for a sight that works with night vision. Happy shooting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating temperature of EOTech EXPS2?

-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

Is EOTech EXPS2 night vision compatible?

No, EOTech EXPS2 is not night vision compatible.

What is the windage and elevation adjustment of EOTech EXPS2?

0.5 MOA per click

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