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Good day shooters! Today I’ll be reviewing an astounding Swampfox optics red dot sight. This astounding sight is the swampfox sentinel, a micro-reflex optic built specially to fit on subcompact weapons. 

Whether it’s the swampfox sentinel’s lens clarity, reticle options, the field of view, size and weight, mounting, adjustment settings, or any other feature or benefit, this product has it all highly rated. 

When this product was released, I immediately decided to purchase it as soon as possible, and since then, I have done extensive testing on it. A few things I didn’t know before buying this product became clear to me during the testing period and the actual shooting. Therefore, I’ve listed all the information about the swampfox sentinel that I’ve learned after conducting in-depth experiments on it below.

Swampfox Optics: Good Or Bad?

In today’s world of shooters, slide-mounted sights are revolutionizing competitive shooting. When used in competition, Swampfox offers target-focused sighting, better efficiency, and a noticeable performance boost. Specifically speaking, the swampfox sentinel is a small sight with a thin lens hood. 

There are two models of swampfox sentinel available in the market to meet the challenges of everyday carry. The first one is the swampfox sentinel-M which adjusts reticle brightness with the manual press. The second one is the swampfox sentinel-A which automatically adjusts the brightness of the reticle. Also, you can pick between two different reticle colors red or green for a better shoot. I use the swampfox sentinel-A for competition and target shooting because it performs best in these situations.

Manual Vs Automatic: The Choice Is Yours

The manual swampfox sentinel-M works by manually pushing the adjustment button to set the brightness of the reticle. To manually set the brightness of the reticle, there are ten levels available with extreme level high brightness. In swampfox sentinel-M, the “shake awake” motion sensor turns the optic off after about 4 minutes of idle time and preserves the battery this way. Furthermore, when the optic detects the motion, it turns on and the brightness setting would still be the same. You can also turn off the swampfox sentinel-M manually by pressing the down arrow brightness button for 3 seconds.

The automatic swampfox sentinel-A just never went off duty. Sentinel-A has a photosensitive sensor that can change the illumination of the reticle from low to high depending on the amount of light present, whether it is day or night. This optic doesn’t have “shake awake” or “manual controls,” so it can never be turned off. The embedded battery in sentinel-A will function flawlessly for nearly two years.

Compare Deals:

Swampfox Sentinel
Swampfox Sentinel 1x16mm Ultra Compact Micro Dot Sight

Compare Deals:

Swampfox Sentinel
Sentinel Ultra-Compact Micro Reflex Dot Sight

What Is Included In The Box?

The box’s packaging was fine in my opinion, but the items were impressive. As a result, when you open the box, you’ll find some of the items listed below:

  • Swampfox Sentinel (the product)
  • Instruction manual / welcome card
  • Cleaning cloth
  • One CR-2032 battery
  • Allen Key
  • Rubber Optic protective cover
  • 3 screw sets
    • M4 x 0.7 x 10.1 mm
    • M4 x 0.7 x 8.6 mm
    • M3 x 0.5 x 12.0 mm 8.6mm

What kind of weapon does it fit?

The following are a few weapons that swampfox sentinel works best with:

In a nutshell, the swampfox sentinel works best with the ultra-slim slide with an “RMSc footprint”.

Swampfox Sentinel: The Specification Chart

Housing Material7075 T6 Aluminum
Dimensions of the optic (LxWxH)1.61 x 0.91 x 0.94 inches
Weight0.62 ounces
Lens Diameter1×16 mm
BrightnessManual or photosensitive sensor
Battery TypeCR 2032
Lifespan of Battery1.5 to 2 years
Reticle ColorRed or Green
Reticle Size3 MOA red dot
Adjustment1 MOA per click
Windage/Elevation movement range (MOA)+/- 35 MOA / Total 70 MOA range

What Potential Benefits Do Swampfox Sentinel Will Offer You?

There are numerous potential benefits that swampfox sentinel, whether manual or automatic, can provide.

1. Brighter Dot, Longer Battery Life

The swampfox sentinel provides a great brightness setting that illuminates the reticle much better than another swampfox red dot.  The swampfox sentinel uses a high-efficiency emitter that projects a 3 MOA red or green dot for a better shooting experience.

In swampfox sentinel, you can remove or replace the battery from the battery tray by removing the sentinel from the weapon which eventually disturbs the windage and elevation setting. After replacing the battery, you have to again zero the sight by adjusting windage and elevation.

The CR-2032 battery used in both swampfox sentinel-A and sentinel-M, work continuously for nearly two years without a doubt. Furthermore, the swampfox sentinel-M has a shake awake feature that when turned on allows the optic to function for 50,000 hours.

2. Fusion Of Metal And Glass

The swampfox sentinel is constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum, not like other optics having plastic bodies and polymer lenses. The swampfox sentinel is anodized for a matte finish to prevent rusting and uses a multicoated glass of excellent quality.

3. Lens Clarity

The swampfox sentinel has extremely better lens clarity, which is the same as the swampfox optics used in their long-distance scope. Swampfox sentinel is available in two distinct variations, each with a different lens coating. The sentinel with a red dot has a multicoated ruby lens, whereas the sentinel with a green dot has a multicoated silver lens. This setting is done to provide more convenience to the user for a better shooting experience.

4. Size and Weight

The swampfox sentinel is a compact sight with the dimensions of 1.61 x 0.91 x 0.94 inches and has a 16 x 16 mm window size. The window size of the swampfox sentinel says that the shooter will have a large field of view and with the help of this the shooter can see more area around the target. The swampfox sentinel weighs less than 1 ounce which enables easiness for a shooter to easily mount and carry this optic.

5. Reticle

Customers have a choice between two colors: red and green. The majority of people preferred a green dot, which is also the best product to buy for astigmatic people. It only comes with one reticle size, the excellently precise 3 MOA. Since most people are professional shooters who demand high levels of precision, swampfox optics introduces this optic with a 3 MOA reticle along with a variety of features.

6. Durable

With the IPX7, the swampfox sentinel is waterproof and will work well in every weather pattern, and can bear shock to 1500 G so if your optic falls from shoulder height, nothing in your optic will get even a single scratch damage. I have personally conducted the durability test of swampfox sentinel by using it in rainfall conditions and dropped it from the height of 7 feet and it was working perfectly fine after that.

7. Reliability

In the event that the item is minorly damaged or has a defect, swampfox optics will replace or repair it at no cost. The manufacturers of the product, swampfox optics, are so confident in its reliability that they will provide free repair and replacement services if it malfunctions before 50,000 rounds have been fired.

8. Shake-Awake Technology

When you left your optic to sit idle for more than a minute then after 4 minutes of idle time, this shake-awake technology will automatically turn off the optic. After shutting down, the shake-awake feature is still running, so when the optic will detect motion the sentinel will turn on automatically. You will get two benefits from this functionality: you don’t have to worry about the power system and it preserves the battery by turning the optic off automatically.

9. Hold Zero

You must correct the windage and elevation to zero the sight before shooting with the swampfox sentinel. You can’t hit the target perfectly if it isn’t zero. Therefore, once the sight has been zeroed, it won’t ever need to be done again because the optic will always maintain zero. I assessed this statement by having one go through 1000 rounds, and the swampfox sentinel was still holding the zero.

10. Footprint

To attach swampfox sentinel to subcompact sight, it uses an RMSc footprint. You can either directly attach the optic which means no need of modifying your pistol or using an adapter plate or you have the option of modifying your pistol which is unlikable by many people. However, the swampfox sentinel will not put you in trouble like this with this RMSc footprint.

Is It Reasonably Priced Or Not?

The majority of people prioritize cost over all else, but swampfox facilitates customers to purchase more features for a lower cost. Although swampfox sentinel costs less than $250, the cost varies depending on the version. 

There are two types of versions available: manual and automatic. The manual version of the swampfox sentinel costs $20 less than the automatic version. Even when all other options with the same or fewer functionalities are considered, this optics is nearly $200 less than those options. 

Pros And Cons Of Swampfox Sentinel

What are the pros and cons of such a phenomenal product?


  • high caliber dots
  • long-lasting battery
  • high-quality components and design
  • the most common footprint
  • A cheap product


  • Unsettling battery replacement
  • There is no rear sight cut included.
  • Clear lens with little distortion

Swampfox Sentinel Review – Video

Final Thoughts

Purchase without hesitation! For many reasons, a swampfox sentinel is a viable approach. It is the ideal red dot sight for subcompact weapons, comes in a variety of models from which you can choose one, has two reticle colors available, has an RMSc footprint, and durability is also at the highest level.

Furthermore, the lens clarity of both color reticles is satisfactory, and the optic is both small and lightweight. The manual version of the swampfox sentinel has 10 brightness settings, while the automatic version lacks any such controls. It uses one of the best batteries that will make the swampfox sentinel run without turning off for a single second for almost two years. This demonstrates the incredible power of the swampfox sentinel and encourages you to buy this lens.

Aside from all of these advantages, the main one is that it is inexpensive. Can’t say everyone but most people can buy this optic easily due to less price. The only drawback is that the battery compartment is located beneath the optic, necessitating the removal of the optic each time a battery needs to be replaced or removed. This forces you to re-zero the sight for a perfect hit.

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Red dot or green dot sights – which is superior?

It is entirely subjective; most people prefer the green dot due to astigmatism and because the green dot enables rapid target identification and improved contrast. We can infer that green dot sights are marginally more desirable than red dot sights.

Is Swampfox manufactured in the USA?

No, swampfox optics are not produced in the United States; rather, they are imported into the country from China by a Chinese manufacturer.

Is Swampfox Sentinel a good fit for Hellcat?

Yes, the swampfox sentinel best fit on the springfield hellcat.

Is the Swampfox Sentinel resistant to water?

Definitely yes. Swampfox Sentinel has an IPX7 rating for waterproofness.

How reliable is the Swampfox warranty?

Minimum of 50,000 Rounds.

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