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Is it true that swampfox sentinel problems are extremely noticeable? Not that much. If you have used the swampfox sentinel or are considering purchasing one, you should be aware that the swampfox sentinel is a low-cost optic with many incredible features that you would expect to find in a high-priced optic.

Having numerous advantages at such a low cost? Acceptable in some way. What specifically could be wrong with a swampfox sentinel, then?

Every product, regardless of price, contains a single or maybe more shortcomings. Although nothing in this world is perfect, we can manage these problems by taking a few precautions, and if these flaws don’t bother you, you can ignore them.

The Introduction of The Swampfox Sentinel

Manual Version And Automatic Version

Slide-assembled sights are becoming more mainstream among shooters, which offers swampfox optics an uplift. The swampfox sentinel, one of the top optics from the company’s line of affordable swampfox optics, supports target-focused hit and observable performance in any predicament. The swampfox sentinel has a thin lens screen and is compact, making it easy for shooters to hold and mount.

Long battery life (nearly two years), incredible lens clarity, glass, and metal fusion, multiple reticle color options, high durability, and reliability, shake awake technology, etc., are just a few of the features of Swampfox optics.

Swampfox sentinel is available in two different variants: sentinel-A and sentinel-M. The adjustment of illumination, which is carried out manually by sentinel-M and automatically by sentinel-A, is the only distinction between the variants of swampfox sentinel. When it comes to the problems related to the swampfox sentinel, there are a few issues that are uncommon in sentinel-A and sentinel-M. I have both swampfox sentinels variants, so don’t worry. I’ll go over every detail of swampfox sentinels. So, let’s examine the potential problems that swampfox sentinel variants may cause.

What Issues You Could Encounter With Swampfox Sentinel?

Even so, the swampfox sentinel is a wonderful option for shooters on a restricted budget who still want optics with high functionality. The issues discussed will assist you in purchasing this product for a better compatible weapon and understanding the performance requirements you require.

Drawback of Swampfox Sentinel

1. Illumination setting

The swampfox sentinel has ten levels of illumination modification, with one level providing an exceptionally brighter dot. However, it does not function in low light conditions, and there is no known reason why. 

Even though it functions flawlessly in well-lit spaces or outdoors, it sadly does not function properly in dimly lit spaces or environments. Although with the brightness on high, the dot won’t appear evident and, therefore, will end up causing you problems while shooting.

2. Eye Strain

The shooter’s eyes became tired because, as previously mentioned, the swampfox sentinel’s dot appeared to be fuzzy in low light. With eye strain, hitting the target or even concentrating on the target becomes challenging.

3. Inconvenient Battery Compartment

The battery compartment’s location underneath the optic is just not ideal because doing so necessitates removing the swampfox sentinel from your optic each time you want to swap or remove the battery. This does not seem to be a practical solution. 

It will not only make removing and replacing the battery difficult but also interfere with windage and elevation adjustment. Because of this, you must zero the gun again for the ideal focus and strike each time the battery compartment is opened.

4. Adjustment Control Knobs

I feel as though the adjustment knobs, specifically the windage and elevation adjusting knobs, are frozen. Before being shipped from the factory, tiny knobs should undergo a performance check to ensure proper functioning. Even after being rotated 90 degrees, these adjustment knobs remained stationary.

5. Lens Distortion

The swampfox sentinel has a large window and a perfectly shaped lens, but it appears slightly distorted when you shoot or focus for longer than 30 seconds. The swampfox sentinel has a 3 MOA reticle size, which provides a high-level accuracy. Still, when focused on that reticle through the lens, it appears unclear due to the lens needing to be more useful (little distortion).

6. Buttons Trouble

Everything seemed to be in order when I purchased the swampfox sentinel. But as soon as I started using it, the inside button began to wipe off, and the only thing physically contacting the function keys was my skin. Try to touch or press the buttons gently to avoid any problems regarding that.

7. Rear sight cut

It lacks a rear sight cut, which makes it extremely difficult to fit on very few firearms. One of the events that occurred to me involved a swampfox sentinel that was not correctly mounted on a Springfield hellcat. If you got the same problem, then you can use it with Glock 43X Mos and G48, Sig P365, Canik mete sft, etc.

Swampfox Sentinel Alternatives

There are two alternatives that you can buy in replacement of the swampfox sentinel. One of the alternatives is Holosun 507kx2, and the other one is shield RMSc.

Holosun 507K X2

Holosun 507k x2, one of the fine products from Holosun Optics, competes fiercely with the Swampfox Sentinel in aspects of both functionalities and cost. Many features like automatic brightness adjustment, long battery life, good windage, adjustment range, shake awake technology are common between holosun 507kx2 and swampfox sentinel.

What specifically distinguishes it from the swampfox sentinel as a superior option? The holosun 507kx2 outperforms the swampfox sentinel in terms of durability and performs admirably for all defense-related tasks.

The holosun 507kx2 has a footprint different from the RMSc, making it incompatible with subcompact pistols without using an adapter plate or other weapon modification.

Shield RMSc

Shield RMSc, like holosun 507kx2, is a formidable foe for the swampfox sentinel. Shield RMSc could easily fit into subcompact guns due to its RMSc footprint, which swampfox sentinel also uses.

The shield RMSc only has an instantaneous brightness alteration, unlike the swampfox sentinel. Having both mechanical and fully automated options is preferable to having only one, as some shooters prefer manual control depending on the situation for which they are purchasing the product.

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Final Thoughts

Considering the downsides, swampfox sentinel prices make it seem like a good idea to purchase this product because purchasing another optic with the same features can be quite expensive for most people. A few of the issues mentioned above can be disregarded or resolved by taking some precautions. Even with these drawbacks, the functionalities of the swampfox sentinel can’t be ignored.

If you believe you won’t be able to manage these downsides, you can purchase the alternative I have described. The best option for you to purchase to replace the swampfox sentinel is either of the alternatives.

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Is there a lifetime warranty for Swampfox?

Yes, there is. Swampfox optics offers reliability to their consumers by offering a limited life span warranty only if the optic fails before 50,000 rounds were fired. This demonstrates swampfox optics’ belief in the superiority of its products. This limited life span warranty covers both minor mechanical damage and product substitution if an optic confirms to be defective.

What is the Swampfox Sentinel’s footprint?

The Swampfox Sentinel is a good-sized sight with an RMSc footprint. With RMSc footprint, swampfox sentinel could easily fit into subcompacts weapons.

Is swampfox optics made in the United States?

No, swampfox optics are produced in China by a Chinese manufacturing company, and the company then imports the goods into the United States.

Does Swampfox Sentinel work well with Hellcat?

Technically speaking, the swampfox sentinel will be most effective when combined with the Hellcat in most cases.

Is the Swampfox Sentinel waterproof?

Without a doubt, yes. Swampfox Sentinel is durable to IPX7 standards. This will make the swampfox sentinel-M and sentinel-A work in all weather conditions like wind, fog, rain, etc.

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  1. Great article was considering getting Sentinel that should fit on my Dove Dot ..for Tauras GX4…which has the RMSc foot print. Gonna look more. HAVE a sfox Liberty on my Tauras G3c..works beautiful but different foot print.

    • It’s great to hear you’ve got the Swampfox Liberty working like a charm on your Taurus G3c. The Liberty’s indeed a solid choice.

      Regarding your interest in the Sentinel for your Taurus GX4, you’re on the right track since the Sentinel has that RMSc footprint you mentioned. It should fit pretty neatly on your GX4.


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