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Hey Gunners! Welcome to my Swampfox Kraken Review.

If you’re into shooting, whether it’s for sport, defense, or just plain enjoyment, you know the importance of a reliable red dot sight. Trust me, it can make or break your experience. 

That’s why I’ve been thrilled to test out the Swampfox Kraken. Let’s just say this optic is a game-changer. Rugged as they come and built with high-quality materials, the Kraken offers everything you need to take your shooting experience to the next level. 

Overview of the Swampfox Kraken

If you’re out looking for a red dot sight that doesn’t disappoint, the Swampfox Kraken is a name you’ll want to remember. 

A product that combines innovation and functionality in one compact package, this optic is designed to deliver. It’s reliable and ready to assist, whether you’re at the range or in more demanding conditions.

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Swampfox Kraken
Swampfox Kraken Closed Emitter 1x16mm 3 MOA Dot Sight

Core Specifications of the Swampfox Kraken Sight

MOA AdjustmentDial
Dot Size3 MOA
Lens Diameter16mm
Brightness AdjustmentsUp/Down Digital Press
Battery TypeCR 2032
Weight2.5oz without battery
Lens CoatingsAnti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
Mount TypeRMR Adapted/MOS Adapted
Chassis7075 Aircraft-grade aluminum
Elevation Movement45 MOA/Total 90 MOA Range

What’s in the Box?

  • Kraken / 1pc
  • RMR 6-32 Adapter plate 
  • MOS Adapter plate 
  • Slotted Adjustment wrench
  • S-Wing wrench
  • Black lens cloth
  • CR 2032 Battery

First Look & Impression

Straight out of the box, the Kraken gives off an impression of robustness. But don’t let its tough exterior fool you; this thing is also a looker. 

With its sleek design and Kraken logo etched onto the side, it clearly means business. The aluminum construction speaks of durability, while the tactile buttons add a layer of convenience. 

Who Should Get Swampfox Kraken

If you’re serious about shooting, then the Kraken should be on your list. It’s ideal for everyone from the competition shooter to the law enforcement officer to the home defender.

Top 6 Features of Swampfox Kraken

1. Durable Closed Emitter Body

The closed emitter body of the Swampfox Kraken is a marvel in engineering. Designed to fortify the optic’s delicate interior components, it is constructed from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum. This metal is renowned for its high-strength-to-weight ratio, and the result is a durable, hard-wearing enclosure. 

The closed emitter design works to safeguard the optic against external elements, be it grit, mud, or even accidental knocks. 

Whether you’re on the hunting grounds, out in the field for tactical drills, or just at a casual shooting range, this protective shell offers an extra layer of resilience that can be a real game-changer.

My Testing

During my field test, I exposed the Kraken to various environments, from misty forests to sandy dunes. I even deliberately bumped it against a few objects. 

Despite these harsh conditions and treatment, the closed emitter body stood its ground. The red dot system remained fully functional, confirming that this is not just a cosmetic addition but a truly rugged feature that delivers on its promises.

2. Shake N’ Wake Technology

One of the standout features of the Swampfox Kraken is its innovative Shake N’ Wake technology. This intelligent power management system has been designed to turn off the illumination after approximately 225 seconds of stillness. 

But here’s the kicker: the moment you move, the illumination snaps back to your prior setting almost instantaneously. 

What this means for the user is an extension in battery life, allowing you to focus more on the shooting and less on worrying about replacing batteries in crucial times.

My Testing

For my evaluation of Shake N’ Wake, I ran a couple of real-world scenarios. First, I left the optic idle on my workbench for several minutes. 

As claimed, the illumination turned off. I then picked up the firearm, and, almost like magic, the illumination was back without a fraction of a second’s delay, exactly at the setting where it was before it went off. 

This feature worked seamlessly and is incredibly useful for conserving battery life.

3. Multi-Coated Ruby Red and Silver Lens

The lens of the Swampfox Kraken is a masterpiece in optical technology. It’s not just any ordinary glass; this lens is fully multi-coated in ruby red and silver. 

These coatings serve multiple purposes, including anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic properties. These coatings help in maintaining a crisp and clear sight picture, regardless of the lighting conditions or any potential weather obstacles like rain or fog. 

This attention to detail in lens coating allows the Kraken to deliver unparalleled performance when aiming is crucial.

My Testing

For the lens, I pulled out all the stops. I took the Kraken out on a glaringly sunny day and aimed it toward the brightest part of the sky. 

No glare, no blurriness, just a clear red dot. To follow up, I used a humidifier to create a foggy atmosphere in a controlled environment. 

Even with moisture in the air, the anti-fog feature of the lens came through, and my sight picture remained as clear as ever.

4. Tactile Buttons and Small Adjustments

User experience is not just about how something works; it’s also about how it feels. The Kraken is outfitted with tactile buttons for windage and elevation adjustments. 

Each click translates to a 0.5-MOA change, providing a finer, more precise alignment for those critical shots. The tactile feedback ensures that you know a change has been made, reducing any guesswork. 

Even in high-stress or noisy environments, the tactile feedback keeps you confident that you’re making the exact adjustments needed.

My Testing

I decided to evaluate this feature under various conditions, including windy and noisy surroundings. The tactile feedback was loud and clear, allowing me to make precise adjustments without any second-guessing. 

Whether I was fine-tuning the red dot for a long-range shot or making quick changes during rapid transitions, the system was exceptionally responsive and accurate.

5. Use of Common CR2032 Batteries

Battery life and ease of replacement are the unsung heroes of any electronic device. The Kraken is designed to use common CR2032 batteries, which are not only readily available but also relatively inexpensive. 

In an era where proprietary batteries can hold your device hostage, the use of universal batteries gives you the freedom to easily swap them out, ensuring you’re always operational when it matters most.

My Testing

During my test period, I had to replace the battery only once, thanks to the Kraken’s efficient energy usage. 

Finding a CR2032 battery was as simple as walking into any convenience store. The replacement process was straightforward, and I was back to being operational in no time.

6. Night Vision Settings

The world doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, and neither should your optic. The Kraken comes with two NV-compatible settings at the bottom of its ten brightness levels. 

This makes it adaptable for night-time operations, including scenarios involving helmet-mounted night-vision binoculars or monoculars. 

For operators who need to transition between day and night settings rapidly, this feature is an absolute boon.

My Testing

To examine the NV settings, I used a pair of night-vision goggles in a dim environment. The compatibility was seamless, allowing me to maintain a clear-sighted picture even in low-light conditions. 

It became clear that the Kraken is engineered for 24/7 operability, whether you’re navigating the darkness of the night or the bright light of day.

Overview of the Footprint & the Mounting Considerations

When it comes to mounting the Swampfox Kraken, you’re in for a treat because it’s as versatile as they come. 

This optic is ready to fit on any RMR or Glock MOS footprint straight out of the box. The Kraken makes it simple by including adapter plates, so whether you’ve got an RMR-milled slide or a Glock MOS, you’re good to go. 

Of course, there are considerations. Adapter plates do raise the optic slightly, adding another point that could fail. But let’s be real: the Kraken’s robust design minimizes that risk. 


  • Durable 7075 aluminum construction, built to withstand tough conditions
  • A fully enclosed emitter design protects against environmental elements
  • Versatile mounting options, compatible with RMR and Glock MOS footprints
  • Includes Shake N’ Wake technology for extended battery life
  • High-quality lens with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic coatings
  • Daylight bright illumination with NV-compatible settings
  • Tactile buttons for easy adjustments
  • Good battery life with easily accessible and common CR2032 battery
  • Proven ruggedness through exhaustive testing by the company


  • The larger battery compartment may be obtrusive for some users
  • Limited to a single 3-MOA dot size

Final Verdict

As a professional shooter who has tested numerous optics, the Swampfox Kraken genuinely impressed me. It’s a game-changer in the red dot sight arena, and it’s clear that this sight is built for the real world. 

It performed flawlessly through rigorous use and never let me down. If you’re looking for reliability and performance, the Kraken won’t disappoint.

It’s made me more confident in my shooting and is clearly designed to be a workhorse.


What is the warranty on Swampfox Kraken? 

SwampFox will replace the Kraken if you break it. It comes with a 50,000 Round Guarantee.

What footprint is the Swampfox Kraken? 

The Kraken fits all RMR footprint slides and mounts with the correct adapter plates. Its aluminum body measures 27.5mm wide and 30mm tall.

Where are Swampfox products made? 

Swampfox products are made off-shore by a Chinese manufacturer and imported into the United States.

Are Swampfox red dots good? 

Yes, they’re excellent. I highly recommend Swampfox red dots as they are as good as more expensive options on the market.

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