Holosun 510c vs Romeo 5 – InDepth Comparison

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Here Shooter! Welcome back with a detailed comparison of two impressive optics Holosun 510c vs Romeo 5 in 2024.

I’ll discuss my views on the Holosun 510c and Sig Sauer Romeo 5 in this review. These two companies, Sig Sauer and Holosun are presumably familiar to optics enthusiasts. You’ve probably thought about how to maximize your optic performance without breaking the budget at least once in your shooting career. 

Sig Sauer and Holosun have been two of the most reputable optical producers for many years. The Holosun 510c optic is intended for rifles, whereas the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is intended for use with pistols, rifles, and handguns.

NOTE: For any remaining questions regarding these two products, one must review the summary chart at the end.

Summary: The Chart

  Holosun 510C Sig Sauer Romeo 5
Eye ReliefUnlimitedUnlimited
Dimension-LXWXH3.3×1.68×1.78 inches2.46×1.50×1.51 inches
Dot colorRedRed
Dot size (MOA)2 MOA AND 65 MOA2 MOA
Parallax SettingParallax freeParallax free
MaterialAluminum and Titanium HoodAluminum
Battery typeCR-2032CR-2032
Battery life20,000 (for 65 MOA) to 50,000 hours (for 2 MOA)50,000 hours
Weight4.94 ounces5.1 ounces
Length83.82 mm62.7 mm
Width42.7 mm38.1 mm
Height45.238.6 mm
Night VisionYesYes
Automatic BrightnessYesYes
Brightness settingDay time: 10-levels and Night Vision: 2-levelsDay time: 8-levels and Night Vision: 2-levels
Adjustment Graduation0.5 MOA1 MOA
Objective lens size30 mm20 mm
Optical CoatingMulti-layer coatingHDX
IlluminatedYes yes 
Max Elevation50 MOA100 MOA
Max Windage50 MOA100 MOA
Mount TypeQD MountT10 Torx Low Profile and T10 Torx 1.41 in Riser
Best weapon suitedRiflesrifle/Handguns/pistols
WarrantyLimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

Sig Romeo 5 vs Holosun 510c – Features

1. Durability and weight

Holosun 510c

The Holosun 510C is encased in sturdy aluminum and has a titanium hood. Due to its strength in withstanding water and fog, it can withstand any weather conditions and is also shock-proof, which increases its value.

Compare Deals:

Holosun 510C
Holosun HS510C 1x 2 MOA Dot 65 MOA Circle Reflex Red Dot Sight

Romeo 5

Romeo 5’s power of resistance makes it exceptionally durable. It impressed me greatly because it is both water-proof, shock-proof, and fog-proof. I put the Romeo 5 through various tests to see if it could withstand all kinds of climate conditions, and it completely upheld my expectations.

Compare Deals:

SIG SAUER ROMEO 5 Red Dot Red Dot Sight
Holosun 510cRomeo 5
Weight4.94 ounces5.1 ounces
Length83.82 mm62.7 mm
Width42.7 mm38.1 mm
Height45.238.6 mm

2. Optic clarity and Reticle 

Holosun 510c

A multi-layer coating on the Holosun 510c ensures a clear view. It comes in 2 MOA and 65 MOA dot sizes and has a large field of view. The 2 Moa dot is very small, offers excellent precision and accuracy, and covers a smaller portion of the target than the 65 Moa dot, which is considerably larger and covers a larger portion of the target and does not offer excellent precision.

You can swap between reticles because it is a multiple reticle system (3 MOA, 65 MOA, 3, and 65 MOA). The “2 MOA and 65 MOA” circular reticle is the standard setting. The “-” button should be depressed, held down until the reticle changes, and then released. Cycle through the three reticle options by repeating the process.

Romeo 5

In Romeo 5, the optic clarity and reticle are both outstanding. The 2 MOA dot in the Romeo 5 offers higher precision, and I have always preferred 2 MOA for perfect precision. It provides a high-performance red-notch coating for outstanding light transmission and a clear red dot appearance.

Holosun 510cRomeo 5
Dot ColorRedRed
Dot Size (MOA)2 MOA AND 65 MOA2 MOA
Optical CoatingMulti-layer coatingHDX

3. Source of power

Holosun 510c

Holosun 510c sight comes with one top-notch CR2032 lithium battery. This battery can run up to 20,000 hours (for circle dot) to 50,000 hours (for dot only). I refer to a circular dot as 65 MOA in size and a dot as 2 MOA in size.

A word of caution: The battery cannot be recharged.

Let’s now discuss the two key aspects of Holosun that keeps the battery in perfect condition. The first function is to shake awake, which automatically activates and deactivates the led when it detects movement. This feature is useful since it ensures that the battery is only used when the sight is used. The holosun 510c second feature is a fail-safe feature that keeps the sight operational even if the battery dies because it has two power sources. One is the battery, and the other is a solar cell, so even if the battery dies, the solar cells continue to power the light.

Romeo 5

One CR2032 battery, which has a battery life of more than 50,000 hours, powers it. Sig Sauer added a function in Romeo 5 known as MOTAC, which means “Motion Activated Illumination.” In simple words, it implies that this feature will turn on the optic when it senses motion, and after 2 minutes of inactivity, the optic will automatically turn off.

Since you won’t have to worry about turning it on/off while working, this technology makes the Sig Sauer Romeo 5 more valuable. It also preserves the battery’s health. Moreover, it has an excellent battery compartment that makes changing batteries a bit easier.

Holosun 510cRomeo 5
Battery TypeCR-2032CR-2032
Battery Life20,000 (for 65 MOA) to 50,000 hours (for 2 MOA)50,000 hours

4.  Brightness Adjustment

Holosun 510c

The brightness control buttons on the Holosun 510c marked “+” and “-,” allow you to adjust the brightness for daytime and nighttime use. The settings that the holosun 510c offers are ten levels during the day and two levels during the night, respectively.

These buttons for brightness control also turn on and off the optics and switch between automatic and manual modes.

Holding down the “+” for 3 seconds will activate the automatic mode, which will assist in changing brightness in accordance with ambient light. However, the manual mode will allow you to change the reticle size and manually adjust the brightness from level 0 to 12.

Romeo 5

For convenience, the illumination setting is positioned on the sight’s top. The sight can be activated by pressing and holding either the (+) or (-) button for more than one second. Press and hold the (+) or (-) button for more than one second to switch off the sight. 

Pushing and releasing the (+) button will make the perceived brightness of the aiming dot appear brighter, and pressing and releasing the (-) button will make it appear less bright. The sight has MOTAC functionality that will shut down on its own after around 120 seconds of sleep.

Holosun 510cRomeo 5
Night VisionYes Yes 
Automatic BrightnessYesYes
Brightness SettingDay time: 10-levels and Night Vision: 2-levelsDay time: 8-levels and Night Vision: 2-levels
Adjustment Graduation0.5 MOA1.0 MOA

5. Eye relief

Holosun 510c

According to my own experience, holosun 510c offers unlimited eye relief. Additionally, it is parallax free, which means that while the sight is focused on the object and you look over your shoulder, the reticle stays in place.

Romeo 5

You will love to use Romeo 5 over and over again and never grow weary of it because of its wide field of view, which offers limitless eye relief and is also parallax free. I’ve personally used this, and. I didn’t stop.

6. Windage and elevation

Holosun 510c

The windage and elevation process is frequently referred to as zeroing. Although the sight has already been pre-zeroed, since every firearm is different, some further adjusting may be needed. You can zero the sight by slipping the provided ‘wrench’ into the slots for the adjustment screws and twisting.

Maximum elevation adjustment for Holosun 510c: +/- 40 MOA

Maximum windage adjustment for Holosun 510c: +/- 40 MOA

Romeo 5

The rear top and right sides of the sight are where you’ll find the windage and elevation adjustments. Each one has a cap that, when removed, can be used to change the sight’s point of aim. One adjustment click is equivalent to 0.5 MOA.

Maximum Elevation Adjustment for Romeo 5: +/- 40 MOA

Maximum Windage Adjustment for Romeo 5: +/- 40 MOA

7. Mounting

Holosun 510c

The locking button and lever are the two primary components of the holosun 510c for the mounting process. Due to the innovative “non-liner cam clamping” mechanism, you can quickly mount this with a Picatinny rail without utilizing any tools. 

Note: The clamp could be excessively tight when installing the sight, making it impossible to lock the handle. For a correct fit, the clamp bolt needs to be adjusted.

Romeo 5

There are two adaptable mounting solutions available for the Romeo 5. The “co-witness” in the riser mount is made for firearms of the AR-15 style. Using the “M1913 Picatinny” low mount riser, you can mount the red dot sight on pistol. I just use a low mount for my firearms, which aligns with my scope.

8. Price

Holosun 510c

The Holosun 510c costs more than the Sig Sauer Romeo 5. However, you must make sacrifices if you want a good red dot sight.

Romeo 5

Given that the Sig Sauer 5 is inexpensive and has several qualities in common with the Holosun 510c, purchasing this one would be wise.

Pros and Cons

Holosun 510C


  • One optic with three reticle choices. 
  • The 510C also has a 65 MOA ring and a dot sight.
  • Picatinny and weaver rails can support holosun mounts.
  • It has a really good battery.
  • Waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof.


  • The Holosun is a tough sight.
  • A lens cloth is not included with Holosun.
  • Extremely pricey.

Romeo 5


  • Possesses incredible durability.
  • Waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof.
  • Both a high and low mount are included.
  • Utilizes a motion sensor to turn on.
  • It has advanced battery-saving features called MOTAC.
  • It has a Spectra-coated lens.
  • It is less expensive.


  • The supplied mounts aren’t sturdy enough.

Conclusion and My Choice

In light of all the features and my own experience, I advise purchasing a holosun 510c rather than a Sig Sauer Romeo 5. There are numerous reasons, including that holosun has incredible features like shake awake and two power sources. The brightness level of your reticle can be adjusted in 12-level increments. Although holosun 510c is pricey, spending money on one worthwhile purchase is preferable to repeatedly purchase the same item for less. I own both of them, but I prefer to use the holosun 510c because it is superior to the Romeo 5 in many ways. However, if time is hard, you can purchase the Romeo 5, which is not a bad option either.


Does the MOTAC have high sensitivity?

Yes, it is extremely sensitive. Even the smallest movement would likely cause it to remain on. If you want to disable this motion activation while driving, I suggest manually turning it off. You can increase battery life in this way.

What distinguishes the Sig Sauer Romeo 4 from the Romeo 5?

Although the two red dots have a very strong resemblance, they also have a lot of unique functionalities. For instance, both offer excellent. 

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    • Sorry there must’ve been an error, the first table correctly lists the MOA gradients, showing 0.5 MOA for the Holosun 510C and 1 MOA for the SIG Romeo 5.


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