Hex Wasp Red Dot Review – 7 Features And Benefits

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Welcome to the review of Springfield Armory Hex Wasp Red Dot Review.

The HEX optics collection features the Dragonfly red dot and the HEX Wasp, a strong micro-sized optic with a non-stinging market value. When combined with an optics-ready firearm, the Hex Wasp makes red dot shooting simple for both experienced and novice snipers.

I have had my Hex Wasp Red Dot for about a year, and I thoroughly investigated its capabilities and gun compatibility. I had a positive overall experience with the hex wasp; there were no disappointments.

What’s inside the box?

When you open the package, you will find only a few simple items.

  • Springfield Armory Hex Wasp Red Dot
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hex Wrench
  • Trox Wrench
  • Cr2032 Battery
  • Two Sets Of Screws
  • Warranty Card

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Hex Wasp
Hex Wasp Micro Red Dot Sight

Specification Chart

BrandSpringfield Armory
Magnification 1x
Reticle 3.5 MOA Red Dot
Width0.7 ounces
Parallax AdjustmentParallax free
WarrantyHex lifetime warranty

Hex Wasp Review

Hex wasp red dot sight has extremely high durability by its 6061-T6 hard coat aluminum body material. This aluminum material is anodized to make the surface free of rusting. It does not have a large freaking size and has a good amount of weight that can be easily carried by the shooter.

Hex wasp red dot has a clear glass clarity and anti-glare coating with the 3.5 MOA reticle. It does not have manual operation buttons to adjust the brightness and handle the power system. Furthermore, the hex wasp red dot has a total of 90 MOA windage and elevation adjustment and is compatible with the shield RMSc footprint.

Features And Benefits Of Hex Wasp Red Dot

Here are the characteristics and advantages of the hex wasp red dot that I learned about throughout my experience with the hex wasp.

1. Sturdiness and Reliability

Hex wasp red dot sight has 6061-T6 aluminum construction that makes it last for a longer time. This housing material is then anodized to prevent rust and give the surface a smooth finish. So, if you smash it or drop it, the survivability chances are a lot. The surface may get scratched if you smash it with high force. Otherwise, there is no chance of getting a scratch.

In addition to its long-durability, it has an IPX7 rating that makes it waterproof. This IPX7 rating allows the hex Wasp red dot to work in all weather conditions like snowy, rainy, haze, etc. My testing on Hex wasp red dot sight proves that hex wasp has a high level of durability standards.

Furthermore, the hex wasp red dot sight comes along with a hex lifetime warranty. It includes repairing minor damaged hex products and replacing only faulty products.

2. Dimensions and Weight

Hex wasp red dot sight got a great dimension of 1.60 inches in length, 0.95 inches in width, and 0.85 inches in height. Moreover, it has 0.7 ounces weight which makes it easy to carry by the shooter. This dimension and weight show that the hex wasp is according to the sight that most shooters desire. So, it is a plus point, or you can say it benefits the shooter by being lightweight sight.

3. Lens and Reticle

The hex wasp red dot sight has scratch-resistant glass on which the red reticle illuminates. It has an anti-glare coating that raises its value while keeping it debris-free. In order to make it simple for the user to see the target, it also has a large field of view and a 1x magnification.

Hex wasp red dot has a 3.5 MOA reticle that is neither too small nor large. A 3.5 MOA red dot can make your shooting experience better by providing great accuracy and rapid target acquisition. Although hex wasp does not have a multiple reticle system like most holosun optics does the same work with its 3.5 MOA reticle dot.

3. Illumination Adjustment

Hex wasp red dot sight’s illumination adjustment is quite a rising question among shooters. It is because the hex wasp does not have illumination control buttons like many other red dot sights. 

Instead of illumination control buttons, the hex Wasp red dot has auto-dimming functionality. Auto-dimming features work according to the ambient light. It changes the brightness from low to high or high to low depending on the lighting conditions. 

The hex wasp red dot is always set to operate in the “always-on” mode, which is the most crucial aspect. That implies that it is constantly prepared for the shooter to grab it and fire. Since there are no control knobs, so you can’t manually turn the hex Wasp red dot sight off.

4. Source Of Power

The hex wasp red dot sight has a CR2032 battery cell that has a long survivability time. The company states that hex wasp red dot will run for over 65000 hours if the illumination is on the lowest setting, but it can be less if the brightness is high. It depends on the environment where you are shooting. 

If one were to estimate the battery’s life, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it could last for roughly two years. Although this is a considerable amount of time, I would advise always carrying an extra battery.

5. Windage and Elevation Adjustment

Adjusting windage and elevation is critical because it determines whether you will hit the target accurately or not. Windage and elevation adjustment, when done, it is known as zero. If you are not going to zero the sight, you do not need a red dot sight. But to shoot perfectly, you must zero the sight.

Hex wasp red dot sight has a 90 MOA windage and elevation adjustment option. Each increment of windage and elevation adjustment is 0.5 MOA. You can easily and precisely make the adjustment to zero the sight.

6. Mounting and Footprint

For the red dot to be compatible with the firearm is the decision to be before buying a red dot sight. Hex wasp red dot is compatible with many firearms in the market. It just requires a footprint that is Springfield micro. Springfield micro footprint is the standard for concealed carry optics. It has been made popular by the hell cat, and you can use it as a shield RMSc footprint.

7. Price

The price of the hex Wasp red dot is impressive, which means it is affordable. Although the hex Wasp red dot has many amazing features and benefits, it is still less pricey.

You can purchase the hex wasp red dot from many authentic sites. Just be sure not to purchase any red dot sight from the wrong site. There will be a chance of you getting a faulty product that not even be replaced by the company.

Drawbacks Of Hex Wasp Red Dot

Hex wasp red dot is such a breathtaking sight that consumers are likely to overlook its flaws. That is what I did when making the purchase.

1. Manual Switch

The first issue I ran into was dealing with the hex wasp red dot in the absence of a manual switch. In a few instances, I wanted to change the reticle’s brightness but was unable to do so. This may not be a Hex Wasp problems for some shooters, but it might be for the majority of shooters.

2. Battery

The second issue I encountered was the battery’s lifespan. The hex Wasp red dot uses twice as much battery power when operating in “always-on” mode. The possibility of the battery dying at any time makes it potentially hazardous for shooters. For instance, the hex wasp will use up the battery more quickly if the shooter only uses it during the day.

Bottom Line

Hex wasp red dot, in my opinion, can be a great purchase for the shooters who want this for the Springfield hellcat. This hex wasp red dot has impressed me a lot with its amazing characteristics and durability. I have done a lot of testing on the Springfield hex wasp, and it survived without getting a scratch, etc.

Hex wasp has clear glass with an anti-glare coating and a 3.5 MOA reticle. The 3.5 MOA reticle will make rapid target acquisition and precisely hit the target. It uses a CR2032 battery that lasts for about two years if the brightness is most of the time set to low. Hex wasp does not have manual control buttons and operates in “always-on” mode.

It is compatible with many firearms and RMSc footprints. Having budget-friendly prices and wonderful features makes every penny spend on it worthwhile.

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Is the HEX Wasp a durable red dot?

Yes, the Hex Wasp Red Dot from Springfield Armory is a good sight. Its popularity stems from its water-resistant and extremely durable design, which results in a long lifespan. Additionally, the Springfield hex wasp red dot is very reasonably priced.

Can a HEX Wasp red dot be turned off?

The Hex wasp red dot can not be turned off. To turn the hex wasp off, it requires switches that are absent in the hex wasp red dot. The hex wasp operates in “always-on” mode. It can not be turned off by the shooters. It just uses ambient light to change the illumination of the reticle.

How much time can the HEX Wasp red dot battery be used?

Depending on the red dot reticle’s illumination setting, the hex wasp’s battery life can vary from a longer to a shorter period. We can estimate the power consumption of the hex wasp red dot at 65000 hours if it is set to a low illumination setting. A rough estimate for battery life would be approximately two years, taking into account all possible lighting conditions.

What distinguishes the Hex Dragonfly red dot from the Wasp?

The hex dragonfly red dot and the Wasp red dot only significantly differ in their illumination settings. You can manually change the illumination setting in the hex dragonfly red dot up to eight levels. The hex wasp red dot offers automatic illumination and dimmable optic choice.

Where is HEX Wasp red dot manufactured?

The thick, 6061-T6 aluminum body with a hard coat anodized hex wasp is made in China to the requirements of Springfield Armory.

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