Swampfox Liberty & Justice Review

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Hey there, Welcome to Swampfox Liberty & Justice Review.

I’ve been hands-on with the latest optics from Swampfox, the Liberty and Justice series. I’ve had ample time to run these sights through various tests, and I’m pumped to share my findings with you. 

I’ve put them through the wringer, from competitive shooting arenas to everyday carry scenarios. 

Swampfox Liberty & Justice represents reliability and versatility. They’re the sights you’d want at your side, whether competing on the range or simply going about your day. 

Overview of the Swampfox Liberty & Justice

When you lay eyes on the Liberty and Justice series for the first time, you sense a perfect blend of precision engineering and aesthetic appeal.

These are optics that scream reliability and versatility, without saying a word. They’re the kind of sights you’d want at your side, whether you’re competing on the range or simply going about your day.

Compare Deals:

Swampfox Liberty
Swampfox Liberty 1x22mm 3 MOA RMR Dot Sight

Compare Deals:

Swampfox Justice
Swampfox Justice 1x27mm 3 MOA RMR Dot Sight

Table Comparison of the Swampfox Liberty & Justice

MOA AdjustmentDialDial
Dot Size3 MOA3 MOA
Lens Specifications22mm, Multi-Coated Ruby Red27mm, Multi-Coated Ruby Red
Illumination Positions1010
Brightness AdjustmentsUp/Down Digital PressUp/Down Digital Press
Waterproof1 Meter/IPX71 Meter/IPX7
Specialty CoatingsAnti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratchAnti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch
ParallaxParallax free @100 yardsParallax free @100 yards
Eye Relief and MountUnlimited; RMRUnlimited; RMR
Windage/Elevation45 MOA/Total 90 MOA45 MOA/Total 90 MOA

What’s in the Box?

In the box, you’ll find;

  • Slotted head wrench *1pc
  • S-Wing wrench
  • Black lens cloth
  • Rubber cover * 1pc
  • CR1632 Battery *1pc
  • M3.5X0.6 Screws for T10 wrench * 4pcs
  • 4-40×0.25“ *4pcs
  • 6-32×0.315“ *4pcs

First Look & Impression

Out of the box, both Liberty and Justice give off an aura of ruggedness mixed with sophistication. 

They’re sturdy but not cumbersome, slick but not flashy. The craftsmanship is evident, and you can tell they’re not just another pair of optics. 

They feel as though they’re designed to be an extension of the shooter—a reliable third eye if you will. You get this sense of readiness like they’re daring you to put them through their paces.

Who Should Get Swampfox Liberty & Justice

If you’re someone who values adaptability and precision, whether in competitive arenas or for daily carry, the Liberty and Justice series should be on your radar. The sights are compatible with the following firearms;

Features of Swampfox Liberty & Justice

1. Compact Size for Everyday Use

The Liberty model distinguishes itself with its petite 1x22mm window, ideally matching the width of a 9mm double-stack Glock slide. 

This compact footprint makes it a natural fit for full-size handguns. But where it shines is its adaptability for concealed carry. Be it a backpack gun or a tucked-away weapon in your vehicle, Liberty melds well with compact platforms.

My Testing 

When I tested Liberty, I noticed several things right off the bat. It fit snugly on my Glock, offering a perfect pairing in terms of size. 

I also tested it as a truck gun and found the compact size to be a significant advantage. It didn’t weigh down or bulk up my set-up. I was still able to move freely and engage targets effectively, and the smaller window size had no negative impact on my field of view.

2. Battery Life and Illumination

A key highlight for both Liberty and Justice is their battery life, clocking in at around 4,000 hours at daylight brightness settings. 

This is thanks to the high-efficiency emitters. The optics offer a spectrum of 10 illumination settings, which are versatile enough to suit various lighting conditions. Whether you’re in bright daylight or using night vision devices, these optics have got you covered.

My Testing 

During my time testing these sights, the battery life performed impressively. I didn’t have to worry about it draining in the middle of a session. 

The Shake ‘N Wake technology is a beautiful touch. The sight’s illumination auto-off feature kicked in when the sight was static for four minutes, conserving battery life. 

When I picked it up, a slight jostle brought it back to life, resuming my previous brightness setting.

3. Compatibility and Holster Fit

One major stress point for any new piece of gear is compatibility, especially when it comes to holsters. Liberty and Justice seamlessly integrate with all ALS series duty holsters. 

That means you can preserve your existing set-up without diving into a tedious search for a new holster or splurging on a custom solution.

My Testing 

I already had an ALS series duty holster at hand. Slipping in both Liberty and Justice, I found the fit to be perfect. 

There were no issues in securing the sight or drawing it out. It was a snug fit but not so tight that it hindered quick deployment. 

I could draw and re-holster with fluid ease, confirming the sight’s excellent compatibility features.

4. Shake ‘N Wake Technology

Another remarkable aspect of these optics is the Shake ‘N Wake feature. It’s a clever bit of tech that senses when the sight is not in use and shuts off the illumination after a four-minute period. 

However, the moment you tap it or even slightly tilt it, the sight springs back to your last set brightness level.

My Testing 

I had to try this out for myself. After allowing the sight to rest, I noted that the illumination indeed shut off after the four-minute mark. 

Upon picking it up, a gentle tap was enough to revive it. Not only does this save battery life, but it also means you’re always a touch away from being action-ready.

5. Versatile Mounting Options

The beauty of Liberty and Justice extends beyond handguns. Thanks to the universally recognized RMR footprint, you can mount these optics on shotguns, rifles, and pistol-caliber carbines. 

Furthermore, a 1913 Picatinny adapter widens your horizons, enabling you to mount these optics on just about any platform with a Picatinny top rail.

My Testing 

For the sake of versatility, I mounted Justice on a shotgun and Liberty on a rifle using a Picatinny adapter. Both sights held their ground superbly. 

Zeroing was a breeze, and there were no shifts in the sight picture, even after extensive use.

6. High-Quality Construction

These optics are built tough, with a 7075 aluminum construction that promises durability. You’ll also find multi-coated lenses furnished with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic layers, ensuring optimal visibility under various environmental conditions.

Also, a top-loaded battery design removes the need to re-zero when you change batteries.

My Testing 

I didn’t go easy during my test phase. I subjected these optics to rain, mud, and even a few accidental drops. 

They showed no signs of wear or tear. The lens coatings notably improved visibility, especially during a rainy session where the hydrophobic layer came into play.

7. Varied Illumination Options

Last but not least, Liberty and Justice come in both red and green illumination options. This is no trivial matter. 

The choice of color can significantly impact your experience, depending on various factors like ambient light and personal preference.

My Testing 

I had the opportunity to test both illumination options. I found the green to be incredibly vivid and clear in low-light conditions. 

The red, on the other hand, excelled in brighter settings. Both options provided me with the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios effectively.

Overview of the Footprint and Mounting Considerations

Liberty and Justice come with a versatile RMR footprint, making them compatible with a wide array of firearms. 

Liberty features a more compact 1x22mm window, ideal for full-size handguns like a 9mm double-stack Glock slide. 

It’s tailored for everyday use, particularly concealed carry. Justice, on the other hand, has a larger 1x27mm window optimized for competition use. 

This larger window extends its utility beyond handguns to shotguns, rifles, and pistol-caliber carbines. 

In essence, Liberty is your go-to for daily carry, while Justice shines in competition and versatile platform usage.

Pros and Cons of Swampfox Liberty & Justice


  • Top load battery ensures you don’t have to re-zero after changing batteries.
  • RMR footprint is universally compatible, making it easier to fit various firearms.
  • Shake ‘N Wake technology helps conserve battery life when the sight is inactive.
  • Exceptionally clear optics with multi-coated ruby red lenses.
  • IronSides shield for additional ruggedness and durability.
  • High-quality 7075 aluminum construction is both durable and lightweight.


  • Dot reflection can sometimes be an issue, affecting the sight picture.
  • Lack of tactile feedback on windage and elevation adjustment screws.

Final Thoughts

As a professional shooter who has extensively tested both the Liberty and Justice red dot sights from Swampfox, I can firmly say these optics are game-changers. 

They deliver on every front, from their rugged construction to their impeccable battery life and illumination settings. Both of these optics have easily earned a permanent spot in my shooting arsenal. 

Whether it’s for competition or everyday carry, these optics are top-notch, and I highly recommend them to any shooter out there.


What is the difference between Justice and Liberty from Swampfox?

Justice and Liberty are almost identical; however, Justice has a larger 27mm window, making it ideal for faster sight acquisition in various platforms like shotguns and carbines.

Is Swampfox a good red dot?

Absolutely, it outperforms many pricier options. Its green dot is especially easy to see, and installation is quick and straightforward.

What size is the Swampfox Liberty vs Justice?

The Liberty model features a 1x22mm window, while the Justice comes with a 1x27mm window. I’ve put approximately 1,000 rounds through each of them, both in 9mm and 5.56 calibers.

Is Swampfox made in the USA?

No, they’re manufactured off-shore by a Chinese company but are comparable in quality to other imported brands like Sig and Vortex.

Are Swampfox optics durable?

Yes, they’re incredibly durable, built to withstand 800 G forces, ensuring the optic will never be your weak link in any scenario.

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