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Hey Shooters, Welcome to My Holosun 407k x2 Review.

When it comes to handguns, optics is one element that is considered to be highly crucial for your visibility. The need for professional and technologically advanced optic options has increased with time. Undeniably, the top-tier optics makers in the firearms industry are vying for our attention, perplexing us over which company to support and which model to choose for ourselves.

I’ve been burnt by the “just as good” crowd too frequently to trust anyone but the renowned names in the field. Holosun has achieved a sizable market share in the optics industry over the past few years. By keeping their costs low, they have gradually raised the quality of their offerings, converting some well-known brands in the process.

After seeing many people endorse their products, specifically 407k, which caught the eye of many, I just had to get my hands on it as I’m always keen to try and test different pistol optics.

I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Sleek and easy to attach to any pistol, this product is created to be used in the concealed carry world. It doesn’t take up much space and fits in practically any place. But this optic has much more to offer than just that.

I’ll go into all the nitty-gritty details about the 407k you need to know in this in-depth review and give you a better understanding of the optic so that you can decide whether or not it’s a good choice for you.

What’s in the box?

The following items are included in the box:

  •       The 407k optic
  •       CR1632 battery
  •       User manual
  •       Lens cleaning cloth
  •       Adjustment tool
  •       Screws with pre-applied blue Locktite

The sight mounting is done with the provided screws. Blue Loctite has already been applied to the screws, so there is no need to be concerned about them coming undone.

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Holosun 407k x2
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Specifications of Holosun 407K x2

First and foremost, lets have a look at its specifications:

Optical Specs

Reticle6 MOA Dot
Light Wavelength650nm (Red) 540nm (Green)
Reticle ColorRed and Green
Parallax FreeYes
Unlimited Eye ReliefYes

Electronic Specs

Power SourceBattery
Battery TypeCR1632
Battery Life (Hours)50000
Brightness Setting10 DL&2 NV

Physical Specs

Window Size0.58×0.77
Dimension (in)1.6×0.98×0.95
Weight (oz)1

Mechanical Specs

Housing Material7075 T6 Aluminum
Surface FinishAnodize
Adjustments per Click1 MOA
W&E Travel Range±30 MOA

Environment Specs

Storage Temperature-40℃~70℃
Working Temperature-30℃~60℃

Advanced Technology and Features

Holosun manufactures strong, high-quality optics. And let’s face it, if an optic isn’t designed well, all the features in the world are useless. Nonetheless, micro and mini red dot users are appealed by the useful features that Holosun optics offer.

1. Reticle

The 407k’s reticle is a 6 MOA dot. For individuals who work in law enforcement and other fields where the aim is crucial, the 6 MOA dot works effectively. When drawing the handgun, it’s rather simple to pick up a 6 MOA dot because it doesn’t get lost as readily as, say, a 2 MOA dot. The reticle comes in two colors, including:

  • Red
  • Green

2. Battery Life and Brightness Setting

A CR1632 battery, a smaller battery option with over 50,000 hours of life before needing to be replaced, powers the 407k. It will endure for a very long time, and make sure you make the most of your time spent outside.

A super LED is used in the 407k for maximum brightness. This device has a variety of brightness settings for quick adjustments when it’s difficult to see outside. Two flush-mounted plus and minus buttons on the left side of the optic allow you to adjust the brightness of the sight. 407k works with both 2 NV and DL. Even with gloves on, it is simple to change the settings. The sight can also be turned off by simultaneously pressing both buttons.

Moreover, it offers a shake-awake feature that guarantees you always have access to high-quality visibility. A good handgun will ensure that nothing obstructs your view.

3. Magnification

This product has a 1x magnification, so as you go through the options, the image isn’t significantly changed. The purpose of this magnification is to reduce the complexity of aiming and hitting a target.

4. Durability

The Holosun 407k’s housing is made of 7075 T6 aluminum. This material is strong and durable, designed to handle numerous challenges in difficult outdoor situations. Even if you go outside, the technology will remain secure.

The 407k is relatively modest for an optic at 1.6 x.98 x.95 inches. It is evident from the size that this optic works well with pistols. Additionally, it only weighs one ounce, so lifting and carrying it won’t need much effort.

5. Mounts and Mounting Options

An altered RMSc footprint is featured on the 407k. The Sig P322, P365X, P365X Macro, P365XL, P365-380, and Mossberg 940 Tactical will all suit this footprint perfectly. It would be essential to get a milled slide or adapter plate or to know what mounting footprint your handgun has in order to place this on other pistols or rifles.

6. Ease of Use

The Holosun 407k is a very user-friendly sight. The two flush mount buttons are used to turn the sight on and off. The sight has two screws on the top and side that can be used to modify windage and elevation. You can tweak these screws with a flathead screwdriver or a penny, but the box also comes with a multitool that makes the job much simpler. You can use the sight right out of the box because it also comes with a battery. Moreover, the tray makes replacement simple. Even if you’ve never used a red dot sight before, you may soon become accustomed to the 407k’s exceptionally user-friendly design. This makes it perfect for beginners while also having features that experienced professionals would find useful.

7. Warranty

The Holosun sights come with a three-year warranty on the optics. So, you can rest assured that even if you come across any problems regarding this optic, they will repair it at no charge. Holosun has always got your back!

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My Experience with 407k

As holosun is a reputable company and has received positive feedback from a number of people whose judgment I genuinely trust, I knew from the start that I would love this product. I was convinced of 407k’s durability simply by reading their reviews.

Firstly, I absolutely love the awake shake feature because it extends the battery life. I can set the brightness level to where I like it and then not worry about it. When I leave my house with my pistol, I don’t have to power that red dot on or remember to power it off when I get back home.

Another thing that I really liked about this optic is the side-loading battery trays because I simply don’t have to worry about anything after the initial setup. This is something that very few gun optics offer. When I do finally need to change the batteries, I just remove the battery tray, pull the old battery out, put the new one in, and that’s it! I am all done. I don’t have to re-zero it at all, which frees me from all the unnecessary hassle.

Moving ahead, I also really like this optic’s 6 MOA dot. It gives me a clear field of vision because there is no circle or clutter. This optic’s 6 MOA dot is just big enough to be easy to pick up while not being too big to obscure the target I’m firing. Hence, the 407k is unquestionably the victor for me in terms of concealed carry needs since it allows me to fire precisely and does the job well.

Holosun 407k x2 Review – Video


Holosun mini red dot 407k is hands down the best red dot option currently on the market. Holosun has accomplished this while maintaining standards way higher than its competitors. They have proven themselves capable and excel over the opposition. Continually, top-notch durability and precision have been exhibited by this optic. What’s not to love? Although it could be a little bit more challenging for you to shoot red dots at first because the window on 407k is smaller, I’m sure you can train it out with some dry firing practice. Happy shooting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Holosun 407k comes with a shake-awake feature?

Yes, Holosun 407k comes with a shake-awake feature.

Is the Holosun 407k waterproof?

Holosun 407k is IP67 waterproof rated.

Does Holosun 407k have the same footprint as 507k?

No, both holosun 407k and 507k optics have different footprints.

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