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Are you looking for an honest and insightful review of the Trijicon MRO problems? Brace yourself for an engaging exploration of the potential drawbacks that may influence your purchasing decision.

So, if you’re prepared to explore the Trijicon MRO’s lesser-known aspects, come along with me as I explain the issues that I as well as many others I know have run into. 

Trijicon MRO Problems To Be Aware Of

These are a few problems of the Trijicon MRO along with the solution.

1. Blue Tint

Uh-oh! It appears that some cunning users have discovered a fairly “cool” feature in the optics. And when I say “cool,” I mean that a strange shade of blue has decided to crash the celebration! 

But hey, let’s use this optical hiccup as a springboard for a little adventure in the real world. 

Imagine that you are a real spy tracking down targets while on a top-secret mission. But this time, you’re using a slightly blue-tinted optic, which gives your target acquisition techniques a novel twist. 

It’s similar to engaging in a real-world video game where each shot is an exciting challenge. Who said spies couldn’t incorporate some color into their lives? Prepare to embrace the adventure in blue!


To find the best balance for lowering the blue tint, take into account modifying the contrast as well as brightness settings.

2. Loose Adjustment Knobs

Oh, those annoying MRO adjustment knobs! They appear to have their thoughts and are becoming more erratic with time. What does that mean, then? 

Prepare yourself for a wild ride of unexpected zeroing changes, then! It’s similar to playing “Guess the Zero” each time you pick up your gun.


To get help or to secure the adjustment knobs, speak with Trijicon’s customer service or think about using thread-locking compounds.

3. Dot Flickering or Distortion

The accuracy and dependability of the red dot have reportedly been thrown off by a few individuals who have experienced it flickering or distorting. But do not worry my friend, I have the solution.


If the problem continues, get in touch with Trijicon’s customer service for help troubleshooting or to look into possible warranty options.

4. Lens Durability

Oh no, it appears that the MRO’s lenses have a fragile side to them! Some customers have expressed concerns about the long-term reliability of these lenses, expressing worry about possible marks or damage that might muddle the sharp sight image.


For the protection of the lenses from marks and damage, use lens protectors or buy a cover.

5. Battery Life

The MRO is a real example of endurance with its long-lasting battery life. But it appears that there are some instances where there is a minor hiccup with the power. 

Some users have reported faster-than-expected drain on the battery or difficulty changing the battery because of the distinctive design of the optic.


Be sure to use high-quality batteries, and bring extras for long outings. If battery drain is still a major issue, think about purchasing rechargeable batteries or, if appropriate, an external battery pack solution.

6. Weight and Size

Some users have observed that this little beast appears to be a little heavier than its red dot counterparts, giving the impression of being a little bulkier. 

It’s comparable to that one friend who always brings a bulky rucksack on a hike, ruining the harmony of the group.


Analyze your setup and weapon balance to see if any accessories or alterations can help the weight be distributed more evenly. 

Alternatives To Trijicon MRO

Here are some alternatives to Trijicon MRO.

Aimpoint T2

The Aimpoint T2 optic has gained recognition for its outstanding toughness, long battery life, and consistent performance. 

The Aimpoint T2 offers a flexible solution for guns and shooting applications due to its compact size and lightweight construction. 

Its cutting-edge optical system offers a sharp and crystal-clear sight picture. The T2 can also be used in harsh outdoor environments. In general, experts recommend Aimpoint T2 as a reliable option.

Aimpoint PRO

The Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is a favorite among many shooters because it combines toughness, dependability, and affordability. 

A simple yet accurate aiming point is offered by the Aimpoint PRO’s 30mm tube and 2 MOA red dot reticle, which speeds up target acquisition.

The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 30,000 hours, and it has a sturdy housing that is weatherproof and shockproof. 

Trijicon SRO

The Trijicon SRO (Specialised Reflex Optic) is a hit open-top reflex sight that is intended for quick target acquisition and better precision. Its large, unobstructed lens offers an expansive field of view, making it simpler to track and hit targets. A sharp 2.5 MOA red dot reticle is provided by the SRO. One of its unique features is the top-loading battery space, which enables simple battery replacement without taking off the sight from the weapon. The SRO is made with longevity in mind and has tough, shockproof, and water-resistant aluminum housing.

My Experience

I took the Trijicon MRO because I believed the battery life would be fantastic. Unsurprisingly, though, it fell short. I had to change batteries a lot more frequently than I anticipated. 

Although it’s not a big deal, it can be inconvenient if you suddenly need new batteries while you’re out and about. You know, I wish it had lasted longer.

But still, Trijicon MRO is a game changer.

Final Verdict

Trijicon MRO: Small and resilient, but not without issues! A few buyers complain that the sight has an annoying blue tint, while others have trouble with faulty adjustment knobs. 

Hey, beware of unexpected battery life issues! But before you dismiss it completely, know that this small red dot optic still has its fans and can deliver a powerful punch. Do your research before entering the MRO industry!

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What variations exist in the Trijicon MRO models?

The MRO is available in a variety of models from Trijicon, each with a unique reticle option, such as the common 2 MOA dot, a 2 MOA dot with a 68 MOA circle, or a 2 MOA dot with a green LED.

What is the Trijicon MRO’s response to recoil?

The Trijicon MRO is made to withstand recoil from a variety of weapons, including rifles that are chambered in powerful calibers.

Does the Trijicon MRO work with night vision equipment?

The Trijicon MRO does work with night vision equipment in some cases.

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