Holosun SCS Review – Is This The Best Glock MOS Optic (2024)

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Holosun SCS

Overall Score 7.5

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Optical Quality
Durability and Build Quality
Weight and Size
Battery Life
Ease of Use

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⭐️ Verdict: Best Sight for MOS Models (7.5)

The Holosun SCS, I can tell you it’s quite the gear for your Glock MOS. It clings to the slide like it was made for it, no adapter needed. Its solar charging system is a smart touch, adjusting brightness on the fly. Plus, the mix of a 32 MOA circle and a 2 MOA dot? That’s versatility right there.

The solar charging worked like a charm in bright conditions, keeping that dot crisp and clear. Switching between the large circle and dot was handy for different ranges. The override function for high brightness was a neat feature, especially in those sudden shifts from dark to light.


Solar charging system 

Glock MOS Compatibility

32 MOA circle and 2 MOA dot

20,000-hour battery life


Small control button is tricky to use

Specific pressure point needed on power button

Performance dips in low light or covered solar panel

Sleep mode activation in dark environments

Price Comparison

Available at 2 shops 
Optics Planet

The Holosun SCS-MOS is an upgrade for full-size Glock MOS systems, designed to meld seamlessly with the slide; no adapters, no fuss. 

Performance Review of Holosun SCS

1. Optical Quality

When it comes to optical quality, the Holosun SCS-MOS’s optical glass with multilayer coatings is a testament to clarity and durability, ensuring maximum light transmission and minimal glare. 

The combination of a green 2 MOA Dot and a 32 MOA Circle, adjustable with a mere click, offers a versatile reticle system, suitable for various shooting ranges and conditions. 

However, where the sight promises industry-leading intensity and battery efficiency, it falters in practical use. 

The sight struggles in low ambient light conditions or when the solar panel is obstructed, a significant drawback for a product boasting solar-powered functionality. 

The experience of using this sight, while generally positive in well-lit environments, becomes frustrating in dimmer settings. 

The balance between its high-end features and the practical challenges encountered leaves a feeling of underperformance in critical aspects.

Score: 7/10

2. Durability and Build Quality

Assessing the Holosun SCS-MOS for durability and build quality is a tale of two stories. 

The sight boasts a titanium housing, offering a reassuring sense of durability and resistance to rough handling. It is a significant plus for any shooter who expects their gear to withstand the rigors of regular use. 

This robust construction instills confidence in the field, suggesting the sight can take a few knocks without compromising its functionality.

However, the devil is in the details. The tiny control button, a critical component for operation, feels underwhelming in its build.

It’s not just about size; the tactile feedback is lacking, making it challenging to confirm whether you’ve successfully changed settings. 

This design choice seems at odds with the otherwise sturdy build and can be frustrating, especially in situations requiring quick adjustments.

While the overall build quality positions the sight as a durable, long-lasting option, the control button is a chink in its armor, detracting from an otherwise solid construction.

Score: 7.5/10

3. Weight and Size

The Holosun SCS-MOS hits a sweet spot in terms of weight and size. 

Weighing in at just 1.28 oz and with dimensions of 1.93 x 1.03 x 0.91 inches, it’s clear that Holosun has managed to pack a lot of technology into a compact and lightweight package. 

This is a significant advantage for shooters who value a sight that won’t add unnecessary bulk or throw off the balance of their firearm.

In my experience, the sight’s lightweight design made for easy handling and didn’t impact the firearm’s overall weight distribution, which is a critical factor in maintaining accuracy and comfort during extended shooting sessions. 

This compact size is particularly impressive given the features it packs, such as the solar charging system and multi-reticle option.

Compared to other market sights, the Holosun SCS-MOS stands out for its minimalistic footprint. 

Weight1.28 oz
Length1.93 inches
Width1.03 inches
Height0.91 inches

Score: 9/10

4. Battery Life

The Holosun SCS-MOS boasts a groundbreaking battery life, promising potentially endless operation thanks to its 20,000-hour internal battery and solar charging capabilities. 

This is a game-changer in the world of sights, especially for shooters who spend extended periods in the field. 

The convenience of not having to frequently replace or charge the battery cannot be overstated.

However, the sight’s dependence on solar charging introduces a limitation. 

In conditions with low ambient light or when the solar panel is obstructed, the sight fails to live up to its promise of indefinite operation, entering a sleep mode. 

This can be a significant inconvenience, especially in scenarios where consistent performance is crucial. 

While the battery life in optimal conditions is impressive, its reliance on external light sources for charging is a shortfall compared to other sights in the market that offer more consistent battery performance regardless of lighting conditions.

Score: 7/10

5. Reticle

The reticle system of the Holosun SCS-MOS is where it truly shines. Equipped with a Multi-Reticle System (MRS), it offers a versatile sighting experience, allowing users to switch between a 32 MOA circle and a 2 MOA dot. 

This flexibility is invaluable for different shooting scenarios, ranging from close quarters to longer distances. 

The clarity and brightness of the reticle are exceptional, providing a crisp and precise sight picture in various lighting conditions.

The sight’s ability to deactivate either the large ring or the dot, leaving the shooter with either a 2 MOA Dot Only or a 32MOA Circle Only, adds to its adaptability. 

While the reticle system is strong, its performance in low-light conditions could be improved.

As a shooter, I found the reticle system to be a major advantage in various shooting scenarios. 

The ability to quickly switch between reticle types without compromising clarity or precision significantly enhances the shooting experience.

Score: 8.5/10

6. Ease of Use

On the positive side, its design for direct attachment to full-size Glock MOS systems without an adapter plate makes installation easy. 

The automatic brightness adjustment feature is also a major plus, as it reduces the need for manual adjustments in varying light conditions.

However, the sight falls short when it comes to the user interface. 

The tiny control button, essential for powering the unit on and off and changing reticles, is frustratingly difficult to operate. 

It’s not just a matter of size; the lack of tactile feedback makes it challenging to know if you’ve successfully activated or altered a setting. 

This design choice is a significant drawback, especially when quick adjustments are needed in the field.

From a shooter’s perspective, the difficult control button is a notable downside that affects the overall user experience, particularly in high-pressure situations where efficiency is key.

Score: 6/10

7. Price

The Holosun SCS-MOS positions itself in the mid to high range of the market. 

For its price, it offers a suite of advanced features like a solar charging system, a multi-reticle system, and high-quality optical glass with multilayer coatings. 

However, there are some considerations when weighing the cost against the sight’s performance. 

The issue with the control button and the sight’s dependency on sufficient ambient light for optimal operation detract from its value. 

While the sight’s advanced features are impressive on paper, the practical challenges they present, especially in low-light conditions, can be a concern for users expecting consistent performance across all scenarios.

Compared to other products in the same price bracket, the Holosun SCS-MOS offers unique features but also comes with its own limitations. 

As a shooter, I find the price justifiable for the technology it offers, but with the caveat that buyers should be aware of its shortcomings in ease of use and low-light performance.

Score: 7/10

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing the Holosun SCS-MOS, it presents as a robust, feature-rich optic with some notable drawbacks. Its solar charging system, multi-reticle options, and durable titanium build make it a standout choice for full-size Glock MOS systems.

It’s a solid choice for shooters who primarily operate in well-lit conditions and can manage the finicky control button, but it may not be the best fit for low-light scenarios or for those seeking a more user-friendly interface.


Is the Holosun SCS night vision compatible?

The Holosun SCS-MOS features a Super Green LED reticle, which is adjustable for brightness and intensity, making it suitable for both night-vision and daytime use.

Is Holosun good for astigmatism?

The Holosun sights are effective for those with astigmatism, offering clear sight pictures and addressing the visual distortions commonly experienced.

What is the Holosun SCS compatible with?

The Holosun SCS-MOS is specifically designed as a direct attachment for full-size Glock MOS systems, utilizing an innovative solar charging system and eliminating the need for an adapter plate.

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