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Hey Shooters! welcome to Best Red Dot For kel tec sub 2000 blog.

Today, I’ll break down the key factors to keep in mind when choosing the kel tec sub 2000 optic options, as well as some top contenders to help you make an informed decision.

So, what red dot fits Kel Tec Sub 2000?

Here are six red dot sights that fit the Kel Tec Sub 2000 perfectly.

Best Red Dot For Kel Tec Sub 2000CategoryPrice
SIG Romeo 5Best Overall$126
Holosun 510CBest Solid Option$309
Bushnell TRS-25Best User-Friendly Controls$59
Trijicon MROBest Wild Field of View$456
Vortex CrossfireExtreme Brightness$136
Burris FastFireBest Budget-Friendly Option$197

Best Optics For Kel Tec Sub 2000

  1. SIG Romeo 5 – Best Overall
  2. Holosun HS510C – Best Solid Option
  3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 – Best User-Friendly Controls
  4. Trijicon MRO – Best Wild Field of View
  5. Vortex Crossfire – Extreme Brightness
  6. Burris FastFire – Best Budget-Friendly Option

1. SIG Romeo 5 – Best Overall

Sig Sauer Romeo5 1X20mm Tactical Hunting Shooting Durable Waterproof Fogproof Illuminated 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle Gun Sight, Picatinny Mount Included
12,452 Reviews
Sig Sauer Romeo5 1X20mm Tactical Hunting Shooting Durable Waterproof Fogproof Illuminated 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle Gun Sight, Picatinny Mount Included
  • ROMEO5 GUN SIGHT - The ROMEO5 1X20mm Red Dot Sight...
  • 2 MOA RED-DOT - For those avid shooters who admire...
  • MOTAC TECH - The versatile ROMEO5 red dot sight...
  • VERSATILE MOUNT - This gun sight comes with an...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - The dependable IPX-7 waterproof and...

The Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 is a 1X20mm red dot sight built to elevate your shooting game, particularly with the Kel Tec Sub 2000.

Clarity and Multi-Coated Lens: The Romeo 5 comes with a multi-coated lens that allows for some incredibly crisp and vivid visuals. This is especially helpful in scenarios with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. 

While some other optics struggle with low light, this lens brings the environment right to your eye, effectively maximizing the available light. 

The field of view is practically unlimited, and the sight is parallax-free, so your aiming point and the target are going to remain constant, regardless of eye position.

Illumination Settings: Here’s the kicker: the Romeo 5 offers a staggering 10 illumination settings. These options allow you to adapt the reticle’s brightness according to your environment. 

Say you’re shooting under blazing sunlight; you can crank the brightness up. Conversely, you can lower it down a notch if it’s a cloudy day. 

This flexibility can make a significant difference in your shooting accuracy, especially when time is of the essence.

Durability and Weather Resistance: Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy, the Romeo 5 can take a beating and keep on ticking. 

It’s not just a fair-weather friend; it’s got IPX-7 waterproof and fog-resistant capabilities. That means, come rain or shine, your sight is good to go. 

Affordability: When it comes to value, the Romeo 5 punches well above its weight. You’re getting features often found in higher-priced models. 

In today’s market, getting this kind of quality at this price range is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, if you’re looking for a high-performance red dot sight without breaking the bank, this is it.

Side Flip Mount Compatibility: The icing on the cake? This sight is compatible with a side flip optic mount for the Sub 2000. 

It simplifies the mounting and demounting process, especially when you need to fold the Sub 2000 for transport. This added convenience might seem small, but it adds to the overall experience in a big way.

Why I Love It: The Sig Romeo 5 isn’t just another red dot sight; it’s a top-notch performer that comes at an unbeatable price. It’s the total package: clear visuals, versatile settings, and rock-solid durability.

My Experience

Oh man, it felt like a match made in heaven. The sight performed flawlessly, making my time at the range an absolute joy. Target acquisition was fast, and the adjustments were intuitive.


  • Easy to install
  • Multiple illumination settings
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Affordable


  • No option for a multi-reticle
  • The max brightness setting may not be enough under direct sunlight

2. Holosun HS510C – Best Solid Option

HOLOSUN HS510C Multi-Reticle Green 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle Open Reflex Sight for Long Guns - Shake-Awake Solar FailSafe Waterproof Sight (HS510C)
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS510C sight is a versatile...
  • MULTI-RETICLE SYSTEM - This Holosun red dot sight is...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by...
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot...
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle;...

The Holosun HS510C is a top-tier reflex sight with dual power sources crafted for durability and high performance.

Multicoated Lens: When it comes to the quality of the lens, the Holosun HS510C doesn’t disappoint. The sight features a multi-coated lens that ensures clarity and minimal light reflection, providing a clear field of view in almost any lighting situation. 

It’s super useful during those tricky dawn or dusk hours when you need that extra bit of visibility. There are no issues with glare or fogging either.

12 Brightness Settings: Look, brightness settings might seem like an afterthought, but trust me, the 12 settings on this sight can be a game-changer. 

Whether you’re in bright sunlight or stuck in a low-light scenario, you can easily find a setting that works for you. 

The best part? The transition between the brightness levels is smooth, ensuring that you can adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Perfect Fit: Weight and dimensions can often be a dealbreaker, but the Holosun HS510C is neither too bulky nor too heavy for the Kel Tec Sub 2000. 

It just clicks in every sense. The sight keeps the carbine balanced and doesn’t eat up too much rail space.

Why I love it: Holosun’s HS510C is the complete package. From the construction to the advanced features like solar power and multiple brightness settings, this sight feels like it was custom-built for the Kel Tec Sub 2000.

My Experience

Using the Holosun HS510C has been a phenomenal experience. The sight performs exceptionally well, and the ease of use is really something else. 

The multi-coated lens and 12 brightness settings offer a clear, crisp view, no matter the lighting. The QD lever for easy mounting is super convenient, especially when you’re in a rush. It’s a top-notch choice for any Sub 2000 owner.


  • Multi-reticle system
  • Solar failsafe
  • Auto brightness adjustment
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Good value for the price


  • Locking cam quality could be improved

See detailed comparison of Holosun 510c vs Romeo 5.

3. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 – Best User-Friendly Controls

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black
  • Matte black featuring a 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11...
  • Waterproof construction: O ring sealed optics stay dry...
  • Shockproof construction: Built to withstand bumps,...
  • Nitrogen purged fog proofing: Nitrogen inside the scope...

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is a budget-friendly red dot sight that offers reliability and performance without breaking the bank.

Toughness Guaranteed: This sight is built with shockproof construction to endure the bumps and jolts that come with any shooting adventure. 

Designed to handle recoil-heavy firearms like the Kel Tec Sub 2000, this sight’s ruggedness is a testament to its durability. It’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a sight that can take a beating and keep on ticking.

Weatherproof Construction: The TRS-25 is sealed with O-rings and nitrogen-purged, making it both waterproof and fog-proof. 

This means whether you’re hunting in the rain or in humid conditions, this sight has got you covered. No worrying about water seeping in or foggy optics.

Dot Clarity: Sporting a 3 MOA red dot with 11 brightness settings, the sight ensures that you get a clear and well-defined dot in a variety of lighting conditions. 

While it might not have fancy reticles or additional settings, the dot does its job remarkably well.

User-Friendly: The sight is a dream to operate. Mounting it is straightforward, and the controls are intuitive. You don’t have to be an expert to figure things out, making this sight particularly appealing to those new to shooting.

Compact and Lightweight: Its low-profile design makes it a perfect fit for the Kel Tec Sub 2000, which itself is a compact and lightweight firearm. 

This sight won’t add significant weight or bulk to your weapon, making it convenient for longer shooting sessions.

Why I love it: The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 offers an unbeatable value proposition. It delivers performance, durability, and ease of use at a price point that’s hard to ignore.

My Experience

I’ve been testing this sight for a few weeks now, and I’m pretty much sold. The 3 MOA dot was bright and clear, and it held zero like a champ, even after a few hundred rounds. Adjusting the brightness was a cinch, and the sight stayed snug on the rail through all the recoil.


  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent build quality
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile brightness settings
  • Precise 3 MOA red dot


  • Lacks magnification


  • Easy to use
  • Motion-Activated (MOTAC)
  • Durable Construction
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Water and shockproof.
  • Affordable


  • No multi reticle option

4. Trijicon MRO – Best Wild Field of View

Trijicon MRO-C-2200003 1x25mm Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) Riflescope with 2.0 MOA Adjustable Red Dot Reticle (Without Mount)
  • LARGE VIEWING AREA: Allows faster target acquisition...
  • EASY-TO-SET ADJUSTERS: Adjusters provide positive-click...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY GLASS LENSES: Multi-coated lenses...
  • AIRCRAFT-GRADE ALUMINUM HOUSING: Forged 7075 housing...

Trijicon MRO offers an expansive field of view, built-like-a-tank durability, and versatile mounting options for serious shooters.

Expansive Field of View: The Trijicon MRO takes field of view to a new level, primarily due to its tapered tube design. 

It’s a significant advantage when you’re shooting in dynamic conditions where situational awareness is critical. 

The tube effect, a common issue in other sights where it feels like you’re looking through a pipe, is virtually nonexistent here. You see more of the environment, which is crucial when you’re switching between multiple targets or keeping track of a moving object.

Unmatched Durability: Let’s talk about toughness. The MRO isn’t just built to meet mil-spec durability standards; it crushes them. 

Whether you’re dealing with accidental drops, heavy recoil, or even an occasional kick, this sight keeps its composure and, more importantly, maintains its zero.

Why I Love It: It’s a total package for me: the wide field of view, the rugged construction, and the freedom to use different mounts make the MRO an invaluable addition to my shooting gear.

My Experience

I’ve field-tested this sight rigorously, and it has performed exceptionally well. The wide field of view keeps me aware of my surroundings at all times, an essential attribute when tracking multiple targets. 


  • An expansive field of view enhances situational awareness
  • Built to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling
  • Multiple mount options, including QD mounts for easy detachment
  • Relatively affordable, providing great value for the price


  • The lens tint, though minor, could be further reduced for even better visual clarity.

5. Vortex Crossfire – Extreme Brightness

Vortex Optics Crossfire Red Dot Sight Gen II- 2 MOA Dot (CF-RD2)
  • The updated Crossfire is a no-nonsense sight for near...
  • With up to a 50,000 hour battery life, the sight will...
  • The 2 MOA dot is quick to acquire in close-quarters,...
  • Increased light transmission with multiple...
  • Highly durable hard-coat anodization provides a...

The Vortex Crossfire Red Dot Sight offers excellent performance and reliability, all while being budget-friendly.

Long Battery Life: One of the first things that struck me about this sight was its insane battery life of 50,000 hours. It’s a no-brainer that a prolonged battery life is a boon for any sight, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about constantly swapping out batteries. 

It uses a CR 2032 battery, which is pretty standard and easy to find. The longer battery life makes it a trusty companion, whether you’re at the range or in the field.

Weatherproof Construction: Another feature that makes the Vortex Crossfire a solid choice is its resilience against harsh weather. It’s both waterproof and fog-proof. 

It’s got O-ring seals, ensuring that no moisture can enter the optic and thereby ensuring it stays fog-free even under rapid temperature changes. 

This weatherproofing gives it the flexibility to be used in pretty much any environmental condition.

Crystal-Clear Optics: The 2 MOA red dot is quick to acquire and offers excellent visibility even in lower light conditions. 

The multi-coated lens ensures that light transmission is at its peak, allowing for a clearer sight picture. What’s more, the red dot intensity can be adjusted to suit different lighting conditions.

Rugged Build: Crafted from aluminum, the Crossfire is not just lightweight but also remarkably durable. 

The housing is rugged enough to protect the lens from any physical harm, accidental falls, and even water damage. I’ve given it a run for its money in different terrains, and it’s stood up to the test.

Why I Love It: The Vortex Crossfire ticks a lot of boxes for me: long battery life, tough as nails, and doesn’t break the bank. It does exactly what it says it will do, and it does it well.

My Experience

I’ve tested the Vortex Crossfire extensively on my Kel Tec Sub 2000, and it’s been a game-changer. The sight was super easy to mount, and it held zero perfectly, even after several hundred rounds. 

The battery life has been excellent, and the weatherproof features have come in handy during some unexpected rain.


  • Long-lasting 50,000-hour battery life
  • Waterproof and fog-proof construction
  • Easy to acquire 2 MOA red dot
  • Affordable pricing
  • Durable aluminum housing


  • Lack of magnification limits its range
  • Brightness settings could be improved for more versatility

6. Burris FastFire – Best Budget-Friendly Option

Burris 300234 Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount 3 MOA Sight (Black)
  • Picatinny mount included
  • Windage and elevation adjustments that don't require a...
  • Three levels of brightness
  • 3 MOA Dot Reticle
  • Tool-less wind age and elevation adjustments

The Burris FastFire is a straightforward and user-friendly red dot sight that’s perfect for new competitors.

Easy-to-Use Interface: The FastFire offers a user-friendly experience that is excellent for beginners, who may find some other sights overwhelming.

The sight is super intuitive; there are no complex menus or sub-menus to navigate. You’ve got a basic, clear 3 MOA red dot that you can sight in quickly. The easy-to-use design helps you to get into shooting sports without feeling overwhelmed by technology.

Automatic Brightness Sensor: One of the standout features here is the automatic brightness sensor. This sensor adjusts the brightness of the red dot according to your environment. 

The sight also provides manual brightness settings, which you can use to fine-tune the brightness according to your preference.

Durability & Weather Resistance: In terms of build quality, this sight doesn’t disappoint. It’s waterproof and fog-proof, just like you’d want in any quality sight. 

The device is sturdy and can withstand the recoil of your Kel Tec Sub 2000 without losing zero. I’ve put this thing through some tough conditions, and it’s held up like a champ.

Top Battery Access: Changing the battery is a breeze with top access to the battery compartment. You don’t have to detach the sight from the firearm, making the whole process quicker and simpler. 

Trust me, this feature is a time-saver, especially if you’re out in the field.

Why I Love It: The Burris FastFire offers a blend of simplicity and functionality that’s hard to beat, especially for those new to shooting sports. 

The automatic brightness sensor is the cherry on top, ensuring the red dot is always at an optimal brightness.

My Experience

I mounted the Burris FastFire on my Kel Tec Sub 2000 and took it for a test drive. The sight performed exceptionally well. From the ease of mounting to holding zero after hundreds of rounds, it was a pleasure to use.

The top battery access made life simpler when it was time for a battery change.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Automatic brightness sensor
  • Manual brightness settings available
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Convenient top battery access


  • Not suitable for people with astigmatism

Final Verdict

Alright, folks, after spending quality time with these red dot sights on my Kel Tec Sub 2000, I’m pulling back the curtain.  

The SIG Romeo 5 takes the win! While each sight had its own unique charm and capabilities, the Romeo 5 shines in its well-roundedness. 

It met my high expectations and then some. Of course, the best sight for you will come down to your individual needs and preferences, but if you’re looking for the top dog, the SIG Romeo 5 is my go-to recommendation.

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What is the effective range of a Kel-Tec Sub 2000?

The effective range of the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 is approximately 150 yards.

How accurate is the Kel-Tec Sub 2000?

The Kel-Tec Sub 2000 is highly accurate, capable of delivering tight groups at varying ranges.

Can you put a scope on a sub-2000?

Yes, you can mount a scope on a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 for enhanced accuracy.

What kind of rails are on a Kel-Tec Sub 2000?

The Kel-Tec Sub 2000 comes with a SUB2000 Aluminum Forend with Picatinny Rails.

Can KelTec Sub 2000 take Glock mags?

The KelTec Sub 2000 Multi-Mag variant can accept various magazines but not Glock mags, which have fixed, non-alterable magazine catches.

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    • The SIG Romeo 5 is designed to be waterproof and fogproof, making it resilient in various weather conditions. You can expect consistent performance whether it’s raining, foggy, or really sunny.

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