Holosun 510C Red Dot Sight Review – Worth Buying?

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Hey Shooter! Welcome to my holosun 510c red dot sight review in 2023.

Let’s start with, Is it worthwhile to purchase a Holosun 510C? YES, in all respects. Your purchase of the Holosun 510C won’t ever be a mistake. Every feature a shooter could want is included in the Holosun 510C. I’ve used several holosun sights, but Holosun 510C is phenomenal. But before buying the Holosun 510C, I had the following thoughts: Is the cost justified? However, I would not trade Holosun 510C for anything once I had purchased it.

Holosun 510C features tend to involve a Multiple-Reticle System (2 MOA, 65 MOA, and Both at Once), a two-way power supply, an exceptional battery, detach mount, shake awake technology (which turns the LED on/off when it detects motion), etc.

HOLOSUN – HS510C Specifications

Eye ReliefUnlimited
Dimension-LXWXH and Weight3.3×1.68×1.78 inches and 4.94 ounces
Dot colour and size (MOA)A Red colour interchangeable dot (2 MOA, 65 MOA and Both at once)
Parallax SettingParallax free
MaterialAluminum and Titanium Hood
Battery typeCR-2032
Battery life20,000 (for 65 MOA) to 50,000 hours (for 2 MOA)
Brightness settingDay time: 10-levels and Night Vision: 2-levels
Maximum Adjustment range+/- 40 MOA

Holosun 510C Features and Benefits

1. Optic Clarity and Reticle

The extremely well-designed holosun 510C offers a great experience. Holosun 510C sight’s optic clarity and reticle will astound you with their exceptional appearances, like the QD mount and the multiple reticle options. Red dot sights’ reticle design and large view are vital, but many purchasers don’t give them much thought before they buy the sight.

Large field of view

The Holosun 510C has a “multi-layer coating” that guarantees a better sight. The Holosun 510C sight offers a broad field of view. Basic sense, the optic allows for much greater peripheral vision, which is preferable for shooting.

Multiple reticle systems

One of the standout benefits of the holosun 510C is the ability to use multiple reticles. Holosun 510C provides the option of using a 65 MOA circle or the more precise 2 MOA red dot. Besides that, you can use both the 2 MOA dot and the 65 MOA simultaneously. What more could one shooter ask for? A combination of 2 MOA red dots and 65 MOA circles make up the standard reticle. Suppose you have no idea how to switch between reticles. Read the next statement. To switch between reticles, firmly press and keep pressing the “-” button until the reticle changes, then release the button. 


Holosun 510C is also parallax-free, which should not be disregarded. However, there may be very slight discrepancies. Compared to other types of red dot sights, holographic sights just provide the finest parallax-free experiences.

2. Source of Power

In addition to battery systems “CR-2032 lithium battery”, the holosun 510C reticle can be powered by a solar panel. It implies that your sight is constantly charged.

Pre-installed battery

A holosun 510C comes with a pre-installed battery, which is convenient for you. Yes, the battery is a CR2032, which is among the best batteries.

Dual power source

The dual power supply is the Holosun 510C’s plus point. The two power sources that the holosun offers are as follows.

  • Battery (Can’t be recharged)
  • Solar Panel

Battery life varies from 20k hours (for 65 MOA circle) to 50k hours (for 2 MOA + 65 MOA). However, when the battery runs out, and Holosun 510C switches to the solar panel instantly, the solar panel does not produce a much brighter red dot than the battery. The power generated by the sun’s rays and batteries is different. However, it won’t significantly affect your shooting.

Failsafe feature

The assisting hand that appears when required is the solar failsafe feature. The reticle can continue functioning even if your battery dies big ups to Solar Failsafe. Yes, I am referring to the same solar panel power here.

3. Durability and Reliability

The level of durability offered by the holosun 510C is spectacular. I am stating this based on my testing, not just what others have said. I put the holosun 510C to the fullest extent of my testing capabilities. For example, Holosun claimed that the device was shock, water, and fog proof. So, I put holosun’s claims to the test. It passes as expected. Additionally, the holosun 510C is reliable in addition to being durable. 

Aluminum Housing

The body of the optic, excluding the lens, is made of aluminum. How, then, can the aluminum body of the optic benefit? It helps because it makes the optic lighter.

Titanium Hood protection 

A titanium hood shields the optic lens in the Holosun 510C. Since titanium is both robust and light, it works perfectly with the optic’s lightweight.

Resist all climate conditions

As previously stated, Holosun claims that the 510C sight can resist all weather patterns, which I checked. Believe me. The holosun 510C can genuinely resist any weather.


In addition to being weather resistant, the holosun 510C sight is also shockproof, so even if you drop it from any height, it won’t break. Just don’t fling it out of the plane. There is no longer a concern regarding the Holosun 510C’s malfunction.


The Holosun 510C is lightweight due to its body’s composition, “The Aluminum,” which adds incredibility to this sight. With dimensions (LXWXH) of 3.3×1.68×1.78 inches and weighing only 4.94 ounces, it is sturdy and reasonably sized.

Limited lifetime warranty

With no extra charges, Holosun 510C offers a lifetime warranty. However, holosun disclaims all responsibility for every incidental or special damage to the product.

4. Mounting and Zeroing

It is simple to mount the optic and zero the sight. As soon as that’s done, you can start firing and hit the target accurately. As recommended by holosun, mount it on a rifle.

Quick detach mount

A “quick detach mount” is part of the Holosun 510C, which I genuinely love. The QD mount makes it extremely quick to attach and detach this red dot sight from various rifles. A “cam clamp lever” holds firmly and safely to Picatinny rails. It couldn’t be more convenient to use, and it’s ideal if you frequently change your sights.

The “Torx socket” that stimulates and adjusts the reticle could be turned to stiffen or unscrew the “cam clamp” lever’s grip on the rail. There shouldn’t be any worries about its capacity to withstand frequent recoil because it is convenient to use.

Windage and Elevation

When you purchase a holosun 510C, its sight is already zeroed but still needs to be adjusted. A “wrench” that is supplied with the holosun 510C can be used to zero the sight (you can use any suitable tool) by putting the wrench into the holes and then twisting it.

5. Brightness Adjustment

Simply using “+” and “-” will authorize you to adjust the reticle’s brightness. However, I’ll explain what else is possible with these two buttons in this section. The Holosun 510C sight can first be turned on or off by tapping either “+” or “-,” and it can be turned off by pressing both buttons concurrently. The second is that there are two modes that you can choose from: automatic and manual.

Auto-mode and manual mode

When the “+” button is depressed for two to three seconds, the automatic mechanism is activated, helping to adjust illumination in response to ambient light. The reticle size can be altered, and the illumination can be manually changed in manual mode.

10-levels (for daylight) and 2-levels (for night vision) of brightness adjustment are available.

Night Vision

Holosun 510C night vision passes the compatibility test, and the two lowest brightness settings can be used without risk with a night vision device. To obtain the appropriate brightness configurations, the Holosun 510C should be in “manual mode.”

Shake-awake feature

You can make turning on and off the optic easier with the support of the Holosun 510C shake-awake function. This feature is motion-based, so when the optics observes displacement, the sight will power on, and if there is no movement for about two minutes, the sight will power off automatically. It means you are always ready to take action if there is a threat.

6. Eye Relief

I can attest from personal experience that holosun 510c provides infinite eye relief. Holosun 510C sight works well for astigmatic people because it does not distort.

The Drawbacks of Holosun 510C Sight

The Holosun 510C is an incredible red dot sight with many benefits but few drawbacks. I am unaffected by the drawbacks mentioned above, and I don’t even classify them as such. However, these are a few;

  • The Holosun is a heavy sight
  • No green reticle is present on the optic, and the MOA ring is colorless.
  • There is no lens cloth included with Holosun.

What You Get In a Box

With the Holosun HS510C, a fair amount of cool extras are included. You get;

  • A tool for quickly removing the battery tray
  • QD mount
  • High-quality extra battery tray

Use of magnifiers with Holosun 510C Sight

When shooting at close range, the Holosun 510C thrives. Nevertheless, you should consider purchasing a magnifier if you intend to expand the range to even more than 100 yards. It stands to reason to augment it with cost-effective but high-quality goods.


  • Holosun 3x HM3X (a flip-to-side mechanism)
  • Sig Sauer Juliet3 Micro (compact magnifier)

Pros and Cons


  • Holosun 510C provides a spectacular level of toughness.
  • Due to its housing being made of aluminum and titanium, it is stronger and more durable.
  • The Holosun 510C uses a “CR-2032” battery, which will prolong the lifespan of one’s optic.
  • The power supply compartment’s placement on the side makes it quicker to change the battery.
  • The shake-awake feature exists.
  • It provides a vast field of view.
  • The shooting experience is crystal-clear and sharp.
  • A solar panel on it serves as an additional source of power.
  • IP67 water resistance rating.
  • It provides a limited lifetime warranty.


  • With a weight of almost 5 kg, it is a hefty sight.
  • There is no green reticle included.
  • The box doesn’t contain a lens cloth.
  • It is expensive.

Alternative Holosun 510C

If you prefer the Holosun but are considering other products, then here are some 510c substitutes you might want to consider:

1. Vortex Venom red dot sight – Almost Similar

It shares many characteristics with the Holosun, such as

  • the lack of different reticle colors
  • the ability to acquire targets quickly
  • large sight window
  • unlimited Eye relief

Now come to the difference, which is neither good nor bad.

  • Lower price than the Holosun.
  • CR-1632 battery (Not CR2032)

2. EOTech Holographic sight – More Functionalities

The 510C is a good competitor for the EOTech 518, which is among the optics it most frequently compares to. Better in some ways;

  • A more conventional release mount
  • Offers 20 brightness settings
  • EOTech’s optic warranty is superior to that of the 510c’s
  • Even if a piece of the glass is broken, it will still function.
  • Reticle maintains focus even when you are looking at the targets.

Now what EOTech holographic sight lacks;

  • No NVD compatible manual mode

3. Sig Sauer Romeo 5: Budget Friendly

If you’re on a limited budget, this is a wonderful option. Some features similar to Holosun 510C sight;

  • Motion-activated illumination control (similar to shake awake feature)
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • 2 MOA red dot

My Experience

From my own experience, I recommend getting a holosun 510c sight for your rifle. As always, holosun has my support. You can check out some of my suggested alternatives if you require slightly different functionality.

Holosun 510C Review – Video


Buy it, clear decision. In the holosun 510c sight, you will find every feature you could want. You’ve read it all, but if you haven’t, you should be aware that the holosun 510C has a wide field of view (allowing you to see more of the area surrounding the target), the best battery installed, and features like shake-awake and solar failsafe. Furthermore, a multiple reticle system; should be a focusing point. If you’ve ever given consideration to cost, you should be aware that high-quality features are not cheap.

HOLOSUN HS510C Multi-Reticle Green 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle Open Reflex Sight for Long Guns - Shake-Awake Solar FailSafe Waterproof Sight (HS510C)
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS510C sight is a versatile...
  • MULTI-RETICLE SYSTEM - This Holosun red dot sight is...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by...
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot...
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle;...


Does Holosun 510 outperform Eotech 512?

Yes, the holosun 510C has more advantages and is a worthy rival to the Eotech 512. Holosun is more versatile, smaller than EOTech, and has extremely good brightness settings.

Can this be mounted on a Glock 19?

Not exactly; it was intended for use with rifles.

Is Holosun used by the military?

Attempting to build cutting-edge lighting and optics for strategic and operational shooters. The appliances used by US Military troops must endure the maximum expectations, and Holosun has developed technological advances and features to meet those needs.

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