Holosun 407k X2 Review – Worth The Money In 2024

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Holosun 407k X2

Overall Score 8

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Optical Quality
Durability and Build Quality
Weight and Size
Battery Life
Ease of Use

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I recently took the Holosun HS407K X2 for a spin, and let me tell you, this open reflex sight is a game-changer for subcompact pistols. 

With its Red Super LED offering a crisp 6 MOA dot and an impressive 50k-hour battery life, this sight delivers on both performance and durability.

During my testing, the Lock Mode feature proved invaluable, preventing any accidental setting changes. Quick responsiveness to the slightest touch ensured the sight was always ready for action.


Long-lasting battery life

Durable 7075 Aluminum housing

Lock Mode 

Shake Awake

6 MOA Dot


Reduced battery life when using Shake Awake

Parallax error at close range

Price Comparison

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Having had the pleasure of hands-on experience with the Holosun HS407K X2, I can confidently say it’s more than just a red dot sight; it’s a game-changer for subcompact pistols. 

Performance Review of Holosun 407K

1. Optical Quality 

Having rigorously tested the Holosun HS407K X2’s optical quality, I can attest to its stellar performance in the field. 

The Red Super LED, combined with the 6 MOA dot and 12 reticle intensity settings, delivers a crystal-clear sight picture. 

The multilayer reflective glass enhances light transmission, providing a sharp and bright reticle, even in challenging conditions.

In terms of promised vs. delivered, this sight exceeds expectations. 

It outshines competitors in the market, offering industry-leading reticle intensity, clarity, and battery efficiency. 

The benefits of this optical prowess are evident in real-world scenarios, providing shooters with a clear advantage. 

Personally, the experience of using this sight has been a bit underwhelming as there was a parallax issue at close ranges, which affected the overall experience.

Score: 6/10

2. Durability and Build Quality 

The durability and build quality of the HS407K X2 are commendable, showcasing Holosun’s commitment to crafting reliable optics. 

The 7075 Aluminum housing, part of Holosun’s K footprint, ensures robustness without compromising weight. 

The side-mounted battery tray adds a practical touch, allowing for swift battery replacements in the field.

In terms of performance, this sight lives up to its promises, with no discrepancies between sales material and reality. 

Compared to its market counterparts, the HS407K X2 stands out, offering a perfect balance of durability and weight. 

The benefits are evident in prolonged use without any signs of wear. 

Personally, the experience of relying on this sight’s durability in various shooting environments has instilled confidence.

Score: 9.5/10

3. Weight and Size 

Testing the weight and size of the HS407K X2 revealed a thoughtful design that aligns with the needs of a professional shooter. 

Weighing a mere 0.96 oz and with compact dimensions of 1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95 inches, this sight is a featherweight addition to any firearm.

Compared to competitors, it stands out for its optimal balance of weight and size. 

The benefits include enhanced maneuverability without sacrificing durability. 

Personally, navigating through different shooting scenarios, the lightweight design proved advantageous, contributing to improved overall handling.

Score: 9/10

Dimensions1.6 x 0.98 x 0.95 inches
Weight0.96 oz

4. Battery Life 

The Holosun HS407K X2 holds its ground, offering a substantial 50,000 hours of runtime. 

My extensive testing validated this impressive claim, as the sight consistently delivered power for extended shooting sessions without an issue. 

The Shake Awake Technology affects the battery life and isn’t proven to be that much of a valuable asset in preserving energy as claimed.

However, the HS407K X2 does stand tall, surpassing many competitors in terms of battery longevity. 

The benefit of this extended battery life is evident for users who demand reliability in the field. 

While the cons highlight a slight reduction in battery performance with Shake Awake, the overall experience has been positive. 

Score: 6/10

5. Reticle 

The 6 MOA dot of the HS407K X2 is a precision marvel that enhances target acquisition. 

During testing, the reticle’s clarity and brightness in various lighting conditions were consistent. 

The multilayer reflective glass contributes significantly to this, providing a clear and crisp sight picture.

The benefits of such a well-performing reticle are evident in quick and accurate aiming. 

The sight doesn’t fall short of expectations, and my personal experience affirms its reliability. 

As a shooter who values precision, the HS407K X2’s reticle performance is top-notch.

Score: 8/10

6. Ease of Use 

Navigating the features of the HS407K X2 revealed a user-friendly design that aligns seamlessly with the needs of a shooter. 

The Lock Mode, preventing inadvertent setting changes, adds a layer of convenience during intense shooting sessions. 

The 12 reticle intensity settings and the straightforward adjustment per click of 1.5 MOA contribute to an overall hassle-free experience.

In comparison to the market, the HS407K X2 shines with its simplicity and intuitive controls. The benefits of this ease of use become apparent in quick target acquisition and efficient adjustments on the fly. 

The sight doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them. 

The HS407K X2 has become a go-to optic that delivers on its promise.

Score: 9/10

7. Price 

In terms of promised vs. delivered, the features packed into this sight align with its price tag, offering advanced technology and reliable performance.

The benefits of investing in this sight are clear; you get a durable, high-performing optic without breaking the bank. While the cons mention a slight reduction in battery life with Shake Awake, the overall package makes it a worthy investment.

The HS407K X2 offers excellent value for the price, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals seeking a reliable and feature-rich red dot sight.

Score: 9/10

Final Verdict

After extensive field testing and evaluation, the Holosun HS407K X2 emerges as a standout choice for subcompact pistol optics. 

The battery life, despite a slight reduction with Shake Awake Technology, remains substantial, catering to users demanding uninterrupted functionality. 

The 6 MOA dot’s precision and clarity, coupled with the ease of use provided by features like Lock Mode, further enhance the shooting experience.

In conclusion, with impressive scores across all metrics, the Holosun HS407K X2 earns its place as a top-tier red dot sight with a few drawbacks, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals seeking a dependable and feature-rich optic.


What’s the difference between Holosun 507K and 407K?

The Holosun 507K X2 features the MRS reticle with a 32 MOA outer ring and a 2 MOA dot, while the 407K X2 has a precise 6 MOA Red Dot.

What is the use of Holosun 407K?

The Holosun HS407K X2 is an open reflex optical sight designed for subcompact pistol applications, offering an improved Lock Mode and a durable 7075 Aluminum housing with Holosun’s K footprint.

What battery does 407K use?

The Holosun HS407K X2 uses a CR1632 battery, conveniently housed in a side-mounted tray for easy replacement when needed.

Does Holosun 407k have the same footprint as 507k?

No, both Holosun 407k and 507k optics have different footprints.

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