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Welcome to the review of Holosun SCS.

In the ever-evolving realm of firearm optics, the Holosun SCS emerges as a contender, promising a fusion of innovative features and versatile performance. 

With a focus on clarity, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology, this review delves into the depths of the Holosun SCS, exploring its strengths, limitations, and the experience it offers to shooting enthusiasts. 

Join me through the realm of red dot sights as we dissect the Holosun SCS and uncover the essence of its design and functionality.

Specification Chart: Holosun SCS

SpecificationsHolosun SCS Review
Housing MaterialTitanium
Dimension (in)1.93×1.03×0.91
Battery TypeInternal Rechargeable Battery
Power SourceSolar and Battery
Battery Life (Hours)Unlimited
Reticle2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
Reticle ColorGreen
Parallax FreeYes
Brightness SettingAuto
Window Size0.58×0.77
W&E Travel Range±30 MOA

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What Is Inside The Box of Holosun SCS

The contents inside the box of the Holosun SCS typically include:

  • Holosun SCS Red Dot Sight
  • Mounting Hardware (screws, tools, etc.)
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Top 8 Features of Holosun SCS

1. Durability

Like a steadfast companion on the range, the Holosun SCS boasts a reputation for remarkable durability that stands as a testament to its design. 

Engineered to embrace the challenges of dynamic shooting scenarios, its rugged construction confidently absorbs shocks, impacts, and even the most vigorous recoil, never faltering in its performance. 

Beyond its resolute build, the Holosun SCS often features an impervious waterproof and fogproof architecture, defying the elements and maintaining its prowess in adverse weather conditions. 

The fusion of high-quality materials and advanced lens coatings not only enhances its robustness but also shields against wear and abrasions. 

Though individual experiences may vary, the Holosun SCS undeniably presents itself as an enduring and stalwart choice, elevating shooters with a red dot sight of unwavering durability.

2. Reticle

The Holosun SCS features a dual reticle design with both a 2 MOA dot and a 32 MOA circle. This configuration offers versatility for different shooting scenarios, providing both precision aiming with the smaller dot and faster target acquisition with the larger circle.

3. Power Source

The Holosun SCS typically uses a CR1632 lithium coin cell battery as its power source. This battery is commonly found in various electronic devices and provides the necessary power to illuminate the reticle and operate the optic. 

It’s important to note that the battery life can vary depending on factors such as brightness settings and usage patterns. 

Always refer to the product manual or manufacturer’s specifications for detailed information on battery life and replacement.

4. Illumination

The Holosun SCS boasts a versatile array of illumination settings tailored to meet various lighting demands and user preferences. 

This red dot sight typically features a range of daylight brightness levels, permitting seamless adjustments of the reticle’s luminosity to match specific environmental conditions. 

Furthermore, a dedicated night vision compatibility setting is often incorporated, facilitating usage in low-light and nighttime scenarios when paired with compatible night-vision devices. 

Some models may even include an auto-adjust feature, dynamically adapting brightness to ambient lighting for optimal visibility without manual intervention. 

Additionally, the integration of shake awake technology in certain versions ensures an efficient balance between activation upon movement detection and conservation of battery life during periods of inactivity. 

5. Size and Weight

The Holosun SCS red dot sight boasts a compact and lightweight design that ensures a seamless integration with various firearm platforms.  

With dimensions typically ranging from around 2.93 inches in length, 1.03 inches in width, and 0.91 inches in height, this optic provides a balanced and streamlined profile. 

Weighing approximately 1.03 ounces, the Holosun SCS adds minimal bulk to your setup, allowing for ease of handling and maneuverability. 

6. Mounting Options

The Holosun SCS offers a versatile array of mounting options to cater to various firearm setups and user preferences. 

These options typically encompass a Picatinny/Weaver mount, which enables secure attachment to compatible rails on the firearm. 

Additionally, some models may include a riser mount that raises the optic, facilitating co-witnessing with iron sights or achieving a specific cheek weld. 

For those seeking rapid optic changes or compact transportation, a quick-release mount might be available. On the other hand, a low-profile mount positions the optic closer to the firearm for a sleeker profile. 

Furthermore, Holosun often provides dedicated mounts tailored to specific firearm models, ensuring a snug fit and optimal performance.

7. Windage and Elevation

The Holosun SCS provides customizable windage and elevation adjustments to achieve precise targeting. 

Whether it’s fine-tuning for long-range accuracy or adapting to changing conditions, the SCS offers intuitive MOA/MIL adjustments to suit your shooting preferences. 

For precise details on the windage and elevation specifications of your Holosun SCS variant, consult the product’s user manual or technical documentation, ensuring your shots hit the mark with unparalleled precision.

8. Price

The cost of the Holosun SCS can fluctuate based on the variant, attributes, and any ongoing offers. Generally falling within the range of approximately $300 to $400 or beyond, Holosun optics encompass a diverse pricing spectrum.

Nonetheless, please be aware that prices can evolve over time due to dynamic market influences, fresh product unveilings, and shifts in consumer demand. 

For the latest, precise pricing details, I suggest consulting reputable firearms and optics vendors or directly visiting the official Holosun website.

Pros of Holosun SCS

Here are some pros of the Holosun SCS:

  • Holosun SCS features a versatile reticle with clear and adjustable aiming points.
  • Solar panels complement battery power.
  • Shake Awake Technology automatically activates the optic.
  • The SCS offers multiple reticle options.
  • Built to withstand demanding conditions.
  • Night-Vision Compatible.
  • The Holosun SCS is compatible with specific Glock and MOS gun models.
  • The SCS provides an attractive balance between performance and cost.

Cons of Holosun SCS

  • Limited Model Compatibility.
  • Users unfamiliar with Holosun optics may require time to become accustomed to its controls.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up our exploration of the Holosun SCS, it’s evident that this red dot sight boasts a medley of strengths. 

Its seamless integration with Glock and MOS firearms, coupled with an intelligently crafted reticle, establishes it as a versatile companion across shooting domains. 

Navigating from daylight to dim settings, the optic’s transition to a night-vision compatible mode signifies its adaptability, albeit reliant on an NV device for visibility. 

However, let’s not overlook the selective firearm compatibility and the slight learning curve that accompanies the optic’s distinctive controls. Ultimately, the Holosun SCS emerges as a dependable choice tailored to specific models, thriving amidst diverse lighting scenarios.


Is Holosun actually good?

Holosun optics have truly proven their worth. The incorporation of a generously sized, easily discernible reticle, suitable for diverse conditions, amplifies the optic’s prowess for critical situations like self-defense and safeguarding one’s home.

What guns does the Holosun SCS fit? 

The Holosun SCS model is tailor-made for Glock and MOS guns, showcasing its adaptability to a specific set of firearms.

Does Holosun work at night?

In low-light situations, Holosun optics excel. When darkness falls, the reticle intelligently adjusts to a night-vision (NV) compatible mode. 

Is Holosun good for astigmatism?

The Holosun stands out as an excellent choice for individuals with astigmatism, making it one of the top-tier all-around red dot sights in this regard.

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