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Hey Shooter, Welcome to my Best Optics for Tavor X95 blog in 2023.

I’ve spent countless hours at the range with the Tavor X95, putting it through its paces and dialing in on its performance. Along the way, I’ve also experimented with various red dot sights to find the best match for this particular rifle. 

I’ll diving deep into the red dot sights specifically designed for the Tavor X95. I’ve rigorously tested multiple options, considering accuracy, durability, and ease of use

So, what optics fits Tavor X95?

Here are seven red dot sights that fit the Tavor X95 perfectly.

Tavor x95 opticsCategoryPrice
Aimpoint ProBest Overall$482.00
EOTech Exps2Best for Professionals$517.00
Meprolight Mepro M21Dual Illumination$429.99
Holosun HE510CUnlimited Field Of View$309.99
Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen IIBest Holographic Sight Option$599.00
Aimpoint Micro H-1Best User-Friendly Controls$728.05
Leupold Carbine Optic (LCO)Best Electronic Reflex Sight$615.36

Top 7 Best Tavor X95 Optics

  1. Aimpoint Pro – Best Overall
  2. EOTech Exps2 – Best for Professionals
  3. Meprolight Mepro M21 – Dual Illumination
  4. Holosun HE510C – Unlimited Field Of View
  5. Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II – Best Holographic sight Option
  6. Aimpoint Micro H-1 – Best User-Friendly Controls
  7. Leupold Carbine Optic – Best Electronic Reflex Sight

1. Aimpoint PRO – Best Overall

Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 12841
  • Absolute co-witness with iron sights (with the supplied...
  • Features 2 MOA red dot for accurate target engagement
  • Includes front and rear plastic flip cap lens covers
  • Features 10 brightness settings including one extra...
  • Up to 30,000 hours (over 3 years) of constant operation...

The Aimpoint PRO offers unparalleled performance with a robust feature set designed for versatile applications.

2 MOA Red Dot for Accurate Targeting: The Aimpoint PRO features a 2 MOA red dot, which balances accuracy and rapid target acquisition. 

With a 2 MOA dot, you get enough precision for long-range engagements while maintaining a sufficiently large sight picture for quick and instinctive shooting at closer ranges. 

In practice, the 2 MOA dot allows you to take on a variety of shooting scenarios with confidence, whether you’re clearing a building or taking longer shots in an open field. 

Long Battery Life – Up to 30,000 Hours: One of the standout features of the Aimpoint PRO is its incredible battery life. We’re talking 30,000 hours or over 3 years of constant-on operation at setting 7 of 10 from a single DL1/3N battery. 

This is a game-changer for anyone who’s ever been frustrated by the sight dying at the worst possible moment. 

Not only does the extended battery life reduce the frequency of battery replacements, but it also means that you can practically leave the sight on for months on end without worrying about it losing juice. 

Night Vision Compatibility: This sight isn’t just a daytime performer; it’s fully compatible with all generations of night vision devices (NVD). With 4 specific night vision-compatible settings, you can seamlessly transition from day to night operations. 

In a practical sense, this means your sight is as versatile as you are. Whether you’re on a nighttime hunt or find yourself in a low-light tactical situation, the Aimpoint PRO has got you covered.

Durability and Weather Resistance: The Aimpoint PRO is submersible up to 150 feet, which means it’s as rugged as it comes. Whether you’re in torrential rain, searing heat, or freezing cold, this sight remains operational. 

The sight’s body is constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh conditions, shocks, and impacts. 

Absolute Co-Witness with Iron Sights: The sight features absolute Co-Witness with iron sights when the supplied spacer is installed. In practice, this means that the red dot aligns perfectly with your iron sights, providing a fail-safe aiming option should your electronic sight fail. 

The co-witness feature adds an extra layer of reliability to your setup, ensuring that you’re never left without an aiming solution in any scenario.

Brightness Settings: With 10 different brightness settings, including one that’s extra bright for use in bright sunlight, the Aimpoint PRO gives you versatility in various lighting conditions. 

This is crucial for maintaining sight picture clarity and contrast, regardless of whether you’re shooting in broad daylight or the dimmest conditions. The transition between settings is smooth and quick, allowing you to adapt to changing light conditions with ease.

Why I Love It: What’s not to love? This sight checks almost every box. It’s accurate, durable, and versatile, with a battery life that just won’t quit.

My Experience

Using the Aimpoint PRO on my Tavor X95 has been nothing short of amazing. The sight is quick to acquire, holds zero exceptionally well, and is a reliable partner in various shooting conditions.


  • Long battery life
  • Highly durable
  • Night vision compatible
  • Versatile brightness settings
  • Absolute co-witness with iron sights


  • It may feel expensive to some users

2. EOTech Exps2 – Best for Professionals

EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight
794 Reviews
EOTECH EXPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight
  • EOTECH EXPS2-0 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with...
  • Side Button Operation - Compact design and side button...
  • Mount - Quick Detach lever fits 1" Weaver and MIL-STD...
  • Adjustable Brightness - The EXPS2 has 20 brightness...
  • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty - Comes with a 10 year...

The EOTech Exps2 offers rapid target acquisition with high-end features and is a top choice for professional shooters.

68 MOA Ring & 1 MOA Dot Reticle: The EXPS2 comes with a 68 MOA ring and a 1 MOA dot reticle, offering a unique blend of rapid target acquisition and precision aiming. 

The 68 MOA ring is large enough to easily catch your eye, making it incredibly fast for close-quarter situations. 

On the flip side, the 1 MOA dot gives you the precise point of aim for longer shots. This feature provides a great balance, allowing the sight to excel in various shooting situations.

Side Button Operation: The side button operation of this sight is a feature you’re going to love. Situated on the side, these buttons let you adjust brightness settings and switch modes without having to change your shooting position. 

This ergonomic design ensures that you can make quick adjustments in the heat of the moment without taking your eyes off your target.

Water-Resistant Capability: The EXPS2 is water-resistant up to 10 feet. While you may not plan on diving with your Tavor X95 anytime soon, this feature is crucial for extreme weather conditions. 

Being water-resistant ensures that you can rely on this sight, whether you’re shooting in the rain or have to cross a shallow stream during a tactical operation.

Quick Adjustability: The sight offers multiple brightness settings that you can adjust in standard operating mode. This flexibility is especially helpful when you transition from bright sunlight to a darker environment. 

A rapid adjustment ensures that you can maintain a clear and visible reticle in different lighting conditions, enhancing your shooting experience.

Battery Life: The EXPS2 runs on a single CR123 battery and offers up to 1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12. While it doesn’t match some competitors in battery longevity, the 1,000-hour life is more than enough for extensive field use. 

This means you can go on multiple missions or shooting excursions without the constant worry of your sight dying on you.

Quick Detach Lever: The quick-detach lever on this sight is a lifesaver for those who need to rapidly install or remove the sight. 

The locking mechanism ensures that the sight stays securely in place once installed, so you don’t have to fret about it shifting around while you shoot.

Why I Love It: What makes the EXPS2 a winner for me is its versatility. It’s fast for close-range targets but also offers the precision required for longer shots. Plus, the side buttons are an ergonomic delight.

My Experience

Using the EOTech EXPS2 on my Tavor X95 has been a fantastic experience. The sight has never failed me in any shooting situation. Whether I’m at the range or in a tactical environment, it’s been nothing but reliable and precise.


  • Rapid target acquisition
  • Versatile reticle
  • Ergonomic side buttons
  • Water-resistant
  • Quick adjustability
  • Solid battery life


  • Requires a tool for windage and elevation adjustments

3. Meprolight Mepro M21 – Dual Illumination

MEPROLIGHT® MEPRO M21 Day and Night Self-Illuminated Fiber Optics and tritium Powered Reflex Red Dot Optic,4.3 Dot Reticle, Picatinny.No Batteries no switches
  • Dual illuminated 1X “Red-Dot” reflex sight. The...
  • Tritium and fiber-optic powered that uses ambient light...
  • Large 30mm diameter lens with choice of 5 different...
  • Rugged. Reliable in extreme weather conditions, Used by...
  • In the box: MEPRO M21 Reflex sight with quick release...

The Meprolight Mepro M21 is a self-powered, dual-illuminated red dot sight that brings reliability and versatility to the table.

Self-Powered Mechanism: Let’s start with what sets the M21 apart: it’s self-powered, and no batteries are required. This is a game-changer because you don’t have to worry about the sight dying in the middle of an operation or a shooting session. 

The self-powering comes from a blend of tritium and fiber-optic sources. During the day, it uses ambient light. When the sun sets, or you move to a darker environment, the tritium kicks in, ensuring you always have a bright reticle.

Reticle Choices: The M21 offers a buffet of reticle choices, from MOA dots to triangles and bullseyes. This variety allows for excellent customization based on your needs. 

Whether you’re trying to acquire targets rapidly or focusing on precision, there’s a reticle for you. The large 30mm lens also provides a broad field of view, aiding in faster target acquisition.

Ruggedness and Reliability: This sight is built for rough conditions and is trusted by militaries and law enforcement worldwide. It’s not just about being self-powered; the M21 can withstand extreme weather, making it a trustworthy companion for any shooting endeavor. 

Plus, its design allows it to be used alongside night vision goggles, adding another layer of versatility.

Transition Between Light Sources: One nifty feature is how the M21 transitions between its tritium and fiber-optic lighting systems. This switch is both automatic and instantaneous. 

No manual adjustments are needed when moving from a well-lit to a low-light area, ensuring that the reticle always offers good contrast against the target.

Ten-Year Warranty on Tritium Luminance: Another noteworthy feature is the 10-year warranty on the tritium luminance. This long-term warranty not only stands as a testament to the product’s reliability but also gives you peace of mind for a decade, which is impressive.

Why I Love It: The self-powered feature makes the M21 one of my favorites. Not having to fuss about batteries while I’m out in the field is a huge relief.

My Experience

I found the MEPRO M21 to be incredibly reliable on my Tavor X95. The self-powered illumination system performed flawlessly in various light conditions. 

The sight gave me quick target acquisition, thanks to its diverse reticle options and wide lens.


  • No need for batteries
  • Multiple reticle options
  • Robust and weather-resistant
  • Compatible with night vision
  • 10-year tritium warranty


  • Elevation knob can be tricky to use

4. Holosun HE510C – Unlimited Field Of View

HOLOSUN HS510C Multi-Reticle Green 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle Open Reflex Sight for Long Guns - Shake-Awake Solar FailSafe Waterproof Sight (HS510C)
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS510C sight is a versatile...
  • MULTI-RETICLE SYSTEM - This Holosun red dot sight is...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by...
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot...
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle;...

The Holosun HE510C is a versatile sight offering an unlimited field of view, enhanced by a long-lasting battery and adaptable features.

Multi-Coated Lens: One thing that caught my eye immediately was the fully multi-coated lens. This isn’t just a fancy term; it genuinely makes a difference. 

The lens resists scratches and fingerprints, ensuring that your sight stays as clear as day for a long time. This feature has a practical benefit: it enhances clarity, which is crucial for precise targeting.

Battery Life: The battery life is a whopping 50,000 hours on a single charge. You pretty much set it and forget it, giving you more time to focus on your shooting skills rather than worrying about battery replacements.

And if you ever find yourself without a functioning battery, the sight also has solar backup, which is beyond cool.

Anti-Fog Feature: Foggy lenses can ruin your day real quick, trust me. The HE510C sidesteps this annoyance with its anti-fog feature. 

Even in chilly morning air or during sudden temperature changes, the sight remains unobstructed. This is especially useful in dynamic shooting scenarios where rapid target acquisition is a must.

Reticle Options: The 2 MOA red dot combined with the 65 MOA ring reticle is no joke. This feature enables quick target engagement while maintaining the ability for precise shots. The red dot is fine enough for accurate aiming, while the ring helps in speedy target acquisition.

Titanium-Alloyed Hood: The sight’s hood is constructed with a titanium alloy, making it shock-resistant. While it may not be the most durable sight on the market, the titanium alloy gives it an edge over many other options. This means it’s going to withstand the rigors of the field to a good extent.

Why I Love It: The features are well thought out, and the performance is reliable. But what wins me over is the battery life and the anti-fog feature. It’s the sight that keeps on giving.

My Experience

Using the Holosun HE510C on my Tavor X95 was an enlightening experience. The anti-fog feature was particularly useful during a misty morning session.

And let’s talk about target acquisition; it was quick, and the sight held its zero perfectly. Adjusting the brightness was straightforward, too.


  • Extraordinary battery life
  • Multi-coated lens for durability
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Anti-fog feature
  • Solar-powered backup


  • It could be more durable

5. Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II – Best Holographic sight Option

Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight
  • The AMG UH-1 Gen II is an incredibly fast holographic...
  • With the UH-1 Gen II, you get an improved sight picture...
  • The lightning-quick EBR-CQB reticle with 15...
  • An integrated, quick-release mount makes the sight easy...
  • Ultra-hard, scratch-resistantant ArmorTek coating...

The Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II offers a fast holographic display designed for quick targeting and high performance.

Holographic Display: The holographic display on the Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II is a game changer. It’s incredibly fast, which means you can lock onto targets in no time. The clarity and detail are fantastic, making it a whole lot easier for you to land those critical shots. 

When it comes to real-world applications, whether it’s competitive shooting or something more tactical, speed is of the essence. 

A holographic display like this offers rapid target acquisition, which can make a significant difference in high-stress scenarios.

Large Viewing Window: Another big plus of this sight is the enlarged viewing window. It gives you a broader sight picture, which is critical for situational awareness. 

When I tested this feature, it was evident that Vortex had put some thought into it. With this window, you get a generous view of your surroundings, making it easier to acquire multiple targets or switch between them seamlessly. 

This is an essential feature for anyone who needs to maintain a broad view of the environment while shooting.

ArmorTek Coating: The exterior lenses are coated with an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant ArmorTek coating. This isn’t just marketing fluff; it genuinely works. 

During my test, I noticed how resilient the lens was to scratches, dirt, and even oil. This is a crucial feature for anyone planning to use the sight extensively in the field. 

ArmorTek ensures that you’re not going to lose clarity or function due to exterior damage, extending the sight’s lifespan considerably.

Night Vision Compatibility: What’s also noteworthy is the sight’s compatibility with night vision goggles, courtesy of its four NV-compatible settings. 

When you’re out in low-light conditions or in total darkness, being able to switch to night vision is a substantial advantage. This compatibility expands the sight’s versatility, making it a fit for day-to-day and specialized shooting conditions.

Why I Love It: The AMG UH-1 Gen II delivers on almost all fronts. Its fast holographic display and large viewing window make it incredibly functional and versatile.

My Experience

This sight was a revelation using this sight on my Tavor X95. The large viewing window provided much-needed situational awareness, and the night vision compatibility was a fantastic add-on for those low-light conditions.


  • Large viewing window
  • Crisp, clear reticle
  • Robust construction
  • Versatile brightness settings
  • Compatible with night vision goggles


  • Battery life could be improved

6. Aimpoint Micro H-1 – Best User Friendly Controls

Aimpoint 200018 Micro, H-1 2 MOA W/Standard Mount
  • Lightweight – 84 g without mount and 105 g with...
  • ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one...
  • Fully waterproof
  • Precision adjustment for windage and elevation: top of...
  • 12 settings for use in daylight and low light...

Aimpoint Micro H-1 delivers a user-friendly design with robust features trusted by military professionals.

Insane Battery Life: The battery life on the Aimpoint Micro H-1 is just incredible. We’re talking about 50,000 hours, or over four years, of continuous use on a single battery. 

In my experience, this kind of battery lifespan eliminates the constant worry about your sight failing when you need it most. It adds a layer of confidence during any shooting activity, from competitive shooting to hunting.

Built Like a Tank: Durability is the name of the game with the Aimpoint Micro H-1. In the field, I’ve put it through its paces, and it’s withstood every challenge. 

The unit has remained zeroed in even after taking some accidental bumps and drops. It’s designed to survive the harshest conditions, whether you’re on a hunting trip or engaging in tactical training.

Works with Magnifier: This sight isn’t just for close quarters; you can also turn it into a mid-range powerhouse by adding a magnifier. 

The experience of transitioning from close to mid-range targets with this setup is seamless. When I added the magnifier, I noticed my shots at longer distances became far more accurate, and I didn’t have to switch to a different sight or gun.

Lightweight Design: The lightweight design is one of its standout features. Weighing only 84 grams without the mount and 105 grams with it, you barely notice it’s there. 

When it comes to maneuverability and comfort during extended periods of shooting, this sight doesn’t weigh you down. In my experience, it made handling my Tavor X95 even more of a pleasure.

Why I Love It: What’s not to love? From its stellar battery life to its rugged build, the Aimpoint Micro H-1 checks all the right boxes.

My Experience

My time with this sight on my Tavor X95 has been nothing short of remarkable. It enhanced my shooting experience, giving me confidence in various scenarios.


  • Exceptional battery life
  • Durable construction
  • Compatible with magnifiers
  • Lightweight


  • It could be pricey for some

7. Leupold Carbine Optic – Best Electronic Reflex Sight

Leupold Carbine Optic (LCO) Red Dot Sight
  • Model #119691 - Carbine Optic (LCO) Red Dot with 1.0...
  • 100% Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.
  • 16 illumination intensity settings with off positions...
  • Ultra-lightweight construction disperses recoil energy...
  • Extreme military-standard scratch resistance lens

The Leupold Carbine Optic (LCO) sets the standard for electronic reflex sights with its widened field of view and rugged construction.

Widened Field of View: The most striking feature of the LCO has to be its widened field of view. The design eliminates the tube effect and offers maximum situational awareness, even in high-pressure moments. 

I’ve found this especially useful on my Tavor X95 when shooting in dynamic scenarios. The unrestricted view allows me to acquire targets faster and with better accuracy.

Adjustable Settings: This sight comes with 16 brightness settings, a fantastic feature for any lighting situation.  

I’ve used this sight in broad daylight as well as during twilight conditions, and being able to tweak the brightness made a world of difference.

Motion Activated: The motion-activated feature is not just a gimmick. As soon as the sight detects movement, it powers up.

I can attest that it saved me a fair amount of battery life during my test runs. Plus, not having to manually turn on the sight every time is just plain convenient.

Waterproof, Fogproof, and Shockproof: Trust me, this sight can take a beating. It’s waterproof up to 66 feet and resists fogging under various environmental conditions. I’ve even accidentally knocked it against hard surfaces a couple of times, and it held up like a champ.

Twilight Red Dot Light Management System: The Twilight Red Dot System enhances visibility in low-light conditions. 

I’ve used this feature in dawn and dusk scenarios, and the color consistency and lens clarity were simply unparalleled. It’s a game-changer for low-light operations.

Why I Love It: It’s the total package: rugged, reliable, and packed with features that actually improve your shooting experience.

My Experience

It took my Tavor X95 to another level. Target acquisition became faster, and I felt more aware of my surroundings, thanks to its wide field of view.


  • Exceptional field of view
  • Versatile brightness settings
  • Convenient motion-activation
  • Durable and rugged
  • Great low-light performance


  • A bit on the bulky side

Final Verdict

After countless hours at the range and extensive testing, I’ve come to a concrete conclusion. Although each red dot sight listed offers its unique set of advantages, Aimpoint PRO emerges as the clear winner for my Tavor X95. 

Your ideal sight will ultimately depend on your specific needs, whether it’s rapid target acquisition, dual illumination, or an unlimited field of view. 

Remember, a red dot sight is not just an accessory; it’s an extension of your firearm, so choose wisely.


How accurate is Tavor X95 review? 

The Tavor X95 is notably accurate for a combat rifle, easily maintaining 3-4 inch groups at 100 yards.

What is the best optic height for the X95? 

The lower 1/3 height is the more preferred optic height for the Tavor X95 platform.

Why Tavor is better than M4? 

The Tavor carries its weight in the rear, making it more ergonomic and less fatiguing for the operator compared to the M4.

What is the range of the Tavor X95? 

The Tavor X95 is optimized for short-range shooting, with 300 yards being the most commonly cited effective range.

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