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Welcome to my blog, where I will be talking about the common Aimpoint ACO problems, a well-liked red dot sight used by hunter-gather law enforcement officers and troops. 

As a seasoned firearm, passionate, and industry professional, I’ve had the privilege to test and use an array of Aimpoint sights, such as the ACO. 

Even though the Aimpoint ACO is recognized for its toughness, stability, and accuracy, it occasionally experiences issues. 

In this blog, I’ll go in-depth on the typical problems Aimpoint ACO users encounter and how to fix them. Therefore, this blog is for all shooters, experienced or not.

Let’s get going!

Aimpoint ACO Problems To Be Aware Of

Here are some of the problems of the Aimpoint ACO sight to be aware of:

1. Battery Life

In comparison with various red dot sights on the market, the CR2032 battery that powers the Aimpoint ACO sight has a relatively short battery life. 

Despite the sight’s battery life being advertised as lasting up to 10,000 hours, it might not. This is especially true if the sight is operated often or in extremely hot or cold temperatures.


Users can use a higher-quality, potentially longer-lasting battery or turn off the sight when not in use to extend the battery’s lifespan.

2. High Cost

Even though the Aimpoint ACO is not the priciest red dot sight on the market, it is still costly compared to some alternatives. A few individuals who are on a limited budget might find this to be a barrier.


Despite the Aimpoint ACO’s relatively high price, customers may be able to find offers or price reductions through online merchants or during sales.

3. Parallax Error

The Aimpoint ACO has minor parallax errors like many other red dot sights. This means that if your eye is not exactly in line with the sight, the point of aim may appear to move slightly. This may present a challenge for long-range precision shooting.


Users can ensure their eye is lined up with the sight and take the necessary precautions when shooting to reduce parallax error. 

In addition, some of the more recent red dot sights on the market have less parallax error than earlier models.

4. Limited Adjustability

The windage and elevation adjustments on the Aimpoint ACO sight aren’t very flexible. 

Even though it is typically possible to zero the sight at most distances, some users might discover that they require more adjustability to precisely place their shots.


The Aimpoint ACO has a limited range of adjustments. However, users can still zero the sight at most ranges by altering their shooting method or using alternative weaponry.

5. Heavy Weight

The Aimpoint ACO sight is fairly heavy compared to other red dot sights available on the market. This might not be an issue for some users, but for others, the extra weight might make it harder for them to balance and shoot accurately.


Users can work on developing their muscle memory and modifying their shooting technique by using the sight repeatedly to reduce the weight’s negative impact on accuracy.

6. Limited Field Of View

Comparatively speaking, with certain other red dot sights available on the market, the Aimpoint ACO’s field of view is rather constrained. This may make getting started and acquiring targets in hectic shooting situations more difficult.


Users may try moving their firearm’s sight position or switching to a mounting system that offers a wider field of view to increase their field of vision.

7. Less Durability

Although most users believe the Aimpoint ACO to be a durable sight, some users have, over time, reported durability problems. For instance, the lens could get scratched or harmed, or the housing could break.


Users should be cautious when taking care of the sight and think about using covers or protection to prevent damage to ensure that it will last.

8. Limited Magnification

As a non-magnifying sight, the Aimpoint ACO is not the best choice for accuracy work or shooting from a distance. 

It may be necessary for some users to use more magnifying glasses to engage targets accurately at a greater distance.


Users may wish to use a magnifier in conjunction with the Aimpoint ACO or another optic that offers greater magnification to deal with the issue of limited magnification.

9. Limited Compatibility

There is a chance that not all weapons or mounting systems will work with the Aimpoint ACO. Some users have mentioned having trouble mounting the sight on particular rifles or using particular mounting hardware.


Before buying, customers should ensure that the Aimpoint ACO aligns with the system for attachment and weapon they intend to use.

Alternatives To Aimpoint ACO

Aimpoint PRO

  • The Aimpoint PRO is a tough, solid red dot sight made for pistols and carbines used by security forces, the military, and civilian gunmen. 
  • With a 2 MOA dot reticle, a parallax-free construction, and an extensive battery of up to 30k hours, it provides outstanding visibility and precision in any lighting situation. 
  • It is the perfect option for situations with elevated stress because of its sturdy aluminum construction and impermeable and shockproof features. 
  • The Aimpoint PRO is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable, high-end red dot sight.

Know Which Is Better Optic between Aimpoint Aco and Pro

Aimpoint Comp M2

  • The Aimpoint Comp M2 is a tried-and-true red dot scope.
  • It has a tough, long-lasting design and is waterproof.
  • The Comp M2 provides a parallax-free, highly visible 2 MOA dot reticle and is available in any lighting situation.
  • For those looking for a reliable, superior red dot sight, its long battery capacity of up to 50k hours and low profile make it a top choice.

My Experience with Aimpoint ACO

As an Aimpoint ACO user, I’ve discovered it’s a very easy-to-use red dot sight. The controls are uncomplicated and obvious, and the red dot reticle is simple to see and employ. 

But I have found that the battery life can occasionally be brief, especially if I use the sight at greater brightness levels. Furthermore, I’ve had trouble turning the sight’s modification screws, rendering zeroing the sight a bit more challenging.

Despite these potential drawbacks, I consider the Aimpoint ACO an exceptionally good red dot sight. In the field, I feel confident using it because of its excellent reliability and efficiency. 

The cost may seem a bit high compared to other red dot sights on the market, but I believe the product’s high caliber and robustness are worth the money.

Final Verdict

The Aimpoint ACO (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) is a well-liked red dot sight for all gun owners. It is renowned for being accurate, user-friendly, and robust.

The Aimpoint ACO has, however, been linked to some reported issues, including problems with robustness and battery power. 

Despite these alleged issues, many gun enthusiasts and industry experts favor and recommend the Aimpoint ACO red dot sight. 

Before buying anything, as with anything else, it’s crucial to study and carefully consider your unique needs and preferences.


What type of battery is utilized by the Aimpoint ACO?

The Aimpoint ACO uses lithium-ion CR2032 coin cell batteries.

How much time does the Aimpoint ACO battery last?

It can operate for up to 50,000 hours on the lowest setting.

Is the Aimpoint ACO water resistant?

The Aimpoint ACO is indeed waterproof.

Is the Aimpoint ACO compatible with night vision equipment?

It is possible to use the Aimpoint ACO with night vision equipment.

Does the Aimpoint ACO have a warranty that covers these reported issues?

There is a limited warranty for the Aimpoint ACO.

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