TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Review: Worth Buying in 2024

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Hey Gunners! Welcome to my TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Review in 2024.

I’ve had the opportunity to test the TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight. In the world of shooting, where precision and reliability are paramount, this sight presents itself as a noteworthy contender. 

My journey with the TRUGLO Tru-Tec has been intriguing, filled with rigorous tests and real-world applications. 

I aim to share my comprehensive evaluation of this sight, detailing its functionality, features, and overall performance in various shooting scenarios.

Overview of the TRUGLO Tru-Tec

The TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight enters the market as an intriguing option for shooters looking for an upgrade in their sighting solutions. 

This sight stands out with its unobtrusive design and intuitive functionality. It seamlessly blends into the shooting experience, enhancing the user’s ability to acquire targets swiftly and accurately. 

Core Specifications of the Sight

Sight Window Size23mm x 17mm
Reticle3-MOA Dot
Battery Type3V-CR2032 Lithium
MaterialAircraft-Grade Aluminum (CNC-machined)
AdjustmentsLocking Windage and Elevation
Weather ResistanceWaterproof and Shock Resistant
ParallaxFree beyond 30 yards
Auto Shut-Off4 hours from the last button push

What’s in the box?

  • TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight
  • 3V-CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Mounting Hardware
  • User Manual

First Look & Impression

Upon unboxing the TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight, its compact and sleek design immediately caught my attention. The lightweight yet robust construction promised durability without adding unnecessary bulk to the firearm. 

The sight’s frame was minimal, ensuring an almost uninterrupted field of view, and the digital push-button brightness controls were intuitively placed for easy adjustments. 

Who Should Get TRUGLO Tru-Tec

The TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight is ideal for shooters who value precision and speed. 

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, hunter, or tactical professional, this site offers the reliability and clarity needed for quick target acquisition and accurate shooting.

Types of Guns Suitable for This Sight

Features of TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro

1. Wide Sight Window with Thin Frame

The Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight boasts a wide sight window measuring 23mm x 17mm, framed thinly to enhance visual clarity and field of view. This design choice is pivotal for shooters who rely on rapid target acquisition without losing peripheral vision. 

The expansive window paired with a minimal frame allows for a near-seamless view, ensuring that the shooter’s focus remains on the target with minimal visual obstruction. Such a design is beneficial in dynamic shooting scenarios where situational awareness and quick reflexes are crucial. 

Additionally, the larger window facilitates easier tracking of moving targets, a feature especially useful in both competitive shooting and hunting.

My Testing

During my testing, the wide sight window significantly improved my target acquisition speed. The thin frame almost vanished from my sight, allowing me to focus solely on the target. 

This feature was particularly helpful in fast-paced shooting drills where quick reflexes were essential. The wider window also made tracking moving targets more manageable, giving me a distinct advantage in dynamic shooting situations.

2. 3-MOA Dot Reticle

The Tru-Tec Micro is equipped with a 3-MOA dot reticle, an ideal size for a broad range of shooting applications. The 3-MOA dot strikes a perfect balance between precision and visibility, making it suitable for both close and mid-range shooting. 

This size is small enough to allow for accurate shot placement at greater distances yet large enough to be easily seen in various lighting conditions. 

The reticle’s brightness can be adjusted, ensuring optimal visibility against different backgrounds and light environments. This adaptability is crucial for shooters who operate in diverse conditions, from bright daylight to low-light scenarios.

My Testing

In my field tests, the 3-MOA dot was remarkably efficient. It provided a clear aiming point without obscuring the target, whether I was engaging in close-quarters shooting or at longer ranges. 

The adjustability of the dot’s brightness was a significant advantage, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions, from bright outdoor environments to dimly lit indoor ranges.

3. Durable Construction and Weather Resistance

The Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight is constructed using CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring a robust and durable build. This makes it capable of withstanding the rigors of regular use in various environments. 

The sight’s weather resistance is another key feature, offering waterproof and shock-resistant capabilities. This ensures reliable performance in adverse weather conditions, protecting the internal components from water damage and the impacts of recoil or accidental drops. 

The sight’s resilience makes it a reliable companion for shooters who find themselves in challenging outdoor environments or require a dependable sight for tactical applications.

My Testing

Throughout my testing, the sight’s construction proved to be exceptionally resilient. I exposed it to various weather conditions, including rain and dust, and it maintained flawless functionality. Its shock resistance was evident as it sustained the recoil of different firearms without any loss in accuracy or alignment. 

However, I noticed the lack of tactile clicks on the windage and elevation adjustments, which might be a downside for some shooters who prefer more tactile feedback during adjustments.

4. Mounting Compatibility and Versatility

The Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight is designed with a versatile mounting system, compatible with a wide range of firearms. It uses a Docter footprint, which is also compatible with Vortex/Burris footprints, making it a versatile option for various types of guns. 

Such versatility is a significant advantage for shooters who own multiple firearms or those who require a sight that can adapt to different shooting disciplines.

My Testing

I tested the sight on several firearms, including a Glock 19, an AR-15, and a Ruger 22/45. The mounting process was straightforward, and the sight fit securely on each firearm. 

Its compatibility with different mounting systems made it an adaptable option for various shooting applications. The sight remained stable and secure throughout testing, regardless of the firearm 


5. Digital Push-Button Brightness Control

The Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight is equipped with a digital push-button brightness control system, offering ten different brightness settings. This feature is essential for adapting the sight to varying light conditions, from the bright glare of midday sun to the dimness of dawn or dusk. 

The user-friendly buttons allow for quick and effortless adjustments, ensuring the reticle’s visibility is always optimized. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining accuracy and quick target acquisition in changing environments. 

The digital nature of these controls also lends to the sight’s overall durability and reliability, as it minimizes the potential for mechanical failures.

My Testing

During my use, the digital brightness controls were exceptionally responsive and easy to adjust, even when wearing gloves. The range of brightness settings proved sufficient in all light conditions I encountered. 

However, I did note that in extremely bright conditions, the highest setting could be slightly brighter for optimal visibility.

6. Battery Life and Auto Shut-Off Feature

The Tru-Tec Micro operates on a single 3V-CR2032 lithium battery, a common and easily replaceable battery type. An outstanding feature of this sight is its auto shut-off function, which activates 4 hours from the last button push, significantly extending battery life. 

This feature is invaluable for users who may forget to turn off their sight, as it helps prevent the frustration and inconvenience of a dead battery during critical moments. 

The combination of a long-lasting battery and the auto shut-off feature ensures that the sight is always ready for use when needed.

My Testing

Throughout my testing period, the battery life was impressive, and the auto shut-off function worked flawlessly. I appreciated not having to worry about conserving battery life, especially during long shooting sessions or over multiple days of use.

Footprint and Mounting Considerations

The Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight uses a Docter footprint, which is also compatible with Vortex and Burris mounting systems. This compatibility allows for easy mounting on a wide range of firearms, from handguns to rifles. 

The versatility of the mounting options makes it a suitable choice for various shooting applications, whether for sport, hunting, or tactical use. The sight’s ease of installation and the reliability of its mounting system are crucial for shooters who need to trust that their optic will remain secure and accurately aligned under all conditions.

Pros and Cons: TRUGLO Tru-Tec


  • Wide 23mm x 17mm sight window for easy target acquisition
  • Thin frame design for minimal visual obstruction
  • 3-MOA dot reticle, ideal for various shooting distances
  • Ten digital push-button brightness settings for optimal visibility
  • Durable CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Waterproof and shock-resistant, suitable for all-weather use
  • Compatible with a wide range of firearms due to its versatile mounting options
  • Long battery life with an auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life
  • Parallax free beyond 30 yards for accurate shooting


  • No tactile feedback (clicks) on windage and elevation adjustments
  • Brightness could be improved in extremely bright conditions
  • Battery compartment accessibility could be enhanced for easier battery changes

Final Verdict

As a professional shooter who has rigorously tested the TRUGLO Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight, I can confidently endorse it as a valuable addition to any shooter’s arsenal. 

Its remarkable blend of precision, durability, and ease of use significantly enhances the shooting experience. The sight’s intuitive design and reliable performance across various conditions make it an excellent choice for shooters looking to improve their speed and accuracy. 

While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it refines it, offering a solid, user-friendly sighting solution that meets the demands of modern shooting disciplines.


What are the pros and cons of red dot sights?

Pros of red dot sights include faster target acquisition, improved accuracy, and a clearer sight picture. Cons encompass increased cost, concerns over battery life, added weight, and the potential for malfunctions.

What material is used in night sights?

Night sights typically use Tritium (3H), a radioactive material emitting a weak beta particle, utilized in glow-in-the-dark applications such as watches and exit signs.

Which is better, 3 or 6 MOA?

The choice between 3 MOA and 6 MOA depends on the intended use. A 3 MOA dot, being smaller, offers more precision, especially at longer ranges. In contrast, a 6 MOA dot is larger and covers more of the target, which can be advantageous for quicker target acquisition at closer distances.

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