4 Best Red Dots for Taurus Defender 856

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I’ve squeezed the trigger on countless firearms, but let me tell you – nothing quite compares to the Taurus Defender 856. And when it comes to dialing in your aim, nothing tops the HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan

Yep, that’s right! I’ve put it through its paces, folks, and it’s come out shining, just like a good, old-fashioned gunslinger. 

Every shooter knows that the magic isn’t just in the gun but also in the red dot sights you use. In my quest for the best red dot sight for the Taurus Defender 856, I’ve put several contenders through their paces. Only the best have made the cut. 

Mounting Red Dot Sights on the Taurus Defender 856?

To mount a Best Red Dots for Taurus Defender 856, we’re going to need a bit of handy work. The Taurus Optic Plate, custom-made with a modified RMSc footprint fits the red dot sights I will mention in this article. 

Top 4 Best Taurus Defender 856 Red Dot Sights.

1. HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan – My Top Pick

HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan is the epitome of high-quality precision, user-friendliness, and performance for any serious shooter.

Distinctive ACSS Vulcan Reticle: The ACSS Vulcan reticle comes with a unique 230 MOA dotted outer ring. This feature’s primary purpose is to help you quickly locate the center dot when you draw your pistol. Time is often of the essence, and this red dot sight certainly gets that!

Adjustable Outer Ring: Here’s a nifty feature – you can turn off the dotted outer ring by simply holding down the “-” button for three seconds. Sometimes, simplicity is just what you need, and HOLOSUN certainly delivers on that front.

Versatile Colour Options: Not one, but two color options to choose from! Yes, the ACSS Vulcan reticle comes in both red and green variants. It’s just like having your cake and eating it too.

3 MOA Center Dot: The cherry on top is the 3 MOA center dot. It’s small enough for precision aiming but just large enough for quick target acquisition. In my book, that’s a winning combination.

Rapid Target Acquisition: If speed and precision are your game, then the HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan is your perfect match. The ingenious design significantly reduces the time it takes to find 

your target, making it a must-have accessory for any competitive shooter.

Why I love it: It’s simple, really. I love the HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan for its ingenious design, the versatility it offers, and the speed with which I can acquire my targets. It truly is a game-changer!

My Experience

Shooting with the Taurus Defender 856 paired with the HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan was like driving a high-performance race car on a clear day. It is delivered in every way possible, providing rapid target acquisition, accuracy, and versatility.


  • Fast target acquisition
  • Adjustable outer ring
  • It comes in two colors (red and green)
  • Superior precision with a 3 MOA center dot


  • Very Expensive 

2. HOLOSUN HS507K X2 – Fast Target Acquisition

Get ready to meet the HOLOSUN HS507K X2, a blend of fast target acquisition and unmatched 


Unparalleled Housing Construction: Holosun 507K X2 is nothing short of a fortress. Its housing is a top-notch 7075 aluminum construction featuring straight cuts and rounded corners. The lens frame is sturdy enough to deflect significant physical impacts away from the glass. 

Unique MRS Reticle: With the 507K X2, you’re getting Holosun’s Multi Reticle System (MRS). It features a cool-looking 32 MOA Ring with a 2 MOA dot – quite reminiscent of an EOtech’s reticle. 

Toggleable Reticle: Here’s the icing on the cake – you can switch the reticle modes as per your preference. Hold down the “-” for 3 seconds and voila! Use the 32 MOA Ring, the 2 MOA Dot, or a combo of both. 

Robust Feature Set: This sight comes packed with all the bells and whistles – aluminum housing, side removable battery, manual brightness controls, shake awake, IP67 waterproofing, and an impressive battery life. 

Eye Comfort: While the 507K X2 offers an array of impressive features, it might be a bit challenging to shoot with both eyes open. But don’t worry; with a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Why I love it: There’s so much to love about the HOLOSUN HS507K X2! It’s the perfect balance of durability, adaptability, and precision. The ability to customize the reticle is a game changer, and the solid construction makes it a reliable partner in the field.

My Experience

Shooting with the Taurus Defender 856 outfitted with the HOLOSUN HS507K X2 was a real treat. The fast target acquisition, the robust construction, and the unique MRS reticle all 

combined to deliver an unparalleled shooting experience.


  • Fast target acquisition
  • Solid, durable housing
  • Unique, customizable MRS reticle
  • Comprehensive feature set


  • Might be challenging to shoot with both eyes open 

3. HOLOSUN HS407K X2 – Great Value for Money

The HOLOSUN HS407K X2: a pocket-friendly, no-frills red dot sight offering performance and precision.

Superb Dot Size: The 6 MOA dot on the HS407K X2 hits that sweet spot, being easily noticeable while remaining accurate.

Unbeatable Affordability: If you’re looking for a sight that delivers bang for your buck, look no further! The HS407K X2 is Holosun’s most affordable micro-optic, ideal for those on a budget but unwilling to compromise on quality.

Essential Features: Despite its affordability, the HS407K X2 doesn’t skimp on features. It boasts an aluminum housing, side removable battery, manual brightness controls, shake awake, IP67 waterproofing, and an impressive 50,000 hours of battery life. 

Compact Size: With the HS407K X2, you might find that size does matter. The sight window is slightly smaller than some of its counterparts. 

Dot Color Variants: Add a dash of color to your shooting with the choice of a 6 MOA dot in either green or red. It’s like being able to choose the color of your own shooting star!

Why I love it:

The HOLOSUN HS407K X2 impresses with its affordable price tag, crucial features, and the user-friendly 6 MOA dot. It’s a no-brainer for anyone looking for quality without burning a hole in their pocket.

My Experience

Using the HS407K X2 on my Taurus Defender 856 was like taking a classic car for a drive on a sunny day – smooth, enjoyable, and reliable. Its compact size was a surprise, but once I got used to it, the sight performed admirably.


  • Budget-friendly without compromising quality
  • Easy-to-see 6 MOA dot
  • Reliable and essential features
  • Choice of red or green dot


  • The sight window is somewhat small
  • They might not have as many features as high-end models

4. HOLOSUN EPS Carry – Enclosed Emitter

The HOLOSUN EPS Carry: A reliable sight with an enclosed emitter and diverse reticle options for every shooting scenario.

Enclosed Emitter: The star feature of the EPS Carry is the enclosed emitter. This smart design ensures that the laser emitter is shielded from the elements. 

Variations Available: Three versions of the EPS Carry offer variety for shooters. Whether you need a 2 MOA, 6 MOA, or crave the additional versatility of the MRS version, there’s an EPS Carry for you.

Multiple Reticle System: Whether you prefer a precise dot, a combination circle-dot, or other variations, you’ll find the perfect reticle for your shooting style.

High-Quality Design: The high-quality design and construction of the EPS Carry are evident at first sight. The sleek lines, the tactile buttons, and the attention to detail make this sight a joy to use and a marvel to behold.

Why I love it: I’m a huge fan of the EPS Carry because of its versatility and reliability. The enclosed emitter is a game-changer, the multiple reticle system is fantastic, and the solar fail-safe feature is a stroke of genius.

My Experience

Strapping the EPS Carry on my Taurus Defender 856 felt like bringing a secret weapon to the range. Its high versatility and enclosed emitter provided a seamless shooting experience, making target acquisition easy.


  • Enclosed emitter keeps debris out
  • Versatile with three versions available
  • Solar panel provides fail-safe and extra features
  • Multiple reticle system offers options for every shooter


  • Blurry dots may occasionally occur

Final Verdict

Each contender brought something unique to the table, showcasing impressive features and performance. The ACSS Vulcan, HS507K X2, HS407K X2, and the EPS Carry – they’ve all got their merits, and they’ve all got a certain something that sets them apart.

But, if we’re talking about the top dog, then the HOLOSUN ACSS Vulcan takes the cake. Not to mention that it’s a perfect fit for the Taurus Defender 856. But remember, it all boils down to personal needs and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice just getting started, there’s a sight for you in this roundup.


What footprint is the Holosun 507k?

The Holosun 507k uses an RMSc footprint.

Is the Taurus 856 a defender?

Yes, the Taurus 856 is a model in the Defender series.

Is Taurus 856 Stainless +P rated?

Yes, the Taurus 856 Stainless is rated for +P ammunition.

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