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The hex wasp red dot has a lot of incredible features, such as auto-dimming, a compact size, good dimensions, an RSMc footprint, an anti-glare coating, etc. But as everyone is aware, nothing in this world is perfect. Every product that is made has some benefits and some drawbacks. So, in this review, I’ve stated and explained all of the hex wasp red dot issues, as well as their solutions.

NOTE: The Hex Wasp Red Dot from Springfield Armory can be a great option for you if you want to buy a genuine product from a genuine website.

Quick Solution For Hex Wasp Problems

Not A Good Source Of PowerReplace the battery every two years as advertised. If battery life varies, contact Springfield Armory for a replacement.
Not Holding ZeroProperly mount the red dot on the firearm, adjusting windage and elevation as per the instruction manual.
Dimming ReticleReplace the battery to see if the auto-dimming feature works correctly. If not, contact the manufacturer.
Bad Illumination ControlNo direct solution, as this is a design feature. Consider alternative red dot sights if this is a major issue.
Lens ShiftContact Springfield Armory for a replacement, as this indicates a flaw in the product.

Top 5 Hex Wasp Problems & Solutions

Springfield armory Hex wasp red dot has a few flaws with its characteristics that you should be aware of before purchasing it.

1. Not A Good Source Of Power

According to Springfield Armory, the hex wasp red dot battery has a two-year lifespan. This indicates that the battery has a 65000-hour lifespan. Therefore, you need to replace this battery with a new one after every two years. For some shooters, if the battery doesn’t last as long as advertised, it might not be fine, but it might be fine for other shooters.

Some shooters claim that their batteries last 2 months, 3 months, or even more than a year. It is a major problem, so you can’t rely on this battery because there’s a chance it could run out at any moment.


To resolve this issue, contact Springfield Armory and ask for a replacement. In addition to contacting the company, you can buy the battery again and again. Aside from this, there is no solution to the battery problem.

2. Not Holding Zero

Every setting on the red dot sight is essential for getting the exact aim and distance needed to hit the target. It has settings for illumination, dot size, holding zero, etc. Several shooters have voiced their complaints about the hex wasp red dot’s inability to maintain zero.

Windage and elevation adjustments must be performed correctly to improve accuracy. The hex wasp red dot is not holding the zero, which is common when the shooter fails to properly mount the optic on the firearm.


The shooter must mount the hex wasp red dot on the firearm correctly by following the instruction manual. To stop the hex wasp from losing the zero, adjust the red dot’s torque properly. Don’t get your optic hit hard against something if your hex wasp red dot loses zero more and fast.

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3. Dimming Reticle

In a red dot sight, the reticle must be illuminated appropriately to aim for and hit the target. The hex wasp red dot has automatic dimming capabilities that change the brightness of the reticle in response to ambient light.

The hex wasp red dot auto-dimming feature is designed to perfectly set the brightness of the reticle regardless of whether you are shooting in broad daylight, dim light, at dusk or dawn, etc. However, some shooters have complained about the reticle’s brightness being very dim at times, especially at night. In the dark, the hex wasp reticle appears to be inactive.

This very low or completely gone reticle illumination could indicate a problem with the hex wasp red dot. However, there are a few fixes that can assist you in repairing your hex wasp red dot.


The dim reticle fault in the hex wasp can be resolved by replacing the battery. Insert a new battery into the hex wasp red dot and test the sight in all lighting conditions to see if the fault has been resolved.

When a battery change does not resolve the problem, get in touch with the manufacturer to have your hex wasp fixed or replaced.

4. Bad illumination control

There are no control buttons to change the reticle’s brightness in the hex wasp red dot. Few shooters who shoot in all kinds of lighting situations may run into issues. There are circumstances where a shooter must manually alter the brightness of the reticle by the situation and requirement, but this is not possible with a hex wasp red dot.

Most shooters can handle this issue without much difficulty, and some shooters don’t even think it’s a problem. I have this bad illumination problem, so I only use hex wasp red dot in situations where I don’t have a bad illumination problem.


This is not an issue that arises, but rather the creation of a product that is disliked by the majority of shooters. Therefore, this issue can not be solved by making any changes or by doing something else. I can only advise you to try the alternative products I have listed below if you are having illumination issues or are unable to resolve them.

5. Lens Shift

A shooter might occasionally run into the issue of lens shift. The issue is that when the shooter aims to hit the target, raising the firearm to aim can infuriate the shooter. It obscures the appearance and causes the target to shrink, making for a poor shooting experience. 


This issue only arises when the hex wasp has a flaw. Because this problem is fixable, you must have this sight replaced by contacting the Springfield Armory.

Alternative To Hex Wasp Red Dot

Some shooters might decide to buy another red dot for their firearms after reading about the hex wasp problems. Despite these flaws, the hex wasp also has a lot of incredible advantages. However, you can take into account the red dot sights listed below. You can purchase these red dot sights for the same price that you set aside for the hex wasp red dot sight.

Wrapping It Up

The hex wasp red dot can be a good buy in some situations. If you bought the hex wasp from a reliable website, your investment in it was excellent. The hex wasp lacks manual control buttons, so if you don’t mind it handling the illumination and power systems automatically, you can purchase it.

Hex wasp red dot has many amazing features that I prioritize over the aforementioned issues. Simply make the right purchase, and you’ll be able to shoot with the hex wasp with ease and enjoy the red dot sight immensely.

If you encounter any of the above problems, contact the Springfield armory as soon as possible to have your issue fully resolved on time.

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Is it possible to disable a HEX Wasp red dot?

No, it is not possible to turn off the hex wasp red dot as it does not have manual control buttons. Besides this, the hex wasp can’t be turned off automatically. Hex wasp red dot operates in an “always-on” condition.

Do red dots work in low-light conditions?

Yes, the red dot sights function properly in low-light situations. The red dots’ light-emitting diode allows them to function in a variety of lighting situations, not just low-light ones.

Is the HEX Wasp compatible with the Hellcat?

The hex wasp red dot will, in essence, fit perfectly onto the hellcat with an RMSc footprint.

Is the HEX Wasp a reliable red dot sight?

Yes, the hex wasp is a reliable red dot sight as it has many incredible features that include, auto-dimming, 65000 hours of battery life, anti-glare coating that protects the screen, an automatic power system, etc. Moreover, it operates in an “always on” condition which means you can turn it off. It may consume more battery this way but overall it is a good product from Springfield armory.

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