8 Best RMR Footprint Optics

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Hey Shooters! Welcome to my blog of the top 8 Best RMR Footprint Optics in 2023.

As a professional shooter, I’ve always been on the lookout for gear that sharpens my aim and enhances performance. This search led me to a thorough exploration of red dot sights fitting the RMR footprint, renowned for their reliability and precision. 

After countless rounds and numerous field tests, I’ve zeroed in on a select few that consistently hit the mark.

In this article, I’ll unveil these top choices, sharing insights gained from my hands-on experience. 

Let’s explore these standout sights together, finding the perfect partner for your shooting endeavors.

RMR Footprint OpticsCategoryPrice
Trijicon RMR Type 2Best Overall$499.99
Trijicon SROBest Wide Field of View$537.99
Holosun 507C X2Best Budget Alternative of Trijicon$309.99
Holosun 407C X2Best for Beginners$244.99
Leupold DeltaPoint ProBest Robust Build$449.70
Holosun 508TBest Efficient LED Technology$369.99
Swampfox JusticeBest for Rapid Target Acquisition$207.99
Swampfox KingslayerBest Budget Sight$172.65

Top 8 RMR Footprint Red Dot

  1. Trijicon RMR Type 2 – Best Overall
  2. Trijicon SRO – Best Wide Field of View
  3. Holosun 507C X2 – Best Budget Alternative of Trijicon
  4. Holosun 407C X2 – Best Best for Beginners
  5. Leupold Deltapoint Pro – Best Robust Build
  6. Holosun 508T – Best Efficient LED Technology
  7. Swampfox Justice – Best for Rapid Target Acquisition
  8. Swampfox Kingslayer – Best Budget Sight

1. Trijicon RMR Type 2 – Best Overall

Trijicon RM06-C-700672 RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Sight, 3.25 MOA Red Dot Reticle, Black
  • 3.25 MOA ADJUSTABLE LED RMR: Features an automatic...
  • UNIQUE PATENTED HOUSING SHAPE: Military-grade aluminum...
  • BATTERY CONSERVATION MODE: Automatically adjusts aiming...
  • BUTTON LOCKOUT: Sets RMR into automatic mode to prevent...

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 is a robust, versatile red dot sight built for extreme reliability in various environments.

3.25 MOA Adjustable LED RMR: This feature is a game-changer. The 3.25 MOA dot is just the right size for both precision at distance and quick target acquisition close up. The adjustable LED brightness is a big plus. 

You get eight settings to play with, including two for night vision and one super bright setting for sunny days. What’s cool is how it transitions smoothly between these settings, adapting to different lighting conditions almost seamlessly. 

Whether you’re in a dimly lit indoor range or out in broad daylight, this sight has got you covered.

Dependable Electronic Design: This sight is like a tiny tank. The ruggedized battery contacts and electronics are designed to survive tough conditions. When you’re out in the field, the last thing you want to worry about is your sight failing. 

This design ensures that it stays operational, even in harsh environments. Think about it; whether you’re in a dusty desert or a humid forest, this sight keeps performing. It’s particularly impressive when mounted on high-recoil firearms, where other sights might struggle to maintain their performance.

Unique Patented Housing Shape: The housing shape of the RMR Type 2 is quite innovative. Forged from military-grade aluminum alloy, it’s built to take a beating. 

This isn’t just about looks; the housing diverts impact away from the lens, which significantly ups its durability. I remember dropping it once (accidentally, of course), and it just shrugged off the impact. 

For anyone who’s out in the field a lot, or if you’re a bit clumsy like me, this feature is a lifesaver. It means your sight is more likely to survive the bumps and knocks of regular use.

Battery Conservation Mode: Let’s talk about battery life. The RMR Type 2’s battery conservation mode is fantastic. After 16.5 hours, it auto-adjusts the dot brightness based on ambient light conditions. This is great for two reasons. 

Firstly, you don’t have to fret about the battery dying on you when you need it most. And secondly, this feature means the sight is always at the optimal brightness for your current environment. With over four years of continuous use at a mid-setting at room temperature, you won’t be constantly worrying about changing batteries.

Button Lockout: The button lockout feature is a thoughtful addition. It allows the sight to operate in automatic mode, preventing accidental adjustments. 

This is crucial, especially in high-pressure situations where you can’t afford any mistakes. By locking the settings, you ensure that the sight performs exactly how you need it to every time. It’s kind of like setting it and forgetting it; you can focus on your target, not on fiddling with your sight.

Why I Love It: Honestly, what’s not to love? The Trijicon RMR Type 2 hits the sweet spot between ruggedness, reliability, and versatility. Its perfect dot size, adaptive brightness, and rock-solid design make it an all-rounder. 

Whether I’m at the range, out on a hunt, or just practicing, this sight has never let me down. It feels like an extension of the firearm, seamlessly integrating into whatever scenario I’m in.

My Experience 

Using the RMR Type 2 has been a seamless experience. Adjusting to different lighting conditions is effortless, thanks to the automatic brightness settings. 

Even in fast-paced scenarios, it holds its own, providing quick and accurate aiming. Mounting it on various firearms has been straightforward, and it’s held zero perfectly, even after hundreds of rounds. It’s a sight that doesn’t just promise performance; it delivers every time.


  • Versatile 3.25 MOA dot
  • Durable, impact-resistant design
  • Long battery life with conservation mode
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Easy to use and reliable in various conditions
  • Compatible with night vision


  • Some users might find the brightness adjustment less intuitive

2. Trijicon SRO – Best Wide Field of View

Trijicon SRO Sight Adjustable LED 2.5 MOA Red Dot, Black
  • LARGE, UNOBSTRUCTIVE FIELD OF VIEW: Parallax-free and...
  • CLEAR, CRISP DOT: Fine-tuned, illuminated reticle,...
  • RED DOT PISTOL READY: Designed to fit on many of the...
  • SAME FOOTPRINT AS RMR: Mounts easily using the same...

The Trijicon SRO is a game-changer in reflex optics, maximizing the field of view with a crisp red dot for unmatched target acquisition.

Large, Unobstructive Field of View: The SRO stands out with its large, unobstructive field of view. This feature is a huge plus, as it ensures a clear view without any distractions. 

The parallax-free design, paired with compatibility with suppressor-height iron sights, makes it a versatile choice for various shooting scenarios. 

Whether you’re at the range or in competitive shooting, the wide view this sight offers is definitely a benefit, allowing for quick target acquisition and a broader visual range.

Clear, Crisp Dot: A standout feature of the SRO is its clear, crisp 5.0 MOA Red Dot, complemented by a remarkably clear front lens. This combination delivers a sharp sight picture that enhances shooting precision. 

With a total travel adjustment range of 150 MOA, it offers great flexibility for various shooting distances and conditions. 

Whether you’re shooting in bright daylight or lower light conditions, the dot remains distinct and easy to focus on, contributing significantly to shooting accuracy.

Windage & Elevation: What I love about the SRO is the tool-less design for windage and elevation adjustments. It’s incredibly user-friendly and makes zeroing in hassle-free. 

You don’t need to fiddle with small tools or worry about losing them in the field. The adjustment knobs are tactile and provide precise feedback, allowing for accurate and easy modifications on the fly.

This feature is particularly handy during dynamic shooting sessions or when switching between different shooting ranges, as it saves time and keeps you focused on your target.

Same Footprint as RMR: Sharing the same footprint as the Trijicon RMR is another feature that sets the SRO apart. It offers more flexibility in terms of use across different firearms and setups, making it a versatile choice for many shooters. 

Top Loading Battery: The top-loading battery feature of the SRO is a thoughtful design aspect. This means you can easily change the battery without having to remove the sight from the firearm, maintaining your zero. 

This is incredibly convenient and saves time, especially when you need a quick battery change in the middle of a shooting session or competition. The CR2032 battery provides over 3 years of continuous use at setting 4 of 8, which is impressive and means less worry about battery life during critical moments. 

This practical feature ensures your sight is always ready and operational when you need it most.

Why I Love It: I absolutely love the Trijicon SRO for its expansive field of view and the crystal-clear red dot it offers. This sight has transformed my shooting experience, making target acquisition faster and more accurate. 

The ease of adjustment for windage, elevation, and brightness without any tools is a major plus. It’s like having a high-end, user-friendly gadget that enhances my shooting without any extra hassle. 

My Experience

From my personal experience, using the Trijicon SRO has been a game-changer. The large field of view and the crisp dot have notably improved my target acquisition speed and accuracy. 

It feels rugged and reliable, and I’ve found it to hold zero exceptionally well, even after numerous rounds and different environmental conditions. Adjusting settings is straightforward, and I appreciate the simplicity of changing the battery. 


  • Large, unobstructive field of view
  • Clear, crisp Red Dot
  • Easy windage and elevation adjustments without tools
  • Compatible with many red-dot-ready pistols
  • Same footprint as the Trijicon RMR
  • Top-loading battery for easy changes
  • Long battery life (over 3 years)
  • 8 adjustable brightness settings
  • Versatile for different shooting applications


  • Expensive, making it a significant investment

Side By Side Comparison of Trijicon SRO vs RMR

3. Holosun 507C X2 – Best Budget Alternative of Trijicon

HOLOSUN HS507C-X2 Classic Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight, Black
  • INCLUDES: Holosun HS507C-X2 Red Dot Sight | Coin...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Features include Holosun’s Super...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: There are 12 different brightness...
  • SHAKE AWAKE: Holosun’s Shake Awake Technology shuts...
  • Holosun optics with Solar Failsafe feature automatic...

The Holosun HS507C X2 is a high-tech, open-reflex sight blending cutting-edge features with user-friendliness.

High Performance: In testing, the HS507C X2’s Red Super LED stood out with its extended 50,000-hour battery life. 

The sight leverages solar energy as a failsafe, ensuring reliability even when the battery runs low. Its multi-reticle system offers versatility in various shooting conditions. 

The robustness of its 7075 Aluminum housing assures durability, and the convenience of the side-mounted battery tray simplifies maintenance without sacrificing performance.

Shake Awake Technology: The Shake Awake feature intelligently conserves battery life. In practical use, it automatically deactivates the LED when the sight is stationary and reactivates upon movement. 

Its customizable timeout period ranges from 10 minutes to 12 hours or can be completely disabled, which is especially useful in tactical scenarios where sudden readiness is key.

Solar Failsafe: Holosun’s Solar Failsafe system is innovative. During testing, the sight proved reliable under varied light conditions, seamlessly switching to solar power if the battery was low. 

The Auto Mode’s ability to adjust reticle brightness in real-time, from bright sunlight to dim indoor environments, was impressive, ensuring the reticle was always visible and crisp.

Technical Specifications: The HS507C X2 features a red 2 MOA dot and 32 MOA circle for enhanced accuracy and rapid target acquisition. 

The 650nm wavelength and 1x magnification are ideal for a wide range of shooting applications. Its parallax-free view and unlimited eye relief are significant advantages. 

The sight’s dual power sources, solar and a CR1632 battery, and the well-sized window in its durable 7075 T6 Aluminum frame, provide a reliable, user-friendly experience.

Ease of Use and Durability: The sight’s user-friendly design makes it accessible for both novices and experts. Adjustments are straightforward, and the device’s rugged construction withstands rough handling and harsh conditions, ensuring long-term performance.

Convenience and Versatility: Its compatibility with industry-standard mounting footprints allows it to fit a variety of pistol platforms, making it an excellent choice for diverse shooting needs and preferences. 

This flexibility is a significant plus for shooters who use multiple firearms.

Why I Love It: The HS507C X2 strikes a perfect balance between advanced technology and user convenience. The long battery life, innovative features like Shake Awake and Solar Failsafe, and the intuitive, rugged design make it a top choice for various shooting activities.

My Experience 

My time with the HS507C X2 has been outstanding. Its accuracy-enhancing features, ease of use, and reliability, particularly in different lighting conditions, have noticeably improved my shooting performance.

Compare Holosun 507c AndTrijicon RMR


  • Exceptional battery life complemented by Solar Failsafe.
  • Innovative Shake Awake technology conserves battery.
  • Clear, precise reticle with easily adjustable brightness.
  • Sturdy 7075 Aluminum construction withstands heavy use.
  • User-friendly, easy to mount and operate.


  • Maneuvering the shutdown process can be challenging, particularly for those with smaller hands, as it requires pressing both buttons simultaneously.

4. Holosun 407C X2 – Best Best for Beginners

HOLOSUN HS407C X2 Red 2 MOA Dot Open Reflex Sight - Durable Shake-Awake Solar Failsafe Parallax-Free Aluminum Pistol Sight for Full-Sized Handguns
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS407C X2 is an open reflex...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The HS407C X2 pistol sight features...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by...
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot...
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2MOA Dot Light Wavelength:...

The Holosun HS407C X2, a robust open reflex sight. It stands out in enhancing target acquisition and accuracy, thanks to its expansive field of view. 

This sight is designed not just for precision but also for ease of use in a variety of shooting environments.

High Performance: The Red Super LED technology of this sight provides up to 50,000 hours of battery life, a standout feature in my tests. 

The Solar Failsafe adds a layer of reliability, keeping the sight operational even in low battery scenarios. The 2MOA dot is well-tuned for precision shooting, while the durable 7075 Aluminum housing and the convenient side-mounted battery tray for the 1632 battery exemplify thoughtful design and robust construction.

Shake Awake Technology: The HS407C X2 excels with its Shake Awake technology. It smartly conserves battery life by deactivating the LED in periods of inactivity and reactivates with minimal movement. 

Customizable settings allow for tailored battery conservation, which was particularly beneficial in varying field scenarios.

Solar Failsafe: The Solar Failsafe feature is a highlight, ensuring the sight remains functional in diverse lighting conditions, even if the battery depletes. 

My testing showed the Auto Mode’s ability to automatically adjust the reticle brightness based on ambient light to be exceptionally effective, adapting seamlessly from bright outdoor conditions to dimmer indoor settings.

User-Friendly Design: The intuitive and straightforward design of the HS407C X2 makes it accessible and easy to use, with seamless adjustments and mounting compatibility on any standard industry footprint. The anodized finish enhances its durability, a feature that was evident during rigorous testing.

Why I Love It: The HS407C X2 impresses with its perfect blend of performance-driven features and user-centric design. Its extended battery life, intuitive operation, and the reliability of Shake Awake and Solar Failsafe make it an asset in any shooting situation.

My Experience 

My experience with the HS407C X2 has been exceptionally positive. Its precise targeting and rapid acquisition capabilities have notably improved my shooting. 

The sight’s durability and innovative features like Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake have instilled a sense of confidence and reliability in its use.


  • Enhanced battery life thanks to Shake Awake technology.
  • Reliable performance with Solar Failsafe.
  • Accurate 2MOA red dot enhances targeting precision.
  • Durable 7075 Aluminum construction.
  • Convenient battery replacement and maintenance.


  • The red dot intensity could be insufficient under certain bright conditions.
  • Initial use may require some calibration for optimal dot location and sighting.

Know the Difference Between Holosun 507c vs 407c

5. Leupold Deltapoint Pro – Best Robust Build

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2.5 MOA Dot - Matte finish
  • Model #119688 - DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight, 2.5 MOA...
  • Leupold’s Professional-Grade Red Dot Optical System...
  • This scopes comes with an illuminated reticle, which...
  • Motion Sensor Technology (MST) extends battery life by...
  • Design, Machined and Assembled in the USA. 100%...

The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is more than just a compact reflex sight; it’s a blend of advanced optics and ergonomics. Known for its expansive field of view and unparalleled clarity, the DeltaPoint Pro makes targeting efficient and precise. 

Its design ensures a significant reduction in visual obstructions, offering a clean, uncluttered sight picture.

Relentless Performance: During extensive testing, the DeltaPoint Pro consistently provided exceptional performance. Its wide field of view ensures rapid target acquisition, while the crystal-clear glass maintains a sharp, high-resolution image. 

This performance is crucial in both competitive shooting and challenging outdoor environments, proving that size doesn’t limit capability.

Lightweight, Rugged Performance: Weighing a mere 2 ounces, the DeltaPoint Pro’s design is a marvel in balancing weight and durability. Despite its minimal heft, the sight’s robustness is uncompromised, thanks to its aluminum housing and steel sheath. 

This combination makes it both portable and resilient, ready for the toughest conditions without weighing down the firearm.

Twilight Red Dot Light Management System: This system is particularly noteworthy for its performance in low-light conditions. The Twilight Red Dot System enhances visibility by maximizing light transmission and maintaining color fidelity. 

In dusk or dawn scenarios, this technology ensures the target remains clearly visible, providing a critical advantage.

Rugged Reliability: The DeltaPoint Pro’s advanced sealing methods are remarkable. During testing, it consistently remained impervious to extreme temperatures, elevation changes, and rough handling. 

This sealing ensures internal components stay moisture-free, preserving the sight’s clarity and reliability across various environmental conditions.

Professional-Grade Red Dot Optical System: The optical system is engineered for optimal light transmission, a key factor in challenging lighting. 

The anti-glare capabilities are particularly effective, ensuring a clear, unobstructed view even in harsh, direct sunlight. This quality makes it versatile for both indoor ranges and outdoor settings with varying light conditions.

Illuminated Reticle and Motion Sensor Technology (MST): The illuminated reticle facilitates rapid and precise targeting in low-light conditions. The Motion Sensor Technology (MST) is an intelligent addition. 

It conserves battery life by shutting off the illumination after a period of inactivity and instantly reactivates upon sensing movement. This feature enhances the sight’s operational readiness while managing battery usage efficiently.

Why I Love It: The DeltaPoint Pro strikes an impressive balance between a lightweight frame and robust durability. 

The Twilight Red Dot System and MST technology particularly stand out, offering exceptional clarity in a variety of lighting conditions and smart battery management, respectively.

My Experience 

My personal experience with the DeltaPoint Pro has been nothing short of exceptional. Its combination of a lightweight yet durable build, along with advanced features like the Twilight Red Dot System and MST, make it a versatile and reliable choice for various shooting activities.


  • Expansive field of view with excellent optical clarity.
  • Remarkably lightweight yet tough.
  • Superior low-light performance with Twilight Red Dot System.
  • Advanced sealing for consistent all-weather performance.
  • Efficient illuminated reticle with intelligent MST.


  • The included Allen wrench for adjustments could be improved in terms of durability and ergonomics.

6. Holosun 508T – Best Efficient LED Technology

HOLOSUN HE508T-RD X2 Multi-Reticle Red 2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle Open Reflex Pistol Sight - Solar Failsafe Shake-Awake Durable Titanium Handgun Sight with Multilayer Reflective Glass
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HE508T-RD X2 is a hard-use...
  • MULTI-RETICLE SYSTEM - This Holosun sight is equipped...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by...
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot...
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle;...

The HOLOSUN HE508T-RD X2 is not just any red dot sight; it’s a testament to advanced engineering in optics. It stands out for its versatility and durability, suitable for both professional use and recreational shooting.

Grade 5 Titanium Housing: The choice of grade 5 titanium for the housing is a masterstroke. It strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight, making the sight both resilient and light. 

In my tests, it withstood various impacts and environmental stressors, proving its suitability for hard use in diverse settings.

Ultra-Efficient 650nm Red Super LED: The efficiency of the 650nm Red Super LED is notable. During testing, it displayed remarkable power efficiency, with a battery life that can stretch up to 50,000 hours from a single CR1632 battery. 

This longevity ensures consistent reliability, a crucial factor in long-term usage scenarios.

Multi-Reticle System (MRS): The MRS feature provides significant flexibility in targeting. Users can switch between a 32 MOA circle with a 2 MOA dot or use them separately. 

This flexibility was beneficial in close-quarters shooting, where quick target acquisition is key, and the larger circle aids in rapid alignment.

Shake Awake Technology: Shake Awake technology is a standout feature for power management. It conservatively extends battery life by automatically deactivating the LED when the sight is not in use and reactivates upon movement. 

This not only saves battery life but also ensures the sight is always ready for action.

Solar Failsafe: The Solar Failsafe function adds an extra layer of reliability. In scenarios where the battery life was depleted, the sight continued to operate efficiently in ambient light conditions. 

The Auto Mode’s ability to adjust reticle brightness based on lighting conditions was particularly impressive, providing optimal visibility under various scenarios.

Adjustment: With its Red 2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle, the sight offers precise targeting capabilities. The 1x magnification and parallax-free design contribute to its ease of use. Adjustments are intuitive, with 1 MOA per click, and the ±50 MOA W&E travel range is more than sufficient for most shooting applications.

Why I Love It: The HE508T-RD X2 is a well-rounded sight, combining rugged construction with sophisticated technology. Its titanium build, energy-efficient LED, and features like Shake Awake and Solar Failsafe make it a top choice for reliability and versatility.

My Experience 

My personal experience with the HE508T-RD X2 has been outstanding. Its durable construction, coupled with the Multi-Reticle System and advanced power-saving technologies, makes it an exceptional choice for handgun enthusiasts seeking a reliable and versatile red dot sight.

Holosun 508t Vs Trijicon RMR


  • Sturdy and lightweight titanium housing.
  • Exceptionally long battery life with efficient LED technology.
  • Flexible and user-friendly Multi-Reticle System.
  • Innovative Shake Awake and Solar Failsafe for smart power management.
  • Parallax-free viewing and unlimited eye relief enhance usability.


  • Some users might find the optic slightly bulky for their preferences.

7. Swampfox Justice – Best for Rapid Target Acquisition

The Justice Red Dot Sight is more than just a sight; it’s a perfect blend of size, reliability, and clarity.

Large 27mm Window: The 27mm window is a game changer, providing a broader field of view. This feature makes tracking and acquiring targets more intuitive, particularly in fast-moving situations. In tests, it significantly improved my reaction times and accuracy, proving invaluable in dynamic shooting environments.

3 MOA Red Dot Reticle: The 3 MOA red dot strikes a balance between size and visibility. It’s small enough to ensure precision without obscuring the target, crucial for accuracy. 

This size proved especially effective under different lighting conditions, maintaining visibility without overpowering the sight picture.

Shake ‘N Wake Technology: The Shake ‘N Wake technology enhances the sight’s efficiency. It automatically deactivates the reticle when idle, conserving battery life, and wakes up at the slightest movement. 

This feature was highly reliable during testing, ensuring the sight was always ready for action without unnecessary battery drain.

Battery Efficiency: With an estimated 4,000 hours of battery life on a mid-range brightness setting, Justice is designed for endurance. In real-world usage, this translated into sustained performance over prolonged periods, reducing the frequency of battery replacements and ensuring reliability when it’s needed most.

Ruby Red Multicoated Lens: The lens coatings provide excellent performance in daylight, avoiding the dark blue tint that some red dot sights suffer from. 

In testing, this resulted in clearer, more natural sight pictures, which were particularly noticeable in bright conditions and enhanced overall visibility.

Why I Love It: The Justice Red Dot Sight excels with its larger window, making target acquisition in fast-paced scenarios a lot smoother. Its robust build and consistent performance across different conditions make it a dependable choice for varied shooting needs.

My Experience 

Field testing of the Justice Red Dot Sight was impressive. The larger window significantly improved target acquisition speed. 

It maintained a balance of durability and performance, even in challenging conditions, making it a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable red dot sight.


  • The enhanced larger window significantly improves the field of view.
  • Sturdy aluminum construction withstands rigorous use.
  • Long battery life reduces the need for frequent replacements.
  • Shake ‘N Wake technology for smart power management.
  • Compatibility with standard duty holsters facilitates easy integration.


  • Its larger size might not be the best for concealed carry scenarios.
  • Users might find the eye relief less forgiving.

8. Swampfox Kingslayer – Best Budget Sight

Swampfox Kingslayer Pistol Cut RMR Foot Print 1x22 Micro Reflex Dot Sights 3 MOA (Green Circle Dot)
  • Choose from 3 MOA dot, red circle dot, or green circle...
  • RMR footprint scope base for maximum compatibility with...
  • Uses CR1632 battery, Change via side tray with no optic...
  • 11 illumination settings to match your needs
  • Weighs only 1 oz in pistol configuration, 1.3 oz with...

The Kingslayer is a compact, high-performance red dot sight designed for rapid target acquisition. During testing, its versatility shone through, adapting seamlessly to different firearms and scenarios, proving it’s more than just a compact sight; it’s a multi-functional tool for any marksman.

Crisp 3 MOA Dot: The 3 MOA dot of the Kingslayer is engineered for precision, ensuring minimal target coverage even at 100 yards. 

This precision proved invaluable in both long-range accuracy and close-quarters scenarios. Its consistency in maintaining zero, even after numerous rounds, highlights its reliability and craftsmanship.

Fast Target Acquisition: The true 1x sight picture combined with 10 brightness levels makes the Kingslayer a champion in quick target acquisition. 

During testing, its performance in transitioning between targets swiftly and accurately was impressive, particularly in fast-paced shooting environments.

Smart Technology: The 1,500-hour battery life is a significant advantage, reducing the frequency of battery changes. The auto-shutoff feature, activating after 4 hours of inactivity, is a smart addition that extends battery life. 

The side-tray battery compartment design, allowing for battery change without zero loss, was highly appreciated during testing.

Compact and Lightweight: The Kingslayer’s size and weight make it an exceptional choice for shooters who value portability. 

Despite its small stature, it didn’t compromise on functionality or sight picture quality during testing, making it ideal for those who need a lightweight, yet effective sight.

Advanced Lens Features: The ruby red multi-coated lens ensures optimal light transmission and minimizes glare. Its fog-proof, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic properties were tested under various conditions, proving its resilience and maintaining clarity in challenging environments.

Why I Love It: The Kingslayer stands out for its perfect balance of precision, speed, and versatility. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with its robust build, makes it a highly reliable sight across various shooting conditions and applications.

My Experience 

My field experience with the Kingslayer was exceptional. It consistently delivered in terms of rapid target acquisition and maintained its performance through various tests, showcasing its versatility and reliability in different shooting scenarios.


  • Precision with a 3 MOA red dot.
  • Exceptional target acquisition speed.
  • Efficient battery life with smart power management.
  • Versatile mounting options.
  • Compact and lightweight, without sacrificing functionality.
  • Advanced lens features ensure clear visibility under different conditions.


  • Potential durability concerns under extreme conditions.

Final Verdict

After testing various red dot sights with the RMR footprint, I’ve reached a well-founded conclusion. My journey through this extensive testing was driven by a quest for precision, reliability, and adaptability in shooting gear. From rigorous field tests to competitive shooting scenarios, each sight was scrutinized for performance and ease of use.

In the midst of these rigorous evaluations, the Trijicon RMR Type 2 consistently emerged as the top performer. However, this does not diminish the value and potential of the other sights tested. Each one has its unique strengths and can be the perfect match for the right shooter.

As a professional in the field, my advice is to weigh these insights against your personal shooting needs and preferences. By doing so, you can choose a red dot sight that not only fits the RMR footprint but also aligns perfectly with your shooting style and goals. 


Which optics fit an RMR footprint?

Optics that fit an RMR footprint include Holosun optics, which are compatible with adapter plates or slides cut for an RMR.

Which RMR is best?

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 is considered the best RMR sight for handguns, known for its exceptional durability and an adjustable variant for adaptable brightness.

What is the most popular red dot footprint?

The most popular red dot footprint is the Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) footprint, widely recognized in the market for its compatibility and reliability.

What distance should you zero an RMR?

For a self-defense pistol equipped with an RMR, a zero at around 10 yards is preferred, aligning with the typical range of self-defense encounters.

What does the RMR footprint look like?

The RMR footprint features two holes for screws and two sockets for pins on the mount/adapter, positioned in the front corners, slightly similar to the Docter/Noblex footprint.

Which Holosun is closest to RMR?

The Holosun 407C closely resembles the RMR, offering features like a 2 MOA Dot, available in green, manual and auto brightness modes, at a lower price point.

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