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If you’re a fan of the Walther PDP like I am, you probably know it’s one of the most versatile handguns out there. 

Over the years, I’ve had extensive experience with this beauty, testing it rigorously in various conditions.

But that’s not all;  I’ve also tried out a red dot sights to figure out what really meshes with Walther PDP. 

what red dot fits Walther PDP?

Here are Seven red dot sights that fit the Walther PDP perfectly.

Walther PDP Red DotCategoryPrice
Trijicon RMRBest Overall$499.00
Trijicon SROBest Wide Field Of View$535.99
Vortex VenomBest User-Friendly Controls$212.84
Holosun 507CBest Alternative of RMR$309.99
Holosun 509TBest Value for Money$429.99
Leupold Deltapoint ProHigh Durability$449.99
EOTech EFLXBest Solid Option$319.95

Top 7 Best Optics for Walther PDP

  1. Trijicon RMR – Best Overall
  2. Trijicon SRO – Best Wide Field Of View
  3. Vortex Venom – Best User-Friendly Controls
  4. Holosun 507C – Best Alternative of RMR
  5. Holosun 509T – Best Value for Money
  6. Leupold Deltapoint Pro – High Durability
  7. EOTech EFLX – Best Solid Option

1. Trijicon RMR – Best Overall

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight, 3.25 MOA Red Dot Reticle, Black
  • 3.25 MOA ADJUSTABLE LED RMR: Features an automatic...
  • UNIQUE PATENTED HOUSING SHAPE: Military-grade aluminum...
  • BATTERY CONSERVATION MODE: Automatically adjusts aiming...
  • BUTTON LOCKOUT: Sets RMR into automatic mode to prevent...

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 is a rugged, reliable, and versatile red dot sight ideal for the Walther PDP.

Automatic Mode Functions: Another standout feature is the automatic mode function. This thing lets you toggle between manual and auto modes, depending on your preferences and the conditions. 

While in automatic mode, the sight adjusts its LED brightness based on the surrounding light conditions. It’s fast, too! You’re not going to be waiting around for the optic to catch up to a sudden change in sunlight or shade. 

This is one aspect to consider when using the automatic mode function.

Adjustable LED Sight: Customization is key, and the adjustable LED sight allows you to control the reticle illumination. You’re not stuck with a one-size-fits-all brightness setting. With eight different levels to choose from, including two specifically for night vision, you’re covered for all lighting situations. 

Whether it’s blazing sunshine or low-light dusk, you’ve got options. This feature enhances your ability to adapt to varying environments and allows for more accurate shots.

Battery Life: Let’s talk about staying power. The RMR runs on a single CR2032 battery that lasts an astonishing four years. Yes, you read that right: four years. 

This long battery life minimizes the fuss of frequent battery changes and allows you to focus on your shooting. It’s a win-win: you save time, effort, and even a bit of money on batteries.

Why I Love It: The Trijicon RMR Type 2 isn’t just another red dot sight; it’s a game-changer for any serious shooter. It has the right blend of durability, customization, and ease of use. 

Plus, with its patented housing and extended battery life, this sight is clearly designed for the long haul. Simply put, it ticks all the boxes for what I look for in a red dot sight for my Walther PDP.

My Experience 

From the moment I mounted it on my PDP, it felt like a natural extension of the firearm. The sight held zero even after extensive use, proving its resilience and reliability.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Versatile MOA options
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy mounting


  • Auto brightness can be unreliable in mixed-lighting situations
  • It may require a learning curve for new users

2. Trijicon SRO – Best Wide Field Of View

Trijicon SRO Sight Adjustable LED 2.5 MOA Red Dot, Black
  • LARGE, UNOBSTRUCTIVE FIELD OF VIEW: Parallax-free and...
  • CLEAR, CRISP DOT: Fine-tuned, illuminated reticle,...
  • RED DOT PISTOL READY: Designed to fit on many of the...
  • SAME FOOTPRINT AS RMR: Mounts easily using the same...

The Trijicon SRO is a high-performance red dot sight designed for superior dot tracking and rapid target acquisition, compatible with the Walther PDP via the same RMR footprint.

Unobstructed Field of View: This sight comes with an enlarged lens that significantly improves your field of view (FOV). We’re talking about a round window measuring 0.98″ x 0.89″, which might not sound like much on paper, but believe me, it makes a world of difference when you’re out on the range or in a tactical situation. 

This bigger window is what makes the SRO so incredible at dot tracking. Your dot stays in sight, always, allowing for fast target acquisition and equally speedy follow-up shots. 

Easier to Find the Dot: One of the small yet impactful design choices in the SRO is the slightly enlarged upper portion of the window. This tweak makes it remarkably easier to find your dot even when your grip angle is a bit off. 

You might think this is a minor detail, but when you’re out in the field or at a competition, these tiny moments matter. Faster dot acquisition translates to faster and more accurate shots. 

It’s as simple as that. You spend less time fiddling to locate your dot and more time focusing on your target.

Top-Loading Battery Access: The SRO has a user-friendly top-loading battery compartment that makes life a lot easier. No more dismounting the sight or re-zeroing it just to swap out a battery. 

Lock-In & Lock-Out Mode: The SRO comes equipped with a lock-in and lock-out mode, an absolute boon for target shooting and competitions. 

Once you find your preferred brightness setting, you can lock it in, and it stays that way indefinitely. That means you don’t have to fiddle around with settings every time you draw your weapon. 

These modes take user customization to the next level. You’re not just adapting the sight to your needs; you’re making sure it stays that way until you decide otherwise.

Why I Love It: The Trijicon SRO is not your average red dot sight; it’s a leap forward. With features like an enhanced field of view, easy-to-find dot, and user-friendly modes, it sets a new standard. 

But what really steals the show for me is the top-loading battery compartment. No more tedious removal or re-zeroing. All these features combined make the SRO a solid choice for anyone serious about upping their game.

My Experience 

From the get-go, mounting the SRO was simple, thanks to the RMR footprint compatibility. It felt seamless in action, with quick target acquisition and reliable dot tracking.

Side By Side Comparison SRO Vs RMR


  • Large field of view
  • User-friendly battery access
  • Customizable lock-in & lock-out modes
  • Variety of dot size options


  • Less durable lens frame compared to RMR
  • On the pricey side

3. Vortex Venom – Best User-Friendly Controls

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA Dot,Black
  • The Venom Red Dot Sight-3 MOA promotes rapid target...
  • High quality, fully multi-coated lenses offer a clean,...
  • The Venom also has an auto-brightness mode that uses an...
  • 1 MOA wind age and elevation adjustments are super...
  • The Venom Red Dot will fit well on your rifle or...

The Vortex Venom is an affordable, lightweight red dot sight, making it a top choice for 

beginners using the Walther PDP.

Super Strong Low Profile Sight: At a mere 1.1 oz, you’d think the Vortex Venom is a delicate little thing. You’d be wrong. This sight is constructed with rugged aluminum housing, designed to take a beating and keep on ticking. 

A strong, low-profile sight like this offers a unique blend of durability and functionality without weighing down your weapon.

Top-Loading Battery: The Vortex Venom gets brownie points for user-friendliness with its top-loading battery feature. If you’ve ever had to dismount a sight just to change a battery, you know how much of a pain that can be. 

This feature allows for quick and easy battery changes without having to remove the sight from your firearm. Although the battery life is a bit on the shorter side at 3000 hours, this feature mitigates that drawback by making the swap-out process nearly effortless. 

This design choice might seem small, but it’s the kind of practicality that you’ll appreciate when you’re out in the field or at the range.

Reticle Type and Size Options: One of the aspects that make this sight accessible for beginners is the option to choose between a 3 MOA or 6 MOA reticle. For those dealing with astigmatism or who prefer a larger, more visible dot, the 6 MOA option is your best bet. 

With these options, Vortex Venom shows a level of versatility that can cater to a wide range of users and situations.

Why I Love It: It’s got durability and ease-of-use packed into a lightweight frame. The top-loading battery compartment is a stroke of genius, making battery swaps a breeze. And let’s not forget the large, parallax-free window for rapid target acquisition. For a beginner or anyone on a budget, this sight is a no-brainer.

My Experience 

I mounted the Vortex Venom on my Walther PDP and hit the range. Its lightweight build was immediately apparent, almost as if it wasn’t there. Target acquisition was smooth, and the top-loading battery feature came in handy when I had to make a quick change.


  • Budget-friendly, great for beginners
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Top-loading battery feature
  • Large, parallax-free window for better target acquisition


  • Smaller window compared to higher-end models
  • Battery life could be improved

4. Holosun 507C – Best Alternative of RMR

HOLOSUN HS507C-X2 Classic Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight, Black
  • INCLUDES: Holosun HS507C-X2 Red Dot Sight | Coin...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Features include Holosun’s Super...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: There are 12 different brightness...
  • SHAKE AWAKE: Holosun’s Shake Awake Technology shuts...
  • Holosun optics with Solar Failsafe feature automatic...

The Holosun 507C X2 is a budget-friendly red dot sight boasting durability and a host of advanced features, making it an excellent alternative to the more expensive Trijicon RMR for the Walther PDP.

32 MOA Reticle: The 32 MOA reticle is nothing short of revolutionary for me. Rather than just a single point, you’ve got a whole circle that makes re-centering the sight a piece of cake, even if you’re slightly off-center. 

This is especially useful in high-stress or dynamic shooting environments where every millisecond counts. The larger circle allows for quick target acquisition and makes it a lot easier to keep your eye on the target. 

For those who are stepping up from a single dot, the transition is like night and day. The 32 MOA reticle also allows for more shooting styles, whether you’re at the range or involved in tactical scenarios.

Battery Longevity and Solar Failsafe: When Holosun says this thing has a battery that can last up to 100,000 hours, they aren’t kidding. Couple that with Solar Failsafe technology, and you’ve got a sight that’s nearly impossible to power down unintentionally. 

The solar panel on the sight automatically takes over when light is sufficient, preserving battery life. In situations where the battery does give out, the solar power kicks in, ensuring that you’re not left sightless. 

Super Strong Material That Lasts: Holosun didn’t cut any corners with material selection. The 7075 T6 aluminum construction is top-notch, providing increased body strength and durability that can withstand even the heaviest of handgun recoil impulses. 

This means whether you’re shooting a .45 or any other high-caliber handgun, this sight is built to handle the shock without losing zero. 

Lockout Mode for CCW: For concealed carry, this feature is a game-changer. We’ve all been there: accidental brightness adjustments because of inadvertent button presses. The Lockout Mode prevents this issue. 

Once set, the sight maintains its brightness level until you manually disengage the lockout. This means while you’re moving around, sitting, or standing, you don’t have to worry about accidental changes to your sight’s settings. 

Motion Activated Reticle: Holosun’s Shake Awake technology is another standout feature. The sight powers down when idle, but as soon as it senses motion, it turns back on instantly. 

This not only contributes to the already impressive battery life but also means you’re always ready to go. You won’t need to fumble with controls when quick action is required, adding an extra layer of reliability and functionality to your setup.

Why I Love It: What’s not to love? The Holosun 507C X2 marries durability with advanced features in a way that makes it easy to forget it’s a budget-friendly option. 

The 32 MOA reticle, impressive battery life with solar backup, and lockout mode all come together to offer a sight that feels premium without the premium price tag. It’s reliable, versatile, and fits like a glove on my Walther PDP.

My Experience 

Once I got the Holosun 507C X2 on my Walther PDP, it felt like the two were made for each other. From range day tests to actual real-world scenarios, this sight never let me down. The battery life, 32 MOA reticle, and the Shake Awake technology all performed flawlessly, providing a seamless shooting experience.


  • Affordable alternative to Trijicon RMR
  • Exceptional battery life with solar backup
  • 32 MOA reticle for improved target acquisition
  • Lockout mode for CCW
  • Durable 7075 T6 aluminum construction


  • The logo can be distracting
  • Open emitter design may attract debris

5. Holosun 509T – Best Value for Money

HOLOSUN HE509T Red Dot Sight,2 MOA Dot, Black, HE509T-RD
  • EQUIPMENT INCLUDES: HE509T-RD Elite Red Dot Sight, Coin...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Features include Super LED high...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Equipment includes 12 different...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY: Equipment shuts the LED sight...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY: Equipment shuts the LED sight...

The Holosun 509T X2 is a closed-emitter red dot sight that provides advanced features and durability, making it a top-of-the-line choice for Walther PDP users.

Closed Emitter Design: So, you’re the type who likes to go from the shooting range straight to an outdoor adventure, huh? The closed-emitter design of the Holosun 509T X2 is your new best friend. 

Unlike open-emitter models that can get filled with debris, this design is essentially a closed box that keeps dirt and other unwanted elements out. That’s a big deal, especially when you’re in the field or carrying concealed. 

32 MOA Reticle + 2 MOA Dot: Okay, let’s talk about that reticle. This sight uses the same 32 MOA reticle + 2 MOA dot system as its siblings, like the 507C and 508T.

Even so, the combo works wonders for various shooting applications, from range firing to tactical scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or relatively new to the game, this reticle system adds a layer of versatility that’s hard to beat.

Long Battery Life: Just like its 507C cousin, the 509T X2 comes with a long-lasting battery that can power the sight for up to 50,000 hours. 

Titanium Durability: If you thought the aluminum build of other Holosun sights was tough, wait until you experience the 509T X2’s solid titanium body. 

This thing is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and the roughest treatment, whether that’s heavy recoil or slamming your gun’s slide against hard surfaces. 

Why I Love It: The Holosun 509T X2 combines advanced features and rugged durability into one tight package. With its closed-emitter design, versatile reticle system, and long-lasting battery with solar backup, it ticks all the boxes. 

The clamp mount and titanium build are like the cherry on top, making it an unmatched sight for any serious Walther PDP user. Honestly, what’s not to love?

My Experience 

The moment I fixed the Holosun 509T X2 to my Walther PDP, it felt like a match made in heaven. 

This sight stands up to everything I’ve thrown at it, be it at the shooting range or during field tests. Simply put, it performed beyond my expectations.


  • Closed emitter design for added protection
  • Versatile reticle system for various shooting needs
  • Exceptional battery life with Solar Failsafe
  • Secure clamp mount
  • Durable titanium construction


  • Slightly blocky appearance

6. Leupold Deltapoint Pro – High Durability

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2.5 MOA Dot - Matte finish
  • Model #119688 - DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2.5 MOA...
  • Leupold’s Professional-Grade Red Dot Optical System...
  • This scopes comes with an illuminated reticle, which...
  • Motion Sensor Technology (MST) extends battery life by...
  • Design, Machined and Assembled in the USA. 100%...

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is a versatile red dot sight optimized for both everyday carry and range shooting on the Walther PDP.

Optimized for Competition: Let’s start with the thing that sets this sight apart: it’s optimized for competition shooting. The large field of view (FOV) is akin to that of the Trijicon SRO, and I can’t stress enough how crucial this is when you’re competing.

It allows for rapid target acquisition, letting you seamlessly transition between targets. In layman’s terms, you can get on target quickly and score those big points that make all the difference in a competition setting.

6 MOA Available: The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro comes with the option of a 6 MOA dot. Now, why is that a big deal? For starters, a larger dot like this offers quicker sight picture acquisition compared to a smaller 3 MOA dot. It’s more visible, allowing your eyes to pick it up almost instantaneously. 

Protected Lens Hood: You know what’s a total downer? Having your sight’s lens take a hit. That’s where the DeltaPoint Pro’s protected lens hood comes in handy. 

This little feature diverts any direct impact stress away from the lens frame and main body, drastically increasing the sight’s durability. 

Top Loading Battery Access: Changing batteries on some sights can be a real pain. But not with the DeltaPoint Pro. The top-loading battery access has streamlined the battery-changing game, my friends. Gone are the days of removing the sight and losing your zero. 

With the top-loading feature, just pop in a new battery, and you’re good to go. 

Why I Love It: This sight brings together a host of advanced features that make it truly versatile. The large FOV and 6 MOA option give you speed and clarity, the lens hood offers added protection, and the top-loading battery access is downright convenient. 

My Experience 

From the moment I mounted the DeltaPoint Pro on my Walther PDP, I knew this was a match made for performance. It’s stood up to rigorous field testing, and honestly, it’s been nothing but smooth sailing.


  • Large FOV for rapid target acquisition
  • 6 MOA option for faster sight picture
  • Protected lens hood for added durability
  • Top-loading battery access for convenience
  • Recoil-proof design


  • Lower battery life compared to some competitors
  • Finger blocks the reticle during brightness adjustment

7. EOTech EFLX – Best Solid Option

Eotech EFLX 3 MOA Red Dot, Aluminum Housing, DPP Footprint, Tan
  • 7 daytime settings, 1 ultrabright setting, 1 additional...
  • Leupold Delta Point Pro footprint
  • 3 MOA dot
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.

The Eotech EFLX red dot sight offers crisp visuals and robust construction, making it an excellent alternative to the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro.

Large Adjustment Buttons: Now, let’s talk about those adjustment buttons. If you’ve got large fingers or like to wear gloves, especially during the colder months, you’ll appreciate the EFLX’s large adjustment buttons. 

Whether it’s changing the brightness settings or shifting between different MOA dots, these buttons make it a cinch. For me, this was a game-changer. 

Better Night Vision Performance: Night vision performance is another area where the Eotech EFLX shines, literally. The sight offers impressive light transmission, on par with the DeltaPoint Pro. 

Why I Love It: What’s not to love about the Eotech EFLX? It’s got a durable construction, a flexible field of view, and buttons that anyone can use with ease. 

Add to that its commendable night vision performance, and you’ve got a sight that’s well-suited for both daytime and nighttime use. It’s a well-rounded, robust device that’s made my shooting experiences all the more enjoyable.

My Experience 

I’ve had the pleasure of mounting this sight on my Walther PDP, and let me tell you, it’s been a rewarding experience. The sight holds zero exceptionally well, and its diverse features have made it incredibly adaptable to various shooting scenarios.


  • Durable aircraft aluminum construction
  • Generous field of view with 3 or 6 MOA options
  • Large, user-friendly adjustment buttons
  • Impressive night vision performance


  • Not as reputable as some other brands

Final Verdict

Alright, we’ve walked through seven amazing red dot sights for the Walther PDP, a firearm I’ve personally tested with all these optics. 

From the Trijicon RMR’s reliability to the Holosun 509T’s value for money, each sight brings its own unique benefits to the table. But after all the testing and evaluating, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 comes out on top as my number one choice. 

It checks all the boxes for me, and I find it the most aligned with my shooting style and needs. That being said, the best sight for you will depend on what you’re looking for, be it durability, field of view, or user-friendly controls.


Which red dot reticle is best?

The Trijicon RMR is widely considered the gold standard in pistol red dots.

What optics will fit the Walther PDP?

The Walther PDP is compatible with Trijicon RMR, SRO, and Holosun optics.

Are all Walther PDP optic ready?

Yes, all PDP models come optics ready.

Is Walther PDP good for concealed carry?

Absolutely, the Walther PDP offers unmatched versatility and is ideal for both concealed carry and conventional service use.

Is the Walther PDP a full-size pistol?

Yes, there is a full-size 4.5″ model of the Walther PDP available.get may be. When accuracy is more important than speed, a 6 MOA dot won’t perform well. So, a dot and a circle combination is another solution.

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