Holosun 407c X2 Problems

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Welcome to my review of the Holosun 407c x2 problems.

Red dot sights have recently attracted a lot of interest in the shooting community, particularly the Holosun 407c x2. This optic has a lot of great features, but like any other product or red dot sight in the market, it also has some downfalls.

I’ll talk about a few of the issues that other users and I have had with the Holosun 407c x2 in this review.

Regardless of your level of experience, before making any equipment purchases, you should be aware of what you’re buying into.

So let’s delve deeper into and examine the potential issues with the Holosun 407c x2.

Quick Holosun 407c X2 Issues & Solutions

ProblemQuick Solution
Battery DepletionReplace the battery with a new one. If the problem persists, contact Holosun customer service.
Dot FlickerEnsure the battery is installed correctly and has sufficient power. Adjust illumination settings if necessary. Contact Holosun customer service if the issue continues.
Mounting ChallengesEnsure the mount is securely attached to the weapon’s rail, correctly positioned, and screws are tightened to recommended specifications.
Zeroing DifficultyEnsure the sight is mounted correctly and the gun is positioned properly. Use a bore sight for initial zeroing, then make necessary adjustments.
Durability ConcernsHandle the optic with care and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. Contact Holosun customer care for any issues.
Weight and SizeConsider the optic’s size, weight, compatibility with your firearm, and intended use before purchasing. Consider a lighter, more compact optic if size and weight are significant concerns.
Loose ControlsHandle the optic carefully, avoid excessive force when adjusting controls, and consider using a thread locker to prevent loosening.
Limited Field Of ViewReposition the optic and practice with it to better understand its limitations. Consider an optic with a wider field of view if necessary.
Water ResistanceAvoid immersing the optic in water and use it according to the owner’s manual for best results.
Lens ScratchesUse the protective cover when the optic is not in use. Clean the lens with a clean cloth and avoid abrasive cleaners that can damage the coating.

Top 10 Problems Of Holosun 407c x2 To Be Aware Of

Although the Holosun 407C X2 is generally a reliable and consistent red dot sight, there are a few persistent problems that users may run into. Here are a few of the most typical issues and their fixes:

1. Battery

Although the Holosun 407C X2’s battery life is typically long, a few users may have problems with the battery depleting quickly. A bad power supply or an issue with the sight itself may be to blame for this.


Switch out the battery with a new one to see if that solves the problem. Get help from Holosun customer service if the condition persists.

2. Dot Flicker

While using the Holosun 407C X2, a few users may notice that the dot reticle blinks or fades. The accurate aim may be made more difficult by this distracting factor.

The Solution

Make sure the battery is installed correctly and has enough power. If the issue continues, you can try changing the illumination settings or getting help from Holosun customer service.

3. Mounting Issues

Although the Picatinny rail mount for the Holosun 407C X2 is included, some users might find it challenging to firmly attach the sight to their weapon.

The Solution

Make sure the mount is firmly attached to the rail of the weapon and that it is placed directly. To tighten up the screws to the suggested safety margins, if required, use a torque wrench.

4. Zeroing

Some users might find it challenging to zero the Holosun 407C X2, which results in the dot reticle being out of alignment with the bullet’s point of impact.

The Solution

Make sure the sight is mounted correctly, and the gun is positioned correctly. To help with initial zeroing, use a bore sight and then adjust the sight as considered necessary.

5. Durability

The Holosun 407C X2 has received complaints from some users who claim it isn’t as reliable as other optics and is more susceptible to falling apart or malfunctioning.

The Solution

It’s crucial to carry the optic with care and adhere to the company’s upkeep and care guidelines. You can get help from Holosun customer care if you have any troubles with the optic.

6. Weight and Size

The Holosun 407C X2 is reportedly bigger and heavier than some other optics, which may pose a major worry for some users.

The Solution

Make sure to account for the optic’s mass, size, compatibility with your gun, and envisioned use before getting one. If this is a significant issue, another option is to use a lighter and more compact optic.

7. Loose Control

The Holosun 407C X2’s controls have reportedly been known to loosen up over time, making it challenging to change the settings.

The Solution

To solve this problem, take care when handling the optic and don’t use too much force when modifying the controls. To assist in keeping the controls in place, you can, however, try utilizing a thread locker.

8. Limited Field Of View

The Holosun 407C X2 has a restricted field of view, which some users have claimed makes it challenging to track moving targets.

The Solution

This problem can be solved by repositioning the optic and practicing with it to better understand its limitations. If this poses a serious problem, you might also try using an optic with a broader field of view.

9. Water Resistance

According to some users, the Holosun 407C X2 has not been found to be as water-resistant as advertised.

The Solution

Despite being water-resistant by design, the Holosun 407C X2 might not be entirely waterproof. Avoid immersing the optic in the water while also making sure to use the device in accordance with the owner’s manual.

10. Lens Scratches

Although the Holosun 407C X2’s lens is sturdy, normal use could still scratch or malfunction it.

The Solution

When not in use, you should shield the lens with the protective cover that came with the Holosun 407c x2 sight. Thoroughly clean the lens with a clean cloth, and steer clear of erosive cleaners that could damage the coating.

Alternatives Of Holosun 407c x2

The Holosun 407C X2 is not the only option; many other products also provide comparable features and functionality. Here are a few well-liked choices:

1. Trijicon RMR Types 2

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 is a long-lasting and highly reliable red dot sight for assault rifles, revolvers, and sniper rifles. It has a 3.25 MOA dot reticle, numerous luminance settings, and a four-year battery life. Along with being resistant to adverse ecological circumstances, it is waterproof.

2. Vortex Venom

The Vortex Venom is a tiny but powerful red dot sight constructed for use on rifles and shotguns. It has a 3 MOA dot reticle, numerous illuminance settings, and a 150-hour standby time. Additionally, it has a Picatinny mount, is impact resistant, and is waterproof.

3. Aimpoint Acro P-1

The Aimpoint Acro P-1 is a strenuous and highly reliable red dot sight crafted for weapons such as rifles and pistols. It has a 3.5 MOA dot reticle, various intensity setups, and a one-year standby time. Additionally, it can withstand elevated temperatures and harsh surroundings and is waterproof.

4. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

The Leupold Delta Pro is known among the best red dot sights suitable for the possession of firearms. It has a 2.5 MOA dot reticle, various illuminance configurations, and a battery pack of up to 30k hours. Besides that, it has a Picatinny mount.

My Experience With Holosun 407c

The Holosun 407c has been in my possession for over a year. I have experienced the holosun 407c in both positive and negative ways. I have praised its robust design, dependable performance, and reasonable price, along with several other users. 

Additionally, I valued its sizable window, crisp and concise reticle, and simple controls. I have, nevertheless, reported problems with lens smudges, mounting, mounting noise, dot flicker, and battery capacity, similar to numerous other users. Even though these issues are frequent with red dot sights, they might stress some users.

Final Thoughts

With a variety of characteristics and perks, the Holosun 407C X2 is a great option for a red dot sight and provides shooters with a credible and adaptable choice. 

However, there are some problems that users might run into, such as battery capacity, dot flicker, mounting issues, windage and elevation adjustment challenges, and lens scuffs, similar to any product. 

Although these issues are not unusual with red dot sights, they might worry some users. Other options to the Holosun 407C X2 include the Trijicon RMR Type 2, Aimpoint Acro P-1, Vortex Venom, and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, all of which provide comparable specs and performance. 

In the end, your personal needs, priorities, and financial situation will determine whether you decide to buy the Holosun 407C X2. The Holosun 407C X2 might be a good choice if you’re searching for a durable, reasonably priced red dot sight with a variety of features. 

One of the alternatives might be a better option, though, if you’re prepared to shell out more cash and want a greater red dot sight that has additional slashing features.

Know The Difference between Holosun 507c and 407c.


What makes the Holosun 407C and 407C X2 different from one another?

The Holosun 407C X2 is an improved version of the original 407C.

What is the battery performance of the Holosun 407C X2?

The Holosun 407C X2 can operate for up to 50,000 hours with one CR2032 battery.

Is the Holosun 407C X2 resistant to water?

The Holosun 407C X2 is indeed waterproof.

How big is the Holosun 407C X2’s reticle?

The Holosun 407C X2 has a 2 MOA dot reticle.

Is the Holosun 407C X2 parallax-free?

The Holosun 407C X2 does not have parallax.

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