Holosun HS403C Review – All You Need To Know

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Hey Shooter, Welcome to my Holosun HS403C Review.

Holosun products have surely garnered a great deal of attention throughout the years due to their high performance and low cost. And that’s when the real question arises, is it true that the Holosun 403C is the best red dot on a budget that also offers high-quality precision, as has been widely reported? To put it briefly, yes. If you’re on a tight budget and need a red dot that will guarantee accurate shooting as well as incredible endurance, the Holosun 403C is just what you need.

If you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading to find out every little detail regarding this sight!


First and foremost, let’s have a look at this sight’s specifications.

Housing MaterialAluminum
Item Dimension2.36 x 1.57 x 2.95 inches
Weight2.82 oz
Parallax FreeYes
Unlimited Eye ReliefYes
Reticle ColorRed
Reticle Options2 MOA Dot
Battery TypeCR2032
Battery Life50000
Night VisionYes
Power SourceBattery

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What’s in the box?

The following items are included in the box of Holosun 403C:

  • Low Profile Mount
  • Screws
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • CR2032 Battery
  • User Manual
  • Rubber Cover
  • Warranty Card

Design and Features

You obviously need a top-of-the-line red dot sight before you go out because, let’s admit it, if the red dot is on target, you are too. This budget-friendly sight is well worth the money you’ll spend on it because it has a crisp and clear-cut lens and many more features that you’ll come to love. Let’s get into more detail about its features.

1. Reticle

For targets that are static or moving slowly. Usually, a smaller MOA dot size is generally preferred. Why? Due to the fact that the target itself is only partially covered. With that in mind, the HS403C has a red dot that covers up to two inches on the target at a distance of 100 yards and has a 2 MOA red dot.

It is probably too small for the needs of the average Airsofter, but if you are confident that you can zero in your replica, it works well with those highly accurate weapons.

2. Dot Adjustment

The dot on this sight is easily adjustable because of a turret-style mechanism on top for elevation modification. Both the horizontal adjustment and the side adjustment knob use slotted screw designs. To adjust your sight, you’ll need a screwdriver or other instrument. The tiny cap that covers the turret adjustments can be manually screwed on and off.

Furthermore, this sight has 12 brightness options, including 2-night vision brightness settings.

3. Construction & Durability

When choosing a red dot sight for your rifle, always make sure it is made to last. The Holosun HS403C sight is a red dot sight that can take heavy use and still work. Since sights are frequently used in environments with extremely high impact, durability is crucial. The HS403C can withstand significant force and even numerous rounds of recoil without worrying about disintegrating suddenly.

This sight is nitrogen purged in addition to having a waterproof rating to completely minimize the chance of moisture accumulating on the glass under damp or humid conditions. The glass is clear and usable in all weather conditions, with only the occasional wipe-off in case it becomes wet.

Given how well-built and durable it is, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, giving you the assurance that you need when buying sights.

4. Battery

This sights’s capacity to run on solar power is one of the best grounds for purchasing it. The sights can be used with solar power; then, when it gets dark, you may convert it to battery power.

To activate the battery, press and hold the – button for three seconds. The sight will then automatically operate at the chosen brightness (or higher if the top panel detects more light) so that your dot remains at an appropriate brightness when moving between brightly lit and poorly-lit areas. After 12 hours, the sight will switch back to its solar-powered mode. With this dual power feature, it’s ready to shoot as soon as you lay your hands on your weapon.

You don’t need to purchase the lithium battery separately because it is included with the sight and powers it. Another factor contributing to the Holosun red dot sight’s popularity is its lengthy battery life which in this case is 50,000 hours.

5. Weight

The Holosun 403C is 2.82 oz in weight. A reasonable weight for a red dot sight—not too light and not too heavy. Even if you are picky when it comes to weight, you won’t be able to complain about the weight of this red dot sight at this pricing. 

6. Sight Picture

I shoot with both eyes open, as is appropriate, to set the stage for the sight picture part. According to how I use the optic, I’m sharing my view on the sight picture. The overall view is favorable. The red dot is crisp, and the image quality is good.

7. Eye Relief

The eye relief that this sight offers is limitless. You will be able to see the entire field of vision regardless of how distant you are from the sight. And with your gun not recoiling, you won’t have to worry about getting hit in the eye. You also have the advantage of aiming while keeping both eyes open.

No matter where you mount the sight on your rifle, you’ll always have a stable line of sight due to the parallax-free feature, and the limitless eye relief lets you see your target clearly. The composition of the material from which the sight’s lens is constructed matters because, without the proper features, it can be challenging to see your target and even more challenging for the sight to function as effectively as it should.

8. Mounting

HS403C includes two different kinds of mounting. It has a high mount for use with AR platforms and a low mount (approximately 5 to 6 mm high) for use with hunting and other purposes.

My Experience with Holosun 403C

I’ve had a generally positive experience with my HS403C. Although the visual quality it offers is sharp and clear, you might be wondering, what sets it apart? It is powered by solar energy! That means that once you take it out of the box and turn it on for the first time, it will essentially stay on as long as you are using the optic or as long as there is enough outside light for it to detect and turn on, which is wonderful. It also has an amazing battery life. The Battery tray is conveniently accessible, which is one feature of this sight that I really like. I also like that the windage and elevation are concealed by covers so they won’t be tampered with.

On the internals, there are controls for adjusting the brightness level, so if you want to switch from automatic to manual mode, press the plus button down for three seconds. This lets you make any adjustments you desire. After 12 hours of inactivity, the optic will automatically revert to an automatic mode which is a really good feature.

In terms of shooting and performance, I discovered when I was shooting, I didn’t notice any blur in the dot or anything else because the red dot was so crystal clear. The fact that I didn’t experience this issue with this sight is impressive because I do come across blurring with other red dots I own.

The water resistance rating on this sight is IP67. So, you won’t have any trouble practicing in the rain or shooting outside in the mist. One thing I’d like to point out is that when you install your battery, you must ensure that the gasket gets on the inside to prevent water from entering your optic. I had some problems with this when I first set up the red dot because I couldn’t get the gasket along the battery insert quite right and had to fiddle around a bit. Not much of a deal, but something to note.

The LED is concealed in the lower right corner and, thankfully, doesn’t emit too much light, which is, in my opinion, a blessing. To zero the sight simply unscrews the covers and place them back into the slots on the adjustment wheels. With each click representing a 1/2 MOA adjustment, the convenient orientation marks really help you place that dot accurately. Even after a few dips and bumps, the sight never lost zero; it still maintained a precise and accurate point of aim.

When you consider all of its benefits, this sight is actually extremely affordable. You will be able to benefit from the device even when using it for hours or days at a time because it is parallax-free and provides limitless eye relief. Wide fields of view (FOV) are provided by the 20 mm objective lens diameter, and the multilayer coatings enable you to maximize available light while minimizing brightness.

I’ve had this sight for about three years, and although it has a few scratches and minor marks, it still functions just as well as the day it was delivered to my door. I’ve mounted it on TM Recoils and GBBRs, and if I ever had the option, I wouldn’t think twice about mounting it to a gun.

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Summary of HS403C’s Main Features

  • Battery life of 50K hours
  • Solar and battery powered
  •  2 MOA Dot Size
  • 12 Brightness Settings
  • Night Vision Compatible
  • 20mm Objective Lens
  • Waterproof to 1 Meter
  • Storage Temperature
  •  2.82 oz
  • ±50 MOA Windage and Elevation 
  • 2.45×1.43×1.6 (in)
  • -30℃~60℃ Working Temprature 
  • -40℃~70℃ Storage Temprature 


The review comes to an end here. In conclusion, I’d say that this sight is a pretty good option, but there are really just two factors at play. Does the feature set match your requirements, and is the price range appropriate? In my opinion, this sight provides everything a red dot should, and at such a reasonable cost.

Overall, I would suggest this optic to anyone searching for a reasonable-cost, high-quality optic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many variants does Holosun HS403 have?

The Holosun HS403 has these variants: HS403A, HS403B, HS403C and HS403GL.

Does Holosun 403C have a shake-awake feature?

Yes, Holosun 403C comes with a shake-awake feature. 

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