Holosun HS512C Review

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Holosun 512C

Overall Score 7.9

Tested With Scoring System 2.0

Optical Quality
Durability and Build Quality
Weight and Size
Battery Life
Ease of Use

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⭐️ Verdict: Great Value for Money (7.9)

I’m impressed by its robust features. It’s a full-sized red dot sight, offering a crisp 2 MOA dot and a 65 MOA circle reticle.

The dual power sources; solar and battery, are practical, and its 50,000-hour battery life is a standout feature. The enclosed design and durable aluminum build add to its reliability.

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I’ve had the privilege of getting my hands on countless optics throughout my career. One of the most recent additions to my collection is the Holosun HS512C, an optic that snuck up on the scene with little fanfare but significant promise. 

This full-sized red dot optic, an evolution of the already popular Holosun line, boasts a level of robustness that commands attention. 

As a piece of equipment that’s undergone the rigors of my testing, I’m eager to share my initial thoughts and experiences with the Holosun HS512C Review, particularly as it compares to its kin, the HS510C.

Overview of HOLOSUN HS512C

The Holosun HS512C enters the market quietly, but its presence cannot be ignored. Not simply another face in the crowd of red dot sights, this optic brings a distinct gravitas to the Holosun lineage.

It maintains the brand’s known commitment to quality and functionality, while alluding to a unique identity of its own. Beyond being just an enhanced version of its predecessors, it conveys an understanding of the needs and demands of the professional shooting realm.

The HS512C is not just an optic; it’s a testament to Holosun’s relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries in the optics field.

Core Specifications

ColorMatte Black
Dimensions3.35 x 1.63 x 1.7 inches
Weight8.1 Ounce
Objective Lens Diameter20 Millimeters
Night VisionNo

What’s in the box?

In the box, you’ll find:

  • The Holosun HS512C sight unit
  • A Circle Dot/Solar Failsafe/QD Mount
  • Manufacturer’s warranty information

First Look & Impression

When I unboxed the Holosun HS512C for the first time, I was taken aback by its size. Larger than the typical Holosun offering, its unique aesthetics left an immediate impression. From its intriguing length that surpasses the AEMS, to its stout feel and all-metal construction, the HS512C carries a substantial, yet not overwhelming, weight of 8.1 ounces. 

Who Should Get HOLOSUN HS512C

The Holosun HS512C is a versatile optic, It’s particularly well-suited for duty usage due to its covered emitter design, offering an enhanced level of reliability compared to open emitter optics.

Types of guns suitable for this sight:

  • Ruger AR 556
  • B&T APC9
  • Other similar long firearms where the added weight will not be a hindrance and the enclosed emitter can be a benefit.

Features of HOLOSUN HS512C

1. Material and Weight

The HS512C from Holosun is crafted from high-quality aluminum, presumably 7075 aluminum, a material known for its superior strength and durability. 

This robust construction, in conjunction with a completely enclosed emitter, is what lends the HS512C its increased resilience to environmental disturbances such as dust, snow, and water. Despite the lack of confirmation from the manufacturer, this choice of material provides confidence in the robustness of the device. 

The sight weighs 8.1 ounces, providing a decent balance of stability and comfort without adding excessive weight to your firearm.

My Testing

Testing the weight and material of the HS512C, I found that the device offered an excellent balance on my rifle. It felt robust and durable, ready to handle various field conditions without seeming cumbersome. 

The additional weight from the enclosure was noticeable but did not significantly alter the balance or comfort of my firearm, making it a reliable choice for prolonged usage.

2. Reticle and Brightness Adjustment

The Holosun HS512C boasts an EOTech-style reticle with a 2 MOA dot in the center and a 65 MOA Dot Circle with cross-hairs hash. 

The larger reticle accommodates the bigger window, making it easy to retain your peripheral vision. The device also offers automatic brightness adjustment and ten daylight illumination settings, ensuring optimal visibility in different lighting conditions.

My Testing

In my testing, the HS512C’s reticle and brightness adjustment performed excellently. The multi reticle system made it versatile and suitable for long and close range engagements. The automatic brightness adjustment feature was impressive, accurately adjusting to varying light conditions without any need for manual intervention.

3. Dot Adjustment

The HS512C features a unique dot adjustment system with super stiff adjustment ‘clicks’, particularly on the elevation turret. The system, while requiring some getting used to, is built into the red dot sight frame itself, making it easy to adjust with minimal disruption to your sight picture.

My Testing

During my testing, I noticed the elevation turret’s stiffness, which was a bit challenging initially. However, after overcoming the learning curve, I appreciated the precision it allowed in maintaining zero, making the sight reliable for consistent shooting.

4. Battery and Power Source

The HS512C uses a CR2032 battery, boasting an impressive battery life of up to 50,000 hours. Moreover, the sight features a side-mounted battery compartment for easy battery replacement, as well as a pair of solar panels on top as a backup power source. 

The device also comes with an auto shut-off feature that uses shake awake technology, extending the battery life even further.

My Testing

Testing the battery compartment, I found the side-mounted design easy to access for hot-swapping batteries. 

The device’s ability to switch to solar power in case the battery dies offered an extra layer of assurance, and the auto shut-off feature was handy, especially for someone like me who often forgets to turn off devices.

5. Durability

The HS512C offers commendable durability, potentially attributed to its aluminum construction and enclosed emitter design. However, potential weak points include the front and rear glass and the solar panels on top of the sight, which could be prone to damage.

My Testing

During my testing, the HS512C handled various conditions well, including drops, kicks, and water sprays. The build felt solid, but care is necessary around the solar panels.

The enclosed design of the HS512C did a fantastic job in ensuring that nothing gets between the glass and the emitter, increasing the overall ruggedness of the optic.

6. Sight Picture

The sight picture on the HS512C is exceptional, thanks to its thin enclosure walls, wide viewing angle, and big square window. This feature minimizes distractions and enhances target acquisition.

My Testing

I found the sight picture on the HS512C to be one of its strongest features. 

The big square window did not obstruct my view and allowed for easy reticle tracking and target acquisition, making it one of the most user-friendly sights I have tested.

Footprint and Mounting 

The HS512C features a built-in Picatinny mount, meaning it is easily attached to any firearm with a standard Picatinny rail. However, the height of the mount is fixed, resulting in an absolute co-witness alignment with the iron sights of your firearm. 

If a lower 1/3 co-witness or a specific height is desired, the use of an aftermarket riser may be necessary. This could be considered a downside for those seeking more customization options.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Durable and robust
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent sight picture with thin walls and wide viewing angle
  • EOTech-style reticle with two color options
  • Automatic brightness adjustment feature


  • Limited mount customization options
  • Cumbersome battery compartment design
  • Solar panels could be vulnerable to damage
  • Manufacturer does not specify type of aluminum used in construction

Final Thoughts

I’ve had my hands on many sights, but my recent encounter with the Holosun HS512C left a memorable impression. 

This optic is not just about adding another fancy gadget to your rifle; it’s about complementing your shooting performance, providing an edge in your sighting accuracy, and overall bringing more value to your shooting experience. 

From the rugged feel to its intuitive interface, and the impressive resilience against environmental conditions, the HS512C is a testament to Holosun’s consistent efforts in pushing boundaries in the optics field.


What is the difference between Holosun AEMS and HS512C?

The difference between the Holosun AEMS and HS512C lies primarily in the mounting options and height. While AEMS provides flexibility with interchangeable mounts, HS512C comes with a fixed absolute co-witness mount.

What is the difference between HS512C and 510?

The major difference between holosun HS512C and holosun 510 is the weight. HS512C weighs around 8.1 ounces, which is approximately 3 ounces more than the 510, impacting the overall weight of your accessorized AR 15.

Is Holosun better than EOTech?

While both brands have their merits, Holosun tends to be more battery-friendly compared to EOTech, reducing the chances of the sight going dark during usage.

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