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Are you interested in purchasing the Holosun 407k x2? It’s crucial to be fully conscious of the possible issues with this optic before you move ahead. 

Even though gun enthusiasts frequently choose the Holosun 407k x2, it has some significant disadvantages. To help you decide if the Holosun 407k x2 is the right optic for you, I’ll illustrate some of the most frequent issues users have had with it in this review. 

You should continue reading to learn all there is to understand about Holosun 407k before buying it, regardless of your status as a skilled shooter or a complete novice.

8 Problems of Holosun 407k X2 To Be Aware Of

Here are some potential issues with the Holosun 407k X2 that users might undergo and possible repairs:

1. Quick Battery Drain

Even though the Holosun 407k X2 has a reputation for having a long battery life, some users have complained that the power supply drains too fast. This can be annoying, particularly if you rely solely on your vision for self-defense.

The Solution

You must turn off the Holosun 407k x2 sight when it’s not being utilized to help stop the battery drain. In this case, the Shake Awake technology can be helpful because it will switch on the sight whenever it detects motion. To guarantee optimal performance, use premium batteries and substitute them frequently.

2. Obscure Reticle

According to some users, the 6 MOA dot reticle sometimes appears obscure or disfigured, making it challenging to acquire targets.

The Solution

If the reticle isn’t clear, simply adjust the light levels to determine whether it helps. You might also want to try out various mounting positions to determine the most appropriate fit for your pistol.

3. Not Enough Durable

Despite the Holosun 407k X2’s solidly built aluminum housing, some users have complained that the sight sometimes fails after extended use or exposure to horrific weather.

The Solution

Handle the sight delicately and avoid throwing it or exposing it to hostile environments to help prevent damage. The lens and housing should be cleaned on a regular basis for peak results.

4. Mounting Compatibility

Due to problems mounting the Holosun 407k X2 to some mounting plates or adapters, some users have encountered mounting difficulties.

The Solution

It’s important to learn about the mounting options for the Holosun 407k X2 as well as the essential characteristics of your pistol in order to guarantee correct mounting. In order for the sight to fit appropriately on some pistols, special mounting plates or adapters may be highly required. In addition, be careful to strictly adhere to the owner’s manual when trying to install the sight.

5. Parallax Error

The Holosun 407k X2 has reportedly been affected by parallax, which can compromise precision and the shooting insight as a whole.

The Solution

Maintaining adequate eye relief and ensuring the Holosun 407k x2 sight is mounted properly are crucial for reducing parallax. To find the best spot for your pistol, try various mounting positions and modify them as needed.

6. Size and Weight

Although the Holosun 407k X2 is anticipated to be lightweight and portable, some users might find it too big or heavy for their styles.

The Solution

When choosing a sight, think about its size and weight. You should also look into alternative models that might be more appropriate for your requirements. To counteract the mass of the sight, think about using a lightweight pistol frame or grip.

7. Compatibility with Hostlers

According to some users, it can be difficult to find holsters for the Holosun 407k X2, which can restrict their carry options.

The Solution

Look into holster choices made especially for the Holosun 407k X2, or consult a specialist to create a holster that fits your gun and sight. You might also need to try out a few distinct carrying positions or techniques to find the one that best suits your requirements.

8. High Price

The Holosun 407k X2 is more expensive than other red dot sights, which may limit its appeal to some users.

The Solution

When choosing a product to buy, think about the Holosun 407k X2’s overall quality and value for money. Even though it might cost more upfront, the sight’s long battery life, cutting-edge features, and trustable performance could ultimately make it a wise investment.

Overview of Holosun 407k X2

The Holosun HS407k X2 is a tiny red dot sight created especially to be attached to micro-compact handguns. It has a 6 MOA dot reticle, which offers a crisp and precise point of aim for swift target acquisition. 

The Holosun 407k x2 sight is driven by a CR1632 battery that lasts up to 50,000 hours of uninterrupted use. It is housed in a sturdy 7075 aluminum housing. A multi-coated lens on the HS407k X2 produces an even brighter and clearer image in dim lighting. 

It also has Shake Awake technology, which turns on the sight whenever it detects the presence and turns it off if it doesn’t detect vibration to save battery power. The Holosun 407k sight does have a low profile shape that enables it to sit nearly parallel with the pistol’s slide. 

To simplify changing batteries simple, it also has a tool-free battery pack and a top-loading architecture. The Holosun HS407k X2 also has a parallax-free design that guarantees precision at any range, various reticle brightness configurations, and an IP67 waterproof rating. The Holosun HS407k X2 is a productive and flexible red dot sight overall.

Alternatives Of Holosun 407k X2

Here are some alternate red dot sight options to think about if the Holosun 407k X2 is not the best choice for you in the market for one:

Trijicon RMR

Members of the military and law enforcement agents commonly use the Trijicon RMR red dot sight due to its popularity and durability. It features a broad view field, various luminance settings, and a robust design.

Vortex Venom 

The Vortex Venom is a compact, reasonably priced red dot sight that works with many pistols. It features a wide field of view, configurable brightness levels, and simple controls.

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

A red dot sight with a clear and accurate aiming point, the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is flexible and robust. It has a highly developed motion sensor system, tough aluminum housing, and water-resistant construction.

Burris FastFire III

The Burris FastFire III’s tiny dimensions and lightweight Swift target acquisition are made possible. It has many different reticle choices, a long battery lifespan, and simple controls.

Aimpoint Micro T-2

High-end red-dot sights like the Aimpoint Micro T-2 are made for competition and tactical use. It features an exact aiming point, outstanding durability, and cutting-edge battery life technology.

My Experience

Since I’ve had the Holosun 407K X2 for a while, I can confidently say that I appreciate its small size, clear reticle, and simplicity of use. Due to its reputation for maintaining zero well, I believe it to be a trustworthy optic sight. 

Its long-lasting construction is also praised, with a sturdy frame that can endure cruel treatment and harsh environments. Although I have had high satisfaction with the holosun 407k x2, I have also had some problems. 

The holosun 407k x2 has a number of drawbacks, including quick battery drain, a dim reticle, incompatibility with hostlers, etc. Additionally, I have experienced issues with durability, such as loose mounting clamps and broken lenses.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sight

When selecting an optic sight, your intended use, financial constraints, and personal preferences are a few aspects to consider. 

For instance, a sight with a wider window may be desirable if you plan to use your rifle or shotgun for criminal justice or self-defense. You might want a sight with a more exact reticle if you plan to use it for competitive shooting to shoot better shots. 

Budget-wise, some sights are more pricey than others, so it’s important to be realistic about the amount you’re ready to spend. There are many inexpensive options that deliver great results, despite the fact that some expensive sights might offer more sophisticated features and better durability.

Finally, the choice of an optic sight is influenced by personal choice. While some shooters favor sights with larger windows, others favor smaller ones. Some people preferred a particular mounting setup or reticle type. It’s crucial to test various sights to find one that appeals to your sense of comfort and effortlessness.

Know the difference between Holosun 407k And 507K

Bottom Line

The Holosun 407K X2 optic sight is good for gun enthusiasts and tactical shooters. Although it has some great features, like a small size, a clear reticle, and a sturdy build, problems with battery performance and sturdiness have been reported.

Some users have complained about battery drain, and others claim that the sight loses its ability to maintain zero over time. In addition, some users have reported issues with the durability of the sight, such as loose mounting bolts and damaged lenses.

An extremely good substitute with comparable features and a well-established track record is the Trijicon RMR Type 2. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the Aimpoint ACRO P-1 are additional options to consider when making decisions.

Ultimately, the sight you choose will vary depending on your specific wants and needs. To make sure you choose the appropriate optic sight for your firearm, it is crucial to conduct an extensive study and carefully weigh your choices before purchasing them.


What is the battery life of the Holosun 407K X2?

With a CR1632 battery, the Holosun 407K X2 has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours in a medium illumination setting.

Is the Holosun 407K X2 water-resistant?

Yes, the Holosun 407K X2 is waterproof.

What is the reticle size of the Holosun 407K X2?

The Holosun 407K X2 has a 6 MOA dot reticle.

How big and how heavy is the Holosun 407K X2?

The Holosun 407K X2 is 1.6 inches long, 0.98 inches wide, and 0.95 inches tall. It is only 1 ounce in weight.

What is the Holosun 407K X2 made of?

The Holosun 407K X2 is constructed from excellent aluminum.

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