Trijicon SRO Problems – 3 Major Issues

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Choosing the ideal red dot sight for your weapon can be difficult because you must thoroughly understand optics before making any purchases. So today’s review is focused on the Trijicon SRO’s shortcomings. Regarding the issue of whether buying the Trijicon SRO would be worthwhile given its flaws, You will learn the solution to every question until the very end.

Let’s begin with a general overview of Trijicon SRO.

Overview Of Trijicon SRO

One of the most well-known producers in the US today is Trijicon. For both handguns and long guns, the Trijicon company is renowned for making high-quality optics. 

The Trijicon SRO is a tough optic with three MOA options: 1, 2.5, and 5 MOA red dots. These dots are crystal-clear and crisp, and the Trijicon SRO has an unobscured field of view that provides a clear view. It has a good aspect of 2.2 L x 1.3 W x 1.4 H (inches) and uses the RMR footprint.

Problems With Trijicon SRO To Be Alert Of

These are the issues with the Trijicon SRO that you should be aware of.

1. Dimension And Hostler

The dimensions of red dot sights have always been a source of concern among shooters. The Trijicon SRO has a 22 x 22.5 mm large sight window that helps the shooter to see more area around the target. Both positive and negative outcomes are possible.

The large size of the sight window adds more weight to the optic. For me, a lightweight red dot sight is preferred so that the heavy optic doesn’t intrude with my grip while shooting. Therefore, I don’t think the Trijicon SRO with its sizable sight window is a good idea. To fit in the holster, it must be small.

2. Mounting

Mounting the red dot sight to the weapon can be difficult at times. Due to the RMR mount’s compatibility with the majority of firearms, the Trijicon SRO uses it for mounting. What’s the problem then if the RMR mount works with most guns? The top screw holes on the Trijicon SRO are not fine, which is the exact problem with the optic.

If you ever encounter such an issue, don’t be concerned; a solution exists. Simply grab a screwdriver, insert the screw, and finish. Without being concerned about any breakage, you can easily apply pressure when necessary. The Trijicon SRO is constructed of extremely durable aluminum. In essence, there is a problem and a fix for it.

3. Windage And Elevation Adjustment

Windage and elevation adjustments are used to zero the sight for a perfectly accurate shot. After buying the red dot sight, the first major task to do is zero the sight. I purchase the 5 Moa dot Trijicon SRO and it took me a lot of time to perfectly align the windage and elevation.

An accurate hit is impossible without the proper adjustment of the windage and elevation. When you have trouble adjusting the windage and elevation, buying such a red dot sight for the weapon is pointless. When zeroing the 2.5 Moa dot, most people experience difficulties. This is a significant flaw in Trijicon SRO that needs to be addressed by the company.

Final Thoughts

My final thought on Trijicon SRO is that if you consider purchasing one, it will be a worthwhile investment. I’ve always been in awe of the Trijicon SRO’s durability standards. The Trijicon SRO is without a doubt one of the best red dot sights on the market and a fantastic alternative to vortex products.

The Trijicon SRO is available for purchase, but before making a decision, consider both the pros and cons of each product. Although the aforementioned flaws are uncommon, being aware of them is essential.


Is Trijicon SRO a long-lasting product?

The Trijicon SRO is a well-liked red dot sight that enjoys popularity in part because it is a very tough sight. Trijicon SRO’s body is made of aluminum, one of the strongest materials used by firms to make red dot sights damage-proof. Furthermore, the Trijicon SRO is water-resistant and can withstand rain and fog, as well as being submerged in water up to 10 feet deep.

How long is the Trijicon SRO battery good for?

The Trijicon SRO battery has a three-year lifespan.

Can vortex compete with Trijicon?

When comparing Trijicon products to the vortex product, both are incredibly robust and perform well. However, the cost between Trijicon and Vortex is significantly different. Trijicon Products are more expensive than Vortex Products despite having the same quality, making Vortex Products superior.

Is Trijicon produced in China?

No, Trijicon products are not produced in China. The exceptional top-notch methods are used to create every Trijicon product, which is constructed in Michigan, USA.

Is Trijicon used by the military?

Yes, the Trijicon products are used by military people.

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